BRICA Deluxe Stay-in-Place Mirror for In Car Safety

BRICA Deluxe Stay-in-Place Mirror for In Car Safety

The versatile new deluxe stay-in-place baby mirror has two mounting options, making it easy to connect with your little one. If your child is rear facing, the all re-designed double push-lock suction cup attachment fits within defroster grid lines on the back window for a superior grip. When you switch to forward facing, just use the handy visor clip. The deluxe stay-in-place baby mirror is 55% larger than the original for a greater, wide-angle view.

Main features

  • Multiple mounting options allows driver to see rear or forward-facing child
  • Double push-lock suction cup attachment
  • 55% larger than original stay-in-place baby mirror
  • Provides wide-angle view of baby
  • Mirror pivots and rotates 360 degrees

Verified reviews


So far, so good

I had the earlier model of this mirror and it drove me crazy because it kept falling off. The lever that’s supposed to secure the suction to the windshield would only turn so far, but not far enough. It eventually just broke off. I replaced it with this newer version, which I like because it’s a lot bigger. There’s no lever, it instead has two small suction cups on the back and hasn’t fallen off yet. It also stays in place better when you pivot it to get the best angle, whereas the earlier version seemed loose and the mirror would start out in one position and end up in another. I’d recommend this.

Janis Parkman, OH

Tiny size and bad clip design offset usefullness

Granted, part of this problem might be that I’m driving a Mazda 3, with really deep captain seat style chairs. Scaling was part of the issue, as I expected this mirror to be a little bigger than my hand. Positioning it was another major headache. The clip for attaching it to a a seat has two problems. The jaws aren’t big enough to get over the seat shoulder, and theres no rubberized grip on either jaw, meaning your super-slick chair surface shoots it off like a slingshot at the first speed bump. That’s what you want to hear this 1-2 lb saucer plate catapult through the air right above your baby.This is currently 2 stars for such a glaring oversight, but once I’m back in my Sentra, and can use the suction cup to attach it to the rear window, maybe this can creep up to 3-4 range. But seriously BRICA, you’re asking for a lawsuit if this falls off a headrest and bonks a baby in the face. Either texture the jaws of the clip, or put a rubber sleeve on them so the jaws can actually clip to a headrest. This is only applicable if you’re stuck having to use the mirror on a captains chair seat (which I am), but that still has to be a not insignificant number of customers.

Lynne Avilla, IN

Ok, but I am still watching for something better

This mirror clips on the visor or uses suction cups. The suction cups didn’t work for me, they fell off. So for the backward facing seat there is not really anything in my car which allows me to watch my grandson.When in the front facing seat with the mirror clipped on the visor the mirror works okay, but don’t expect much. It vibrates with the road. It isn’t really a clear mirror. It is better than nothing, but I will be watching for something better.

Denice Chula, MO

Works really well for me!

I have a forward facing child (nearly 2 years old) and I was doing the very unsafe thing of adjusting my mirror so I could see her rather than out my back window.This mirror isn’t magical, but it is a completely functional alternative to adjusting your mirrors so you can see your child. Keep the other mirrors where they are supposed to be. This mirror is small, but no smaller than the other mirrors you’re using.I like it. If you keep your expectations realistic, this serves the purpose well.

Julianne Ward, SC

jiggled to much for me

Using the clip, I attached it to my visor since the car seat is facing forward. For me, the mirror jiggled to much, even though the roads were rather smooth. Even after trying to reposition it, just never could find a spot where it was satisfactory. It is useful for seeing the child, but after awhile, I started feeling a bit motion sick because of the jiggling. My husband tried it briefly, but didn’t like it all for the same reason.Did not try it with the suction cups since we are not using a rear facing car seat.

Kerry Comfort, WV

The best I’ve seen and tried

This mirror is basically the best for the only reason there are no others better out there. Other mirrors are quite distorted and mirror size in other brands are too small. This Brica deluxe has a great sized mirror that I can see my son and what he’s doing in his forward facing car seat. I haven’t tried the suction cups, but the clip for attaching to vehicle’s visor is ok. It’s not bad and stays in place, but if bumped it can fall off easily. I am happy with my purchase because the mirror quality is the best I’ve found.

Enid Norman, NC

Not worth it…could hit your child when it pops off the glass.

Always pops off window and a few times it nearly struck my 4 month old in the face because it just will not stay on the glass. It does wobble too much when it does actually stick for more than a minute. I believe the patented new suction cups have a design flaw in mass production that prevents a lasting suction. It just is not worth the money.

Felicia Caledonia, WI

Decent product

What I really like about this product is that the mirror image is clear. That isn’t the case with most other car mirrors that have a carnival mirror appearance. Unfortunately this is one of the only things I liked about this product. It isn’t as large as other ones I’ve tried and the quality isn’t as nice (with the exception of the mirror). I also found it wouldn’t stick well or stay attached. I prefer one that I can attach to the headrest in order to view my rear facing toddler. This would be better suited for a car. My baby is in the 2nd row of our crossover vehicle and it was impossible to position it to where I could get a nice view.

Eve Stanton, AL

Doesn’t quite ‘Stay-in-Place’

I’m not wild about this mirror. When I hit a bump or drive with the windows down, the mirror slumps down. I feel like I’m constantly adjusting it back to be able to see my baby. The mirror is also pretty small.

Glenna Dade City, FL

Works fine in my sports car

I have a mazda RX-8, which has no headrest in the back seat. However, it has a safety latch/ tether behind where the headrest would be, for a carseat. I used the clip on the mirror, clipped it to the plastic cover over the tether and it is perfect. I turn the mirror and get a perfect view of baby’s face. My car is a bumpy ride (horribly close to the ground) and the mirror has yet to move even over the worst potholes.

Jessie Rimersburg, PA

Not great for hatchbacks or minivans (also: small)

I absolutely could not make this work attached to the glass on either a Toyota Prius or a Dodge Caravan minivan, used with a rear-facing car seat. In both cases, the head rests block the view–but even with headrests removed, which you may or may not wish to do, it is difficult if not impossible to get right anyway, given the angle with the hatchback and the distance with the van. I was able to kind of rig it up by jamming it between the headrest and top of the car seat (fully extending the headrest, cramming mirror in the gap, and mashing it back down, then adjusting repeatedly until I got a decent angle).But given that there are larger, headrest-mounted baby view mirrors available, I’d recommend one of those instead. It may be a better option with a regular trunk-type car, especially a compact.I do like that it is unobtrusive and portable.

Janis Stafford, NY

Cheap but adequate, poor suction cup and wobbles a lot while driving

We’ve tried several of these kinds of mirrors to keep an eye on our toddler in the back seat. This is in the middle of the pack.The best part about this one is the price – it is by far the cheapest (price-wise) we’ve seen. It’s also very small, which is nice. It tucks away on a visor and you hardly notice it’s there.The suction cup is useless – on a sunny day it just fell off. Seems as though others have had the same complaint.The visor attachment is much better. It clips to your passenger visor and you can angle it in any direction. It’s not extremely secure, however, and wobbles constantly while driving. It’s very easily movable, and I found myself frequently having to adjust it on bumpy rides.It doesn’t distort the image and works well as far as a mirror is concerned. But overall it’s too flimsy for my liking.

Christian Waterport, NY

Terrible design and does not stick well to your window…

I cannot recommend this mirror as the mirror does not stick well to the window. I stuck it to the window and after about 5 minutes it fell off the window. Luckily I didn’t have our child in the carseat because the mirror fell into the car seat…

Evangelina New Blaine, AR

great idea, suction cups could use some work

I was super excited to try this. We still rear face my 2 year old in me sedan, and I love to be able to see her back there…but the traditional baby mirrors that hang off the back of the seat are of no use to us – since she is so big, she is constantly kicking or playing with it so we can’t actually see her in it. I figured this was the perfect solution!I wet the suction cups a bit and at first tried to stick it off to the size of my back windshield, so it would be out of the way. Well, my windshield (a Mazda6 sedan) has a veerrrrrrry slight curve, so I kept trying to find the "sweet spot", but could only ever get one cup to stick at a time, so with any slight touch (like to aim the mirror) it fell down.Finally I gave up on that placement and was able to get it to stick RIGHT in the center top of my windshield. I did have to be very careful when adjusting the mirror so as not to unstick things when adjusting (it’s much easier if you have someone who can move it around while you sit in the front seat and tell them to move it up/down etc). I was able to get it adjusted, though, and it has been up there a couple weeks and it has not fallen down. My daughter also seems to like it, as she can see the back of my head in it. So if they could work on the suction cups a cit to make them more flexible for not needing a totally flat surface and also sticking a bit better, that would be awesome. But I did get it to work and have been enjoying it!(I have not yet used the clip for when kiddo is front-facing, but it seems very sturdy. Note that this is also SMALL. Which to me is good (a super big mirror in your back windshield could be weird). It’s smaller than your rearview mirror, and MUCH smaller than a typical baby mirror.

Sabrina Lynn, AL

Great for sedans but not so great for SUVs

This is surely portable mirror. It’s small and easy to move between vehicles. The installation is quick and so is the removal. It is surely well-made and durable. It’s a quality product and I can see it last for years. But it is not perfect. Let’s explain why.First, let’s talk about the installation. If you have an SUV with the rear windshield is further back. So, attaching it to the rear windshield in an SUV is not an option because you won’t be able to see your rear-facing child from that distance. For this reason, the suction cup mounting option becomes useless if you have a larger vehicle.The second mounting option is a clip which is great. But I would have preferred if it included a third mounting option (or replaced the suction cup) so that it could be attached to the headrest on rear seat – like other similar mirrors. This would be the ideal way to mount it.This would have been excellent product but because of its mounting limitation and small size, I definitely do not recommend this if you have a large vehicle (e.g. SUV, station wagon, etc.). If you have a sedan or a smaller car, this might be a good option.

Vickie Blairsburg, IA

brica mirror

My application was with a rear facing child. I tried many time to get it adjusted correctly so I could see the child. When I did finally two things were a problem, It would constantly fall and the image was so small i really couldn’t see much. Didn’t feel like I had my full attention on driving when I was struggling so hard to see the image.

Dominique Newtown Square, PA

Not Safe

This mirror is not safe and I would not recommend it. I couldn’t get it to stick for very long so I just gave up. I didn’t want it to fall and hit my son.Upon further research I learned that mirrors are not recommended anyway. As they can become projectiles in a car accident. So I won’t be purchasing any sort of replacement either.

Martina Madison Heights, MI

Good for forward facing children.

I’m not big fan of mirrors to watch the kids while driving, it can be distracting. This is my first mirror and soon enough I realized that I was right about that. It is subjective and I know for some the mirror in the car is a must.It’s not perfect, the suction part doesn’t not hold for a long time (tried to test it). I attached it to the front visor because my 2 kids are forward facing. Honestly I could not use it in my VW Tiguan for rear facing as the back widow is too far away. IMO it would work only for sedans or any car where the back window it’s close to the back seat. But because the suction parts are weak it might fell down on the baby- Brica has to fix it.The mirror itself is not big and bulky, holds up pretty well, although I knocked it down few times, looks brand new. The objects seen in the mirror appear smaller than in reality.Like I suspected the mirror is very distracting to me, I just like to watch my kids I guess. I can easily just look back on the red stop light if I need to. I can see perfectly child across from the driver but I can not see really well the child behind the driver (if she’s asleep or not). If I switch the mirror to the passenger visor I can see both kids.For that purpose I can give 3 stars, but for watching rear facing child unfortunately zero stars.

Gena Fenton, LA

Perfect for older cars without movable headrests!

We’ve had many car mirrors for our daughter and nothing was working for our older car that didn’t have movable headrests, all the other mirrors inevitablely fell out of place. This is the perfect solution, it’s very small, but just big enough to see our daughter’s face and see if she’s sleeping, etc. It attaches right to the back window and adjusts as needed. It was just what we needed to sooth our worries about not seeing her while she continues to sit backwards at an older age.Update, 6/5/14: After having this mirror for a few months now and I’ve changed the rate from 4 stars to 1 star. The miror worked well at first but then it never stayed in place, going over bumps or simply turning and the mirror would move. Clearly the hinge is too loose. At this point, I’ve stopped trying to use the mirror.

Kathi Eagle, AK


I have been using this mirror for the past three weeks on my Toyota Corolla to see my granddaughter in her car seat, on the backside of my car, while I am driving, and it is functioning satisfactorily. This mirror is of correct size and it clips on my passenger side of the visor. You need to pivot the mirror to get the best angle for the view you like.The mirror stays firmly and does not fall off. It also comes with an option of using suction devise that needs to be attached to the windshield. It is easy to attach but does not work well. On sunny days, the windshield gets hot and the suction does not hold well and the mirror falls. This product is satisfactory but not the best. I have rated this mirror four stars for overall satisfaction.

Bernice Los Fresnos, TX

Four Stars

works really well but a little cheapy.

Jade Everett, PA

It is mostly good but doesn’t always stay attached

Mirror is small enough that it doesn’t get in the way, I am able to see my daughter easily. Has a good stong suction to the window.Update: After using this a few months, it did come off the window once. I’m not sure if it will happen again but I did take off one star. Overall a pretty good value.

Faith Burrton, KS

Small mirror with limited uses

This is a small mirror with pretty limited uses. There are 2 choices for attachment: 1. Suction cups 2. Plastic clip.Basically – this mirror would be useful if you drive a sedan and have a forward facing child seat. The housing is all plastic and pretty sturdy, but suction cups do fail. If you are looking for a mirror to use with a minivan, SUV, station wagon – or with a rear-facing child seat, you’ll have to look at other options. Be careful when using any kind of mirror in the car because they could become flying missiles in case of an accident.

Therese Natalbany, LA