BRICA Drink Pod Stroller Drink Holder, Gray

BRICA Drink Pod Stroller Drink Holder, Gray

The ultimate Drink Pod by Brica is the perfect answer for moms on the go and is ready to use straight from the package. Easy to securely install and remove with large adjustable push and turn safety knob. Articulating design automatically keeps drinks level. Can attach to almost any shape tube, rail, or seat. Helps prevent a messy trip in the car.

Main features

  • Plastic
  • Self adjusting cup holder
  • Helps keep travel clean
  • No assembly just clamp and go
  • Top-rack dishwasher safe
  • BPA Free

Verified reviews


Works really well

I have a The First Years Wave stroller and it does not have a cup holder nor can you buy one for it. I wasn’t sure about ordering on without seeing because the handel bar is not exactly round and I though it might slip or hold my drink at an angle, but it doesn’t it works great. I have knocked it off before when I forgot that it was sicking out, but it hasn’t fallen off or spilled my drink yet

Valarie Clay, TX

Don’t like it.

It’s big and bulky for a stroller. We got it as a replacement. Every time it holds a taller cup it tips over. Its also huge foR a compact stroller. Knowing what I know, I would have pay more and get an original cup holder for our Uppa Baby stroller.

Lisa Hopeton, OK

Rubber gripper ripped off

This cupholder is nice in the fact that it does move around so that your cup is always tilted so it won’t spill. However, the rubber gripper on the part that holds it on, ripped off. Perhaps I was too rough with it? I didn’t think so. But it makes the cupholder a little difficult to stay on without it.

Dale Parks, AZ


Finally, a cup holder I can use on the Maclaren Volo, Baby Jogger City Elite, and Combi twin sport. It’s able to hold many drinks, BUT it swivels. You can’t have a drink that has an opening on top because with one little bump everything will spill.

Carey Miles, TX

Returned because it slips.

I tried installing this on two strollers and it just slipped and fell off of both. I tightened it to as tight as I could make it and it just kept failing. Water … all … over.

Melody Paulding, MS

Works as advertizied.

This is great, the opening could be wider, sometimes a can of soda tends to disappear in this and its hard to get out. I use it as a second cup holder for my husband when we are using the stroller at malls or outdoor events.

Autumn West Eaton, NY

Just so so…

I bought this for the twin maclaren triumph. It doesn’t fit on the bar and turns when there is a cup placed in it.

Gwen Hinton, IA

Does the job, but doesnt stay in one place

This will only be good for closing top water bottles and sippy cups. Both the cup holder and the clamp move around too much. Still works well for an umbrella stroller that doesnt have a cup holder

Earline Wallace, WV

Works well for Chicco Capri

This products clings well to frame of Chicco Capri. HOlds a regular water bottle well. You must be careful when closing your stroller though because it can get in the way (which is not a big problem if you position it in certain places)

Stephanie De Armanville, AL

Don’t waste your money

Doesn’t stay in place very well at all. I ended up getting a different brand that snapped onto my stroller, much better!

Tina Springville, CA

Venti Works!

Got it for our stroller and I was afraid a Starbucks Venti wouldn’t ‘seat’ all the way down. But it does and it swivels as it should over bumps.. It’s a little tight to get it out, but never had a spillage problem.

Leah Vesuvius, VA