BRICA Fold N’ Go Travel Bassinet

BRICA Fold N’ Go Travel Bassinet

BRICA Fold N’ Go Travel Bassinet

Main features

  • Updated design with mesh panels, breathable fabric, and a locking frame provides both comfort and peace of mind
  • Four-point Safe-T-Lock System for safety and security
  • Double locking tubular steel frame is strong and durable
  • Mesh panels provide air flow for maximum comfort
  • Lightweight design and carry handle

Verified reviews


Limitations not disclosed

As another reviewer pointed out, and as Brica confirmed, the sides of this bassinet are not breathable where it’s not a see-through mesh. That means the bassinet is not safe to use once your infant is mobile at all, because if they can squirm up against a non-mesh area of the side and put their face against it, they could suffocate.Brica also says (in personal correspondence) that there are important limitations: don’t use the bassinet once your infant reaches 3 months old or 15 pounds. This wasn’t disclosed anywhere on the product packaging or instructions. Since the package clearly shows an infant over 3 months old being put into the bassinet, you could easily be misled into using it for an older infant. This really is for an immobile newborn.For an immobile newborn, this travel bassinet is easy to use, lightweight, and very portable. But to keep babies safe, the age and weight limitations should be clearly explained, and the side fabric should be a breathable fabric.

Bridget Geneseo, KS

Incredibly light-weight and very portable but limited use. Completely safe, breathable material

Many reviewers indicated that the non-mesh material was not breathable and I have seen Brica adding comments on reviews here stating that the material is in fact breathable. So which is it? I put it to test: I covered my face with it as tightly as I could and I can easily breathe through it. The material is not plastic and more like cloth so definitely breathable – no question about it. However, it has a warning in huge capital letters that reads “SUFFOCATION HAZARD: Infants have suffocated.”. I’ve seen this type of warning on other bassinets and cribs.This is a great travel bassinet. It came right on time for a new born in our family to put it to test. We like it. It’s very quick to set up and fold away when not needed.If you are traveling often with your infant, this might be one of the most portable bassinets available.So why am I still giving it only 4 stars? Recommended age is under 3 months or 15 pounds. So your baby will quickly outgrow this. I would have preferred it to be slightly bigger with a tri-fold design.

Alyssa Russellville, AR


This is good if you have a new boirn you don’t mind sleeping on the hot we l floor. I suggest rent as crib, waste of money

Melba Cannon Ball, ND

Hard plastic hinges, Not as practical as we imagined, usable for <3 months

Note: When we first got this, we opened it out and let it air out for 3 days because it has a very strong vinyl/plastic-y type smell. I absolutely could not imagine placing a developing newborn in such a strong chemical area for resting and breathing when you first open this.First, the manufacturer instructions state to use this for only 3 months max or when your newborn starts to roll or move around. Well, in our Pack n Play crib, our newborn could squirm 90 degrees or more when swaddled.The primary reason I gave this 1-star is because the “folding contraption” is a hard-plastic-scissor-type hinge. There’s a thin layer of mesh or vinyl that separates this from your newborn baby’s head. Just tapping the side (from the inside) with your knuckle hurts, since it is hard-plastic. I can’t imagine a newborn squirming or rolling their head into the hard hinge. Combined with the strong initial chemical smell and hard plastic hinge, I can’t allow myself to give this more than 1-star.But I also don’t like the practicality. Not only does it have a short shelf life, we find that when we visit friends or the grandparents, a large bed surrounded by pillows is the most convenient. Our newborn’s squirming radius is far away from the closest pillow, plus newborns can’t crawl or sit up, so we feel it is safe. Sure, this is a travel bassinet, but in practicality, its just one more larger item you have to remember to tote around, whereas, everyone we visit has a large bed surface we can use in lieu of.We also thought it might be okay for those co-sleeping nights when she won’t cooperate in her Pack n’ Play or crib, but because of the hard-plastic hinge and design, we don’t want to use this.I almost feel this was over-engineered with the hard-plastic frame. This could have easily been done somehow with the soft foam type material used for those soft rectangular ice coolers. They have no rigid plastic, yet still stand up and hold their shape.Unfortunately, for all the reasons above, I have to give this 1-star.

Tommie Aurora, IL

Great for traveling!

I purchased this bassinet after many nights wondering if our 8 month old daughter would be able to sleep in a pack and play on our holiday trip where we stayed at a hotel. At her stage (crawling) she would have to basically sleep close to the floor as the pack and play has one other option which she can easily crawl out of and seriously injure herself. I didn’t like the idea of my daughter sleeping so close to the floor (possible SIDS concerns and she would not sleep well) and the only other traveling option was to get a co-sleeper in bed. We checked all the possible options and came upon the Brica Fold N’ Go – mesh linings, easy portability (slid into the crevice in the car under her car seat) and fits just right (and comfortably) on a king bed in the hotel between my husband and me. My daughter was 26.5 inches at her 6 month check up so I imagine she’s somewhere now in the 28″ range. The bassinet is 30″ long. So with great trepidation as this was the only best option for my big baby, I purchased this and was quite pleased! She’s a bit of a tight squeeze, but she slept so well in it and would wiggle herself around until she found the right spot for her to settle. In the bed, we can easily turn to see her and hear her breathe, so it was not as concerning as if she was in the pack and play near the floor all alone. Although we will use this just one time, we plan on keeping it for future babies or passing it along to someone who’d find great use out of it. I didn’t mind paying the price for peace of mind.

Julia Crescent City, IL

Don’t really see the point

It’s not recommended for kids 3 months and older, which means it has an extremely short shelf life. And honestly, I don’t really see the point. Why not just lay a blanket down and put your kind on the blanket? That’s what we’ve always done, and the blankets a lot more portable (and easy set-up!) than this clunky thing. By the time your kid can roll off a blanket, you’re past the recommended age for this bassinet anyway, so what’s the point?

Maryellen Estes Park, CO

Ok But Doesn’t Last Long

This bassinet is very portable and light weight. It is east to fold, open and close. It would be great for the beach or park if your baby is young enough in spring or summer.The sides of the bassinet are not breathable since the entire area is not mesh. If the baby can roll or move at all it is not safe!The mattress is a little thin but it is nice that you can fold it without having to take the mattress out. On the back of the instructions it discloses the weight, age and movement retractions. Its important to note, you’ll probably olny get about three months use out of this before your baby is too big.

Autumn Campton, NH

Handy and Compact

We recently traveled out of state and found this travel bassinet to be nearly perfect. When I got first opened the box, I was very surprised (and impressed) with how flat the bassinet folds, and how lightweight it is. This made it really easy to put in the car. (It would also be really easy to put into a standard suitcase if you were traveling by plane, without taking up too much space in your luggage.)The major limitation with this bassinet is the limited time you can use it before your baby outgrows it. As soon as the little one can push up on hands and knees, this item would not longer be safe. (It is compact enough that you could easily store it for your next child…or pass along to someone else who is expecting.)This is good for travel, but our little one actually preferred theFisher-Price Newborn Rock ‘N Play Sleeper, Yellow. It is also pretty compact, but more “snuggly” and sleeps at an angle.

Deidre Garrett, KY


The picture and video are misleading – mine did not let the base completely sit on the ground and it rocked on the hinges. It was night and light but all together felt very flimsy and wiggle-y. I returned it and went with the Summer Infant Side Sleeper which is much sturdier and still fold-able.

Abbie Mount Vernon, SD

Sides has a lot of slack

The sides of this sagged even with the pieces fully together. It isn’t safe. I thought I just got a bad one, but I also tried one out at babies r us and it had the same problem. If the sides don’t stretch tight, the mesh folds down and the solid fabric is at face level for the baby. We could not get this to stretch tight and it was unsafe. It’s a bummer, because the design idea is great. If they made it tighter when it is popped open it would have been a favorite. As it is, it is Unusable.

Tiffany Mather, PA

Easy, but . . .

This travel bassinet truly is light-weight and easy to set-up, but it really only has a limited window of usefulness. Discontinue after 3 months or 15 pounds? I understand that’s for safety reasons, but I would prefer a product with a longer shelf-life. If we had purchased this for our first baby, he would have outgrown it in a little less than 8 weeks. As it is, our niece is 9 weeks old and this bassinet is already too short for her. Perhaps if they had made it a little larger it could have remained easy to transport, but would have been safe for older and larger infants…

Brenda Backus, MN

Very Nice

My 13 pound 22-1/2" three month old grandson fits in this portable crib just fine with room to spare. The mattress is not very thick but I think will be fine used atop a bed. We are going to try it out during an upcoming trip, the hotel room will have two double beds and we’ll place the portable crib in the center of a bed. I like that it folds flat (and easily) because with all the other baby gear we’re hauling, space in the car will be at a premium. The crib looks good too, better than I thought it would.

Libby Grampian, PA

Lightweight, great product

Fantastic product that exceeded my expectations. Easy to set up, great quality, firm mat on the bottom and mesh sides to sooth mom’s nerves about suffocation. We plan to use this for all of our trips where baby doesn’t have a bed of his own and has to sleep between us, or on the beach in a play tent. Really great product.

Sheri Frenchtown, NJ


fits in my suit case (not carry on size though). Nice pad inside it is soft enough so the bar underneath isnt uncomfortable. Comes with a green sheet. Very easy to fold and unfold. Convenient and great sized. My son is 20lbs and 27inches long and still fits in his brica. I love this thing and it was one of my best purchases since I go between TX and MN.

Hillary Dublin, PA

Very lightweight

Great for travel and super lightweight and easy to use. The only thing is that it doesn’t lie flat empty. I certainly wouldn’t every use this on an elevated surface as the bottom doesn’t have any gripe or weight to hold it if the infant rolls. On the floor or in the center of a large bed it works great.

Debora Shady Grove, FL

Baby outgrows it very quickly

We bought this before my baby was born, thinking we will be doing a bit of traveling and this would be a good traveling crib… but it ended up we only traveled once with it (he was 4 months). While we did get some use of it as a portable crib even at home when my baby was a newborn, I wish we bought other travel crib options.This thing is only useful for the first 4+ months of your baby’s life. And the truth is, I personally won’t go on a trip with my baby until he was 3 months and older anyway.

Rosemary Issue, MD

good travel option

We purchased this for a trip to the grandparents’ house. It is light, easy to manage and I liked the fact that the sides were mesh. Our 3 month old never did sleep in this, though — we ended up putting her in a rocker instead — but it was a nice option if we just wanted someplace to put her down. We used it a lot to change her. I could see it being especially useful if you are taking the baby out for a picnic or something.We were hoping to be able to use it for few months but it is already kind of snug for her.

Rebekah Moyers, OK

Great solution for a vacation!

I hemmed and hawed over whether to get this for our first vacation with our twin infants. We had a pack n play for our bigger twin, but didn’t have the space for a second pack n play, and didn’t want them sleeping together in the same pack n play. Our twins were 5 mo. old when using this, and our smaller baby was about 12 lbs or so when she slept in it. It was a great solution for us, instead of cramming another pack n play into the room. It packed easily into our suitcase. The only thing to keep in mind is that it sits on the ground, so it may get cold for the baby, versus a pack n play which sits a few inches off the ground.

Sofia Forest Hill, LA


The poles on this travel bassinet are made of cheap plastic. When assembled, this product is still very flimsy. I still didn’t feel like I could see in well enough, even though one of the sides is almost completely netted. I would rather that it be netted all the way around for more breathability and viewing. Not worth the money. I would recommend the Summer Infant travel bassinet (I think advertised as a cosleeper type deal) instead – much better quality for the same price or less.

Holly Guymon, OK

Breathable panels

The bassinet that I received does have breathable panels about 2″ high all the way around and a triangle breathable in the center where the hinge folds.( someone has since pointed out to me in the comments that the fabric is also breathable) The mattress is very thin and so a small infant sleeping on it would have his/her nose near the mesh and not the gray (breathable) material at the top of the unit.I am at an age where all my friends are having grand-kids and we love to visit each other and see the babies. This unit is perfect for my needs. It is small enough to store when not in use. Much smaller than having to have a pac n play unit in the closet. The large green plastic buttons make it very easy to fold up when not needed. The unit came with one sheet. It would have been nice to have a package of two, so that you could change sheets while one is being washed. The mattress is very thin to make it easy to fold. This is not meant to be the primary bassinet so a thick mattress is really not needed.This is for small, newborn babies, not for babies who can lift themselves up and are really active. Perfect for the new mother who wants the baby near her in the bed, but wants to make sure she won’t roll over on the child. Would work nicely in the middle of a king sized bed, perhaps if parents are traveling and staying in a hotel. I would not put it on a bed if no one were in the room to keep constant watch.I like the line of Brica products and will be buying some more to give as baby shower gifts.One shipping note: my unit came nicely boxed however, the plastic zip tie was cut where the box seals and the tape that holds the box shut looked like it was opened and resealed. Perhaps a return product that was reshipped?

Jillian Haskell, NJ

By supplementing the mattress and getting a new sheet cover, it’s a great travel bassinet!

We used this travel bassinet a lot in the kiddo’s first six months.Pros: It is significantly easier to travel with this, which you can put in a suitcase or duffle bag, than a pack and play contraption. It’s easy to set up and fold away. Your kiddo will feel secure. It is easy to prepare your kiddo, if need be, by having them sleep in this in their own crib before a trip.Cons: The mattress is super thin, which is not the most comfortable for the babies if you’re going to have this bassinet on the floor. You can supplement it with theSummer Infant Bassinet Pad, which fits at the bottom of the bassinet (so you’d put the Brica mattress on top of that pad). The cover for the thin mattress is not great quality, but replaceable.

Betty Easton, MN

Travel Bassinet

This bassinet has come in handy over the past few weeks. We don’t use it for sleeping purposes, though. In addition to my 2 month old, I have a (delayed) 4 year old and a 2 year old, both of who are potty training. When it’s time to migrate to the bathroom, sometimes I need a cushioned spot to place my little one while the other two work at “potty-ing”. Of course, this isn’t a necessity when it comes to that purpose, but it sure is nice to have! :)My little one is pretty needy and needs to be close by me when he’s awake. This bassinet has provided a great place to put him, so he is close by me and I can talk to him as I do other thing that have to be done. It’s also a great little “spot” just for him. It keeps a bit of boundary protection from his brothers, too. They know this this is HIS spot when he’s in there. It’s even great for outside time!The folding aspect of this bassinet is awesome! You can easily fold it up one handed. I know from plenty of experience there. You do need both hands to open it, though! It can be done one handed, but it’s much harder. Baby is much safer if you use both hands for that part. 🙂 It folds up pretty flat, so it doesn’t take up a ton of room. Baby items already take up a ton of room at our house, so I appreciate that it folds up so well. There’s four little buttons that need to be pressed to lock and/or release the bars.It comes with a little matress pad that velcros into the bottom. There’s also a fitted sheet included.The only thing that I dislike is that it can’t be used for very long. It is on the small side.Again, though, I haven’t used this for sleeping, so I can’t advise you in that area. There are lots of other uses for it, though!

Jeanette Issue, MD

Great for the Beach!

Very nice!! for a newborn it works very well. Great for travelling.But as the baby gets stronger, it is not very safe. And your baby will outgrow this very fast.We used it at the beach in the shade and our son was able to sleep off the summer.

Jade Mount Marion, NY

Easy on the go

Just got the Fold N Go Travel Bassinet. It is true to its description. It easily unfolds and folds back up. Comes with a mattress and sheet. Great product for on the go. Looking forward to getting many uses out of it.

Rowena Oakhurst, CA

More Useful Than Expected, But Far From Great

I didn’t really see the point of this item when my wife added it to our baby registry, but it has been pretty useful around the house. We’ve been able to have the baby with us on the sofa, as well as in the bed while my wife is taking a nap (we’re not doing co-sleeping, so junior is in his crib at night). The bassinet is sturdy and easy to use; the mattress pad, while thin, is coated with vinyl so it’s easy to clean. The sheet fits snugly, which is a good thing.BUT… the fact that the sides are not breathable (and therefore a potential suffocation hazard), and the fact that you can only use it for about three months (i.e. until the baby can move around and stuff his face against the non-breathable sides), knocked it down to three stars in my book. At the asking price, it should be useful for a longer period of time.If you do decide to get this product, be sure to pick upan extra fitted sheetas well, for the inevitable accident.This Brica Bassinet is made in China.

Mina Cedar Lake, IN

Good but could be better

The Brica Bassinet system is great for what it is-a quick get up and go travel bassinet. It’s worked great for our in-laws or visiting friends but it does have limitations. Opening and closing it is difficult unless it’s set on a flat surface. When you’re holding a baby and running out the door, the extra convenience would come in handy. The fabric lined inside the bassinet is washable and easy to wipe if it gets dirty but it’s polyester, and I would like cotton instead. The actual storage of the bassinet is simple- it won’t take up any space and folds flat to fit in between tight spaces.

Brandy Henryetta, OK

Good, but limited use…

This is an attractive little bassinet that folds up so nicely – it really is perfect for travel, and simple to stick in the car. It could easily fit into a large suitcase as well. I love the little sheet that comes with it, and appreciate how easy it is to fold up/set up.That being said, as many other reviewers have mentioned, the window of usefulness of this product is very short, as baby will not be able to use it once they are 15 pounds or can push up on hands and knees. However, if you plan to travel a lot while your baby is young this would be a perfect product for you. I think it could also come in handy on camping or beach trips to have somewhere for baby to safely nap, as long as they are small enough to still fit in it safely.So in conclusion – I do like this product, it is wonderful for what it is, but I’m not sure if I would pay the full price for its limited usefulness.

Anna Avery, TX

Glad I got it!

I used this when I traveled with my son. He always slept so well in it. The product is well made and very light for traveling.

Tamara Sebree, KY

Best baby buy

This is the best product I bought for our little one, hands-down. There was no way I was going to allow her to fall asleep next to me in our bed–too paranoid for that–but putting a sleeping newborn in a separate room made us uncomfortable. And I didn’t want to buy a big separate bassinet or do a sleeper sidecar. This was a great and inexpensive option: we put the bassinet in the top middle of the bed to lay flat (king size, not for smaller beds unless there is only one adult sleeping there) and she is safe and nearby. Makes it easy to feed her at night and put her right back down with minimal movement. It folds flat for storage or travel. Also, when traveling, she is already familiar with her sleep environment and you don’t need to try to find a crib or let the baby dangerously sleep next to you. Plus when it comes time to transition her to the crib, we’ll put the bassinet inside it first so she still feels safe. Brilliant invention!

Abbie Lanagan, MO

Not a good investment.

This is very portable, but it’s flimsy and so small that we only used it once before my son outgrew it. Not a good investment.

Lawanda Chestertown, NY