BRICA Fold N’ Go Travel Booster Seat, Gray/Black/Green

BRICA Fold N’ Go Travel Booster Seat, Gray/Black/Green

Talk about portable. This booster seat is small enough to fit in your overnight bag (or keep in the trunk of even the tiniest of cars). It opens and unfolds in mere seconds and provides a strong, sturdy, safe place for junior to sit at the table.

Main features

  • Unique design is portable, strong and stable
  • Folds and unfolds in seconds
  • Adjustable straps quickly secure travel booster to chair
  • 3-point harness adjusts to help keep baby safe and secure
  • Stain-resistant fabric wipes clean easily

Verified reviews


My daughter’s favorite chair

The reviewer who wrote that this chair is too bulky must have this chair confused with another one. I mean — it fits in a diaper bag! My MacBook Pro takes up more room. I am seriously impressed with this chair which requires no inflation and has so far attached to every dining chair I have tried it with. The fabric is easily spot cleaned too!

Velma Wilmore, KS

Super convenient

This is a must have for toddlers! We keep it in the car all the time. It folds down flat so it takes up very little room. It buckles around the back and under the seat of a normal chair, so there is no way for it to slide off. The three point harness keeps the baby buckled in. It does change the center of gravity of the chair, so keep the baby from pushing his/her feet on the edge of the table or the whole thing might tip over backward. All in all, a very convenient and easy booster seat. Great for traveling and a cleaner alternative to restaurant high chairs.

Kenya Marquand, MO

Perfect! Every parent needs one!

I travel a lot, so I needed a booster seat that my 3 year old would not only fit in well, but would also be sturdy and easy to break down. When I opened the box, all I needed to do was literally fold it open, then snap to the chair. My child sat comfortably and safely eating her dinner. A must have for any parent of a toddler!

Cathryn Maple Shade, NJ

Great for travelling with a toddler!

My son is a very active, strong 14.5 month old and we just used this for trip to visit grandparents. It folded flat into my suitcase and took up very little room. The booster fit very securely to the dining room chair and the seatbelt was great to keep my son in place. He tried to escape a few times, but couldn’t as the straps were secure and kept him safely in his seat. This is a new must have for us when visiting family who don’t have a high chair available.Update: We just used this seat again to visit grandparents with our son who is now 22 months and 28 pounds. The seat still works perfectly!

Lora East Andover, NH

Folds Flat!

I’m generally very happy with this travel booster.Pros:- Folds totally flat!- No fru-fru pattern, nice and simple- Attaches securely to most chairsCons:- Be careful to have base completely open and sitting as flat as possible on chair, otherwise it could start to fold in by itself- Harness is positioned a bit oddly. Crotch strap is close to the back of the seat and the leg straps are low. Basically, the harness sits quite low so baby can move around more than you may be used to. Do not leave baby unattended!

Natasha Sparks, OK

Lunch Time at Grammy & Grandpa’s House

We keep this seat at my in-laws’ house for when they watch our 1-year-old. Works great. Also packs easily into diaper bag for trips.

Lela Falconer, NY

GREAT investment!

After reading some of the negative reviews, I was a little worried about getting this- I have a VERY wiggly 1 year old. I bought it because, living in Germany, you never know when you will end up somewhere that they do not offer child seats (crazy thought- but they aren’t "baby friendly" here…) I have used this many many times- in lots of different places. My son has never fallen out of the seat- this was a concern in many of the reviews, as it doesn’t have shoulder straps. He has also never tipped his chair over…and he dances and wiggles and swings forward in his chair a lot. It is so easy to carry around- I can slip it in the side pocket of my diaper bag (basic walmart diaper bag) and get it when I need it. It does stick up out of the pocket, but fits. As for people who have said that it collapses in on their child- I would say that maybe they didn’t set it up correctly? There are 2 straps to anchor it to the chair- one that goes around the bottom and buckles, and one around the back and buckles. As long as you tighten these, there is no issue with it falling, or caving in on itself. The straps are made so that they can fit pretty much anything that you want to attach it to- we use it a lot at the bowling alley, in one of the "chairs" there- wide bottoms and tops- with no issues (and he thinks that he is something else, since he has a big person seat!) I have also gotten LOTS of comments on it- it really is a life saver kinda thing. I would recommend to anyone!PROS: unisex coloring, easy to use, easy to store (we leave ours in the car and just pop it in the diaper bag), very lightweight, easy to clean.CONS: I haven’t found any yet! In the event that I do- I will certainly update this review!

Elise Hales Corners, WI

waste of money

this thing is a joke. it is made of all plastic the structure has no integrity. First thing they should mention is the weight limit, it cannot hold a child of any weight, unless you kid can stay still while they are on it.First off, you will only use it if your child is old enough to sit, say 1year, so they would weigh around ~18lbs. and they will twist and turn, lean and wiggle, this fixture cannot support them or to put more bluntly, you should not depend on this fixture to keep your child safe.

Denise Albany, MO

so compact 🙂

i have used this at the airport, restaurants and friends homes. it fits on virtually any chair and it’s small and compact (fits in my diaper bag). my son weighs 23 lbs, is 31 inches tall and is 13 months old and he fits very well in this seat. worth the money!

Rhoda Friars Point, MS

Neat invention

It is so easy to bring this in an out of restaurants. She likes to sit in here rather than a high chair. One complaint is how easy it folds up. It does not work as well on a bench since you cant put the straps on. You also have to make sure that the chair you use has a back. The back to the booster is not meant to support the weight of a toddler. Those beign said, I am not sure how you would correct that and still have it be as easy & convenient. All in all, we like it and would buy it again.

Doreen Rio Grande, NJ

Surprisingly great

After taking this on vacation, and using it for lunch at the airport and several other places, we fell in love with this portable booster seat. It slips perfectly into the back pocket of the diaper bag, or in the base of the stroller without taking up too much room. Once we got home from our vacation, our LO decided that she prefers it to her high chair at home, and now uses it daily for sharing meals.

Jenifer Nevis, MN

Great value

My daughter (21 mos) loves this booster. It gets her at the right height for the table and she seems very comfortable in it. I was surprised at how sturdy it is given that it’s a fold-and-go design. We haven’t had the need yet to take it on the road with us, but it was quite compact when we unpacked it.

Deirdre Bellamy, AL

Very portable

Love this booster. It’s very portable. Fits in diaper bag when folded.It works for most chairs. The only ones it has trouble fitting right are the ultra wide chairs with armrests. At first I was hesitant if it would hold up the baby but the material is very sturdy – no issues at all so far.

Sabrina Pacolet Mills, SC

broken strap on first use

the idea is great, it is portable and clean but the first time we used it the bottom strap tore off of the base of the chair when I tightened it…

Darlene Fairfield, FL

Saved our Trip!

We took this with us on a family vacation and used it multiple times a day. The hotel we stayed at had only one high chair and I could never find it — luckily we brought this with us. It straps under the chair, as well as behind the chair, making it extremely secure. It fold up super slim, making it easy to take anywhere. My 18 month old is 36" tall and 35 lbs, and it still fits him just fine. We’ve taken this to family’s house who don’t have high chairs, and have been able to strap it to their dining room chairs.If it breaks, we’ll totally buy another. We love it.

Regina Kahului, HI

GREAT, very practical! only issue is that its not too stable

Very practical and useful when going out as you can put it in your backpack or baby bag and it will fit and not weight much. It also fits almost any chair quite nicely. The ONLY issue is that it isnt very stable so you have to be by your little one’s side at all times, if he leans over to any side, the seat will flip too.

Carol Garden, MI

Looks so cheap, but actually works well

I was a little taken aback when I first removed this seat from the packaging, because it just didn’t look like it would work. It has this flimsy looking fold that looks like it would collapse under any movement. I was pleasantly surprised. We used this for our 23 lb 14 month old for a road trip. It was perfect. It folds to nothing and is super light. My son was leaning and grabbing and the seat never faltered. It fit every hotel room chair we tried. I knocked off one star, because the clips for the strap that hold the travel seat to the seat of the chair are located in the middle. That means that one has to basically be on the floor, under the chair, in order to fasten the clip. It is hard enough for a parent with a toddler to maintain any dignity in a restaurant setting without beginning the affair by rolling around on the restaurant floor.

Maude Boulder, UT

Worth every penny

After wrestling with our 10 month old through far to many meals at my aunts house during our recent vacation I made this purchase and it has been worth every penny! It folds up very flat. Is nice and sturdy and very easy to use. It seems to work well with different kinds of chairs as well. So far no complaints! (Though I do with they had a pocket or something to tuck all the loose straps into once it is all folded up.)

Rosetta Chartley, MA


Great space saver when you are traveling and need a chair for your little one. My only gripe is that I wish the strap that goes in between the legs was longer or adjustable. The strap sits too low, so I don’t feel like it could keep my toddler from falling forward. I have to be right by her side at all times when she is in this seat. Love how it folds down flat and is easy to wipe down.

Shelley Oakley, ID

A dispossable product

I give this product 2 stars because it worked well for about 5 days. Then the strap that holds the booster to the bottom of the chair came off (with very little tension on the strap). I sewed this back on using heavy duty nylon thread. It worked fine after that for another few weekend excursions. After his other chair broke, we started using this one but it does not hold up after about 50-60 meals. It starts to collapse and looks dirty….always. My son is 2 1/2 and is only in the 45% for weight and 60% for length so he is pretty small for his age. Any heavier and I think this item would break down quite a bit faster. I would not recommend this product to anyone planning to use it for more than a week vacation and then maybe a few outings a month. Any regular weekend trip usage makes garbage of this fast. The strap setup also collects food really fast and is hard to clean out once it gets in there…..and we all know how much they like to discover all the places they could possibly cram a noodle or green bean. A more solid BPA -free Graco is what I will be purchasing now.

Priscilla South Boston, VA

Great Portable and Sturdy Booster Chair

been using this since my daughter had good back and neck control and we simply love this chair. Its light weight so that my wife wont have to lug around baby equipment and its very sturdy. We recommend this to anyone who likes to carry less weight while on the go with your little ones 🙂

Colleen Hawthorne, NJ

Great for Vacation.

I have the Fisher Price travel high chair and it has been great for trips to grandparents houses and for the beach (driving distance), but there was no way I was packing it to go on vacation out of the country. So I took a chance on the BRICA even though I thought it looked flimsy. I was wrong. It worked great for a 15 month old, 24 lb wiggly little boy. I was nervous about the lack of 5 point harness, but the 3 point worked fine. The best part is how flat it folds and how light it is.Reasons it’s 4 instead of 5 stars:- No tray (not that big of a deal)- The canvas material (although great for lightweight travel) isn’t the easiest to clean, but isn’t the hardest to clean either- It sits pretty far back of the chair which not only exposes the chair seat to spills but could make pushing the child up to the table difficult with the wrong kind of table (one’s where the chairs can’t go far underneath)Even with the cons this chair is definitely worth it, you will not regret it.

Paula Beardsley, MN

Best invention EVER!! Must buy!

We LOVE this seat for our one year old! She fits really well in this seat and now we don’t need to ask for a booster seat at the restauarant anymore! It has easy to attach straps in the back and underneith which makes it very sturdy. It also folds flat so it fits in our stroller basket and we can take it anywhere! We plan on taking it with us on vacation, too (which is why we bought it). A GREAT buy for any family.

Daphne Greenview, CA

too small

I ordered this for my 2 year old but she cannot fit in the harness. I am sending it back today. too small – it says it is for up to 40lbs.. there is no way a child that big could use this. plus it is flimsy….

Shawna Cambridgeport, VT

Seems fine so far

Have only used this a few times, but so far so good. I strapped it tight to the chair and had no issues with it collapsing. My baby is about 16 lbs and can sit well unsupported and this works well for us when we go places without a high chair.UPDATE: when we decided to move DD to the table with us instead of the high chair we ended up using this daily for about 4-6 months. I don’t think it’s intended for this kind of heavy use, but it held up to it well. We finally did get a chair that attaches to the table and seems a little more supportive, but we still have this portable booster in our closet in case company comes over with a kid or we want to take it somewhere. It works on pretty much any chair, which makes it incredibly useful. It doesn’t feel super sturdy, seems really to be made of a heavy cardboard or something similar under the material, but it holds up surprisingly well. Very lightweight and easy to take anywhere.

Adeline North Branch, NY

Best. Ever.

I love this thing. We borrowed one from a friend for a weekend trip when our son was about 10 months old, and we got so attached that I ordered one as soon as we got home. While we waited, going out felt so much harder without this chair!! It straps onto a chair (don’t use it on the ground–we tried at a sit-on-the-ground Korean restaurant. Fail.), and as long as you strap your kid in tightly, it holds squirmy babies and toddlers very well. Just bring a wipe and wipe off the table in front of the baby (including the underside). The best part is: it folds up and fits in my backpack, along with all the other baby/toddler paraphernalia! Love, love love. I’m going to buy it for or recommend it to new moms I know.

Christian Anabel, MO

Fold n go booster

This fold n go booster seat has been the perfect addition to our on to go list. We’ve used this everywhere from grandma’s house to restaurants. It practically folds completely flat, which makes it great for sticking in a suitcase. I was worried about the stability of this chair, but as long as you attach it to a chair correctly this isn’t a problem at all. The 3 point harness is very secure, and i dont worry about my son falling out. My son started using this when he was 10 months old and is still using it now at 14 months old with plenty of room to grow.

Rosanne Newark Valley, NY

Very useful!

I went to Brazil with my 16 months old and didn’t expect to find high chairs in every restaurant over there. Sure enough, this booster came in very, very handy.I works well, is very easy and simple to attach and detach from a regular chair and folds flat to transport. Obviously, you should not leave a child unattended on it because he/she would probably be able to flip over – although my daughter who is 33″ tall and 25 lbs and pretty active stayed put. It’s not as sturdy and constraining as a regular high chair, but it does work pretty well.Highly recommend to parents who like to travel.

Juliette Cadott, WI

Great alternative to restaurant high chairs

I bought this chair after having several experiences dining out where no high chair was available. This booster is great for carrying anywhere! It folds flat and fits in my diaper bag. I take it everywhere we go where I know we’ll be eating. It is also great for traveling out of town too. We often go places where our hosts don’t have a spare high chair.

Virgie Woodson, TX

Love this chair for our toddler

We love this seat! It is perfect for our toddler so she can join us at our breakfast nook/kitchen table. It also folds up very small so we can take it with us when we visit the in-laws. I would definitely recommend this chair to friends! And the price is great!

Sally Tuscarora, NV