BRICA goPad Diaper Changer

BRICA goPad Diaper Changer

It’s just a quick trip. Do you load up the bulky diaper bag or risk a wet, unhappy baby? Now you have a better choice! The goPad Diaper Changer lets you take just the essentials in a slim, cute clutch. With an extra-large cushioned changing surface and built in Bag ‘n Toss bag dispenser, a quick diaper change is a breeze—no matter where you are. The expandable mesh pockets have room for wipes, diapers and even a change of clothes. No hassles, no drama, and your day just runs more smoothly.

Main features

  • Bag ‘n Toss Dispenser with 25 bags included for convenient and discreet diaper disposal
  • Extra-Large Cushioned Pad – Double padded head pillow and expandable bonus panel to grow with baby
  • Large mesh pockets perfect for diapering essentials such as full-size wipes case and diapers
  • Detachable Changing Pad unzips from clutch for added versatility
  • Easy to clean, fully padded vinyl surface
  • Extra-Large Cushioned Pad – double padded head pillow and expandable bonus panel to grow with baby (20″ x 28.25″/ 50cm x 71cm)

Verified reviews


Stiffer than I thought, too big for keeping in a diaper bag

This product was made of a very stiff/firm material, and it was larger than I thought. Not a good fit if you want to keep it in your diaper bag for quick and easy diaper changes. The bag dispenser is nice and I really liked that the changing pad zipped off so that you could use it separately (I was tempted to keep it just for that purpose, but that makes for a very expensive changing pad). It’s also a great size for a changing pad.I prefer the Deluxe Fold and Go Diapering Kit by First Years because I think it takes up less real estate in my diaper bag (I just wish the changing pad on that one also detached). This item would be great for keeping in the car or for carrying all by itself.

Chandra Big Creek, CA

Better than Skip Hop Pronto! Changing Station

I bought this after using the Skip Hop Pronto! Changing Station for 6 months. I prefer this design for a few reasons:Pros:-The outer shell of this clutch is made of a firm material that keeps it’s shape, even when it’s empty. I carry mine inside a Petunia Pickle Bottom Sashay Satchel and I like that it helps keep the shape of my diaper bag, but also that it doesn’t turn into a big burrito if you choose to use it with a soft wipes case.-I like the elastic pouches for holding diapers as opposed to zippers. Faster to load/unload, and you don’t have to worry about catching and shredding a diaper in the zipper. The mesh also allows you to see how many diapers you have without having to unzip.-The baggie dispenser is nice, but you can also use it to hold a small tube of diaper cream instead.-This folds and unfolds faster than the Pronto! The pad is about the same size, but the shape of this one is a little smarter.-All surfaces are easy to clean. The pad has nice cushion to it.-My husband grabs this is he’s taking the baby out since it’s nice and gender neutral. I grab it if I’m running a short errand.-My Skip Hop started to fall apart after a while. The Brica is more durable.Cons:-I does not come with it’s own wipes case. A standard hard sided travel wipes case is a little too bulky if you want to carry 4 size three diapers like I do. I use a soft sided wipes case (by Okkatots) and I think it fits better.-The strap on this is too short for me to use as a wrist strap. You could attache it to your stroller because it has a nice clip, but I’ve never used it in that way.

Eunice Dalzell, IL

Great concept, but too bulky (full before you even add supplies)

The concept is fantastic: a large changing pad with a padded spot for baby’s head, attached to all the goodies you need for a change, so you can grab the case instead of lugging your whole diaper bag. The case has a pocket for your wipes case, a disposable bags dispenser, and a large diaper pocket that will hold 2 cloth AIO diapers, 4 size 3 disposable diapers, 2-3 size 4, and probably 5 or six of the smaller sizes. The baby lays on the pad and the gear is below him in the pockets. If your changing surface is small, the pockets can hang over the edge, still handy and accessible, so you’re not struggling to manage all the components on a small surface without your baby kicking them off.The problem is that with the pad folded and the case closed, it’s pretty much full before you put anything in it.When it’s loaded up, the case will barely close, bulging awkwardly and taking up a lot of room.The case itself is stiff neoprene. While that seems good in theory, a soft case would probably be better here because it would compress more in a glove box or diaper bag, whereas this bulges at the center (imagine stuffing a folded up shirt into a big envelope) and seems really hulking.The whole package is large–about the size of a small laptop or netbook case. I wouldn’t object to the size overall–the length and width aren’t the problem–if it weren’t so bulky and bulging when loaded.It is very well made and good looking, and it’s nice that you can unzip the pad–say, if you want to use just as a diaper caddy with a diaper bag that already has a pad. (However, while that solves the bulk problem, but the main benefit of this product is that the changing supplies can hang down off the changing surface, keeping everything at hand when you’re on the go.) It would make more sense to have a thinner pad that integrated the padding of the case itself as the head pad so it wasn’t so bulky. Or maybe folding the pad into an exterior pocket instead so it didn’t bulge? I don’t know the solution, but I’m not a baby supply company engineer. :)Also, the extended changer flap covers the wipes pocket, so if you have it folded down, you need to get your wipes out beforehand.

Whitney Venice, CA

Larger when folded than I anticipated but still love it.

Pros:-The actual changing pad portion is a really nice size. Definitely long and wide enough so that it provides an effective barrier.-The changing pad unzips easily from the rest of the unit for easy washing.- the bag dispenser makes it really easy to pull off a diaper disposal bag when your hands are occupied with other things.- My son is currently in size 2 diapers and this easily holds 4 of them with plenty of room for a travel size box of wipes. (would probably hold more if you stuffed)-The strap makes it easy to hang the changing pad from a stroller handle or slip it around your wrist when carrying a little one to be changed.Cons:-When I received this I was initially a little disappointed because it was larger when folded than I anticipated (Folded measurements 12″ x 7.5″ x 3″ (it could be a little thinner but I measured with diapers and a travel wipes case inside). However, once I started using it the size didn’t bother me at all. I keep it in the diaper bag and pull it out when I just need a few diapers with me.

Rosanna Robertsdale, AL

Even husband is impressed

As I am preparing to go back to work I realized that with my long 12 hour shifts my husband is going to be hauling our diaper bag around a lot. He isn’t too thrilled with that idea. I came across this at a garage sale for a few bucks and fell in love! I figured that I could use this in place of my diaper bag most of the time and carry my cute purse again (it feels good to have something that doesn’t scream “mom”). Anyway, this is perfect. Especially since I’ve recently just started carrying an extra diaper, wipes and change of clothes in the car and not hauling a diaper bag around anyway. I just leave this in the car all the time and restock as necessary. That way for quick trips around or to take my older child to sports events I only have to grab the baby, my phone and keys and I’m out the door. I breastfeed, so if you need to carry bottles and formula that’s another story. My husband just carries that stuff in a small separate bag.Whoever designed this kit obviously has kids and really understands how to make something functional. First off, from the outside it looks stylish. The gray color with baby blue accents is cute. I actually almost didn’t look at it because it looked like a CD case from the outside. The changing pad is a great size and easy to clean. It’s very helpful that it zips off! The pockets are great for a couple diapers and small package of wipes. I buy wipes in the travel size section of the grocery store for it. That’s all I put in it. I keep one extra outfit in each of our trunks and don’t usually need diaper cream, so the pockets are just right. If you want to carry a bunch of stuff, consider using a diaper bag. I’m a minimalist and try to carry the bare necessities.

Concetta Acra, NY

Well designed, but a little bulky

I bought this based on the reviews here and am happy with the functionality of the diaper changer. I read the item specifications, but somehow when it arrived it was bigger and bulkier than I imagined it to be. I love that it: holds 5-6 diapers (we’re still using size 1 for our little guy), wipes, ointment and the roll of bags to dispose of the diapers. All that AND it has a large changing pad that zips off for cleaning. But I’m using a Vineyard Vines tote as a diaper bag and it takes up a lot of the bag. If size isn’t an issue, then I’d definitely recommend getting this!

Bernadine Camden, MI

Too skinny

I love the idea of a mini-diaper bag for those instances when you don’t want to lug around a full-size bag. Unfortunately, this Brica version is too skinny to actually function as a diaper bag.The diaper pad takes up the entire width and length of this thing so anything you add needs to be very skinny otherwise the velcro won’t close. Adding just two size 5 diapers already causes the Brica to start bulging uncomfortably. This leaves hardly any room for wipes. You will need a very slim container or a near empty package of wipes. There is a good chance you will need to pack some stuff separately which defeats the purpose of not having a full-size diaper bag.I give credit to Brica for having a very good build quality. The materials are attractive and seem durable. The integrated bag holder is a nice touch. An integrated wipe holder would have been much more valuable though.

Tara Powellville, MD


I do like this product, but there are a few things that I had to lower my rating for. First of all, it is BULKY. Much bigger than I imagined. If the whole point of this product is to have a compact, easy way to bring diaper essentials along WITHOUT packing a diaper bag, I think I would rather have a small, cute purse or diaper bag. This thing is big. I love the idea of just having a small, compact thing to grab when I am running out the door….just wish this were smaller. Also, I think that the plastic bags are a clever idea, but in reality they are just a distraction for baby and a hazard. All my baby wants to do is pull on the blue bags and play with them, so for safety I have just removed them. So although it was a nice concept, it just doesn’t work for me.

Patsy Fort Thompson, SD

Perfect for baby on the go!

This is the handiest item! No one wants to lay their baby on a surface that they don’t think is clean or on something they are afraid might get dirty during a change. This device holds the baby in place with a strap , has a place to carry a couple of diapers and wipes, folds flat to toss under the stroller or into your diaper bag and the pad is removable so you can toss it in the wash. How handy is that?

Tammy Walkertown, NC

Stylish changer that can work for both mom and dad

I got it today and I’m very pleased, I really like the design, it doesn’t scream Baby Diaper changer! It looks exactly like it is on the picture, and I’m sure my husband will feel very comfortable taking this with him too. It has 2 mesh pockets, watch out the mesh might hook as it’s quite thin but it’s not a big deal I guess. The little pocket for plastic bags is a nice addition (it already has a roll of bags in it). This changer is much bigger that I thought it would be, but given how much it can hold I guess they couldnt’ make it any smaller. The changing pad itself has got nice padding with extra padding for baby’s head. Overall, I’m very pleased and that’s exactly what i wanted.

Silvia Yatesville, GA

Too Big for My Purse

I was hoping for something slim I could fit in my purse now that my son is older and I don’t need a full diaper bag. I have a standard size hobo purse and this was way too big fo rit. I liked all the compartments and the design but it was too bulky for what I was looking for. I returned it.

Marilyn Regan, ND

Bigger than expected.

It’s hard to fit in the diaper bag, but most of the time I just take this by itself into stores or wherever and leave the diaper bag at home or in the car. I use the loop to attach it to shopping cart handles. Everything you need can fit in the pockets.

Florine Smiths Grove, KY


I love the concept. Having everything in one place is very convenient. I tried traveling by plane with the Brica, but it was very bulky. I had a hard time getting it into my carry on bag. That’s it’s only downfall though. It holds my diaper cream, diapers, and wipes and was very convenient in public bathrooms, not having to set my baby on the dirty changing stations.

Yvonne Drummond, WI


The changing pad is so convenient. the bag at the bottom is big enough to hold 4-5 diapers, wipes, powder, and hand sanitizer!!! It folds conveniently for carrying. Great buy!!!

Lula Saint Matthews, SC

Perfect design!

I received one of these for a baby shower gift, my husband likes it so much he asked me to get one for his diaper backpack as well! It’s compact but has enough compartments for what we need and the padding is thick enough to be comfortable. Highly recommended!

Trisha Scarbro, WV

Very handy and practical!

This will come in handy since I am not using a diaper bag bag but instead just my normal handbags and it fits perfectly!

Trisha Ashippun, WI

Just what my wife needed.

Before, we would have to carry the usual baby essentials tote that had to include everything from bottles, formula, diapers, etc. And on top of that, my wife would always bring a big towel because many changing places have rock hard surfaces that were just too uncomfortable for our baby. The BRICA goPad Diaper Changer is very much a welcome addition to our “arsenal”. It is basically a changing table pad with a convenient tote-along area for the essentials. Folded up, it’s just about as big as a notebook or smaller, not big or bulky at all. All of the compartments are perfect to keep diapers and wipes. We could have used this much much earlier too, but we can’t complain.

Essie Mount Storm, WV


This is a large pad which is good for babies and toddlers. You get a bag dispenser with this which allows you to add a few more needed items, e.g. added supplies. The mesh pockets are nice and big so as to allow you to stock up on other essentials. The GoPad is light and extremely portable, so you can use it wherever you go. It is also easy to clean as you can unzip the pad when you need to do laundry. This pad is a Godsend.

Valerie Fromberg, MT


It has the right storage and the right amount of surface area for a newborn to about six months. Past that, we’ll see.

Cynthia Encinitas, CA


We keep this downstairs so that we don’t always have to go upstairs to change diapers. It holds everything we need and is a big enough space we can change her on the couch without worrying about spillage.

Helga Summer Shade, KY

A handy thing to grab in place of a big diaper bag

This has most of what you would need if you were out and couldn’t or didn’t feel like carrying a big diaper bag. It can hold a few diapers, a slim wipes case, some little miscellanous items like creams and it includes some garbage bags. I overstuffed mine, but it still was able to close with the velcro latch.The pad is a decent size, but a toddler would start to outgrow it. Overall, this is a good, practical item that will serve us well.

Hester Port Ewen, NY

Great Idea and VERY HANDY!!

I actually purchased this for my husband. I decided I would put together a dad’s diaper bag (bought an Adidas backpack for this purpose) and saw this and thought it was ideal- I was right. This is so smart- there a compartment for wipes ( I use the hard plastic travel container for them), ample room for diapers, and disposable bags included too. My husband has found this to be fantastic for changing the baby on the move. I have grabbed it when all I’m doing is going for walks in the neighborhood or for a quick errand, and I too am a huge fan. Very satisfied with this purchase!

Gayla Swift, MN

Great buy!

I had originally bought this for a trip we were taking and I am sure glad I did! It was perfect in the airport. I was able to change my eight month old’s diapers without her touching anything and I had everything I needed in one spot. It’s nice and compact, with a somewhat hard shell outside, so it’s great for the diaper bag. Prior to buying, I had read that using a disposable wipe package worked better than the hard plastic ones you typically put in your diaper bag. They were right! It’s a little too thick with 3-4 diapers and a plastic wipe case makes it too bulky. So I use the disposable wipe package and just refill it about halfway when needed.

Holly Canmer, KY


Only con is that this diaper changer is very bulky and takes up a lot of room in the diaper bag (which is very sufficient in size). I was surprised at how large it was after reading all of the raving reviews. But it will get the job done, I may end up unzipping the changing pad from the storage area and just use that.

Jaime Hoagland, IN

A pad for changing…

It is what it says it is, and it is by Brica, so it is high quality. I like the built in diaper bag dispenser. I am a clean freak so that was a must. However, I went cheap on the refills and just bought the Armor hammer ones to refill it with (which aren’t the best fit, but they work). Works as advertised.

Diane Temple, TX

BRICA goPad Diaper Changer

Love the concept, but this thing is HUGE. So if you are looking for a wallet type pad… this is more like a laptop sized pad when all folded up. On the actual packaging, it says "Extra Large." The site description does not.

Katheryn Flemington, MO

Some solid pros and cons

I’ve been wanting one of these forever, and I think it has some really strong points but isn’t perfect.The pros are that the pockets are open (e.g. elastic, not zippered) so it’s easy to get things in an out of, the hook on the side is perfect for throwing on a stroller, the pad is wipeable (not they aren’t all that way!), the baggies are GREAT for travel when there isn’t a trashcan nearby, and the outside of it is really nice looking and gender neutral.The cons are that with anything in it (even just three or four diapers and a travel wipe dispenser), it’s bulky. You can unzip the pad though, which is nice, though partially defeats the purpose. I also found that the pouch to keep the disposable bags in takes up a lot of space. For day-to-day use, shoving a grocery bag in a pocket would probably be a better use of space. That section is not detachable at all, so the bag portion is there regardless of whether you use it.Also, it’s obviously not cloth diaper friendly (because of the bulk).Overall, I would give it 5 stars for travel, but only 3 for day to day use. I would have liked a way to remove the baggie holder to save on space, and I would have liked a way to attach the pad to the outside somehow to allow more room for diaper and wipe storage. Also, the outside is pretty rigid, and I’m not sure that’s 100% necessary. It’s really durable, but again, it adds to the bulk. I guess it’s all trade offs, which is why diapers bags exist. 🙂

Carmela Moultrie, GA


So convenient. It has all the things you would need for a diaper change on the go. Definitely recommend getting this to help out when traveling.

Natalie Townville, PA

Great on the go

This goPad isn’t a diaper bag and it isn’t meant to fit inside a diaper bag, so if you’re not looking for either of those, this might be the perfect thing for you. We needed something that could carry the bare essentials for quick trips and errands when we didn’t want to carry a full diaper bag armed with every baby item necessary. This does just that – it has enough room for a few diapers, a small pack of wipes and a couple trial size packs of butt paste. You could probably put more in the mesh pockets, but then it gets bulky and sort of defeats the purpose. It has a snap clip which makes it easy to attach to a car seat or stroller and it comes preloaded with a dirty diaper bag dispenser (maybe my favorite feature – very useful.) It’s about the size of a small netbook or laptop and very light even when filled. If you’re into minimal fuss, this might just be your perfect fit.

Cheri Passumpsic, VT

A huge bulky diaper clutch, or a huge bulk changing pad, not both

The Brica goPad is too big to carry easily, but too small to hold anything except for the integrated changing pad. It’s pretty much a huge, awkward, hard to clean changing pad with a hard sided case.This is a useless, throw away item. If you are having a baby, you will be spending plenty of money on things you need. Do not waste money and storage space on this. If you are looking for a gift for a baby shower, look elsewhere. I love my Brica Baby in Sight MirrorBrica Baby In Sight Mirror Gray. I love 90% of my waterproof pads (which I use as changing pads, then toss in the wash). For the price of this, you can get 4 Carters waterproof pads that are 18 by 27 inches and perfect for changing pads that fold up small to fit in a diaper bag . I love all the diapers I have ever been gifted, and I use diapers every single day.Too big to carry easily: When folded up, the goPad is about the size of a laptop computer in terms of thickness and length. Width is a shorter than a laptop, but in general, if a small laptop won’t fit in a purse or bag, then this won’t either. It is bigger than a netbook. It is bigger than a tablet. It is bigger than a tablet computer. It is closer to laptop size than to any of those.To small inside to keep diapers, wipes, and diaper cream: The goPad consists of a stiff sided case with a changing pad that folds up to fit neatly inside the case. With the changing pad folded into the case, the case is completely full. This is because the changing pad has a giant padded part to go under the baby’s head. Baby is to be comfortable, but the price is you must carry around a giant pillow in an giant stiff sided case. The goPad has inside pockets made of mesh and elastic, which are advertised as being for diapers and wipes. I was able to fit 5 size two diapers and a wipes sampler pack from Huggies that contains only 8 wipes. That made the case of the goPad bulge slightly. And, there was no great place to put some diaper cream, change of clothes, or any other baby things. I don’t want to put diaper cream in a mesh pocket, where it might fall out, and I certainly don’t want a tube of cream to be squished constantly. The goPad has a small compartment for a roll of trash bags. A small diaper rash cream tube might fit there, but I would have to specifically buy a very small tube of diaper rash cream, and try it for fit in the store. I don’t already own any diaper rash cream tubes that I can fit into the goPad, other than into a mesh compartment with only a piece of elastic over the opening. The goPad can’t accommodate even a minimalist set up of diapers, wipes, and diaper rash cream, unless I remove the goPad’s changing pad and instead carry a small blanket to use as a changing pad.Does not work on restroom changing tables: The idea of the goPad is that the pad and baby are on the table, and the hard sided case with pockets hangs over the edge to reach into easily. That’s fine while baby is on pad and weighing the pad down. If the pad is by itself with the hard case part hanging over the edge of a changing table, then the pad does not weigh enough, and the hard sided case with wipes and diapers pulls the whole thing off onto the ground. That will happen if you put the pad down before putting baby on it, or if you pick baby up first before picking up pad. Then all your things in mesh pockets touches the bathroom floor through the mesh, and all the side of the changing pad that is meant to touch your baby also touches the bathroom floor. Yuck!Zipper is annoying: The changing pad is attached to the case with a zipper. That’s supposed to be so you can remove and wash the pad. What it really means is that if you are spreading this out by holding the changing pad, and the zipper has started to unzip even the tiniest bit, then the weigh of the case will pull the zipper completely free, and the case with any supplies you have in it will fall on the floor, then you supplies in mesh pockets will touch the floor through the mesh. Yuck!I had wanted to keep this in my car, for quick changes. I can keep it there to use as a changing pad, but I also have to keep a bag with diapers, wipes, and diaper cream. And, really, I can also keep a waterproof pad in the same bag, and not have this extra goPad thing in my car.The goPad is pretty much a waste.

Jenna Gentryville, IN