BRICA I-Hide Car Seat Organizer with Tablet Viewer

BRICA I-Hide Car Seat Organizer with Tablet Viewer

Brica i-Hide Seat Organizer with Tablet Viewer The BRICA i-Hide Seat Organizer with Tablet Viewer lets you zip away the mess in your car, keeping all of your child’s gear secure and out of sight. When you want to keep your little passenger entertained, just slip your tablet into the clear, touch-sensitive tablet viewer. Built for use with or without headphones, it will certainly help pass the time during those long trips while keeping your tablet secure. There’s even an easy access wipes case for those inevitable messy moments in the car. The unique seat attachment system helps keep the organizer flat against the seat, leaving more legroom for your kiddo. With cup holders and multiple roomy pockets, the i-Hide Seat Organizer gives you plenty of storage room for your gear. And for an instantly tidy car, just zip the main panel closed! Features: Seat attachment system keeps organizer flat against seat, maximizing rear legroom Touch-sensitive tablet viewer easily accommodates headphones Unique design zips closed, keeping items secure & out of sight Fits most tablets Includes: i-Hide Seat Organizer with Tablet Viewer 1 Refillable Custom Wipes Case Product Dimensions: 15 x 13 x 3 inches

Main features

  • Nylon, Plastic, Polyester
  • Imported
  • Unique design zips closed, keeping items secure and out of sight
  • Touch-sensitive tablet viewer easily accommodates headphones;  Fits most tablets
  • Includes easy access deluxe wipes case
  • Seat attachment system keeps organizer flat against seat, maximizing rear legroom

Verified reviews


A good seat protector/organizer

This is a much better than the standard, no-frills seat protector we were using to protect the back of our passenger seat from our toddler’s dirty shoes in his car seat. We do like it, but feel it is loaded with some features that are unnecessary and just clutter things up unnecessarily.Let’s take a look at the features they bill as selling points:- Zips up to hide the mess. We like that we can zip it closed when we want to. We don’t choose to do this too often, but if there are non-family members riding in the car, for example, it’s nice to be able to tidy up relatively painlessly.- Big stuffable compartments. Well, this is OK but I feel there are too many compartments. It makes the whole thing feel too busy. Putting too much stuff in it can make it look bulky. But it does hold a lot, I have to admit – and that’s good.- Tablet viewer. Holds up to a big screen tablet – fine for our small screen (Kindle Fire HD) as well. One problem, which may not be a problem at all, is that unless some special effort is taken, this is best for watching videos but not particularly great for listening to them. The sound gets out but not that great especially in a noisy moving car. On the other hand, if you have a long enough audio patch cord, you can plug the tablet into the car stereo for a good audiovisual experience. We don’t do that, but we could.- Attachment system maximizes rear leg room – this is good.- Deluxe wipes case. Huh? Why would we want to take our wipes out of their ready-made, resealable wipes package and put them in this plastic case? I have heard legends of wipes that don’t come in resealable packages. If you are determined to save a nickel a box or whatever it is to buy no-frills wipes, maybe this will be welcome to you. We found it completely superfluous, cheapskates though we are.So on the whole, this is a nice product and worth recommending.

Flossie Branchville, SC

Sturdy construction, blocked view though

I really like this seat organizer. It was easy to install. It has an adjustable strap at the top, a hook to attach to the seat pocket (if you have one) and a hook to attach it to the bottom of the seat. It fit really well on our minivan seats. I like that it’s well attached to the seat and isn’t hanging into my kids feet.It has a large outer pocket (if you look at the picture here, it’s under the flap you can see with the blue and yellow papers), but it gets covered when you open the top flap to get into the tablet holder/organizer area. Not a big deal since my kids can reach the organizer to get things out of it. It’s nice that you can close the flap and cover the contents of the holder.The top flap opens and has the mesh pockets and cup holders. We used the cup holders for other things though since the water bottles we tested were a little heavy for the pockets. The included wipe carrier is nice, but we won’t use it since we use canister style wipes in the car.The tablet holder is zipped away in a pocket. You simply pull it out and it covers the area with the cup holders. We tested with an iPad 2 and it fit perfectly and we were able to tap on everything on the screen through the plastic. My only concern is that the sides of the organizer are a bit wide and blocked the view of the iPad from the child in the other seat. I solved the problem with a hair clip holding the side back and we were just fine.

Kirsten Georgetown, NY

Mess, be gone!

Incredibly easy to use, incredibly useful and surprisingly discreet and convenient, this car seat organizer is a must have for anyone with a family. With three kids in the car, my floorboards are always a disaster, and forget about long car rides, for the whole thing turns into a debacle and by the time we’ve reached our destination I feel like everyone in the car, and the car itself, needs a bath. Thankfully, this compact yet spacious organizer does the trick (I actually have two). Zips up to conceal its continents (thank you) and holds just enough to keep my floors clean and my children occupied, this is the ideal ‘save’ for my cluttered car. The tablet holder is large enough for an iPad and yet works just fine for my smaller tablet, and the cup holder is a nice touch. All in all, I am more that pleased with just how great and necessary this product has proven to be!

Rose Mayo, SC

helps organize

I didn’t really get this for the tablet viewer, since my son is right now rear facing. I really wanted something just to organize all the baby stuff I have in my car like the spare diapers, wipes, toys, juice cup, and this organizer fits the bill. Plus, when we went on a long trip, I did bring a tablet and this organizer was nice just to store the tablet when not using it, instead of using it as a viewer.Overall it is a bit bulkier than I thought it would be, but it does help me organize the baby stuff in my car.

Milagros Bloomer, WI

An ok organizer

This is an ok organizer, but definitely not the nicest I have found. Construction is kind of flimsy. It hangs much lower than I would like (at least in my car). I was excited about the tablet holder, but it seems poorly designed with sub par visibility. As an organizer it has great pockets and space, but I don’t feel it will hold up with repeated use. I’ll update again after a few months of use.

Leslie Smoot, WV

Would be nice if it was more compatible with our van

It has a large outer pocket (if you look at the picture here, it’s under the flap you can see with the blue and yellow papers), but it gets covered when you open the top flap to get into the tablet holder/organizer area. Not a big deal since my kids can reach the organizer to get things out of it. It’s nice that you can close the flap and cover the contents of the holder.Our van is quite basic and so we do not even have a middle organizer in the front, which is why I was looking forward to using the BRICA car seat organizer to help us out. First the basics of this organizer. It has several mesh pockets, a cup holder, wipes container, and a special pocket (with plastic cover) for a tablet so that kids can watch from their seats.My biggest complaint is that I was not able to attach the bottom hook to anything my Toyota Sienna’s passenger or driver seat. It only works on the back of the second row seats. Without anything to attach it, it just flaps and takes up way too much room. Also, this product was really marketed for the tablet viewing holder capabilities, however, my kids would rather handle the tablet and play games, so unless you are watching a movie on the tablet, it probably won’t be used very often (and with tv’s in most vans, this seems pointless).

Leola Eaton Rapids, MI

awesome for road trips

I have this hanging in front of my first grader’s seat and while it’s a bit bulky for every day use it’s fantastic for road trips! The huge pocket at the bottom half is perfect for workbooks, coloring books and his LeapPad. The straps for the wipes container can hold a travel sized plastic pouch of baby wipes for cleaning hands, noses, or even a baby’s bottom if you have one of those along. The drinks holders are perfect size for holding a bunch of markers, sunglasses, or whatever your kid likes travelling with. I love that you can zip the whole thing shut so my kids aren’t knocking everything out of the pockets getting in and out of the car, and I adore that this thing clips at the middle and bottom of the seat so it’s not swinging around driving everybody crazy.

Nannie Burlington, OK

Great car organizer with tablet viewer, especially for toddler age

The Brica car seat organizer is a very good product for people with toddlers or younger children (under age 5). It is well built, installed on my Honda Odyssey just fine and I really love the fact it can be zipped and all the items hidden from view. It makes your car feel (a little) less cluttered and Mommy-mobile when it’s not in use.Some of the features such as the tablet viewer are ideally suited for an 18 month – 3 year old child for the tablet viewer itself. My 4 year old daughter prefers to hold her own iPad and switch between games and movies. It’s decent to organize her coloring books and other items for the car, but she can also use a small bin on the floor or placed next to her seat. Think about whether it would add value for your older child.For us, I ended up installing this on my 20 month old’s side of the car and it’s great for us there. The Tablet Viewer allows him to watch movies without touching the buttons (and turning the movie off by accident) or accidentally dropping it. This is particularly nice for road trips where we want to keep him happy for longer stretches. I like that I can reach and restart his videos from the front passenger seat if my husband is driving).My son is a little short to reach the cupholder and other items in the organizer, but that’s good for us. (My 4 year old could reach it if placed in front of her seat). I can put my son’s cup there for easy access from the front seats when we want him to have it. I don’t know about your toddler, but if he has a drink with easy access and isn’t thirsty, then dripping out the contents becomes a fun game… so keeping it out of reach is good.The wipes container is a nice bonus – we threw some Wet Ones in there so we always have some handy. It can be removed if it is not useful for you. Overall I am happy to this product and would recommend it primarily for those with toddlers vs. preschool and kindergarten age or older to utilize all features of the product (such as tablet viewer). Thought if you do like it as an organizer and don’t use it as a tablet viewer, it’s no big deal because it is zipped out of the way when not in use.

Kristen Deep Run, NC

Organizer Yay; Tablet Viewer Meh

The special feature of this organizer is that it includes a tablet viewer. I found this feature to be pretty useless but really liked just about everything else.The tablet viewer fits my Kindle 8.9″ just right. However, accessing the power button while in the viewer is difficult if not impossible depending on your button location. This means you might need to remove the tablet just to turn it on.The transparent plastic is touchscreen compatible but a child strapped into a car seat is unlikely to be able to reach the tablet to navigate. My kids are accustomed to navigating tablets themselves, so it doesn’t make sense for me to have the tablet stuck in a plastic viewer out of reach.The viewer might be useful in specific situations like if you want to load up a movie for a child and don’t want the child messing with the tablet while watching.Aside from the tablet viewer, I found the rest of the organizer to be very useful and well done.-The elastic bottom hook stretches nicely to attach to a metal bar on the bottom of my Toyota Sienna second row seat. There was no place to attach to the bottom of my driver’s seat though. So you will want to check the bottom of your seat for something to hook onto. Otherwise, it will just hang and flap around.-Included is a nice wipes holder. If you don’t want to use the holder, the straps can handle aWipes Travel Pack 72 Count.-There are 2 large zippered compartments to handle multiple diapers and a diaper changing pad (unfortunately not included). The whole thing works very well as a fixed diaper changing station for the car.-The organizer also serves as a seat back protector for kicking children.Overall, I found this to be a good organizer even though I will likely never use the tablet viewer. It works especially well as a diaper changing station and seat back protector.

Victoria Princeton, IN

Only of it’s kind- love the privacy.

I love the fact you can hide your stuff. Only down is that the straps to hold it at midpoint and bottom could be better designed for your car. It’s got plenty of room which is great.

Cathy Kannapolis, NC

Great storage for road trips

This hid our ipad wonderfully. Especially for those quick stops where we all had jump out and use the restroom. It zipped, folded and held all our stuff for the kids in the back seat.

Winnie Weston, VT

So-So…Depends on your needs

This would have gotten a 5-star from me 2 years ago.I picked this up hoping to improve organization in the backseat area in addition to having a non-headrest option for the iPad.I went to install this and stopped short because I can’t use this along with my back-of-the-seat kick cover. It requires access to your back-of-the-seat pocket. This is when I realized this wasn’t the best options for use with kiddos whose feet can solidly reach the back of the seat. My son is a little over 4 and though he ‘knows better’ he still kicks the seat pretty hard sometimes when he’s angry or excited. If I had anything breakable in this organizer it’d break or get damaged.This is why I wished I had this about two years ago. Several long road trips when he couldn’t reach the back of the seat AND was still in diapers would have made this ideal for me.

Kris Shoals, WV

Nice Seat Organizer

This organizer is great! It installs very easily, and seems very sturdy. There is lots of room (a few small pockets) and two large zippered pockets) for storage for small toys, books, crayons, a cup, etc. Also included is a plastic wipe container. I love the pocket for a tablet, which will make watching a movie while traveling much easier. We have an iPad, which fits easily inside (even while in a case), and you can access the touch screen while in the pocket. The only thing I wish it had is a longer strap to go around the headrest so I can suspend the organizer between the two front seats so more than one child can watch a movie on the iPad at the same time.

Celina Waldenburg, AR

Works great keeping the car organized

I have 3 littles under 3, so I have a lot of junk in my car. I had another organizer, but it didn’t zip closed and it was always falling forward. I love that this one attaches at the bottom, middle (hooked into the seat back pocket), and top (around the headrest). I don’t use the tablet holder since we have a screen that requires a plug into it, but that isn’t a problem since the tablet viewer is hidden behind the front case.I like that it can be completely zipped closed or hang down with the top open if your little one can reach in to get things. It is pretty versatile and keep my car looking much cleaner.

Ofelia Cherryville, NC

Storage for the vehicle

With pockets on vehicles becoming less common…I find this helps store a few items that otherwise would get lost. It keeps it easy within reach. I can see easily what I’m looking for and then just grab to use it.Easy to install and move so you could take it in and out of the house or just get it ready for your next trip.

Milagros Smithsburg, MD

I wanted to love this but I don’t.

If this were half the price with no iPad holder I would like this a lot more than I do.I don’t like how the iPad holder lays and the edge blocks the side passengers from viewing it properly. There is no way I would put drinks in it as shown with a tablet in it. I would not want to pay for his feature.I do like the wipe holder and how it all zips closed for a tidier mommy mobile.I like how it is a nice neutral gray to be visually unobtrusive.If it were cheaper I would buy another one for my second child, but I am not going to pay this price for an item that is a disappointment on half of its functionality.I have to add here that I LOVE the other items BRICA makes, we have many of them, and I will keep an eye on this in hopes that they redesign it to work better!

Autumn Hixson, TN

Not a ton of room, but works well for tablet

I got the Brica car seat organizer mainly so it would hold our tablet while we drive long distances. For this purpose, it works very well. The tablet holder is hidden in a pocket behind the wipes, so you just fold it out when you need it. It fit our Kindle Fire very nicely. A thin plastic layer protects the screen, but still allows for us to use the touch screen. You will want to queue up several things if you are going on a long trip, because getting it out while driving or in the front seat is no easy task.Installing the organizer didn’t go as smoothly as I thought. It assumes you have a latch on the bottom of your passenger seat. We have a fairly new car, but I could not find where to latch it, so I improvised.The organizer holds a few books and smaller toys, but nothing substantial or it would get too bulky. I would almost rather it not have the built in wipes case, it would be easier to just slide our own in there. Overall, I think this is a good purchase if you are looking for something to hold your tablet.

Tania Greenleaf, KS

It’s not well organized at all

Mine came with a puncture in the tablet holder (the plastic part) it’s noticeable enough that it’s annoying. If you have the ipad air it fits but you’ll have to take your apple case off, and that’s just too much of a hassle for me.The wipes container is useless. It doesn’t fit my wipes properly, it needs to be a little wider, and really why is it in there? I can just throw a bag of wipes in there. There’s not enough slots in here, the bottom is just one big open space and so it’s not the kind of organization I like. What’s the point of shoving everything in 1 spot, my diaper bag is more organized than this. This needs serious improvements for me to consider purchasing or recommending

Meghan La Villa, TX

Great organizer for my kid on the go ..

1) This organizer is designed well to hold my kid’s essential items on the go like drawing books, crayons, sketch pens, novels, puzzle books, pencil etc2) It has two extra-large stuffable compartments and roomy pockets hold my child’s gear and toys. Two cup holders keep drinks accessible for my child.3) The seat attachment system features three attachment points to help the organizer secure well against the seat and thus maximizing rear leg room.4) It includes a touch-sensitive tablet viewer that is compatible with most of thetablets and facilitates headphones.The viewer slips into a hidden pocket when not in use.5) Two large zippered compartments hold multiple diapers and a diaper changing pad. It also comes with a wipes case that is refillable with wipes for diaper changes in the car on the go.6) It keeps my kid’s belongings including the tablet from out of sight and secure from public view7) The organizer easily fits most SUVs seats and has adjustable map pocket clip.8) It is water-resistant and grime guard fabric helps protect the back of seats from dirt and stains. The one-zip closure makes clean up quick, easy and painless.

Angelia Wauregan, CT

Depends on your needs really

Great idea in theory – the tablet holder is something that at times necessary to keep your child sitting in his car seat. However, a few things to consider:- It won’t really work for a rear-facing car seat, which means no-go for any kid under 2- For a forward-facing child, there is a small age window when he/she is still small enough to just watch the tablet, but doesn’t want to actively play with it- The organizer itself is fine to put in a few toys and books, but the wipes holder not as useful – surely there is no need for it to be placed in the same slot as a your tablet would be? And who will be taking out wipes – again, is your child old enough?All in all, just evaluate your and your child’s specific needs before you make your choice of a travel car organizer. It is fairly useful for me personally.

Deidre Langeloth, PA

Great in theory, problems in practice

On long road trips, we let our daughter watch a movie on our iPad. She would get tired of holding it (it’s heavy for a 2 year old to hold upright for an hour) and inevitably there would be whining. Or the iPad stand/case would fall down and she couldn’t get it back up again on her own. So we were looking for something to mount it onto the seat in front of her. This seemed like the perfect product since it appeared to hold the iPad as well as other things we would need.The iPad fit perfectly and the organizer was easy to install but it was getting in our kid’s way. She is 2 and short for her age but her feet were already right up against the front seat. This took up enough space that she kept kicking it and it bothered her. The cup holder didn’t make a lot of sense for us since she couldn’t reach it. I like the idea of having a container of wipes handy and the pockets were roomy enough to hold toys and books. But we ended up taking it down. I think we will continue using it as an organizer on the other seat so that it’s not in my daughter’s way. But it didn’t work out as an organizer and iPad holder.

Clarissa Luray, MO