Brica Infant Comfort Canopy Car Seat Cover

Brica Infant Comfort Canopy Car Seat Cover

The great outdoors is better when you’re together. The BRICA Infant Comfort Canopy gives your baby a place to hide away, for naps on the go with great protection from the elements. Give your baby a cool, shady hideaway on your picnics or trips to the park with this retractable cover for your infant car seat. The breathable mesh lets the fresh air in while keeping out bugs, wind, and germs from overly friendly strangers. A retractable rain and sun cover blocks over 98% of damaging UVA/UVB rays and can be tucked away in a zippered pocket when not in use.

Main features

  • Innovative design works with your car seat/stroller travel system or lets you carry your car seat with the canopy on
  • Retractable UPF 50+ rated sun cover blocks 98% of UVA and UVB radiation (when sun cover is in place)
  • Easy to use, fits all major brands and comes off in seconds
  • Mesh fabric provides air flow, visibility and privacy
  • Premium protector against potentially harmful insects including mosquito’s who may carry the Zika, West Nile or other illness causing virus

Verified reviews


This is a mesh cage

It’s horrible! It’s like a little mesh cage that suffocates your baby. It doesn’t do much for sun protection. It’s hard to get the baby in and out wiith it on. It lays too close to the baby and can suffocate them. Horrible!!!!

Cathleen Gloucester, VA

Fantastic product with simple design.

This is a must-have product. Folds up into a tiny pouch when not in use. Pops open instantly when ready to use.Smart design without any superfluous features. Easy access to child through zippered opening and stowaway sun/rain shade is sufficient.Some sun protection lacking on sides but can deal with it by pulling cover to side.Fits our Chicco Keyfit 30 infant seat perfectly. Overall a fantastic well-made product.

Amelia Stem, NC

great for my purposes

while this is mostly advertised for rain and sun protection, I primarily use this for PEOPLE protection. strangers and friends seem to like sticking their hands in my baby’s carseat to touch him…and that’s a big no no for me during this horrible flu season. what finally got me to buy this after seeing my sister-in-law use it for a few months, was when the pastor of our church reached down to pet my baby after shaking hands with several hundred people. since we’ve gotten it, the touching has decreased significantly because people seem to get the subtle hint, though a few times a hand did sneak its way in. my husband, who actually doesnt care much if people touch our baby hands unwashed, likes it, too—but mainly because he thinks it looks cool. so in terms of appearance and function, I am very satisfied and would highly recommend this product.

Adriana Dixonville, PA

I don’t use this.. ever

I thought this was a different brand, and it wasn’t exactly what I expected. It’s got stiff metal or plastic edges, so it can be folded up into a neat circle that fits into a bag that it came in.I will update if I ever use this… but I much prefer the net that can cover the carseat AND the stroller

Sadie Mineral Springs, PA

Worked for our Keyfit

I purchased this canopy because we lived in San Diego when my son was born and the *only* problem with our Chicco Keyfit car seat was the very short canopy that barely blocks any sun from baby’s face and body. I was concerned because some other reviewers mentioned that the canopy did not fit their Keyfit, but I had no problemswith this.As far as the features on the product go, they were what I was looking for and seem to work well:-The canopy folds into a small case that could stay in the back of my car-The canopy zips open/closed (the zipper could be run a bit farther back to make it easier to get baby in and out) and the sun shade can be put halfway down to still be able to see baby inside-The fit was snug and stayed put while we were out on walksWhen my son was really young (under 3 months) this was the perfect solution because he was content to sleep on our walks and did not mind being zipped under the canopy. As he got older, however, he had absolutely no interest in being “trapped” under the UV cover, unable to look around and see what was going on outside of his car seat. Overall, I don’t think there are any major design changes to make this canopy more effective (my main complaint is with Chicco!) but I can’t imagine many 3 month+ olds that would be content to hang out under this shade while they are awake…unless my little guy is unusually active. Bottom line, if you spend a lot of time out in the sun especially early on, it’s a solid purchase, but you might not want to plan on using it for the length of time that baby is in the infant seat.

James Olmsted Falls, OH

Awesome bugnet

This fits on our carseat really well. I have a chicco keyfit 30. This also fits on the bouncy seat she has and her bouncer is really wide. Love this product bc it keep the mosquitos out.

Belinda Conestoga, PA

Awesome and stylish

We previously bought a cover that looked just like a plain net you might get when buying some onions or the like…this product looks like it was made with a purpose, intent and design in mind.My wife was initially hesitant about it’s abilities to keep our baby shielded from mosquitos, but she quickly fixed that with a wedging of a blanket. We love the sun coverage of this cover as well. The zipper access finishes off the design of the product very well. Once on, you don’t have to remove it to tend to your child, just unzip when needed.Great product with a great design.

Marla Buffalo Junction, VA

Not sized for everything but effective

While the setup for this cover is rather convenient, it doesn’t fit on every piece that you want to put it on.

Margarita Fawn Grove, PA

great design, fits Chicco car seat

Works great in rain. Fits our car seat Chicco. I don’t use it from sun, although it has a reflective light cover. I use it only in the rain since the net is not the best thing if you want your child to get fresh air. I cover his car seat by light blankets as Aden and Anais to protect from the sun.

Shawna Springdale, UT

Air flow not good when mesh zipped

I bought this to use on a Chicco Keyfit 30, on a trip to the botanical gardens. We were only there for 2 hours in low-mid 80/ temp, and my baby’s forehead and mustache were covered in sweat beads. Although it looks like there is good ventilation, there really is not. I read that babies fall asleep in deep heat and it’s a risk for SIDS so not sure I’ll be using this again.

Bernadette Jackson, GA

Must have addition to infant carrier

Several other moms recommended I get one of those fabric carrier covers when they saw me draping swaddle blankets over the carrier to block out the sun. I didn’t love the idea of (potentially) poor ventilation and not being able to easily see my baby, so I did a quick search on Amazon and found this product – Eureka! I love that it allows cross ventilation (and instant baby viewing) through the mesh sides and top, along with the snap on sun reflective top cover. Keeps the sun off, bugs out, and repels rain as well! Couldn’t ask for more. A must have addition to your infant carrier.

Maureen Fulton, IN

Pointless Product

This product is laughable at best. It definitely falls into the category of "Stuff to Convince First Time Parents to Buy." It really doesn’t even do it’s intentional job well – to shield baby from sun, as it has openings on both sides where sun easily seeps into and can burn baby. Don’t waist your money on a product that is really useless. Go buy a Coolibar UVA/UVB blanket instead and cover your stroller/baby seat with that. ALSO don’t DON’T put this on your carseat in the car. You’ll burn the baby up, and carseats are hot enough as it is!

Kelly Toledo, WA

Specialized Item…Not for Daily Use

This is quite a specialized item. It fits my Graco SnugRide 30 LX carseat perfectly. But it’s hard to get on and off and make accessing baby difficult. I find it really difficult to use alone and easier when I have my husband’s help. I wouldn’t use it for daily errand and shopping outings. I think this works best if you’re going to be hanging out with baby at a park or other extended outdoor recreational activities and need to shield him/her from sun and bugs. It folds away and springs back into shape easily for storage and use. Once folded, it fits easily in the bottom compartment of my stroller. It’s small enough to fit in a medium to large diaper bag as well. As for me, this is not what I expected. I don’t know how much use I’m going to get out of it as I’m not very outdoorsy. But I’m sure it can be really handy if you are and want to take your baby with you.

Tara Waterboro, ME

Great for protecting your child, but be careful folding

We got this to put on the car seat when I take my son for a run. It works great – keeps the sun and bugs out! It’s super easy to use, except one time when I was folding it up…..I was trying to do it quickly and I did something wrong and I could never get it to fold up again. It no longer fit into the travel case, which is annoying. I ended up ordering a new one, and am now super careful when I fold it up, and I haven’t have any problems.

Minnie Pinto, MD

Hard to put on, not what I thought

This cover is hard to get onto my Chicco Keyfit 30. Once i do get it on, it’s just kind of awkward, to be honest. In order to get the sunshade benefit, the silver cover has to be completely down, which prevents him from looking out. I thought the sunshade part was more transparent.

Margret Chestnut Ridge, PA

Came just in time

When this arrived, my early newborn was due for his first appointment the next day and there was also a thunderstorm that I was able to test this out through. He was warm and cozy with this Brica Car Seat Cover. Will be super-handy when the mosquitos also start coming out.

Muriel Abell, MD

Extremely useful, easy to use

This item is extremely useful for protecting babies from insects, the elements and falling/flying debris when out and about. It is easy to use and well worth the cost – a very practical baby item.

Josephine Papillion, NE

Extra rain cover is cool!

Good design. I like the extra rain cover. It slips a little when you put the carrier handle up and down or try to move the cat seat canopy but it’s not complicated to slide back in place. I live in Texas and it was definitely a must have to deal with this sun and heat.

Noreen Planada, CA

The full opaque shade makes a HUGE difference if you cover a car seat while parked somewhere without shade

Nice and compact, this folds flat like a windshield shade. It fits perfectly over car seats, carriers, and even over swings. The best feature was the full opaque shade which can make a HUGE difference if you cover a car seat while parked somewhere without shade. I’d buy it for that alone. The mesh layer is great for keeping bugs away if you live in an area where that is an issue and the 50 SPF is great.I was worried our eight month old would freak out by this thing covering her, but she hardly noticed it and the mesh was easy for us to see in and her to see out (and she wasn’t able to kick it off).

Marci Verdigre, NE


Love this car seat cover! Protected my baby from rain, sun & bugs!! Great purchase! The 4 stars were because it was difficult to get back into its little bag. I kept thinking I was going to break it so I just left it out. Definitely did it’s job!!

Agnes Dansville, NY

Great Idea for Protecting Baby

Inside the light, convenient carrying case is the Bric Infant Comfort Canopy Car Seat Cover.The cover slips on very easily to your car seat. The mesh is fine and lightweight and protects child from harmful sun rays, germs, etc.Someone claustrophobic may not like the idea of this screen over baby.It does allow free air flow, however. Also there’s another rainproof cover which shields baby from rain.The quality is fine.I think it’s a great idea, may take some getting used to for new mothers.

Francisca Lexington, KY

Works well!

I ordered this for DS so we could take him to a backyard BBQ in a friend’s house they have it for every year — and every year I got a few mosquito bits from just being there!!! It came with mesh cover + the optional UV sunscreen cover. I think this is a great idea if you going to take your infant to a picnic or to a park, but not to use inside the car.I absolutely would not recommend to use it inside the car. This seat cover would not work well especially in the summer when the cool air in the car is not circulated well as much as they would in the outdoor area, so it would actually heat up the air inside the cover for your baby if you put it over the carseat inside the car.

Luz Seymour, TN

Functional and easy to use

We have Britax car seats and after reading the reviews, thought the Britax covers weren’t going to be the best option on the market. I bought 2 of these for my City Select, which I use as a double stroller. They fit over both car seats with ease.Pros:1) They are easy to get on and off the car seats. I am able to place it over the car seat canopy, while it is open, for extra shade.2) There is a zipper that wraps around the front half of the cover so you can get to your baby without taking it off.3) There is an optional silver flap (sun cover) that fits over the black mesh for extra sun protection.4) We have twins, which attracts many well-meaning, curious strangers. It’s tolerable on some days and more irritating on others. This generally keeps people away.Cons:1) Although the sun cover goes over the top, direct sunlight still gets through the mesh on the sides. In addition, if the baby is awake, this entirely obstructs their view. I don’t think this adds much more that the car seat canopy doesn’t already do. The Britax car seat has a nice, full canopy.2) There is a wire frame that gives it structure so it’s a little hard to fold and not really something you want to take on and off throughout the day. This isn’t a fair con since this wouldn’t function so nicely without that wire frame.

Janie Ramsey, WV

Fab product

I love this. I get so many compliments about it when I am out and about. People ask where I got it from and I tell them. They have these in Toys r Us and I believe it’s cheaper on Amazon. Anyway, an insect net and UV protector in one. Great for keeping the bugs and the sun off your child. I have a Graco car seat and it fits fine.

Joni Linden, VA

Awesome product! Recommend to all moms!

I searched and researched many car seat/stroller covers as I found that my car seat lacked a decent canopy, which barely even covered my little one’s face. Why I love this product:-it fits easily over car seat (it definitely is universal)-it stores away easily (I keep it stashed in my stroller basket)-the net isn’t necessarily just for outdoors, I feel comfortable using it with my newborn as it provides a barrier that keeps unwanted things, strangers, etc out.-the shade easily stores away when not in use-shade can be used to block sun/rain-even with the shade on you can easily view the baby from the sides without having to remove anything-it’s breathe able, I like knowing my little one isn’t baking in there. As the net provides easy air flow-it’s decent looking, beats the blanket cover look any day!

Bernadette Chimayo, NM

I have gotten so many compliments on this product!

This car seat cover has three seasons out of the year covered. The net did a great job keeping the overpopulation of mosquitoes away this summer. The sun/wind/rain shield is easy to access and use, and certainly does it’s job.The best part is that this product is high quality and looks it. Wherever I went, I had women asking me about this product and where I got it. It looks like it came with my stroller system and I constantly have to explain that it is a separate purchase that they can make too.The only downside is that it is a little hard to get baby in and out of the carrier with it on because of where the zippered section starts. It took some getting used to, but did not make or break the product for me.

Esther Scott Air Force Base, IL


It’s fits my graco perfectly, we live in Texas so the hot sun is an issue! This cover has given him more than enough shade. I don’t even take it off in the restaurants, I just unzip it where I can easily reach in and plenty of air can go thru. The side and top still cover him completely, but I can have easy access. The sun shade is cool too, it is permantly attached to a pocket on the top of the brica so when u want it u just unzip and pull down. It secures quickly with snaps on the sides and bottom. I couldn’t have been happier, I ordered this one and another model that was from another company to see which I liked better. When this one came my husband said return the other one, I really like this one. It comes off and goes on without hassel, it even folds up into a small case that fits in my diaper bag.

Kristie Green Isle, MN

Best car seat cover to keep bugs (and fingers) away!!!

I love this car seat cover!!! It fits perfectly over my Peg Perego Primo Viaggio 30/30 car seat even with the hood still attached. It does a great job keeping people from touching my baby (and from keeping bugs away). The sun shade is an extra bonus. I wish I didn’t have to switch it out for the bundle me now that the weather is getting cooler.

Barbra Fowlerton, TX

Multipurpose, sleek looking cover! People in fancy baby stores ask me where I got it!

This thing is a lifesaver. I love it! My baby is a preemie and unfortunately has to go out and about with us as I’m a single mom. This gives a visible barrier in public without me having to say "don’t get to close or touch my baby"… This helps block some of the sun, likely will protect him from some rain & bugs. I have a chicco keyfit 30 and I will say to make sure that with this seat and others…*Make sure the end facing your car’s seat isn’t covering the bottom while securing baby in the base(I am talking about the opposite part from where you press to get the carrier out from the base sorry I am having a hard time explaining this lol)* this can cause the seat not to snap in both parts. To assure its secure I life up the back and front of the carrier and make sure I hear two clicks. You can always re-adjust the cover so that it still fits snugly. The tiny complaint I have that gave it 4 instead of 5 stars is that the fabric or elastic has worn just a tiny bit that it sometimes needs isn’t perfectly straight.Bottom line: I would so buy this for my very best friend’s or a family members baby shower gift. Its awesome.

Betsy Liberty Center, IA

Great for protecting baby from elements

This is a great canopy cover that fits right over your existing car seat. It works great at blocking the sun and insects while your baby is in the canopy. The baby doesn’t complain and if he could talk he would probably give it five stars too. It does take a bit more effort to get baby in and out, but worth it. It is also great at keeping people you don’t want to touch or hold your baby away as they will feel awkward at asking you to remove him from the canopy. That is probably the biggest plus in my book. I highly recommend it.

Muriel White Pine, MI