Brica Koosh’N Infant Neck and Head Support, Gray/Green

Brica Koosh’N Infant Neck and Head Support, Gray/Green

Uniquely shaped and unbelievably comfortable, the koosh’n is right at home in a car seat or stroller. And it works great at keeping your baby’s head and neck safely positioned.

Main features

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  • 100% Polyester
  • Imported
  • Ergonomic shape and plush fabric help ensure baby’s comfort
  • Maximum side-to-side head and neck support
  • Helps prevent head from slumping during nap time
  • Perfect for car seats and strollers
  • Machine washable

Verified reviews


Not ideal for my 5 1/2 month old

We have a daily commute to daycare of about 25 minutes which is just long enough for my baby to get in a morning cat nap. I ordered the Brica Koosh’N Infant Neck Support hoping this would keep his head from slumping forward while napping. The neck support stays in place until he starts wiggling around, then the front of the pillow starts to separate, leaving a gap for his head to fall through when he does fall asleep. Also, the pillow does not support the weight of his head. It might work better for a newborn who 1) doesn’t really move around yet and 2) has a lighter head. Such a bummer because it looks like a great design and had good reviews!

Pam Oakville, TX

meh, I wanted to like it more

I got this because when I initially turned my two year old around forward facing she had a hard time adjusting to sleeping in the car. Her head fell forward and she looked so incredibly uncomfortable.From my view point: it is super comfy, perfectly proportioned to my petite two year old, and well built.From hers: she doesn’t want it around her neck when she’s awake/falling asleep, and when I do get her to wear it her head still falls forward with it when she falls asleep. She’s adjusted to the new seat angle and sleeps better, and this lives in the hall closet. It fits around my neck, so maybe the 5 or 8 year old in the future might want her car pillow again.

Lauri Port Crane, NY

Better than nothing

I agree with other reviewers, this product does not solve the problem of the head falling forward, but it is much better than the nothing or using those huge pads on the straps. My son looks more comfortable in it and I do think it supports his head better nicer when his head does roll forward.

Martina Fort Wainwright, AK


Wish I’d had this pillow for all my babies. Keeps my 2 months old head from slumping over and also provides several comfortable sleeping positions in his carseat. I would (and have been) recommending this product to many parents even for daily use. Couldn’t be happier with this purchase!

Polly Croton, OH

Not for older babies.

My son needed extra neck support in his forward facing car seat at 18mo old. After reading previous reviews I though it may work but it’s way too small. I would recommend this for babies 9mo or smaller. Unless your child has a big noggin then even younger than that. It is very soft though.

Carissa Fort Atkinson, WI

good if placed just right

If you can get the neck rest tucked under the baby’s chin, this is a great product. We took our 5-month-old on a 8-hour car trip and he slept soundly the whole way (except for one break to eat and get changed). He stayed in a comfortable position so his neck wasn’t sore or anything when we arrived. On the way home, though, he squirmed a lot before falling alseep and got the neck rest out of place so he did slump for the first part of the trip until I could fix it. Overall, it was a good investment for us.

Rosanne Lawrenceville, GA

This Product Actually Works

You will find many reviews that go back and forth on whether or not the product works.I can say that for my 15 month old, this product didn’t bug him and it keep his head from slumping over to the side when he fell asleep for a 4 hour trip to Grandma & Grandpa’s house.Highly recommnended if you are a “road warrior” family that travels often and your child falls asleep in the car.

Bessie Trout Dale, VA

Not for infants

I bought this item thinking that it would make my one-month-old more comfortable in a car seat. I was wrong- it’s more suitable for older kids so I’m keeping it until we grow up a little

Imogene Cumberland Gap, TN

soft pillow doesn’t prevent head from falling forward

From the reviews I didn’t really expect this to prevent my sons head from slumping forward in the car seat. I was hoping if he had a comfy pillow on the side he would rest his head sideways instead. Most of the time that is what happens and he seems comfortable. But his head still falls forward and I get worried it isn’t good for his breathing. When I put it in place, if he’s tired he will leave it alone and fall asleep quickly once we start rolling. However, if he isn’t tired he pulls at it until it comes out from behind his neck and he tosses it to the side. That is fine with me. Since there don’t seem to be any pillows that prevent the forward head slump i would say this product works as expected.

Maricela Houtzdale, PA

Waste of money

My son would constantly sleep with his head forward in his car seat, no matter what we did. Unfortunately, this did not help. It just seemed bulky and uncomfortable and his head would still flop forward. This was a huge waste of money.

Effie Bandera, TX

Good support

I bought this for my son to use in the car. It’s fine except the front needs some kind of closure or else the sides just open up and down goes the head. I sewed on a ring and a hook to keep it closed.

Hollie The Lakes, NV

Looks comfy but…

If baby doesn’t like it, she pulls it off, which defeats the whole comfort purpose. She would rather lay her head to the side of the carseat then rest her neck on this. Not sure why. Maybe its a little too thick around the chin.

Brianna Parker, PA

Love it!

We started using this as soon as my newborn would wiggle out of the head support in his carseat. It works great and the neck hole is large enough that he can use it for a long time. The only con is that does make him sweat a little bit when it’s hot outside. But otherwise we and my baby love it!

Beryl Young America, IN

Works well, but a little warm

I like this a lot. It’s soft textured, and works well. My one month old does get a little sweaty though. Still a great product though, and you can’t beat the price.

Rosa Raymond, KS

It’s okay…

I was really excited to try this product. My son recently moved up to a ‘big boy’ car seat and his neck fell forward when he slept. The neck support looks great, has a great gender-neutral pattern, and is very soft; however, it didn’t stop his head from falling. I think this is a great product… just maybe for a younger baby (my son is 5 months).

Celia Patterson, CA

didn’t work for us

i tried it until she could support her head.. it didn’t work as intended, her head fell down anyway the bumper didn’t stay put… great idea but maybe my girl was just too small.

Minnie Prides Crossing, MA

LOVE it.

Bought this for my 6 month old to keep his head from falling forward when he is asleep in the carseat; It is GREAT! 🙂 The fabric is soft and it works perfectly. No complaints.

Josie Rock Tavern, NY

Didn’t help…

We thought this would help keep our child’s head from tilting too far down when he fell asleep in the carseat, but the neck pieces just separate and the head falls anyway…I think the back piece that goes behind the head is too think for a smaller baby. Will have to try it again when he get a little bigger.

Jeri Sweet, ID

Son didn’t like it

It is meant to keep a baby up for head support however I find that the bottom two cushions are way too fluffy so it doesn’t really keep them from going to the sides.

Charlene Hassell, NC

Cool, but not Cool

My daughter thinks she can squirm away from it… never with any luck, but it drives her crazy. Nothing wrong with the product itself, except its VERY large padding keeps my daughter’s neck a little too warm, making her sweat. I’d say it serves the purpose of propping their heads up, but being such a little one (still only 3 mths) it seems too big. I imagine down the road when she has more head control she won’t want it, so forget using it on an older baby either! 😛

Winifred Hope, AK

Wish it was magnet at bottom

It was ok. I read a ton of reviews on multiple head supports and decided to go with this one. I wish I would have gone with one that would have had magnets on the bottom to keep closed. My daughters head still leans to the side and it’s a good thing I was in the back seat on our car ride because I ended up having to hold it closed so it actually did some good.

Kelly Hawaii National Park, HI

It’s good.

I have a similar head pillow for my 1 year old daughter (not the same brand), so I figure I’ll get this one for a friend. It doesn’t specific the age range, so it’s actually a bit small for the 3 year old girl. The mom said it may actually be a better fit for her 6 months old, so so i guess that works.

Tamera Parrott, GA

Did not like

I bought this head support hoping that it would help keep my newborn’s head from falling forward until she could support her head on her own. It didn’t, I was very disappointed. It was actually more of a hassle to put in the carseat as well because it was bulky and didn’t stay in place.

Lillian Era, TX


Was a prototype tried on a real baby before this headed to manufacture? Does not fit my child AT ALL, but she is rather large for her age…

Karina Glennallen, AK

Great idea, but not thick enough for my toddler’s neck/shoulders

I got this because I wanted to keep my son from straining his neck when he fell asleep in the car. The age says form 0-3 years, and my son is 18 months old. The shoulder and neck support is way too thin to do anything and he can get fussy with the pillows around his neck. I ended up making my own cushions that I velcroed onto his carseat so that the sides of the carseat are thicker. This product may work better on newborns and I will find out in a month when we have our baby girl!Check out the website for a must have baby registry list (vs. what you don’t need), what to expect at the hospital delivery, a full stroller shopping guide, and even how to navigate the first year of parenthood.

Jeanie North Kingstown, RI