BRICA Magical Firefly Crib Soother and Projector

BRICA Magical Firefly Crib Soother and Projector

The BRICA magical firefly crib soother and projector combines the magic of fireflies and natural soothing sounds to help your little one relax and drift into dream land. Original scores such as “water’s journey” features real babbling brooks, rain fall and ocean waves to lull even the fussiest baby to sleep. “woodland journey” features serene nocturnal sounds such as crickets, frogs, owls and more. Gentle, lights appear behind the mirror and frame to mimic fireflies as twinkling lights gently illuminate the ceiling for a captivating light show. The simple control panel features a built-in memory allowing the most recent setting to be played at the touch of a button. With a pillow soft frame and shatter-resistant, clear-sight mirror, you’ll rest assured knowing that your baby will be safe and sound.

Main features

  • Plastic, Cotton
  • Imported
  • 6 original soothing lullabies plus nature, water, white noise, heartbeat and womb sounds composed by Emmy award-winning artist
  • Projection lights gently twinkle to mimic soft firefly lights behind mirror and frame
  • Pillow soft frame and shatter-resistant Clear Sight mirror for superior reflection and distortion-free image
  • Attach to crib or easily convert to night stand soother and projector
  • 15, 30 or 60 minute auto-off timer to conserve battery life

Verified reviews


Daughter approved

My daughter likes this. I’ve been through 4 projectors and this is the 5th. I have kept my original and will keep this as well.The things I like much more about this that my current isIt’s nicely padded instead of hard plasticIt has a mirror that she loves to look inThe sounds are actually nice compared to most soothers (mine only plays music)The play time is much longer if needed that my current one.What I don’t like compared to mineThis doesn’t have pictures that play on the ceiling and my daughter is in love with that.The cricket noises drive me insane. I’m not sure why machines have to make that noise.Very little play interaction with this, mine has a cloth book she can flip that will change the music and a light she can push on.This would make a perfect shower gift!

Laurie Ashland, MA

6 functional modes, well made, no voice activation

Required 3 C-size batteries are not included to satisfy excitement at unpacking. The C-size batteries are not the cheapest and rechargeable ones, like in a portable vacuum cleaner, could be useful. Otherwise, BRICA Magical Firefly Crib Soother and Projector is very functional, well made, durable, and easy to operate and clean. The 6 modes (lullabies, nature, water, white noise, heartbeat, and womb sounds) are effective and well suited to the newborn. However, the visual ones may lose the appeal with the growth of the children. The soother would benefit from adding the voice activation to calm the waking up child.

Annabelle Montrose, IA

This thing is AWESOME!

I originally bought this for my newborn, once he gets transitioned into his crib. Then my 20 month old saw it, he is totally taken by it. It’s probably the coolest soother I’ve ever seen, so I understand why he likes it so much. So I gave in, and decided that the toddler could have it, or at least use it until Baby II needs it. I played it smart and attached it to the guard rail on his toddler bed, which was probably the best idea I’ve ever had. I didn’t even have to worry about dealing with a transition period into his big boy bed, he actually wanted to sleep there because of this soother. That alone made it worth every penny.Now about the soother, the thing is kind of bulky but what soother isn’t? I can’t really see the stand doing much, just because I see the thing falling over unless an adult is turning it on(then again, I didn’t buy it for the stand so it does not really bother me). The mirror isn’t lame, the reflection is as good as a glass mirror. Then there are little "fireflies" that light up behind the mirror which is about the coolest thing ever to my toddler. The white part glows different colors that change intermittently. The main ON button is easy enough for my toddler to turn on. The stars that project to the ceiling are not quite as cool as the fireflies so my toddler does not really notice them. The other buttons are kind of weird and seems like you aren’t pushing them sometimes but I’m sure that is some sort of baby/toddler deterrent. Over all I’d buy this thing again in a second, and i may just have to do that if my toddler refuses to give it up.

Faye Flora, MS

The Best Soother

This soother/ projector is probably one of my favorite baby products in quite some time, but more importantly it is the baby’s favorite as well. I’ve tried out soothers and had success to varied degrees, but this is the first to honestly do its job and more. We watch the baby on our monitoring system and she’s been quite taken with this.By projecting stars on the ceiling, it calms the baby and gets her to look up, quieting her at night. It has a number of sound settings as well, giving everything from womb noises to music. It also has a mirror attachment, allowing the baby to look at her reflection, and the mirror has a "firefly effect" that draws the baby’s attention to it. For some reason the baby seems taken with the little stuffed animal on the right-hand side as well, and while I do not quite know why, I know she enjoys this.I cannot say enough good things about this. You can buy a plain soother or you can go ahead and get this, which will allow for some better night’s sleep. I wish I would have had this from day one.

Jeannie Shields, ND

Soooooo cute and soothing!

My older son has a stuffed dog with star lights that we all love so I was thrilled to have stars projected for my little ones crib. This is a great projector that works better the darker it is in baby’s room (duh, but some people might not know this). It attaches to crib easily (we have wood so it’s up on the top railing). The projector shoots straight up and puts stars on ceiling, but newborns probably won’t be able to see this. Once they are old enough and can, they should find it very soothing (I know I do!).It has a detachable stand so you can set it up on a dresser or night stand if you prefer (I like having this option).As far as safety, this seems to be a great product with cushions all the way around the internal plastic piece the mirror is in. It feels solid and secure. I will notify with any updates if this isn’t the case, but it feels good. Its a shatter-resistant mirror that is clear (I hate those bendy fake mirrors that look crazy). Baby will enjoy this one. ***Also, I pulled on the fabric and yanked to make sure it wouldn’t come off. It passed my overprotective mom testing.The sounds are lovely. Yes, lovely! Beautiful music (says composed by Emmy Award-Winning Artist) and it’s relaxing, like a spa, I could fall asleep to it. I’m a huge fan of white noise and use it for myself and kids, so love having this feature. It doesn’t sound muffled or straining like it does in some baby contraptions. Just a nice, solid flow. The animal sounds are sweet (frogs and owls) and there are many sounds that are soothing like rain and 11 lullabies to choose from. I’m sound sensitive, so I really appreciate the quality of this sound maker being comparable to a Brookstone noise maker. And there is volume control. You can turn it up or down – not just the two sound options, loud and louder, like most baby contraptions. + to turn up, – to turn down to baby’s preferred volume.The control buttons are easy to use and have pictures on top. You can set the timer for 15, 30 and 60 minutes.Overall, it’s a quality product that my baby is very attracted to. He lit up when he saw it and loves to listen to it. I’m not worried he will grow out of it because it will be moved to his nightstand after his crib.It will make a great gift item to new and expecting parents.

Darla Rosewood, OH

My vain son love this!

My son is not a newborn by any means but he absolutely loves this crib night light. As soon as I clipped it to his crib, he began looking in the mirror at himself, making faces, and laughing. It has a long plastic strap that makes it easy to hook onto any crib and its easy to release and move around. It is stable and is just the right height for a baby in the sitting position to see himself.The mirror is a muted blue and has blue stars that shine on and off through it, without being blinding or harsh. The outside edge is soft and round. When you tap the button on the top,it shoots stars out. It is very similar to the constellation night lights in that regard, but offers more features such as white noise, music, and rain.I always found baby mirrors are expensive and disappointing for what you get. This one is fantastic as a baby mirror and is so multi purpose and flexible for any age. I really love it!

Brittany Woods Cross Roads, VA

This is an amazing product

My 18 month old son absolutely LOVES this projector and soother. He lays in bed and seems to find it so relaxing to look at the stars as they project on the wall. The sounds and images from this are just perfect.I was skeptical when we first opened this box, but truly, if you have an infant this is a great investment. Great gift for a new parent or for yourself if you are a parent.You will not regret this purchase!

Keri Hudson, NH

Calming, soothing lullaby toy for babies.

We couldn’t resist this fun looking toy for our baby so we were glad to give it a try. This is a captivating plastic toy with a soft, colorful pillow frame. There are no sharp edges or corners. Our baby was immediately amused with the soothing music and sounds (six different sound modes), the stars projected onto the ceiling, and the lights around the mirror. The settings buttons are easy to understand and use. The toy attaches easily to the crib rail with a plastic strap but we prefer the detachable table stand so the baby doesn’t keep playing with the buttons. 3 C batteries are required but not included (the preinstalled 3 AA batteries with adapters are just for powering the demo mode). We like the collection of lullabies and soft, soothing sounds that ease our baby into dreamland but don’t expect high quality sounds from a toy speaker.

Janis Zarephath, NJ

Great little crib soother and projector

I love the way you can either attach this to the crib or set it on a table. Right now I use this for my niece’s daughter when she visits, and she just loves the sounds. I am reluctant to put this inside the crib, because I have another grandson on the way, and I don’t want germs all over it. However, I love the way this has sounds of heart beats and in the womb. The cricket sounds are pretty annoying sometimes, but there are other sounds to choose from, so that’s not a big deal. I really do like this soother projector, because it does quiet down my nieces daughter when she has to take a nap.

Angie La Junta, CO


Not only does my daughter love this crib soother, but it fascinates and relaxes her dad and me. The major part of the toy is soft and squeezable, making for a demure addition to the crib that is soft for baby. The mirror is adorable and we love the lights that gently flicker behind it. The assortment of music and sounds is impressive and of excellent sound quality. The projector is delightful. Seriously, this is a spa treatment for the nursery. The connection to the crib is sturdy and easy to use, and the whole toy is just beautiful well-made.

Lakisha Comfrey, MN

Wonderful crib toy

This is a wonderful crib toy for young babies. My newborn loves the mirror, which really catches her attention with the built-in “firefly” lights. I use this to keep him occupied while I get his bath ready or put in a load of laundry. I can buy a few free minutes without having to use the TV. Unlike a lot of safety mirrors, this one has a pretty clear reflection. I also like that the frame is padded and soft and not like the hard plastic that most crib toys are made out of. There are lots of sound choices (6 songs, nature sounds, white noise, heartbeat and womb sounds). We don’t generally use the sounds at night, but for those who like sounds, there is an auto-off timer (15, 30, or 60 minutes) so that the sounds don’t continue all night.

Janet Sandy Hook, CT

Cute and has a lot of features

This is a really nice soft edged crib soother. The mirror has a crisp reflection and when turned on there a a gentle glow of fireflies on the mirror as well. The projector displays stars on the ceiling that are interesting to look at without illuminating the room too much. The settings buttons are rubber and seem to lack some durability. The brand new product that I had, the white ink on the buttons was already partially worn off, and seems as though it will continue to fade. I found myself pushing the buttons multiple times to get them to work. I believe it would be difficult for a toddler or preschooler to change the settings. The on off button is very easy to use and even younger babies would be able to press it as long as they can sit up to do it. I really like that you can attach it to the crib, or set it on a night stand. Kids could use this for years as they grow. My 2 month old loves the white noise sound, but wakes up as soon as it ends. I like this, but am going to wait to continue using it until she is older.

Colette Fort Littleton, PA

5 month old loves this crib soother!

We have been using this crib soother for the past few weeks and it has been great. Our son likes this much better than his mobile that also plays music. These crib soother is great because it has 6 different sounds and what’s great is the volume can be controlled from quiet to loud. So many baby toys that we have are either too loud or too quiet and nothing in between so this was a welcome change! The soother also has a timer for 10, 30 and 60 minutes which is also very convenient. The light projector is a big hit with our son also since the stars change with the music. If you’re looking for a crib soother, I would highly recommend!

Hilary Roslyn, NY

Nice product

This is a neat product. I was immediately surprised and pleased at how neat the mirror looks when you turn it on – little lights appear on the mirror and look like fireflies when you turn it on! Super cool. I like the music, it’s nice. There are a few different sound options, which is nice. The "womb" one is slightly creepy. I wish the white noise one would go louder, it is quite soft even when you turn the volume all the way up. I like that the whole unit is rounded and the buttons are kind of soft. I wonder if they would still work as well after lots of use…

Germaine Vernon, NY

Wonderful Baby Soother

With so many annoying baby soothers out there, I was pleased to finally review a baby soother that was both entertaining for babies, but not annoying for me to listen to. The soother features mostly "sound soother" sounds and only one musical piece that surprisingly didn’t grate on my nerves all day. The mirror is shiny and clear, and when turned on feature small lights that look like fireflies. The "stars nightlight" feature is good and covers a good portion of the ceiling (variable depending on how large your room is). The one gripe I have with the unit is the placement of the on/off button. Because the button is on the top of the unit, it’s impossible for babies who are not sitting up yet to trigger the lights and music. On a similar sized Fisher Price unit, the button is placed on the bottom right side of the unit and my kids could trigger it with a flailing arm or a well placed kick.The button issue aside, this would be a great unit to give as a baby shower gift, or to gift your own little bundle of joy. Recommended.

Audra Seminole, PA


Initial Review: The music is really gentle and sounds new-age. My husband and I really find it soothing. I like that there are different sounds including inside the womb, a heartbeat, white noise (which sounds like static from a tv), and rain. One thing I wish was that the nature sounds could play along with the music.The lights automatically change from green to blue and are bright enough to see baby in the dark, but are not bothersome even while in the crib with him. I love those lights, they make me feel relaxed and it gives off a nice glow that fills the room. There are a couple of lights that appear in the mirror that fade and reappear at the same time as the colored and star lights.At first I though the stars that shine on the ceiling were stationary, in which case I would have removed a star. But when we had it on last night, I noticed that they disappear and more appear simultaneously and continuously and it’s really quite mesmerizing. The volume can be adjusted which is a wonderful feature.The on/off button on the top it very easy to depress should you reach for it in the night. It’s located in the green part that has the perforated stars, so it’s large and easily accessible. You can also press a button to have either the lights or music off, so that if you just wants lights on (stars, blue/green/mirror twinkle), or music/sounds alone, it’s possible.It comes with the base attached and also has a plastic strap attached to it that allows you to hang it in the crib. I leave the base on and place it on the nightstand so I can move it around the house or set it up on the floor or a table while on vacation.One thing I didn’t like was that there are 2 panels of buttons on either side of the top green one. The panels are one solid piece of rubber, so if you press one button, the whole panel dips. Sometimes I feel like I’m not pressing hard enough or too hard and can’t tell. I would rather press and hear an audible click instead of pressing it down really hard trying to turn the volume down or up and not knowing if I can make the sound softer or not.The body is soft and plush, which I like. It’s not a large hunk of heavy plastic.All in all, this works for all of us. Everyone is soothed and we actually look forward to using it even while on vacation to provide a familiar environment anywhere we go.UPDATE:I had to change my review since the product is now dysfunctional. I seldom give bad reviews. I am very upset that for the price I paid, the item is not more durable. I kept it on the night stand near the baby’s crib next to my bed. Our floors are carpeted (wall to wall plush). During the night, I reached for an item on the night stand and accidentally bumped it. Given the disc-like shape, it’s easy to tip if hit near the top. I guess it fell in such a way that disconnected the wires somehow. The blue light no longer shines, nor do the stars normally projected on the ceiling or the lights that shine on the mirror. After the fall, the green and blue lights initially began flickering but eventually died. Now the music will still play but any lights that might still work, turn off after only a few minutes. Even if I select the 60 minute button, it will only play for 15 minutes, in the dark. It’s really a toss-up of what will turn on or work, some lights do work, but then turn off. I am really disappointed as I really had high hopes for this one. In fact I wish I could get it fixed and keep it as the sounds and lights are really soothing, if they work. Not even 2 weeks in and i am very gentle on all of my baby items from clothes to strollers. This was a complete accident that could happen to anyone. I left a star to give the benefit of the doubt in that maybe mine was a lemon.2nd UPDATE: I changed my review back to 4 stars. It turns out that changing the batteries was all it took to get it working like it did the first time. The fact that it started to malfunction right after falling led me to believe that’s what caused it, but in a last ditch effort before throwing it out, it occurred to me that changing the batteries might help. It worked like a charm. It is a very relaxing machine. I mostly keep it on the music setting which has become a regular nighttime routine and helps us all fall asleep. I only take off a star due to the button on top being so easily pressed, a good thing for the nightstand, but bad for packing it in a bag. I also still don’t like the vinyl-type panel to press all the buttons. It would be better if there was a satisfying ‘click’ when you pressed a button.

Abby Phillips, NE


You know those projectors that stop working, are flimsy and not worth your money? This IS NOT that item! The projector is amazing!! Not only does it work well, it’s not loud and you don’t have to worry about it breaking, because it’s well made. I really love the music it plays, also (and so does my baby!). It’s easy to use and really does soothe. It’s worth every penny! Honestly, even if I had to pay to review it, I would gladly. I’m sick of buying the sound machines and projectors just for them to break within a month. I’ll be telling my friends about this one!

Elizabeth Mountain City, TN

Music even mom and dad can enjoy!

This is a nice crib soother. We were looking for something to take the place of our large mobile since our baby is standing now. This is great. We have it clipped on the crib so baby can play with it and turn it on if needed. The music is nice sounding and there are lots of other options but the music is our favorite right now. The batteries that came with it didn’t last long but I was surprised to find converters included. It takes size C but you can use the converters with AA batteries which is what it comes with.

Kimberlee Melvin, IA

Very Happy With Purchase

I bought this for my four month old. I also have a Fisher Price crib soother and I like this one better. It’s more light weight and has cushioned sides. There are many options with volume, sound and display. I highly recommend this product.

Cristina Richland Springs, TX

Wonderful lights and sounds

At first I was incredible frustrated. Could not get this to stay on for more than a few seconds. Then I figured out it was in a ‘display / test’ mode and need a piece of plastic on the batteries removed (there to prevent battery drainage).Lights a pleasant (not too bright)Sound is not overly tinnysound soothing to baby and not overly annoying to this adult.

Eve Saxon, WI

A Musical Lullaby Projector!

The Brica Magical Firefly Crib Soother and Projector is an excellent option for parents looking for a baby mobile or projector to help get their infant to sleep. It comes with 6 original soothing lullabies as well as nature, water, white noise, heartbeat and womb sounds.My Son’s favorite setting (and mine) is the Lullabies which play as sort of a baby mix tape or shuffle of various soothing lullabies. It not only helps him fall asleep but it helps myself and his father as well.The Projector itself is built into a pillow and has two different lights that project stars on the ceiling as well as flashing lights to the beat of the music in the mirror. At first I thought the lights in the mirror was a really cool idea however I found at night that they were extremely bright and occasionally disturbed my son and since there is no option to turn them facing away from the crib.Overall I am very pleased with the Brica Crib Soother, the music is fantastic and although I think they loss a little bit of creativity when it comes to the ceiling lights I would definitely recommend it.

Benita Beaver Island, MI


The Brica Magical Firefly Crib Soother has it all !!! It lights up, sings, and has a mirror. It projects stars on the ceiling as well as lights up. I love that it can not only hook to the crib nut has a base to sit on the dresser. There are several different sound options as well as just white noise. This is a wonderful product and I would highly recommend it.

Beulah Scotch Plains, NJ

Soothing music and neat star-projector

I am really surprised by how much I like this soother/projector. We had a different one for our toddler in his crib, but I like this one much more. I actually like the music, and the star-projector is a great touch. The outside of it is soft to the touch, and the mirror is crystal clear. Sometimes mirrors that come with baby products are hazy. I love everything about this product.

Adriana Lanark, IL

GREAT product with many options!

My daughter used a Fisher Price "aquarium" soother 6 years ago with her first child, and she just LOVES this one and feels it’s FAR superior to what she had been using. She’s been using this with her son for awhile now, and she finds that he just loves watching the little fireflies in the mirror, and the stars that are projected on the ceiling, and the great sounds (you have a choice of sounds). Her favorite feature is that you can set how long you want it to continue – up to 60 minutes, which is great. Her old crib soother was activated by you pressing a button and the lights and music went for a set time and that was that. So this one is so versatile, and her little guy loves it!She has it attached to his crib, but you could also put it on a bedside table for an older child. I like that it’s soft and cushiony, so if your child falls into it, it’s not like falling into something that’s made out of hard plastic.I would HIGHLY recommend this for any new parents out there looking for a reasonably priced soother. This is a great addition to any nursery!!

Octavia Gilboa, WV