BRICA Phone Pod Phone Holder, Gray

BRICA Phone Pod Phone Holder, Gray

The Phone Pod by Brica is the perfect answer for moms on the go and is ready to use straight from the package. Easy to securely install and remove. Rotates to landscape or portrait phone modes. Self adjusting side arms firmly grip side of phone. Attach cell phone to almost any shape tube, rail, or seat. Easy access to your phone while strolling.

Main features

  • Easy access to your phone
  • Phone pod rotates to landscape or portrait mode for better viewing
  • No assembly just clamp and go
  • Adjustable side arms securely attach
  • Perfect for moms on the go

Verified reviews


Broke within a month

I bought this at a local babies r us and it worked ok, it fit my iphone 4s fine although it was quite cumbersome getting the phone in and then fitting it to the stroller bar so my son could watch but after just a couple uses the back completely broke off (and this was not after dropping, banging, anything unusual as far as usage). I contacted their customer service as I could not locate the receipt and they basically told me in a nutshell “sucks to be you.” SO I would highly recommend against buying this, or if you do, save the receipt AND the backing because it will probably break and at least then you might be able to recover some money back from where you purchased it.

Lacy Fall River, WI

Does not fit the Galaxy s3 or s4

I absolutely love this… except it doesn’t fit my cell :/I wish it did though!It does fit the 1st generation of Nokia Lumia phones though..

Melba Latham, KS

Great for jogging!

Love this and ended up ordering two! One for my single jogger and one for my double! Allows me to put music for the kids and I to all listen to and lets me see my distance using various apps such as Map My Run. I would recommend this!

Joanna Gobler, MO

Great for running and let your little one watch a movie on your phone

I use this phone pod/holder when I go running. I attach it to the handle bar to track my performance on the phone (Endomondo). When my son gets fussy, I attach it to the belly bar and let him watch something.I cannot give it 5 starts because when my son started rotating the phone, the mechanism broke and now it doesn’t lock into a position. Nonetheless, I can still use it for running and it seems to stay in place.

Earline Santa Rosa, TX

Great for iPhone/iPod

We got this so we could hold our iPod/iPhone on our stroller handle and attached it to the portable speakers we have on the same stroller. Rock and Walk!

Summer Mayodan, NC

Perfect for my son’s MP4 player

I bought this to use with my son’s MP4 player and it fits the stroller great. We have a Foundations quad stroller. My son is almost three and no matter how much he pulls and tugs on this he cannot pull it off the stroller. Once you tighten it, it stays in place. It also holds the mp4 player pretty tight since the two side brackets are spring loaded. Just be careful if you are buying this for your cell phone. Some of the bigger cell phones will not fit. I did try it on my ZTE Supreme (Height: 5.59" – Width: 2.81") and my phone was too big. Just something to keep in mind when purchasing.

Kerri Kingstree, SC