BRICA Roll ‘n Go Car Seat Transporter

BRICA Roll ‘n Go Car Seat Transporter

The BRICA Roll ‘n Go Car Seat Transporter is an easy way to convert your car seat to an airport stroller. The universal attachment method quickly and securely attaches virtually all convertible and forward facing car seats. The fold-in wheels and multi-position telescoping handle folds down flat for easy storage in tight overhead bins and your closet. High quality materials such as aircraft grade aluminum, reinforced nylon and premium in-line skate wheels ensure a smooth ride for parent and child.

Main features

  • Fits most major brands of convertible and forward facing car seats
  • Fold flat wheels and telescopic handle allows slim, compact storage in an overhead aircraft bin
  • Safe-sit angle design keeps seat stable and secure to prevent roll-away or tip-over when occupied
  • Lightweight design
  • Ready to use no assembly required
  • Fold flat wheels and telescopic handle allow for slim, compact storage in an overhead aircraft bin or in your hall closet

Verified reviews


Not stable enough for kid to ride in carseat

this transporter is great for getting around with the carseat ; however, it is NOT stable enough for you to put your child inside. We took this from PHX to ORD and the carseat tipped when making turns. Had our child been inside ( he was in his regular stroller, thank GOD), then he might have been hurt. So DO NOT think you can use the Brica to turn your carseat into an airport stroller. This is only good for making it easier to move around an empty carseat. You are still going to need your stroller ;(

Taylor Mutual, OK

Need more time to try it

We bought it for a trip to Disney, and never had an opportunity to use it. The TSA agent was so busy taking my carseat out of the luggage carrier she forgot to put it back in the bag. It was left at the airport and cost a ton to have it shipped back home to us. We have not used it yet.

Concetta O Kean, AR

Really good for what it is

I spent a month perseverating over this vs. the go-go-babyz…what made me purchase the Brica was the lightweight design, and the fact you could fold the wheels flat and put it in an overhead bin. If I hated it, I would try the go-go-babyz.It was ready right out the box, and very, very lightweight- we were concerned it was too lightweight, but in the end it wasn’t really an issue. The handle also scoped out to a good height- we’re both over 6ft and having short handles is a nightmare. We practiced strapping in the car seat a couple of days before the trip, so we were ready for action. It isn’t hard to strap it on, it just helps to practice. We checked our stroller at the gate and wheeled the car seat thru the airport on the Brica. It takes a little getting used to- you have to push the handle toward the ground and hoist the front and bottom of the car seat off the ground to get it rolling properly. Our daughter (11 months at the time) could have cared less about her method of transport- she just loves watching the activity all around her.At security (this was a short domestic trip), we asked for a hand-check, and they were very amenable. We had to take the baby out of the seat, and they wheeled the entire contraption thru the side gate and went over it with a hand wand. I just walked thru the detector carrying her, and strapped her back in on the other side.We flew Southwest, but didn’t buy a seat, because they let you use a seat for your kid (under 2) as long as they flight isn’t full. Luckily, there were open seats, so we strapped her and the car seat into the window seat (you have to, for exit reasons). The car seat with the Brica was big for a rear-facing position, and we didn’t attempt to thread the belt thru the seat (Evenflo Symphony 65, great for our tall/hefty girl), but could lap belt the thing rear-facing and it was fine. Threading the belt thru the car seat would have probably worked if you had it forward-facing, or took the Brica off the car seat, but we didn’t want to bother- no reason to do this. Our car seat does not roll down the aisle (too wide) but my husband could easily hoist it over the seats (attached to the Brica) and carry it.I would never use the Brica and car seat to replace a stroller- wayyyy too awkward and not in any way designed for street navigation. But if you’re going to take your car seat, and you don’t want to check it with the luggage (I’m paranoid about that- who knows what hell it will go thru in the bowels of the airport luggage system), and you want them snug in a car seat on board, the Brica makes it a heck of a lot easier to do. We did check our lightweight travel stroller with the luggage, in a strollerl bag. If that gets mangled it’s easier to deal with.The go-go-babyz would probably be fine too; I’ve heard it’s slightly heftier but more awkward with the wheels as they don’t fold in- you have to unclip them. I have also heard the handle is shorter, but I haven’t tried it.Next trip we may do the CARES system (as she’ll be old and big enough) and carry the carseat in a wheeled backpack/bag, and check it at the gate. But we’ll keep the Brica just in case.

Ebony Moran, MI

Tips over easily dont use with baby in Britax seat

I can’t believe I made it round trip with out my toddler getting injured. This car seat transporter DOES NOT fit well with the curved base of the Britax car seats I have Boulevard 70-G3. The car seat slips to the side very easily. Twice the car seat tipped over. Once completely over and thank goodness she wasn’t hurt just bumped. The second time it almost toppled over but a stranger caught it for me. I do not recommend this transporter at all unless you don’t have a baby in it. DO NOT PUT BABY IN THE CAR SEAT WHILE USING THIS TRANSPORTER. One of the other flaws is the way it attaches. It does not have a latch attachment it is only a strap that threads throught the back. So in order to get the belt through is to take my baby out then thread it through then put her back in. That is a hassle. It also might not slip and tilt to the side if it had a latch attachment. I am going to try and return this and buy a Britex transporter. If it wasn’t for the fact that Amazon takes 2-4 weeks to ship the Britax seat transporter carrier I would have gotten it in the first place. Plan ahead and if you have a Britax car seat and DO NOT BUY this transporter.

Stefanie Kempster, WI

must have for travel!

Now that we have a kid, I feel like planning for travel has completely changed. Having a car seat at our next destination is a must, so if you want to take your own, you need to carry it through the airport or check it. This car seat transporter takes care of getting it through the airport and gives your kid a place to sit while you wait in lines. I was given the Brica car seat transporter to review, and I have to say, it worked perfectly with our Britax Boulevard car seat. I’m 5’8 and my husband is 6′, and the handle was long enough for us to use comfortably. It was also easy to attach and store. Once your child is too big to be carried through the airport in a Baby Bjorn or other carrier, this is definitely the way to go!

Kathy Waneta, KY

Perfect for running with a toddler

We bought this for a train trip on Amtrak. Love this item. We strapped in the car seat, then strapped in our daughter, and off we went through trains and metros. We fully plan to use this on our plane trip through the airports. Knowing my little one is safely strapped in to her safety seat while her dad and I are running for trains and planes: priceless. It took a scraping, and still rolls withouth any problems. Love it.

Theresa Oracle, AZ

This is great for air travel

This is great for air travel. Our 2 year old doesn’t particularly like to sit in it while we are in the airport, but it helps to not have to carry a carseat throughout the airport and we don’t have to carry an extra stroller either.

Mamie Eunice, MO

Broke first time we used it

The design and concept is great, very handy, but its not well made – the handle broke and the extension stuck from the beginning. If it were better made, I would give them more stars as its very easy to attach your seat and even though my daughter had NO interest riding in it through the airport, it saved us from having to carry it around which is really not feasible with a big car seat, luggage and a baby.

Stephanie Liberty Center, OH

Tips over, Not TSA-friendly

Short version: Works as a trolley, not child transport. Not compatible with Evenflo Symphony e3. Tips over. TSA-inconvenient.I really, really wanted to like this product. At half this price, I would recommend it to friends just for the sake of carting around extra bags that seem to be absolutely necessary when traveling with small children. It simply did not work as advertised.Long version:We have an Evenflo Symphony e3. I was so excited to use this to get our son through the airport! I read the reviews, the manual. Got it installed correctly, checked weight and size limits, gave my son a little safety lesson and told him not to swing his legs, that he had to sit back and not lurch forward, and he obliged, yet within 60 feet of getting it the whole thing together, it tipped over. I assumed user error and double checked everything. My husband was behind me and our son hadn’t thrashed or anything. The car seat was cinched as far as it could go. It just toppled over with our son in it. (I caught it so it didn’t hit the ground)My husband is an engineer, and he took a look at it. We tried a few more times, but any time we would make even the slightest turn, no matter how slowly, one wheel would come off the ground.Our conclusion was that our car seat was just not compatible. The straps on the Roll N Go are too low, and the base where the car seat rests is too shallow–the car seat base hangs over the edge significantly. The manual says you might need to remove the base of the car seat for it to work, but ours doesn’t detach.Once we got to security, they made us disassemble it, which was a pain, since we had to do it again when we gate checked the seat anyway.We ended up using it as a trolley for the car seat and the diaper bag, which we fastened to the handle to not throw off the weight. So it was at least some convenience, because we didn’t have to carry the car seat. For that I’ll give 1.5 stars.

Joni Middleton, MA

Wheel locks broke making it very dangerous.

Like many folks giving this product one star, a wheel lock broke the first time we used it. While crossing the street, the wheel collapsed, car seat flopped over, tipping my child dangerously near the road surface. This is a borderline recall situation.I opened the product up to see if I might be able to fix it… who knows, maybe a spring came unattached or something easy like that. Once I opened it, I could see why it broke. The wheel locks’ operation rely 100% on a tiny tab of flimsy plastic. Once that breaks, the product us useless.

Maura Glade Spring, VA

Great, easy product

This was a lifesaver flying United into Ohare Airport. Those of you that have ever been to Concourse C at ORD know what I’m talking about. It’s a LONG haul and there’s no way we would’ve been able to move around so quickly if we didn’t have this. My husband and I were flying with our 3.5 yr old son and 10 month old daughter, so we had our hands full and there’s no way our son would’ve been able to walk that far AND neither one of us wanted to carry the cars eat and the other carry-ons we had.It was super easy to attach and we never even detached it until we got back home. The wheels fold in easily and the handle goes down and you just belt the seat in.I only wish it was a bit cheaper…it’s a quality product, but we don’t fly that much. I’ll be passing it around to my friends though, so we get our money’s worth!

Naomi Bowling Green, SC

Worked out great!!!

Bought this when it was the daily deal. Just used it on the 26th for our Oakland to Seattle flight. LOVE it! Works perfectly and so easy to use. I used this with my travel seat which is a Safety 1st Onside Air. Very happy to have got this one over the other popular brand. Did have to take it off to get through the security scanner but it was no big deal to reattach. Fit in overhead just fine. Its lightweight enough that I just shortened the handle and put the wheels in and carried it attached to the carseat onto the plane before detaching it when we found our seats. I fly alone with my 22 month old so this is was a necessity getting us easily through the airport. I do feel that I have to mention….although Amazon is FABULOUS…the maker of this item-Brica-has terrible customer service. I sent them an email with a question about this item and a safety question and never have heard back from them.

Bertie Severance, NY

Doesn’t fit all car seats

I got this for my evenflo sureride 65. The base of the seat has a slanted part so none of the bottom rested on the car seat transporter’s base. The make also didn’t seem very strong. There is no way on the manufacturer’s website to find out if it would actually fit your car seat, short of buying and trying. We ended up with the magna [[]] personal cart (cheaper at costco) with a much deeper base that fit our seat nicely! It’s also good because I can use it for a myriad of other uses, not just transporting the carseat.

Maryellen Yadkinville, NC

Worked great!

We used it with our Chicco NextFit for a flight on Alaska. It worked prefectly. We left the armrest up but we could have put it down if we really wanted to. As for the transporter, it rolls well, is easy to attach to the carseat and can remain on it on the seat. I know it’s not recommended but it works great and made it even easier to use. Definitively a must if you want to carry your carseat. A lot of poeple asked us about it calling it the "fancy carseat"

Gayle Santa, ID

This made us look smart

We traveled to Hawaii and had a layover so we had quite a bit of air port time. We saw lots of products that looked like this one but our just worked better. We had no problems with the shuttle bus, or security while other parents were struggling to make it work. We also had no issue with storing this in the overhead compartment. The flight attendants didn’t even notice it was there. If you are going to be traveling a lot I would spend the money.

Sally Arnold, MD

Total Lifesaver, a must have for trips!

I purchased this item, since we now have 2 children who need to have their seats taken on the plane. The first seat we placed into a backpack style carrying bag, as we always did with the first child. The second seat, we used this device. I did not let my son ride on the seat while I pulled it through the airport, but I did load some carryon items on it. It rolls very smoothly, was easy to attach and detach the seat and folded up very nicely to be stowed in the over head compartment.

Leann Shepherdstown, WV


I ordered this when we flew for the holidays. My son has a huge car seat and it helped so much just being able to strap it on and go.

Dorothea Brick, NJ


One more practical and well done product. Small and simple to be carried to everywhere. Could be lighter and smaller.

Tammie Bellville, GA

Must have!

I went on a 17 hours flight trip alone with my 16 months old. I couldn’t have made it without this cart. If you plan on going on a plane trip and bringing the car seat, this is a must have.It worked pretty well, it’s well made, easy to set up and it folds pretty flat when not in use.I only thought it felt a bit hard to maneuver, and maybe because the handle is long and thin it felt like the handle is always about to break anytime (think of leveraging a 25 pounds baby). I also thought that the wheeling position is not very comfortable for curious toddlers (smaller babies should go fine). My daughter was always lifting her neck to see around, but she went fine in it overall.I would love to see a product like this with 4 wheels to take away the momentum of the handle and so the kid could go sitting in an upright position looking around.

Brandie Gifford, IL

Great option for frequent air travel with kids under 7

Very convenient and easy to use. It is stable once attached and pulls easily. Well worth the price to not have to drag car seat through airport. We got this because most experts say you should not check a car seat (due to the way they are treated by baggage handling it can simulate an accident and therefore ruin the seat).

Mai Edcouch, TX

It depends on the seat base

If your seat base is not flat and completely in line with the back of your chair, then the flap that drops down to hold the seat will not reach the base and so the roller wont work. It does work on our Brittax, but not our Diono

Mallory Alva, FL

Just what we need!

This product is EXACTLY what we’re looking for!! We typically take vacations to Walt Disney World, and we ALWAYS fly…for our last trip, we rented the C.A.R.E.S. system from a wonderful lady thru Ebay, but our youngest daughter did not like it and would try to wriggle out of it every chance she could. So, for our upcoming trip, we’ve decided to take her car seat, something she’s familiar and comfortable with (for now). However, my husband and I baulked at the idea of having to cart a stroller (we’re renting a double one for the next trip), car seat, carry-ons, and two young children thru the airport…which leads me to the reasoning behind buying the car seat trolley.I decided on the Brica Roll ‘n Go Car Seat Transporter after a lot of research on several websites. The price was right, it looked simple enough to operate, compact enough to fit in an overhead storage bin, and looked like it was built to last. From the time I placed the order to when I received it via UPS, 9 days had passed (and our trip isn’t for another 3 months). Not only was it shipped and packaged nicely, the actual product box and product itself appears to be exactly the same as in the product video!!After getting it out of the box, I noticed the product was in pristine condition and very easy to operate (after I watched the video 3 times before it arrived, I knew exactly what to do). I proceeded to try it out with our Graco convertible car seat, and found it did not fit as flush as I would like it, but did fit securely with the provided belt. After all, the transporters use is to just get me thru the airports, not to replace an actual stroller.In conclusion, I look forward to using this product and wished we had bought something like this 4 years ago!!

Elva Phelan, CA

Very compact, easy to use

This is very compact and easy to use. Good for babies who can sit in an actual car seat and toddlers. Just stroll them through the airport or whereever you need to go quickly, while keeping your kid and car seat together. 🙂

Lina Wishram, WA