Brica Seat Guardian Car Seat Protector

Brica Seat Guardian Car Seat Protector

When you’re a family on the go, kids and car seats can be hard on your car’s upholstery. The Seat Guardian helps you keep it looking like new. The Easy clean Grime guard fabric keeps dirt and spills off your seats and provides essential protection against compression of fabric or leather. Cookies, crackers and juice even stay off your floor with the spill and crumb catcher. With a sturdy, unique design and extra tall back panel, the Seat Guardian is built to last so you can use it with all of your car seats as your baby grows, from birth to eight years. Safety is our priority so the crash tested Dual Grip Traction technology helps prevent the car seat from unwanted movement to help keep your child’s seat in the proper position. The rear facing kick mat even helps you follow best safety practices by protecting your seats so you can keep your toddler in a rear facing seat longer.

Main features

  • Easy clean grime guard fabric protects your car
  • Color safe construction won’t bleed onto upholstery
  • Dual grip traction technology grips on both sides to help minimize unwanted car safety seat movement
  • Rear facing kick mat provides complete seat back coverage
  • Unique one piece design is compatible with all car seats

Verified reviews


Toxic smell that won’t go away for days

The product looks and feels sturdy and well designed except for one big problem: it has a very strong toxic odor. I tried leaving it out in the open for a few days but it lingers. I’m reluctant to put it so close to my babies.

Tanya Champion, NE

works in a 2009 toyota highlander

We have two seat protectors in two different cars. I useDiono Ultra Mat Car Seat Mat, Greyin mine and Brica Seat Guardian Car Seat Protector in my wife’s. The price is about the same for both.Brica seems like a quality product. The materials and the construction are very nice. The bottom is not slipping on cloth seats, and the blue rubber inserts on top do not let my child’s booster seat to slide. When not in use it folds to a very compact size. I actually prefer Brica’s headrest attachment strap to Diono’s. I like that Brica has a raised edge around the seat part which is designed to contain spills and crumbs. I usually do not let my child eat in the car, but my wife does, so there are often crumbs under the booster seat in her car. We will see if the ridge works.I just wish the bottom skirt of the Brica seat protector was a little longer to protect the whole front of the seat cushion. As it is now, the skirt ends at the middle of the front edge of the seat cushion.

Erna Mc Lean, VA

Worth the price, easy to install, works great.

I like that it’s full size–the one we currently had didn’t protect the back of the seat (where the baby kicks). It was easy to install on our GMC Acadia captain’s chairs. It’s a lightweight foam–not covered by fabric–so it’s easy to clean. The blue rubber strips are very grippy. It’s definitely worth the price and we will likely buy additional ones for the other seat and the seats in the other car.

Kathie Carter, KY

Save me!

Certainly better than a sheet. Installation was easy, and getting the carseat mounted up against was no problem. I was concerned that the protector would interfere with the fit and belts that secure the carseat, but those fears proved unfounded. The oversized nataure of the protector should help a lot for spills and crumbs. Priviously, we could see an outline made of yuck on our van’s seats where the carseat had been. Not anymore!

Ana Malvern, IA


I have been looking for a product like this forever, the materials are strong and it protects my seats like no other, great design, it is hard to find good built products like this in our days, very happy with my purchase will be ordering more soon,

Angela Paoli, OK

Good Seat Protection

So far, I really like this seat protector. It was a little bit of a struggle to get our car seat installed properly with it in place because it made reaching the bars in the seat to attach the LATCH clips difficult. The material is thick and durable, and I like the colors a lot. I’ve been using this for about a month now, and so far it is holding up to my toddler’s abuse.

Marsha Midvale, OH

Works well

We are using this seat protector with aEvenflo Big Kid Lx High Back Booster Car Seat, Mauiin a 2005 Hyundai Elantra. It is wide enough side-to-side. It covers the seat where it hangs down in the front.We don’t generally allow snacks in the car, but every once in awhile, it happens. The seat protect does a decent job of controlling the crumbs that fall into it. Thankfully we’ve never had to test whether it holds liquid!Perhaps the most useful feature is preventing the “dents” in the car’s upholstery from the car seat. If you’re concerned about keeping the car seats clean and/or undented, this seems to be a useful product. Quality seems like it should hold up for quite awhile.

Jody Rosedale, WV

must have for car seats

My almost 2-year-old loves to make messes in the car. Even when I don’t give him something, he will magically summon something to make a mess. I also have 3-month-old twins, so that is 3 car seats in my car. We just moved the car seats around and found a huge mess under one of the infant carrier bases (thanks to my mother-in-law spilling something that I was not present for). I would have loved to have had this to protect my seats when that mess was made.This is simple to install. Not too thick, but plenty sturdy. It had a “new car” smell to it when it arrived, but I just aired it out overnight and it was fine. We don’t have a head rest in the spot we installed this, but my hubby manipulated it around the car seat tie down instead of folding it down so the entire seat was still covered. I’m not sure that two of these will fit right next to each other, which is a little disappointing for me since I have two car seats that must be right next to each other (not sure that would be possible and still protect the entire seat). Other than that, it is perfect. I’ll be looking at getting at least one more.

Allie Hollywood, AL

Good product, love the no slip grips

I selected this seat protector to use with my new baby’s rear facing car seat. I currently havePrince Lionheart Two Stage Car Seat Protection – Greyunder the front facing seats of my two year old twins and I am very pleased with them. However, this protector caught my eye because of the “no slip” grips that are on the “seat” area of the protector. This seat saver was easily “installed” in one of the rear captain’s chairs of my 2006 Toyota Sienna. Because I have to lift this seat forward in order to put the twins in the very back, I was concerned that the seat saver may hinder the raising/lowering of the seat. I was happy to see that the protector is thin enough that it causes no problems with flipping down the back of the seat or flipping the seat forward to get into the back.The “no slip” grips work well to keep my baby’s seat from shifting around on the seat. I have not had any problems with the seat protector itself shifting on my leather seats. The edges are raised to catch crumbs and spills, but since she is only 5 months old, I haven’t had the chance to see if that will work or not. (For the record, the raised edges on the Prince Lionheart protectors we use does help to corral small messes, so I feel that this one will too, since it is the same design.) The front “seat edge” flap doesn’t cover the entire front edge of the seat, but that isn’t an issue for me. The only thing I would have liked better would be if the seat was a lighter shade of gray, to match my car seats.Overall, this seems to be a quality product at a good price ($34.99 as of this writing) The no slip grips is what sets this seat ahead of the Prince Lionheart brand that I also have.

Lana Siler City, NC

Nice protection and easy to clean

This seat guard works well in my car with leather seats. It actually helps the booster seat from sliding at all. Although on the crumb protection scale I would give it a 3 that could be my kid is a crumb master. It does stay well on the seat and is easy to install. I would recommend this product to others.

Jayne Bushnell, FL

Saved me from a nasty clean-up after a potty accident

Truly, this seat protector contained a large puddle of urine when my son wet himself on the way home from a mountain trip. Even more impressive, my son was so tired, he stayed asleep through his accident, so the urine sat puddled on the protector for an hour or more.Nothing reached my car’s upholstery. Impressive.

Faith Leamington, UT

Good Product – But Not Recommended by Experts

I was excited to find this product – trying to keep our fairly new car in good shape during the baby years.My excitement was dashed this weekend when we had a car seat inspection done (by a licensed inspector) and she said that anything between the car’s seat the actual car seat that baby sits in is not recommended. In fact any “after market” project is not recommended – meaning anything that does not come in the box with the car seat.Pur your child’s saftey first and save a few bucks at the same time.

Denice Mc Alisterville, PA

Solid Seat Cover

This is a high quality seat cover that will definitely keep your seats protected. I liked that you can adjust the backing for the different configurations of the carseat (forward or backwards). I also liked that the bottom was a firm where some others are not. The downside to the firm bottom is that there can be problems if the bottom part does not fit your seat correctly. I have a GMC Acadia and the bottom part of the protector is too big for the seat itself, causing problems with buckling the seat belt and latches which is the sole reason I gave this 3 stars. I have used other brands that fit much better and protect the seat just as much.

Lora Las Piedras, PR


I got this seat cover because many reviewers were saying that it protected their leather seats. so i put it into my 2012 jeep wrangler leather seats thinking i had nothing to worry about. Well as soon as i moved it to the other side of the car every mark was apparent and still over 2 months time with nothing on the seat, the marks are still there! Yes it catches spills but as far as protecting leather seats it doesn’t live up to that.

Geneva Helena, MO


This was purchased to protect our car from a Britax Marathon seat. I now can place the seat in the car with no towel to hold it level- yay! Since my daughter is still rear facing and in the middle, it seems like the seat protector hovers into the passenger seats just a little more than I would prefer. Someone mentioned smell? Yes, while the new product has a strong odor- a night in the garage with windows down and we were ready to go the next day.

Marquita Elkhart, IA

New to this brand

This brand is new to me and I now have two of their products and both are five star. The material of this car seat guard is very easy to wipe clean. It is heavy duty, unlike the cloth seat protectors that I own. My grand kids are in booster seats now and the heavy weight of this protector does the job of keeping the seats from making ridges in my white leather upholstery. Since the kids are taller now, I would have liked the front of the seat guard to be a little longer. The length that is it now is fine for babies and toddlers.If your car does not have rear seat head supports, you can fold down the back of this unit so it doesn’t flap down on the kids when using a booster seat instead of a high back car seat. I like the blue grips on the seat, they keep the booster from slipping out of place. The seat also has a nice little ridge which helps to contain spills and is easily wiped clean. I like this brand and will be buying some of their products for my friends grand children. Makes a great baby shower gift.

Brooke North Haverhill, NH

Ordered 3

These are wonderful. They are perfect quality and protect the seats well. They hold in crumbs and fit perfectly on the seat.

Jackie Jackson Heights, NY

Just what I was looking for

When I installed my baby’s car seat, I saw that was moving to much, like it was slipping on the seat. I started to look what can I do about it and found this! Worked just perfect! No more slipping!

Rosetta Baxter, WV

Heavy Duty

This is a great, heavy duty seat protector. The base is actually rigid so it should protect the leather seat nicely. If the seat looks the same underneath in 5 years when we can finally remove the car seat, I will give it 5 stars.

Jennifer Sebasco Estates, ME

Neat for your Seat

After about five months of using a Graco Snugride seat in our RDX, I was thrilled to receive this car seat protector. Fiona is 10 months and almost 20 pounds. There were slight divots in the seat where the car seat base was pushing into the leather. We are soon going to have to swap over to an upright car seat, and those weigh even more than the snugride seats. The installation of this seat protector consists of a strap that goes around the headrest. It fit well over the back seat of my vehicle and has so far done a good job of protecting my seats against friction, weight and even slight spills.

Irma Marion, SD

good product

This product stays in place and protects our seat. No complaints here. I would get another if we needed it.

Patti Penn, PA

Bought to use with Britax B Safe

Recently purchased this to protect the leather seats in my wife’s Ford Edge.So far its done the trick. Its got some good weight and protect the whole seat vs other protectors out there that only protect the bottom of the seat. We havent had too many miles on it so cant speak to lasting quality but will update if it doesnt hold up.

Jewel Columbiana, AL

Darker than pic shows

We bought this to fit under the car seat base so the leather seat doesn’t get scratched. I really like this product; still able to get the car seat base tight enough for it to meet safety standards, The color is a little darker than I thought it would be, husbands seats are gray so I thought it would match perfect but it’s more of a charcoal. He doesn’t mind and it still looks very nice. Had I know it was so dark I would have bought one for my black interior too but I found a black one instead.

Patty Dayhoit, KY


I bough it basically because the baby seat against my leather seats would be making some noises which I hated, this one did the job…

Beverley Rhodhiss, NC

Excellent quality

After reading the reviews on several other brands and options I chose to go with the BRICA Seat Protector. I am so happy I did. It is slightly more expensive than other choices, but the quality of this item is evident and worth every penny. I have black leather interior seats and was a little concerned that the Seat Protector being gray may stand out, but it doesn’t at all. It blends just fine and visually looks well made while protecting my seats from car seat indentations and any spills that may happen.

Lina Coxs Creek, KY

best seat protector

This is the most rugged, best seat protector on the market. I’ve tried 2 other brands and threw them all away because they dent the leather. This is very tough, nothing is getting through this.

Kristie Verplanck, NY

as advertised but doesn’t work with Chicco car seats

Ordered this before we had our car seat inspected for correct installation. A certified car seat inspection technician told us that it depends on your car seat brand whether or not anything can be installed between the car seat base and the car. We have a Chicco KeyFit 30 and she told us that Chicco guidelines say the car seat or base should be installed directly (without any padding or protector on the seat). So check your car seat brand before ordering. The seat protector itself felt sturdy like it would do the intended job of protecting the car from crumbs, spills, etc. Unfortunately we will not be using ours since safety comes before cleanliness!

Mollie Wainwright, OK

Love this Car Seat Protector

This is a well constructed seat protector especially if you have one of those heavy metal bottom seats like the Britax Marathon. Works very well, it’s a huge upgrade from my summer infant seat protector.

Evelyn Axtell, NE

This helps keep my son’s little shoes from beating the goodness out of our leather seats

The Brica Seat Guardian Car seat protector is just what we were looking for to save our leather seats in our new mini-van. We used to have to take my son’s shoes off and then put them back on every time we put him in the car. Now, he just kicks this protector and is happy as a clam. And, so is momma, because our leather seat is safe.

Alma Worcester, VT

Works just a bit tricky with LATCH

It does cover the LATCH hooks in the car by the littlest bit, we have 2 kids in a 4-door sedan so one behind each seat. I could get one side of the car seat hooked just fine, when I went to the other side to hook in the car seat I had a hell of a time getting the LATCHES to meet up and hook just right. The lip on the carseat cover that keeps spills in was raised just enough to screw up the alignment and make putting it in a veritable challenge. I eventually got it all in but if we had gone to a safety inspection place for installation I’m sure they would tell us not to use the car seat cover.Overall, I like this product, it does what it says and it protects my car from LO’s kicking dirty shoes and as time goes on I hope spills. We don’t have a head rest for the top of the buckle to snap around, I just left it unfolded and kind of tucked the strap into the back of the chair, its the only way to keep the leather seats from getting trashed.

Kimberly Mc Caskill, AR