Brica Snack Pod, Gray

Brica Snack Pod, Gray

The Brica Snack Pod in gray has an adjuster knob that makes installation quick and easy. Cup holder has non-slip inserts to accommodate most drink sizes. Snack cup is dishwasher safe. No assembly – just clamp and go. Helps keep travel clean.

Main features

  • Adjuster knob makes installation quick and easy
  • Cup holder has non-slip inserts to accommodate most drink sizes
  • Snack cup is dishwasher safe
  • No assembly – just clamp and go
  • Helps keep travel clean

Verified reviews


great stroller addition

We bought 2 of these to attach to our BOB strollers, and they work great. The only thing that would make them better is if the pod could pivot a bit. The way it’s designed, if you want it level and you’re attaching it to anything that isn’t a completely horizontal bar, you basically have to attach it ‘crooked’ to make it straight. So far it hasn’t caused a problem, but I could see how it could on other strollers/car seats.

Ana Louisa, KY

Fits convertible carseat well

I have a Recaro Pro Ride convertible seat. While I love the seat, it does not have a cupholder of any variety. My DD is quite particular about things and when she’s done with her water, she chunks it overboard. Of course, she wants it again a few minutes later and throws a fit because she can’t reach it and I can’t typically get it for her while on the go.I found this little item in looking at options to solve my delimma. It looked like it would work. I just got it today, and it fits perfectly. The little clamp opens up to about two inches, which is plenty to get over the thick edge of the carseat, even with the seat’s padded cover. I was able to get it pretty snug. It does rock a little if I apply pressure, but I don’t think it is such that my two year old could either knock it loose or askew. I can’t speak to its longevity as I just got it, but I did want to let people know it DOES fit over a ocnvertible seat edge. I can see how it might break if you’re too rough with it or try to overtighten it, as it is just made of plastic and it would be easy to strip the threading.It does come with a little snack bowl that has a lid. That side of the holder is shallower than the one intended for a cup. The cup side also has little rubber gasket things that help secure the cup.Even if this thing only survives a year, it’s not expensive enough that I would mind replacing it. I think the upcoming road trips where I won’t be listening to a screaming kid due to a tossed water bottle will be worth it.UPDATE 6/2/13: It’s still going strong! We have had no issues with either of the two pods we bought. They have been removed and replaced several times for cleaning purposes, and the threads are still holding strong and the units look brand new. I even bought a third one for DD’s toddler bed for her water bottle, since it was getting lost among the dozens of stuffed animals and books she keeps in bed with her. 🙂

Merle Renville, MN

Looked better than it is

While this holder is very sturdy, my 2 and a half year old still manages to get it off. We also found that it was in the way when we got her in and out of her seat. It’s okay for using occasionally, but not very practical to keep on her carseat all of the time. It’s currently on the floor of our SUV.

Wendy Winnfield, LA

Love it!

I love the Brica Snack Pod! My boys have always preferred the Nuby straw sippy cups (see picture) and I had yet to find a holder to hold it. I have searched and searched and had no luck. My boys just had to store their sippy cups behind them in the stroller or I held them in the diaper bag. With the Brica Snack Pod it is big enough for their particular sippy (so it would definitely find most others since the Nuby sippy is bigger than most) and it even fits on our double stroller (Peg Perego Aria Twin). I haven’t tried it on our carseats but I would think it would fit them too just like it shows in the display picture above. The Snack Pod not only fits a sippy cups nicely so it doesn’t fall out but it also comes with a container with a lid. Our stroller has a small tray for snacks so it is nice to fill the Snack Pod container inside and then transfer it to the Snack Pod holder. Oh and I was worried that my stroller wouldn’t close right with it attached but it closed up just fine! Attaching the Snack Pod is as easy as 1-2-3, you just twist it on so it tightens and untwist to remove. I wish I would have had this years ago, but at least I can get my use out of it now with my little guy and the new baby! I might even try to attach one to my son’s booster seat so his drinks and snacks are always at hand. I even read some reviews where you can attach it to a wagon or riding car! This is a must have and I highly recommend it! (Amazon has it right now for $12.99 too!)

Tamra Beccaria, PA

Fits on britax blvd 2010

Took out snack cup and will use it for her cups because there are not side grippers that makes it hard for her to get her cup up and out and would also encourage her to put cup back in. Great product thus far. Agreed that an older child can fidget with the placement. Worth the $12 though.

Lorene Nitta Yuma, MS


we have 2 of these, labeled different brands, but we love them. We have used it on shopping carts to keep drinks and snacks from being thrown in stores, and we use them on our the first years Jet and Ignite strollers…….perfect!! We tried to use it on a cosco scerena car seat with no luck. but recommend if you have a good spot to hook it to.

Althea South Pasadena, CA

Fits on baby jogger city select!

This fits on the side bar as well as the bar under the seat (just above the basket), which is where I use mine most of the time so my toddlers won’t grab my coffee!If you are using on the side bar drinks are within easy reach of children and they can pull it off, which is annoying. It doesn’t attach super firmly because it is a screw/clamp system and it can slip off or get unscrewed. It’s perfect for the lower bar though. Fits a nice range of cups and it easy to use.It’s not the greatest quality. The plastic on mine is a bit cracked from kids pulling and playing with it (it’s only 6months old) but its the only one I’ve found that works well with my stroller – so that’s a bonus.

Louisa Pickett, WI

Easy to attach but…

It’s easy to put on any stroller and especially s ingle smaller stroller like the one I have but it’s hard to reach for a 1 year old. I have to pull it towards him so he can reach and when that happens, it becomes slanted so that was the only problem. But other than that, I think any older kid can reach out into it. I guess I’ll have to wait for my 1 year old to grow a bit more so I won’t have to pull it in towards him and cause it to slant.

Staci Hatfield, IN

Does not fit all car seats

I really like this cup holder, the only thing is that it does not fit the alpha omega car seat that we have. But im sure it works really good in a difrent type.

Mindy Olympic Valley, CA

Average snack pod

I bought this for our Baby Jogger City Mini Double and it sort of works. The clamp stays well on the belly bar, but because the clamp is on one side the snack pod is either too close to them, or if I flip it around it’s too far away from them. The container for snacks is nice, but a child can easily take it out and flip it upside down. I haven’t used this item as much as I would have hoped, and generally my kids just hold their sippy cup and a different snack cup (the kind that has the kid friendly lid where they can reach in but things won’t fall out if they flip it upside down). Perhaps I’ll use it more when the kids are a bit older. Also, this item doesn’t attach to our Britax Boulevard carseats (I thought another reviewer mentioned that it did). FYI my kids are 21 months.

Lakesha Robinson, KS

Doesn’t fit

This doesn’t fit on my Britax car seat. But it works "well enough" that it still serves its purpose. My kid can just pull it off really easily.

Leah Yorkville, OH