BRICA Stay-In-Place Baby Mirror, Black

BRICA Stay-In-Place Baby Mirror, Black

Brica Stay In Place Baby Mirror features multiple mounting options. Lever Lock suction cup secures mirror to rear window to view rear facing child. Use the visor clip to view forward facing child. Switch between the visor clip and Lever Lock suction cup using the simple ball and socket “snap tight” design.

Main features

  • Plastic
  • Made in USA or Imported
  • Multiple mounting options
  • Mirror allows driver to see rear facing and forward facing child
  • Lever Lock suction secures mirror to rear window to view rear facing child
  • Visor clip allows parent to view forward facing child
  • Snap tight design holds mirror in place

Verified reviews


Buyer beware: I couldn’t get it to stay up either

Add my name to the list for people who struggled to keep this mirror up. I tried EVERYTHING: countless methods of using the suction cup (dry, a little water, saliva, rubbing alcohol, etc.). The longest this ever stayed up (after I attached the mirror) was 3 days. It bacame a source of frustration. Then I tried various adhesives to help it stick: blue sticky tack stuff, 3M Command strips on the back. Nope. The dang thing ALWAY fell down after a couple hours. I was on a mission because the mirror itself really is a nice size and is helpful so you can see your little one. What finally worked for me was to absolutely plaster the base with LONG strips of 3M command strips that went fully over the base from side to side (like a big X). Not just little pieces on suction cup. So that worked. And the mirror has been up for a few days now. Looks horrible, but it works great and I’m happy to see my little one. Good mirror, terrible method for putting it up. Just know you’ll need to get creative to plaster it onto your window and keep it there.

Brooke Murphy, OR

Try this if it’s LOOSE…

I’ve used this for over a year and a half.I clip it on the side of my rearview mirror because that’s the best for my height and my car so I don’t feel like I have a huge blind spot to the right. (I just used a bit of rug grip material in the clip so it doesn’t slip off the mirror)I generally don’t like having extra stuff in the car that could turn into projectiles but this is very very light (not to say that it couldn’t really damage somebody in the wrong situation). The mirror is not real but is pretty good quality and in my cavalier and his dad’s tucson it is very adequate to see my 3-year-old son almost from almost head-to-toe, front facing. There’s very slight distortion but I can clearly see his expressions and see what he’s doing with his hands etc. The mirror stands up to cleaning (with dilute vinegar) very well. It shows no signs of heat distress even though it’s had a summer in Hawaii and one in south Mississippi.I like the two ball joints that make it highly adjustable at all angles. However after a few months I noticed that the joints were not tight any more and the mirror would need constant readjusting. I used tiny slips of paper, slipped them into the balljoints by wiggling them back and forth until the paper wedged in, and the extra thickness of the paper was just enough to make the joints tight but still flexible.You’re right, I shouldn’t have to rig it, but I like the overall quality and design and this fix was inexpensive, fast and easy and will help me get years of use out of it instead of putting it in the trash.So I recommend it.

Eunice Phillipsburg, NJ

Will be better used to clip to sunshaade

I bought this along with the 3 other mirrors I tried, the suction for the back window just doesn’t stick well at all & it’s so hard to adjust to the perfect spot on the back window. I think it may be better used once my son can sit facing forward & it has an additional clip attachment to attach to the sunshade. However, it’s not serving my purpose now.

Rosalyn Addyston, OH

Very small

Very small – not as expected. Spend more and get a larger mirror for peace of mind about your baby.

Beverley Center Hill, FL

Works, but disappointing.

The mirror comes with two different methods of attachment – suction cup or clip onto the visor. I am using the suction cup and it seems to be sticking very well, though I’ve only had it up for a few days so far. However, the image it gives me of the back seat is incredibly small, much smaller than my regular rear view mirror. I’ll be able to see general motion and that’s about it. I guess this is a side effect of the wide view but I don’t need to monitor three kids, just one, so it doesn’t need to be wide. There is also a small amount of distortion, right above the center of the mirror, which is annoying.If I can find the packaging I’m going to return it, but I may have already discarded some or all of it.

Viola Askov, MN

Great mirror

I ordered this mirror because the previous mirror I ordered for my little in the back seat did not show my baby. This little mirror definitely helped me out with my situation. I placed it on my rear window and was able to view my little.

Willa New Point, VA

Helps to keep an eye on baby and eliminates blind spots. Holds up to weather extremes.

Wow this is great for more than just keeping an eye on baby. I installed this next to my rear-view mirror (had to get past the distraction) and noticed it helped eliminate the blind spots. If I use my rear-view mirror and can’t see a vehicle on my passenger side near my rear bumper, this mirror helps with that. I don’t need to take my eyes off the road to look over my shoulder. A quick glance in this mirror solves the issue. Installation and re-installation is so easy. It even remained stuck to my windshield in the hottest summer hear the Midwest US every experienced. It takes a real beating from weather extremes and remains in place.

Monica West Mclean, VA

Works Great for Me

When my daughter graduated to facing forwards in the car, I bought this to replace our larger “strap to the headrest” mirror (similar to theSafeFit Jumbo Mirror) we used previously. Clipped to the passenger visor works well in my Grand Cherokee – it doesn’t block my view of the road or rearview mirror, I can clearly see her behind the driver’s seat, and it’s easy to re-position for different drivers. The only issue with it being there is that every time I get in the passenger side, I bump it with my head…but I’m the only person that does this, so I guess it’s me doing something wrong. :)This is one of those products you either love or hate, judging by the reviews, but it works great for us. I’m ordering another to have for when my nephew starts facing forwards.

Socorro Lafayette, OR

Does the job.

I bought this when my daughter switched to forward facing. I clip it onto the front passenger’s visor so I can still move my driver’s visor around and still see my daughter. I did have to stick grippers onto the inside of the clip so that it would not slip around on the visor. Now it stays in place really firm and I get to see my little girl. The way we have it we can still move the passenger visor without banging the mirror out of place. The image quality isn’t perfect but it is quite good and I feel I can see her clearly. This is the only mirror I was able to find that worked well for forward facing kids and I’m quite happy with my setup.

Carla Tylerton, MD

Not What I Expected

I bought this with intentions of using the suction cup on the window in my back seat to see what my grand child is up to as her car seat faces backwards while I’m up front driving. It might work if the suction cup would actually stick. It falls off the window within a few minutes and I cannot get it to stick. This is not due to cold weather. Its just not suctiony enough… if thats a word 🙂

Elinor Elk Grove, CA


Works really well if you can get it installed in a good location that does not have much vibration. I was not able to get the suction cup to hold so I’m using the clap on the edge of my headliner so that I can see my baby’s face in the rear view mirror. Works great.

Donna Purdin, MO

doesn’t stay in place

The size of this mirorr is perfect…but it won’t stay in place. The suction cup works fine, just the little ball (pivot joint…there are two) are really floppy. Everytime I hit even the slightest bump (going into the driveway) the mirror repositions itself. It is very irritating. I even added tape to the ball that comes out of the socket that is part of the arm (not by the mirror itself)…and it has held up well…but the other little ball is really floppy too. There is no way to fix it. I have debated using super glue…but once I do that it will be stuck in whatever position I put it and if I need to ever change it to another side or so it will be a pain and be useless.UPDATE: i have added silicone around the ball joint that attaches to the actual mirror and it doesn’t move at all. Of course I had to have it in position to do this. But once my daughter is in a front facing carseat and I am able to use it with the visor clip, I will need to buy a new mirror since mine is permantly stuck in 1 position. Bummer. I was really hoping it would work out well. It currently does not w/ my modifications, but won’t later.

Valeria Victor, NY

Great Value, clear view, great suction

The stay in place mirror works great. The mirror surface is very reflective and works great. The suction cup holds securely to the window and holds well. The only negative is that the suction cup is too hard to release. Most suction holders I have (i.e. GPS) have a small tab you can pull to release the suction, but this one does not.

Heidi Nocona, TX

Moves around when hot

When the car is hot or it is hot outside, the mirror begins to droop and move. I am returning my mirrors I purchased.

Lavonne Mad River, CA

Doesn’t suction well to windows

I bought this mirror to suction onto the back window of my sedan since my infant is rear facing in his car seat. It would be perfect if it would only stay suctioned onto the window. I have tried cleaning the window and wetting the suction mount, but to no avail. The mirror sticks for about 20 minutes or until you hit a speed bump.

Debra Manakin Sabot, VA

Just what we needed

This mirror was much smaller than I expected–I was actually startled when I opened it. However, of the three mirrors we’ve owned, this is the best. I think I like it the most because it adheres strongly to the back window rather than with Velcro around the headrest or a wimpy suction cup. However, this is on a vertical truck window rather than the sloped window of my Jetta but it would probably work as well with adjustment. The small size also means it takes less away from your rear view so it is less of a safety hazard.

Cathryn Baileyville, IL

Don’t bother

This did not stick on by window at all. Don’t waste your money with it – any extreme hot or cold temperatures will keep the suction cup from working. What’s worse, it fell on top of my baby.

Angel Phelps, KY

It does not stay in place

The mirror is very small and it does not stay in place. If the day is sunny and warm in a few seconds the mirror will fall down from the window. I would not recommend it.

Imelda Murphy, NC

Great product..

It didnt work in our vehicle but in another vehicle I could see this being an awesome mirror. It’s infinitely adjustable so finding the perfect angle would be easy as can be.

Tina Hendrix, OK

this mirror sucks

I bought his mirror for when I turned my 2 year old around facing forward. I moved his large mirror to behind the front passenger seat and needed something to see him from the rear view driver window. Initially, I started with the clip on attachment to the driver shade. No matter where I put the mirror, it made the shade unusable (which is fine) but in order to get a decent view of my son, blocks a significant portion of the rear view mirror which is not fine).So then, I moved to the suction attachment. The suction works great, until you attach the mirror. The mass of the mirror is to great to keep the thing attached at the angle of the front windshield. I read all the reviews of this product before trying it and didn’t think I would be using the suction cup portion. I think the people using this piece of the mirror must have it attached to a rear windshield that maybe is not as angled as the front on, less torque on the actual suction cup.So for me, the product is a complete waste of money because it is totally unusable.

Lucy Meadow Bridge, WV

Awesome mirror–works great for forward facing carseats

My husband and I love this mirror. We put it using the clip on the passenger side visor and we can see our son perfectly. It was too big and partially blocked the rear view mirror view when we put it on the driver side visor. It’s still slightly visible in the rear view mirror but the image is absolutely clear. And, my 2 year old son loves that he can see me in the mirror too. When I smile at him, he grins right back!

Robert Mchenry, ND

Perfect for keeping an eye on my baby

This mirror works like a charm. It’s plastic so it won’t break, but the reflection looks like glass. I can see many son perfectly and he can see me. I bought one for each car. I highly recommend it!

Michaela Kayenta, AZ

Glad I Got It

We have both a Subaru Wagon and a Toyota truck, and it seemed most of the mirrors are seat rest mount which wouldn’t work with our setup to see our rear facing baby in an infant seat. I wasted way too much time reading reviews and it seemed there was no real consensus on which mirror might work for us. This was so cheap I bought it anyway and am glad I did. I put one in both the wagon and the truck and don’t know how we lived without it. It is very small and easy to tuck away in the corner of your rear window. Easy to adjust to see your baby with your rearview mirror. The baby is small in the mirror, but it gives you just enough of a glimpse to safely see if they are sleeping, happy, etc. No visibility problem out the back if you place it high up. Suction works great most of the time, the Subaru one never falls off but it falls off on the truck often enough to take a star off.

Lillian Mercer, ND

Very Good

The FACTORY Stay-In-Place Baby Mirror is practical and easy to install. I can see the baby while driving and that makes me the very security.

Marian Clearlake Park, CA

It does not stay in place

I bought this and could never use it. I first installed it on my car few days before my son was born, it fell off about 30 minutes after I installed it. I though maybe I did it wrong so I tried like four more times and it kept falling off… I couldn’t use it because I was afraid it could fall over my newborn baby. Don’t bother buying this

Desiree Tridell, UT

Very good product

Mirror quality is good and just right for the back windscreen. Remember to securely lock the mirror and you have an excellent product.

Aurelia Big Sky, MT

Perfect to see baby!

I researched a ton before purchasing this mirror, almost purchased a marine mirror because these reviews were so horrible. I figured, for the low price, why not try it before spending much more for something that may not be neccesary…glad I did! It seems as though every mirror for this purpose is going to be light weight and utilize a reflective film instead of a real mirror to keep this a light weight item. Dispite all of the negativity about the film, it does not distort the image like some people make it seem. Since it is slightly rounded, there are some imperfections, but really, it’s $6.99, it’s not going to be like your rear view mirror. The viewing area more than covers what I need to see, cliping this to my visor to view my son in the back seat. Some people also mentioned that it fell on their lap while driving…if you clip it to the edge of your visor closest to the windsheild (the part that rotates, not the part that hangs down), it won’t come loose and does not vibrate and loose position in this spot either. I have not tried the suction, because the visor clip was perfect. The only negative I can see about this is that while you have it clipped to your visor, you can’t put your visor down unless you move it (in which case, you could probably clip it to the other side, in the same spot, once it’s down). Overall, perfect for what I needed…highly recommend this product!

Sherry Columbiana, AL

Like it more than the built in

I like this one more in my hubby’s car that the one I have built in on mine. It is bigger and clearer. Nice to have a conversation with your toddler w/o turning your head away from traffic.

Leanna Randolph Center, VT

Under impressed

I had a really hard time getting them to attach to anything in the car, and more importantly, staying attached when I finally got them onto something.The suction cup dropped off the rear window of my WRX in less than a day, and the clamps are so weak you can’t even attach this to a seat belt! The *perfect* spot would be clamped to the seat belt holding down the car seat base… seems like they really missed the boat on this.

Beatrice Fontanet, IN

Suction Sucks

We bought two of these and sadly threw away the receipt. After we took both out of the packet and put them in the car we learned that the suction is terrible. After a few minutes of driving, they would fall off and into our babies car seat. Not worth the money. Instead we bought the following Brica mirror:

Lynnette Silverton, ID