BRICA Stay-On Window Shade

BRICA Stay-On Window Shade

Easy to use and highly effective, this glare blocking static-cling shade features a plastic guide strip that allows you to roll down your window with the shade in place.

Main features

  • Patented guide strip keeps the shade in place while window is being rolled up or down shade in place when window is rolled up or down
  • Let in fresh air without having to remove the shade
  • Can trim size of shade to fit smaller windows
  • Easy and quick to install
  • Works on any window

Verified reviews


If I could give this 0 stars I would!

I ended up taking these and returning them to a local box store that sold them! First of all I have a 07 Toyota Camry and I doubt their windows are much different makes of cars and anytime you put the window down the shade got all bunched up and you had to re-put it on every time. Even at that, you could never get all the bubbles out! Don’t waste your time.

Benita Ballwin, MO

Junk, less than 1 star

So I decided now that my son is rear facing in a convertible seat he needed a sunshade because the convertible seat doesn’t have one like the infant seat. We already have tinted rear windows in our minivan, but he still ended up with glare. I wanted to be able to roll down the window and this looked like the ideal product. I cleaned my windows applied as instructed and even before we rolled down the window, the rigid part at the bottom was coming out of the gasket. The shiny side didn’t want to stick to the window and 3 days later the whole thing just spontaneously fell off. So basically I flushed 8.99 down the toilet. Bought him a pair of sunglasses instead. Can’t return because our helpful 4 year old threw away the box…

Tisha Ivy, VA

Does not allow window to roll down as promised

I have a 2011 Ford Edge and it does NOT work to roll down the window with the shade on. i properly installed it, and it gets all caught up. Currently my baby is just 3 months, so we won’t be rolling down the window back there anytime soon, but still. I haven’t tried another one so i can’t give another recommendation unfortunatly.

Manuela Findlay, IL

Couldn’t get this stick….EVER!

I bought this shade because it looked cute, easy, and had pretty good reviews. However, I couldn’t, for the LIFE of me, get the thing to stick to my backseat window. I cleaned the window, allowed ample time for the window to dry, followed the directions to a “T” and nope…won’t stick. Had my husband try as well, same story.Returned this shade and got the Brica Stretch-to-Fit Sun Shade and it took about 10 seconds to install and it covers a larger area of the window. Love theBRICA Stretch-to-Fit ====> GOODBRICA Stay-On === > BAD

Melisa New Market, MN

Actually stays on the window

I tried two more expensive sunshades. (The kinds with suction cups that you can roll up and down). One wouldn’t stick, and other wouldn’t stick because toddlers grab anything they see. This one sticks flat to the window and you can even role the window down which is huge plus on long car rides with an active toddler. Kids can’t remove it because it lays like a sticker on the window. The only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars is because it’s not pretty, but it does seem to be the most practical sunshade I can find, and happens to be the cheapest.

Alana Mapleton, UT

Sun Shade Not Bad At All !

My niece wanted this for her baby because of the reviews. She’d been looking at loads of them, but was put off by all the negative occurrences on them, but this one had better ratings here and on other sites. So we gave it a try – not perfect, but not bad at all considering the other negatives. The only other thing to do is have your back seat car windows tinted dark, but then you’ll probably get a ticket because its not allowed in most states (least not Florida).

Marion Pine Meadow, CT

Replaced with Jeep Cling Sunshade

I’ve tried these, they were not see-through from the driver’s seat (posing a safety problem), and the edges didn’t stick to the glass because they were stretched. In particular, the hard-plastic guide at the bottom was warped. Also, the size of this shade is unfortunately square… where have you seen a car with square windows? Most windows are wider. Replaced these with Jeep Cling Sunshade and I’m happy now.

Tina Greenville, MS

Window shade

I bought this because I don’t like the ones with the suction cups. They always fall down. Well this one only works good if you don’t roll your window down, which the product details you can do. After you do that the bottom comes off and you have to redo the whole thing. I also would have like if it was bigger. Doesn’t cover as much of the window as I would like.

Polly Young Harris, GA

Not great, but the best I’ve found so far.

I have a small car (Nissan Sentra) and finding a shade that works well for my rear passenger window has been a challenge. This shade fits well without even needing to cut it down (but you can, if you need to). I cleaned and dried the window very well prior to sticking it on, but it still “de-clings” from time to time. And it is supposed to be able to let you roll down the window with it on… Well, the two times I tried, the plastic insert at the bottom (that allows you to do this) came out of the window slide – and it is quite difficult to get it back in without completely removing the shade from the window. (So, I just don’t ever open that window).I have tried 3 other styles of sunshade and they all have failed miserably (cling, static, and suction cup), so I’ll keep the mediocre one and call it good.

Dawn Woolrich, PA