BRICA Stretch-to-Fit Window Shade

BRICA Stretch-to-Fit Window Shade

Just like babies, car windows come in all different shapes and sizes. Brica’s newest auto shade stretches to fit the shape of your window and stays in place with its super strong PushLock suction cups. The unique fabric blocks the sun’s glare without blocking the driver’s view. Connect two together to span oversized windows. For optimum product performance: Ensure window and suction cups are clean Avoid placing suction cups on rear window defroster grid lines Only pull tab on base of each Push-Lock™ suction cup to release suction cups from window Do not twist blue cap or grey housing surrounding cap to adjust or remove shade as damage may occur

Main features

  • Opti-view mesh fabric blocks glare but not driver’s view
  • Push-lock suction cups provide superior spring-loaded grip over standard suction cups
  • Join two shades together to create one extra large shade perfect for back windows
  • Stretchy shade material allows you to create a custom fit to most window shapes
  • Works on any window

Verified reviews


Suction Sucks

I wanted to love this product cuz I really needed it for my car. I cleaned the window before putting this on it, not even a minute later both top suctions came undone and it scared my 3 month old. I thought I stretched it too far. So I adjusted the stretch and it came undone again. After five tries of different ways and cleaning the window and the suction, I gave up. I really wanted this to work because now I have to find something else.

Nan Loxley, AL

Awesome shade – look no further

We were looking for a sun shade for my wife’s 2007 Nissan Sentra. Our toddler sits in the seat behind the driver, and the windows are not tinted. Originally we bought a screen at Wal-mart that you’re supposed to cut to obtain a custom fit and then apply directly to the window. This resulted in an uneven look, and the film was difficult to apply smooth without any air bubbles. After doing some research on this site, I settled on the Brica sunshade.This sunshade rocks! It’s super easy to install, the suction cups clamp down like none other and it’s super easy to custom fit the screen to fit almost any shape and size of car window. The Sentra has a somewhat odd shape (not a perfect square at all) and the Brica handled it like a champ.Overall, great shade at an awesome price and it looks fantastic. Not to mention it does a great job keeping the sun out of our little one’s eyes – which is most important!

Juliet Maylene, AL

This is great!

I have a Toyota Prius and the back window narrows the closer it gets to the rear end of the car. My son’s car seat is right behind the driver’s seat and even though our windows are tinted he would still complain about the sun in his eyes. This is great because you place the blue suction cups (which have a very firm grip) at the four corners and the fabric stretches to whatever size it needs too. There are also two little buttons on the two sides that can click together to make the custom fit that much more precise. Like I said, my windows are narrower on the side that’s next to the trunk so I snapped the two buttons together and it makes the fabric taut. My son tried to pull this off the second he got in the car (he would always successfully pull off any roller-style we tried within 20 seconds) and this thing stayed put.

Kitty Van Dyne, WI

Doesn’t work on SUV

Maybe this works better on smaller cars where you don’t have to stretch it as much (at least that’s what I’m guessing because a lot of the favorable reviews state they have cars), but it definitely doesn’t work on larger SUV windows. I followed all the instructions, cleaned both the window and suction cups more than once, and it just doesn’t seem to work. I LOVED the idea of the stretching to fit the larger windows in our vehicle, but this doesn’t even come close.

Luella Minneola, KS

Great idea, terrible execution

Out of the package, this sun shade looks awesome. It appears to be well crafted, with good materials. The mesh is wonderfully stretchy and strong, and the snap along the edge of it allows you to cinch it on the short side of a rear window for a better fit…great idea there. Unfortunately, like most of the reviewers here, I quickly discovered that the suction cups are total junk. I bought two shades and put them on my rear windows. Within a week, one of the shades started to fall off the window in two places. I reattached the suction cups; they held for about 30 seconds before popping off again. After reading reviews here (which I didn’t do before buying; lesson learned!), I looked closer at the suction cups – sure enough, I saw a hairline crack on the underside of each one, rendering them incapable of holding suction. They have never worked again. Within three weeks of installation the other shade did the exact same thing. Wish they’d address the design of the suction cups, because this could be a great product…but as is, they’re total junk and a complete waste of money.

Aida Red Creek, NY

The suction cups keep falling off the window

I bought this item a month ago to keep the sun off my daughter in the back seat of our car, and it worked great…. until this morning I noticed that one of the suction cups was off the window. I reaffixed it, and it fell off again. Three times today. This item is a piece of junk.

Leanna Coarsegold, CA

Pretty terrible

Not only does this “shade” barely block out any sun (my baby is still blinded any time the sun comes in the car window at all) but if you move the suction cups at all be prepared for them to NEVER STICK AGAIN. Apparently it is a one time deal. They stuck great at first, but I needed to reposition one of the suction cups, and now it will not stick, no matter what I do. Cleaned the window and the suction cup, now it just keeps falling down in my baby’s face. Terrible product.

Susan Early, IA

Love it

This works great (we have a Mazda 6 wagon, ’04). This covers a majority of the window and stays on well, the only time its fallen off is us forgetting its on there and trying to roll the window down. So much better than the cheap shades that don’t cover hardly any of the window and fall off all the time. This is a must buy and wish I would have had one for my first son.

Lara Hanson, MA

After time, the suction cups don’t stay put

We bought one of these window shades about a year ago. It didn’t cover our SUV windows adequately, which meant on long trips we’d have to adjust it to make sure it was blocking sun from our child. It lasted pretty well for about six months or more. We ordered a second one for our other back window, but right about that time one of the suction cups on the first one stopped working. One or two suction cups on the second one stopped working about a month or two after we installed it, so it didn’t last nearly as long as the other. We’ve tried cleaning the windows and the suction cups to remove any oil put there by fingers or hands, but nothing seems to work. We even tried moistening the suction cups (even though the manufacturer says the cups shouldn’t be moistened because they don’t need to be), to no avail. Once the suctions no longer work, these shades are useless; they dangle next to the heads of our children in their child car seats which is an invitation to grabby toddlers and completely ridiculous. We’re going to try some of the cheap, vinyl, stick on screens now. I bought these because they were supposed to provide good coverage for SUV windows and be easy to install and uninstall. They don’t provide adequate coverage and easy installation is pointless when you have to reinstall them every time you get in or out of the vehicle, once the suctions fail. This product needs some work, for sure.

Mia Fort Edward, NY

Not impressed

We bought one of these from Bed Bath & Beyond on clearance last week and I just put it up. The suction cups work really well, but that’s about it. The mesh doesn’t stretch as easily as it looks like it will and when it does, it’s not straight, it droops. Also, because of the big suction cups, I can’t pull it to the far edges of our window – we have an Outback and the windows are frameless when the door is open. So, there are lots of spots the light can come in still because of the drooping and placement. We have used Eddie Bower ones the pull down like a shade and I guess they had the same problem not being big enough, but they also didn’t suction cup well eith er and at least these do that. I guess I just expected more from this shade.

Deidre Greenwood Lake, NY

Sticks to the window well

It sticks well to the window, and gives enough shade. It is easy to use, not difficult to remove and reposition if needed.

Madeline Steeleville, IL

stretches well for oddly shaped windows

I really like this system for the windows in my car (an old Prius), which are oddly shaped. The first shade we bought, a rectangle, left so much window bare that it wasn’t useful.I do wish this one had a couple more suction cups on it, as it pulls down across the top (ends up more of a “U” than pictured). We’ve solved this by catching the tag (see it in the top center?) in the window to hold it up.We have never had a problem with the suction cups coming off the window.

Deanne Vandemere, NC


This product is terrible- I would not recommend it.We bought this to use on our back windshield, to help my poor 4 month old son not have the sun in his eyes during our 1/2 hour morning drive.1) We have a very small (old style Honda Civic) car. When this was stretched to its largest size, it only blocked a tiny portion of sun. I can’t imagine how ridiculous it would be in a larger vehicle.2) More importantly, in a 20 minute drive we had to pull over 4 times to re-suction this to the window. We almost ended up with a soaked passenger seat because the thing sounds like a gunshot when it flies off the window.3) We tried suctioning it without stretching it the whole way, and without stretching it at all, and it didn’t make a difference, it still didn’t stay put.All of that being said, we got our money back.

Staci Gordonville, TX


These work out OK but i have to constantly adjust them because the suction moves alot. Plus i do not like the bad vision disturbance when i try and check my blind spot while driving. Its a safety hazard. I dont have that with the britex shades. great idea but it failed.9/23/13 Changed my thought to THESE ARE JUNK! get the britex foldable sunblocks. WAY better

Rose Syracuse, OH

doesn’t stay up or cover window!

I purchased this item to go on the back window of my Nissan Versa, a very small car. My husband try to put it up but the suction cups won’t stay and, when it stretches to fit, will not cover the back window, which defeats the purpose. Thank you to Amazon for refunding us on this purchase. I am constantly impressed with your impeccable customer service.

Wanda Warwick, ND

Useless and dangerous!

Got this for the back window (thankfully) and it keeps falling off! Whether stretched to the limit or used not stretched, it never stayed on! If not all of the suction cups, at least one or two which leave it swinging around as I drive. Suction is completely horrible! The tommee tippe ones I have have never fallen off or had issues. Don’t buy

Veronica Bristol, NH

Not perfect…but do the job!

These window shades do not cover the whole window because of the engineering of the suction cups and mesh material. Unless you have a very large window to cover, they will always bow inwards and let some light in. I have a Nissan Rogue SUV and have these shades on both of my back windows. I can imagine that they would work well for the back window of a sedan, since they can be connected.They do the job, but are not perfect for us.

Rosella Somerset, VA

It’s okay

The blue things usually stay on pretty well. It covers most of the window – but I had to sew on some extra suction cups so that there was no lag in the top and bottom. The sun was shining through. It would be more helpful to have more suction cups on the sides.

Monica Houston, AK

Does not stay stuck to the window

No matter what I do, I cannot get this to stay stuck to my car window- the suction cups keep losing suction. Lame. And the cups are very heavy- I was worried it was going to fall off the window while I was driving and hurt my little guy, so I just took it out of the car. I wouldn’t buy this again.

Kristin Wellesley, MA

Ker-Thunk! There is goes again…

I actually (stupidly) bought a second one of these, thinking that perhaps I had mis-treated the first one (by twisting the knobs, which in fact are not ‘knobs’ despite how they look, but rather buttons. apparently twisting them can cause the suction cups to malfunction. Well, I very carefully only PUSHED the knob/buttons on this one and guess what? It STILL falls down ALL THE TIME. It is soooo aggravating. Returning it. And wishing I had learned my lesson after the first one!

Mandy Thayer, IN

Hard plastic corners, doesn’t stay on window

While I thought this shade had only four soft suction cups at the corners, I was wrong. This sun shade has four plastic corners that are made of hard plastic. That means that in an accident, these corners could harm occupants when this shade becomes a projectile in the car.The hard plastic corners contain a blue "push here to secure" button that is supposed to help keep the shade on the window by better securing the suction cups. Unfortunately, they don’t work very well, and the shade still falls off the window, especially if they get very hot or very cold (which is hard to prevent unless you live in a very temperate climate!).The size of this shade is good for standard car windows, but it is a bit large for compact cars’ windows. Trying to make it smaller by placing the suction cups closer together doesn’t work because then the gaps cause it to be difficult to see through the shade (a safety issue).This shade has FAR less hard plastic than those "roller shades" that are made for car windows, and thus is probably not AS dangerous, but hard plastic is NOT good to have a in a car, especially near the delicate heads of children. Instead of choosing a shade with hard plastic, choose one that is made of soft materials only. Soft fabric and vinyl are fine, but hard plastic (or metal) is not. Think– if you wouldn’t be okay with the item hitting your child’s head, you don’t want it in your car!

Lorna Clayville, RI

Great, until it broke

Purchased this for our Prius. It worked really great until it stopped working. Not really sure what happened, it was a hot day so maybe that had something to do with it. We kept trying to put it back up but after a few minutes it would just fall down again.

Vera Port Trevorton, PA

Great to fit different size windows

I am happy with this product. It stretches to cover the entirety of my car window (Chevy Malibu). You can even use the snaps to condense the fabric on one side if your window is smaller on one side than it is on the other (like it is in my car). We’ve had it for about two months now. No real problems with it. The suction cup area is a bit bulky, which is why I gave it a 4 out of 5 stars. I’m hoping the suction stays as strong as it’s been. My sister also owns it, but she bought hers before me (which is why I bought it) and hers stopped sticking already. I hope mine holds up. Time will tell. I have bought several different types of these and this fit is the best so far. It’s not super dark, but I guess it can’t be legally or it’d obstruct your view. It does a nice job of simply blocking some sunlight out of my children’s eyes.

Brenda Silver Lake, KS

This thing is AMAZING!!!

Got this for our SUV having previously purchased smaller ones. LOVE that it stretches to fit the whole window!! So far so good. And the suction seems great. Even tried pulling it off the windows and the suckers wouldn’t budge!

Abby Trinidad, TX

works great!

I was looking for a shade that would cover the window on the large door of my minivan to keep the sun out of my rear-facing infant’s eyes.. This definitely fits the bill. It stretches almost the whole width and length of the window and so far the locking suction cups have held up great! I’m pleased!

Jolene Veneta, OR

Does not stay on window 🙁

This product seems like a great idea. Easy to install and covers a good portion of the rear window. But, it will not stay attached to the window. I ended up throwing it away. Money and time wasted.

Leeann Custer, MT

Good idea but could be better

Overall, it does the job, but I have had a love-hate relationship with this. Pros- it can cover a large area and awkward shaped windows and does well blocking the sun Cons- the suction cups come off sometimes and I have to restock often. I tried this in the winter and the temps definitely affected me putting it on and I had trouble using until the spring. Also I use on the back drivers side window. I can’t put in one corner because the window has the manufacturers writing and this will not stick to it. Also it may say it can go on a large area but I don’t think this would cover a back window, only sides as I have seen it advertised.Honestly, I got the Britax stick ones as well that just clings to the window and it works well without fuss.

Annmarie Beaver Dam, KY

This sunshade does not work!

Do not buy this sunshade, it does not work. The concept is wonderful but they manufactured it poorly. If you stretch it to all four corners of your car window, it bows in the top and the bottom so the sun shines right on your child’s face. You would need to double them to cover the window. Trust the poor reviews of this product and do not buy it.

Etta Fords Branch, KY

Great product for the price

Like this product a lot.. The suction cups hold great and are easy to remove for car cleaning. Only thing I do not like is how big the suction cups are hard to get far into corners so there are fairly large gaps the sun still comes in on both sides. Also where there is a very small inspection sticker in the bottom corner of the window the suction cup will not stay on over it. So it requires it to be placed higher and more light to come in. Was happy with price and shipping

Suzette Iona, ID

Useless if you park outside

So we have one of these in my car and one of these in my husband’s car. Mine works well for the most part and I have only had to reattach the suction once or twice. The one in my husband’s car falls down all the time. I think it is because he parks outside so his is exposed to sunlight, extreme temps. I park in the garage at home and at work so my car is always in the shade. Bottom line, the suction stops working if it gets repeatedly exposed to heat/cold.

Sheila Vienna, GA