BRICA Stretch-to-Fit Window Sun Shade

BRICA Stretch-to-Fit Window Sun Shade

Keep things comfy when you’re out and about with this stretchy sunshade that nearly doubles in size to fit the shape of your car’s window. The new push-lock suction cups keep the shade securely in place and the opti-view mesh fabric shades your baby from irritating glare without blocking your view.

Main features

  • Opti-view mesh fabric blocks glare, not view
  • Newly redesigned push-lock suction cups provide superior spring-loaded grip
  • Stretchy shade material allows you to create a custom fit to most window shapes
  • Nearly doubles in size for expanded coverage

Verified reviews


Easy to use, good quality, does the job well.

Easy to apply and remove. Push down on the blue button to apply and pull on the small plastic tab to remove. Fitted it to a Nissan Xterra backseat window which is pretty large. Provided good coverage with just about a 1 1/2 inch space at the top and bottom where the shade has a ‘U’ shape. Does a good job of blocking-out the sunlight but leaving the outside world visible to kids. The product is of excellent quality.

Pearlie La Crosse, IN

Great for odd shaped windows.

This is the third of these sun shades that we own. After trying several other styles (the ones that "self stick" to the window, as well as the "roller shade" type to name a few) I hoped that this one would work on my oddly shaped rear (side) windows on my mini van.I was pleased with the way that the shade does stretch to cover a fairly large window (this particular one is on the large window on the sliding door of the van) The suction cups do fasten securely without too much trouble. When attaching suction cups I either lick the cups or use a baby wipe to dampen the cup before sticking it to the window. After a week of use, my one year old has not been able to pull the shade off of the window, which she could do with other shades.I did deduct a star from this item because the cups do have a tendency to come loose if it has been either very cold or very warm. I guess something with the glass temperature causes the cups to come loose in extreme situations. I have also noticed that once the cups come loose the first time, they tend to come loose more frequently. It usually isn’t difficult to reattach the cups though.I really like these shades, and I have given several of them as gifts in the last year. I think the best thing about them is the ability to stretch them to fit odd sized windows.

Jasmin Tatum, NM

A great size

We have a large SUV so I was looking for a shade that would be a good fit for the side windows but that I could also use on the huge rear facing window when I needed to.This shade fit the bill – it stretches out to a good big size when I want it to be works great on a side window. I’m never a real big fan of suction cup holders because they never seem to work well but the shades that clip over the edge of a window are total wastes of time so I was willing to try.The first time I used the shade 1 suction didn’t want to stay attached but because it was minus 20 degrees outside I decided to not get upset about it. I used it a few days later and all of the suctions stayed attached so I think it was just because it was so cold and the inside of the window was damp in places. I haven’t had any further problems with them staying on.The net is good for vision out too – it doesn’t block the drivers views as long as you are careful to keep the corners from making blind spots and the shade provides enough shade for passengers to be comfortable on a bright day. I’m happy enough with it that I’ll be getting another one soon.

Marci Forest Park, GA

simple and lightweight

The shade was easy to install in our car (Honda Accord sedan). Just put the cup in place, push the blue button, and it sticks. The mesh is very soft, makes me think of tights or pantyhose material, just more heavy duty. So far it hasn’t fallen down, or come lose.

Karina Mount Olive, IL

Love these!

These are the sun shades I wish I had bought to begin with! I originally bought others because of a better price but they didnt work as well so finally I broke down an shelled out the money for these! These are great and totally worth the price. They cover pretty much the entire window and will stretch to fit most windows. The material is just the right weight to block some sun but still allow me to see when I check my blind spot. I rarely have had any problems with the suction cups. On rare occassions (maybe once or twice a month) I will have to restick one of the suction cups, but I have never had more than one suction cup come off at the same time so they have never fallen off. If you are on the fence I would recommend you try them, I know I am happy I did!

Margot Mound, MN

Perfect until the suction cups gave out

When I first installed these, I was over the moon. I loved that they stretched to fit my windows perfectly, and I loved that once I put them up, they stayed up. They did a great job of blocking the sun, and I could still see through my back window. I thought I’d found the Holy Grail of sunshades.We made it through fall and winter, but as spring turned to summer, the cups lost their suction completely. I did everything: cleaned the cups, cleaned the glass, tried drying them completely, tried leaving them just the tiniest bit damp. In the end, it didn’t matter: they stopped sticking, and nothing I tried helped. I’m back shopping for replacement sunshades in the hopes that they last longer than these did.

Felecia Gause, TX

Didn’t work

Only 3 of the suction cups would ever stay on at a time. It was also a bit big for our car windows, so it would sag and not block much sun. We wound up returning this and are looking for a replacement now.

Clare Paragonah, UT


I really wanted to like this shade but it annoys me from day 1. The idea is great but it doesn’t work! Just that! The suction cups won’t stay put no matter what. Plus the shade leaves big gaps in all 4 sides.

Georgia Alamo, TX

This thing is awesome

While none of the sun shades I have used have blocked out the sun entirely, this one just makes it so much easier to use. It stretches to fit your window. I’ve had it where I would buy an item “made for your model” and it doesn’t fit…or might fit if I jam it in…I don’t feel like doing that.I just checked the price for this after initial review and I can say it’s worth the cost, even if it’s only 1 to a package. We have this installed in our 2005 Subaru Outback in the backseat, so the windows are slanted inward at the top. We’re using it to block glare for our little baby. It hasn’t once fallen off and I haven’t even taken it down so it’s still up from it’s initial installation. I think I’ll buy another…maybe 2 more, for this car at least. I have another somewhere 😉

Christy Grawn, MI

The Concept of this Product is Great but it Doesn’t Work!!

I actually have acquired two of these and have firmly decided that they stink! I purchased the first one from, Target and it worked great for about two weeks and then 1 of the four suction cups started continuously falling. Six months later and only one suction cup will actually stay stuck to the window. I recently had the opportunity to receive a free one here on Amazon and thought, "what the hell, I loved the thing for the first two weeks." I thought that maybe the first one was defective but soon discovered on the first day of having the second one that, that was not the case when once again one of the suction cups failed. I would never give this product another chance. In my opinion it falls into the category of, too good to be true =(

Kendra Courtland, MS

Added layer of protection against bright sunlight and glare.

Most of our vehicles already have legal, factory tinted rear and side windows, but the strong sunlight sometimes overwhelms the factory tints with uncomfortable glare. Not a problem for the adults in the front seats (wearing sunglasses) but could cause discomfort for our kids in the back. This Brica Sun Shade was exactly what we were looking for. It easily stretches from 12″x 18″ to a huge 18″ x 27″ to fit a wide variety of side and rear car windows. The sunshade stays secure with four large, easy to use push-lock buttons to secure the suction cups underneath. The suction cups are easily released by pulling the small tabs on the edge of the cups. Instructions doesn’t recommend using this sunshade with aftermarket window tints but it works fine with our one vehicle with metallic window tints as long as both the window surfaces and the suction cups are clean. Don’t place suction cups near the edges of the window tint film; may pull film off the window! The sunshade provides some additional privacy and the kids are still able to see out. We liked this sample so much we bought another one for the other rear window. The kids like less glaring sunlight but we had to teach them not to play with the sunshades; these are not toys!

Selma Artie, WV

Easy to install

This is a GREAT idea for a product. A stretchable window shade! We have a 2000 Honda Odyssey and twins (ie. two car seats). I was tired of the giant blind spot that window shades cause, so whichever kid is on the passenger side is out of luck. That said, I kept a shade on the driver’s side so at least one kid can keep the sun out of their face. Our Odyssey has GIANT passenger windows, and I was thrilled to find something to cover it. Well…this doesn’t quite fit. It stretches a bit, but only fills about 70% of the window. I think on a sedan, or pretty much any vehicle besides a van/minivan, it would stretch to fill a large enough area, but not really ideal on my van.The suction bases are pretty bulky too. You just push a button and they stick, and they stick fairly well (but clean the window really well! The window needs to be pristine for it to stick.), but the actual mechanism is fairly bulky and thick. Not enough to block your view, but it definately impairs it a bit. They’re BIG. You would think they could cut down the overall build size a bit. And the stretchiness isn’t all THAT drastic. It pulls a bit this direction or that, but you still have a basic shape. Again, this would probably work great on a sedan or a vehicle with oddly shaped windows. Overall, works well, and looks a lot nicer than the ‘baby on board’ 2-for-$1 shades.

Pearlie Hannaford, ND

Reliable, low cost sun shade for backseat carseat

I was excite to try out this sun shade, and really like it.The mesh provides shade for the baby. I can tell, because sun in his eyes or on his head used to make him fussy. He stopped fussing on trips that used to have him in the sun and in tears. But still, the mesh is easy to see through while driving. It’s also easy to install and fit perfectly in two different cars I tried it in.The shade consists of a thin piece of mesh fabric that is stretchy and has suction cups at the corners. Each suction cup has a button you push to get it stuck on the window well, so you don’t have to push very hard to stick it on the window well. Because it’s thin stretchy material, it fits my car and my husband’s car pretty well, even with two different shaped and sized windows. The suction cups are a little hard to remove afterward. Each has a small plastic tab you pull to release it, but that tab is positioned so that it sets against the edge of the window, so not easy to reach.One thing to note is that if you have angled windows, this can block visibility. It worked in my car (2000 Rav 4) and my husband’s (2003 Volkswagen Jetta), and I assume that the only way to find out if it works is to try it in your car. So, that’s a bit of a risk if the purchase doesn’t work for you.

Camille Clover, VA

Okay sunscreen though a bit pricey compared to others

The screen works okay but has some problems with the suction cups failing from time to time. You must clean the window very well before putting it on and it still has a tendency to lose suction from one or more of the cups. While it works, it does a good job of blocking sunlight.

Mia Fruitland, ID

Best window shade so far

I have tried a lot of different window shades over the last few years. Other suction ones, pull-downs, vinyl cling, vinyl cling with a mesh front…pros and cons with each, but the biggest con is getting the darn things to stay up.This shade STAYS in place. It has these handy snaps for half-way hangs (because my kiddo wants to roll down the window for ‘fresh air’ sometimes). It is also very good at cutting out the light (which is my primary reason for use).I used this on the back window of a 2010 Subaru Forrester, so I’m not stretching it much at all. I have had no problems with it stay putting, even when the suction cups get knocked during a window roll-down.Really, for my needs it’s been great.

Alyce Kyle, WV

Changed my mind!

Below you will find my original review of this product – please disregard it now.At first I gave this product five stars, a rarity for me. But after several months of using it I have changed my rating to one star. In fact, I’ve thrown the product away, so if i could give it ZERO stars, i would. It just plain STOPPED STICKING. No amount of trying, spitting, cleaning, or praying would make this thing stick any more. When one giant hard plastic suction cup is swinging around on your minivan door it’s bad news. So like I said I tossed this. We bought a different BRICA shade to replace it:Britax 2 Pack EZ-Cling Sun Shades, BlackWhich we all unanimously LOVE. Easy to put up (and it STAYS UP!) and take down, the kids can even do it. So steer clear of this monstrosity, the “Stretch to fit” and check out the one i referenced above, trust me, you’ll be happier.———————-We, like most families I think, have had a very hard time finding sun shades for our minivan. We have a 2010 Honda Odyssey. Living in Arizona we need shades year round, so they must be secure and see-though and provide excellent sun protection. Every shade we’ve tried in the past has failed. We even went for a long time with some foam placemats duct taped to the windows – that was a terrible mistake, but at least the kids were out of the sun! But now we have THIS. This gorgeous, genius sun shade. It works! It moves! It covers the kids! It fits in the window! It doesn’t flap around on the sliding door and get caught! It is all-around perfect, at least in the couple of days we have had it. The ONLY draw-back that I can see so far is the STEEP price. THIRTY dollars for a SINGLE sun shade??? Wow. But i guess you can name your price when you make a perfect product.

Emilie Eastanollee, GA

Poor execution

Ugh. Another window shade that just doesn’t deliver.We cleaned the window prior to installation, but it didn’t help these stick. When the sun shines on the window, it warms up, and the suction cups come right off. Defeats the purpose of the sun shade.I’d advise skipping this one. Too much frustration and too little sun protection.

Marisa Quaker Street, NY


At first I liked this shade… but after a few days, it started unsticking to the window. I think it’s important to note that I live in South Florida and drive a large SUV…. it’s been very warm/humid here – even in the winter, so that might have something to do with it sticking (or not sticking really). When it works, it works well…. but it’s not very convenient to have to keep putting it back in place.

Mabel North Andover, MA

Works well enough for us.

This is an interesting stretch to fit concept. It works well enough for our jeep wrangler’s rear passenger window. Really easy to install. My kid uses her foot to kick the suction cup nearest her leg and it sometimes comes loose, but that’s more our problem than it is the product.

Tanisha Smithland, IA

Love this!

We really like this product! We drive a Mazda CX-9 and the windows are larger than what the standard pull down sun shade can cover. This will stretch to fit any size and is really easy to suction cup on. It holds well and is easy to get off if needed. Since it is flexible it can fold up really small and is easy to store. Another plus of this is not having to roll down the window to hook the shade on. Others we have had in the past require that and it is more of a hassle. We have not used it on anything other than the side windows so I can’t speak to the back window but I would highly recommend this product for ease of use and flexibility in size.

Sherrie Mountain, WI

Works pretty good

I have been using this on my Toyota Corolla for the past three weeks and it works pretty well. I cleaned the backside window with Windex glass cleaning solution and dried with paper towel and applied the sunscreen with some pressure on the suction cups. This screen covers most of the window, and it blocks significant sunlight for the backseat passenger. The screen is made of black fine mesh that blocks glare and it stretches to cover the glass window. It has been working pretty well so far and I am satisfied with this product, and I have rated four stars for overall satisfaction.Update: The push-lock suction cups does not provide good grip, and it does not to hold onto the glass window; it keeps falling off even after I clean the glass window. I have down-graded the star rating accordingly.

Antoinette Irwin, ID

Works great in our crossover

We have been using this for over a month now and we love it. It is just about perfect for our RAV4 — although not quite since the sun still can hit our three year old if it’s shining from the right angle. Still, it is much, much better than our previous sun shade, anEddie Bauer roller model. A big advantage is that our boy always wanted to pick and play at the rolldown shade, trying to take it off the window. He can’t do that here, but he also doesn’t seem to want to.The package contains one shade, so it’s great if you only drive in one direction. (Kidding — actually it makes perfect sense since we always want it on the window next to the child seat.) It looks great and doesn’t disturb us when driving. It sticks to the window really well, but also is easy enough to remove. Very nice.

Sheena Brookdale, CA

Three Stars

The suction cups tend to slide at times but it does it’s job.

Susan Jasper, MI

Love how stretchy it is

The best thing about this sun shade for me is that it is very stretchy, meaning that it can fit a wide range of windows, including oddly shaped, or just fit your car window in a very specific way. The product is made out of a mesh-like material and blocks out sun fairly well. For now the suction cups work greatfor me. I can’t vouch yet if they are functional for a long time, but as of now I am satisfied with the quality of this sun shade.

Vicki Boynton, PA