BRICA Stroller Organizer Plus

BRICA Stroller Organizer Plus

The durable, water-resistant BRICA stroller organizer plus keeps all of your essentials handy with plenty of storage options. The clear, touch-sensitive phone pocket fits most smart phones to help you stay connected. Two insulated cup holders help keep drinks just the right temperature. When things get a little messy, you can quickly grab a wipe from the easy access wipes case. The large center compartment includes a closure for your valuables while internal dividers let you adjust the size and number of compartments for your essentials. Just in case you need more storage, the large, expandable back pocket folds down for more space-perfect for a change of clothes. Simply fold it up and out of the way when not in use. The organizer fits most strollers and even converts to a handy tote in seconds for more versatility. When you’re out for a stroll with baby, digging through a diaper bag abyss can be frustrating. The stroller organizer plus keeps everything within reach for you and baby to conquer the day ahead.

Main features

  • Polyester
  • Imported
  • Includes easy access wipes case (fits standard wipes)
  • Touch-sensitive clear phone pocket fits and protects most smart phones with or without case
  • Multiple internal storage options and bonus back pocket folds down for extra storage when needed
  • Unique strap attachment fits and folds with most strollers and easily converts organizer to handy tote

Verified reviews


Fits nicely on the BOB Stroller!

We have this installed on our BOB Stroller, we have been bouncing the Britax Organizer between strollers until this came around. This fits nicely on the BOB, I really like having the wipe dispenser which the Britax did not have. The pouches are large enough to hold snacks, water bottles, baby bottles etc. The phone holder is a plus, it fits the iPhone5 just fine.Something to note that I notice, the Britax keeps its shape well where as the Brica has soft edges which shows flat in some areas. Not a deal breaker but is worth mentioning.

Ester Summit, NY

A little extra was all I needed…

The one thing I kind of hate about my son’s stroller is that the storage underneath is so limited I find that the diaper bag takes up the entire space and I have no room for anything else. Not that this little organizer offers much extra space, but it offers enough space to alleviate the need to bring the diaper bag. I can just throw in the wipes and diapers needed and leave the diaper bag in the car. If you need some extra space, this is what you’re going to want. It you want a lot of extra space, this isn’t going to do the trick. It fits on the stroller handles easily enough, and it stays put. For what I wanted it for, this certainly does the trick.

Concetta Montezuma Creek, UT

Exactly what I needed. An answer to my stroller woes. LOVE!

I have a hand me down stroller, which I love. It has a great big under storage area, but one top by the handles it has a contoured compartment for sunglasses, then a drink…and that’s it.I often have my 7 yr old niece along with my 1 yr old niece (who sits in the stroller) when we go on walks or shopping, to the zoo… and we always have a problem with accessing the things we need underneath in the storage area (it seems to always be stuffed), and with only one drink holder I’m always having to hold a water while steering the stroller.I love that the adjustable velcro straps help it fit onto just about any stroller. I love that it can hold more than one water (it’s all I usually take with me and they fit great) I also really love that the interior pocket is convertible with inserts that you can take out if you need more space. I love that the cup holders are insulated. I LOVE that it comes with extra storage and that it can easily come off and you can carry it as a bag. No need for a diaper bag when you are on the go. If you carry a diaper and portable pad in the extra storage you just take it off and you have all that you need.Having the wipes so handy is AMAZING! My only real issue was with removing the wipe container to fill it. It comes with a zip tie attached to both the wipe container and a fabric loop. I had to cut the zip tie in order to remove the wipe container, but without that I can see why some people would complain about the container easily falling out. With a loop on both the container and the bag I think it was meant to be connected. I wish the manufacturer would have used an elasticized band to connect the two instead of the zip tie. I went out and bought some black elastic (very thin width) and tied them back together and it fixed my problem. Now I can remove the wipe container with relative ease, and my wipe container won’t go far with the short elastic string I have tied them together with. Brica did so well designing everything else about this bag, I just can’t understand why they missed this. Because of that oversight on their part, which I think is a design flaw I took off one star on my rating.Overall I heart this bag in a BIG way. The price seems fair (for baby products which always seem to be at a premium) I would buy it again and again…but Brica if you read this, you need to fix the connection between the bag and the wipe container!

Brooke Varna, IL

So Convenient for short errands with baby

This is such a convenient little alternative to carrying a diaper bag, for short errands with the baby. It holds just enough and is compact, not bulky. Fits both strollers we have, Love this!

Rosanne Wallace, WV

Affordable flexible use organizer

I have been looking for something like this for a long time. I love the wipes dispenser in the front. It keeps me from having to dig around for wipes when my toddler falls at the playground, or to wipe off a baby pacifier. The phone pouch on top is great. It allows me to see the time easily, or to keep up with any calls I may miss otherwise. I have also used it for my iPod on longer walks while the kids are sleeping in the stroller. The cup holders hold a bottle, a sippy cup, a can, a cup, and a water bottle all without issue. I love the many different compartments, it is so easy to organize everything. I even put my garage door opener in the middle section while we are walking, easy access. The fold down area can hold toys and other items which is convenient for time at the park. My only issue was with the loops to attach to the stroller. A couple times the organizer slid down the poles because it is impossible to get the loops very tight. I think more velcro in the loops would solve that problem.

Nanette Bippus, IN

Used at Disney World and Disney Cruise constantly and it is perfect!

I bought this to use with my umbrella stroller to run around Disney World and a Disney cruise with. I wanted an inexpensive stroller organizer and I had high hopes for this one. It held up great and carried our drinks and whatever else I could shove in it perfectly. Drinks didn’t spill, and it held a ton of stuff! I didn’t use the wipes container, but if you bought your wipes in bulk or in the tubs where it would be easy to load them into this thing it would be nice.

Hollie Brownsville, CA

Great organizer!

This is a great piece to have to go with your stroller! Easy to put on and take off. Can hold a good amount of things, including your wipes for easy clean ups and also your water bottle. I attached it to my stroller and went walking. It worked great. I was really happy with how much extra storage I had. If you’re looking for more room, this is the organizer to go to!

Shawna American Falls, ID

Fits nicely on stroller, convenient, looks nice, quality seems decent

Nice small stroller bag by BRICA. I like the easy access to the wipe case on the front and the clear phone pocket on the top. It makes seeing your phone quiet easy and fits most phones with or without a case. You can also use it within the case as the pocket is touch sensitive. There are many storage options inside the bag. There is also a bonus pocket that folds down when you need a little extra space. You will stay organized with this bag! Its unique strap attachment fits and folds on to most folders and coverts into a handy tote when your not with your stroller. It fit perfect on our Bob stroller and our Umbrella Stroller. The bag for us is great for small trips. If your on a longer trip, or even all day trip we needed a bigger bag and more room so just keep that in mind. But for afternoon outings or such, this small bag works great!

Rosie Fort Peck, MT

Invaluable, Super Convenient

I would have a hard time taking my kids on an outing without this organizer. Previously, I would either have my very heavy diaper bag hanging on the handle of the stroller (tempting it to tip backwards when my child got out) or stuffed underneath the stroller, which made accessing anything in the bag difficult and time-consuming. This bag velcros to itself to form a loop that goes around each stroller handle. The main compartment has removable dividers, which is very helpful when I have a cold, sweating water bottle in one compartment and electronics in another. There is a separate pocket for a smart phone, and a place for wipes. It’s a little frustrating to have to transfer my wipes from the package I’m using to the dispenser, but well worth it for the easy access throughout the trip. There is also another compartment that you can choose to have hang down with a large mesh pocket for even more storage. I feel like a Mary Poppins, easily pulling out everything my children want and need instantly!

Crystal San Anselmo, CA

PERFECT for the park with 2 tots

I use this as a lunch bag of sorts when I take my two toddlers to the park.I put a couple juice boxes, sammies, fruit and snacks in the body (along with my small wallet and phone) and keep wipes in the case.It is so nice to have a handy wipe holder for cleaning up sticky hands or wiping off the germs from a playground.I like the way I can instantly turn it into bag and put it on my shoulder while the kids play and keep my phone and wallet safely with me rather than leave them in the basket on the parked stroller.This would be a great shower gift!

Fran Haven, KS

Nice Little Bag for an Afternoon’s Stroll

Here’s a small bag with space for a bottle or two, your cell phone, some small items, such as a wallet and brush, and, most important to me, a box for wipes. The interior of the bag is insulated, so even though bottles are not completely covered, enough will be in the interior of the bag to stay cold or warm for the length of your outing.The handles of the bag attach to handlebars by sticking to themselves. To carry the bag in your hand, stick the handles to each other.You won’t find enough room in this bag for long trips, but for an afternoon’s outing, it has plenty of room.To my eye, the blue cover on the wipes container detracts from the overall appearance of the bag, and I would choose black for this rather than blue, but this is a matter of opinion rather than usefulness.FOUR STARS!

Mallory Keauhou, HI

Compact, Yet Spacious Stroller Holder

This worked out well for out double umbrella stroller in a recent trip to Disneyland. We crammed it full with stuff, yet it clung to each side well without any problems. We liked it because it was easy to attach, and small enough to avoid bulk. It is especially good with smaller umbrella strollers that are always being folded up.

Ina Albany, TX

Covers the Essentials

What I really like about this product is that it covers the essentials – it holds wipes, a phone, and a bottle for baby/parent. When out for a walk with a tiny one, I have found that these are the essentials. It’s great to have an add-on stroller organizer that houses these items.

Gina Elizabeth, MN

Convenient, sturdy, and deceptively spacious

Finding a way to organize items such as bottles, wipes, a cell phone, and keys that is both convenient and and portable had been a challenge until we discovered this product. It’s large enough to hold all of the necessities of an afternoon, but not cumbersome. The Velcro straps are sturdy and long enough to accommodate many stroller types. While it doesn’t replace a diaper bag or purse, it has been useful for running errands and taking walks.

Gale Clarkson, NE

Gets Your Act Together

This stroller organizer solves numerous problems. My favorite feature is the cellphone pocket. Genius! But I also appreciate the insulated compartments for drinks (either my own water or a sippy cup,) the extra storage pockets (one is for wipes,) the fact that this tote sleekly hangs from the stroller’s handlebar and that it can be removed to use as an independent tote.This would make a great baby gift.My stroller is now like a pack donkey. Very efficient.

Vanessa Waldron, WA

Permanently attached to my stroller!

On short outings, I prefer not having to take a large, heavy stroller so I prefer the umbrella stroller but my only issue has been that it has no storage! This organizer solved that problem. The two cup holders fit water bottles and reusable plastic cups. Wipes are always useful to have on hand, especially when going to the park! and the large pocket is perfect for tissues and keys. I wouldn’t put anything heavier in it. The light stroller tended to tip!

Noemi Grand Mound, IA