BRICA Super Scoop Bath Toy Organizer

BRICA Super Scoop Bath Toy Organizer

Your child will love gobbling up bath toys with the Super Scoop and you’ll love how simple it makes keeping your tub clutter free. The wide mouth and handle make it easy to scoop up toys and the cute fish-shaped hook hangs securely on the bathroom wall to drain and dry. With plenty of room to pack in all your dolls, boats and rubber duckies, bath time is more fun for everyone!

Main features

  • Super-strong Push-Lock suction cup securely mounts to tile and fiberglass tub walls
  • Mesh fabric increases air flow so toys dry quickly to help prevent mildew
  • Super Scoop’s extra-large mouth gobbles up toys
  • Easy & fun for kids to put away their bath toys
  • Perfect way to store toys while they dry

Verified reviews


Fell off the shower wall within 1 day

I reviewed several bath toy organizers and settled on this one because so many people said it was the only one they found that stayed on the wall. Plus, the price was right. I hung it up in the evening after work and the next day I heard it fall. So I thought “Well, maybe I didn’t get it suctioned up there very well” so I tried again and it fell down within hours. I threw the thing in a drawer in the bathroom and haven’t used it since. Very disappointed. I should also mention that I had only put two rubber duckies and 3 little floating animals (smaller than rubber duckies) in there. It was VERY light.

Maria Playa Del Rey, CA

Great for kids and less clean-up for moms/dads!

This is a fantastic product for our bathtime. We have a 2 year old who loves to play in the bathtub. We have one of those large jetted tubs and she enjoys bathtime even more now. We do too, now that the mess is corralled. When you’re done with the bath, just gather up all of the toys and throw them in the basket! You can put it on the catch or just hold it while cleaning up and it’s a cinch to do so.The Brica is a teal colored basket that looks like it belongs on a Jai Alai player. It has a large handle with a white cap, which is perfect for 2 year olds to hold. The basket sits on a base and easily removes for access. The bag is mesh and extremely deep. We mounted it at the top of our tub and it reaches to the bottom when full with toys. It’s relatively large and spacious, and holds all of our child’s toys including foam letters, a few waterproof books, and other assorted knickknacks that she uses in the tub. The suction is attached by use of a white button which adheres the suction to the tub using extra strong suction without having to lick the back and hope it sticks like most suction cups.CONS – the suction tag is small and very hard to reach and once you put it on, it’s staying on for the most part, unless you spend some time trying to access it. But this protects it from prying 2-year old hands so that’s a positive in my eyes. Another issue is that the basket sits on a little catch which is made of plastic/vinyl, and I get the feeling that next time my 2-year old gets frustrated and yanks the basket off, it will simply break. It would be much better if there was a catch on the top as well requiring 2 hands to remove the basket – personal preference of course – that way the catch wont have any chance of breaking. But this way allows for our 2-year old to easily remove it, so hopefully my fears are unfounded and it will last a long time. Finally, the suction does not work well on any surface that is not perfectly flat and smooth. We have tile on the sides above our tub, and it will not hold to the tile, so if you have a full-tile bathtub, beware as this may not work well for you. It works great on tubs – has been up for a week now without any concerns.Otherwise, the basket is fantastic. Large enough to hold all of your child’s toys and contain the mess, but small enough that it’s not so obtrusive. I rate it 5 stars despite the minor issues as it’s totally worth it!

Effie Eldora, IA

Unable to breathe tile

I tried to put him on the tile to breathe, do not know why it fell off a while, tried many times will not work, very depressed, the key is to put a bath in a few blue floating toys. . .

Nora Mer Rouge, LA

Waste of MONEY

This does not hold and it keeps falling off. What a waste of money and time to return this crappy product. Do not buy this!

Tommie Lindenhurst, NY


Hold a ton of weight! never falls!! Holds a good amount of toys too. We love it!

Lily Elkton, MI

Perfect. Had no idea how useful it really is

Perfect. Had no idea how useful it really is!

Nina Benton, MO

Very good

I like it, however the suction cup wouldn’t stay on the wall for me. My husband made it work though! Very good quality material and is good for storing bath toys.

Alexandra Tatum, SC

Fun, needs a bigger suction cup for size

My kid likes the scoop action, which makes cleaning up more fun for her. But for the size of the basket, this could use a bigger suction cup, as it tends to slide down the wall a ways under the weight of the toys.

Beatrice Gaines, PA

So far so good

Before getting this product I had been using a step stool with storage in it for our daughters’ bath toys. However, they were a little bit too closed off and therefore I was afraid they would get moldy in there. I decided I wanted a product to keep the toys more out in the open so they could dry better. This product seemed to be the cheapest of all of the similar type products out there. I really like it so far. I haven’t had any issues with it falling down. I have a smooth tub so that probably is part of the reason it stays up so nicely. It holds a good amount of toys, I have a couple of barbies, a set of foam shapes, a turtle temperature tester, a couple of rubber duckies, a few squirters and then a couple of soft sponge type toys in it. My daughter really likes that she can use the toy itself to scoop up all of her toys when she is done the bath.

Geneva Pine Bush, NY

Great storage

As long as you clean the spot before you hang this up it stays up there perfectly! Ours has fallen down a few times (in the middle of the night of course) but it’s not that big of a deal to put it back up. I love that the basket part detaches to scoop the toys up. I was weary that the mesh might get nasty, but so far no problems! Now my son (22 months) likes to use it to play basketball with his toys!

Ollie Readfield, ME

Doesn’t stick

I’m giving it two stars just because I think it’s cute, but it does not stay up, no matter what I’ve tried. My tub walls are smooth but slightly porous so I thought it would stay up but it never, ever does. I ended up returning it.

Misty Thelma, KY

Holds bath toys!

The bag is great for storing toys in between kid scrubbings. However, the suction cup holder is lame, lame, lame. Can’t get it to stay stuck to anything. Considered using Gorilla Glue, but I’m a renter. If you want something that for sure hangs out of the way, look elsewhere.

Sonja Reserve, NM

Works Great!

Sticks to my tub perfectly! I wanted something to stick to the tub rather than our marble tile and this works great. The scoop makes toy pick up a breeze, and the mesh lets the water drain out between baths.

Kelly Fort Defiance, AZ

This is so cute

Bought this product to corral the bathtub toys and I love the fact that it has a wide mouth and sits right into the holder attached to the tub wall. Its perfect for my tub!

Jeanie Willard, MT

Non SUCK tion

No matter what I try, this thing will not stick to the tile. Of course it always falls with a loud clatter waking the baby. So disappointed.

Maura Glenwood, AL

Perfect for Bathtub toys

Perfect to store those bathtub toys in, great suction as it has not fallen down with a toddler pulling on it and throwing toys at it.

Irene Hatfield, PA

Didn’t work for me

This would not suction to my wall. My tile is slightly the textured but not much. Not sure what to do with it now.

Carolina Mystic, GA

Does not stick to tile, but I got it to work for me

As other reviewers mentioned, the suction cup did not stick to my completely smooth bathroom tile. So frustrating. But I used some waterproof, removable Command Strips to stick the bracket to the wall and it’s been hanging solidly for several months now. Now that it works, I love it! It’s a good size for our small bathroom and I like that everything inside dries well between uses.

Colleen La Grange Park, IL


This basket toy holder holds a lot, a lot of toys! It’s great to have in the tub to help scoop up all the toys after bath time

Ruthie Ozone Park, NY

Best bath toy holder I’ve found.

I have tried a lot of these bath toy holders of all kinds and sorts. This is by far the best one I’ve tried. It sticks to the wall really well. It doesn’t slide down once placed.The handle on the front is great and makes it easy to get floating toys our of the water.THe basket part comes off the wall mount part and just slide back on really easy when you’re done. I love that. Most I’ve tried are permanately on the wall and you have to pick up toys one by one.

Anne Woodville, WV

Holds toys and drains well

This holds a lot of toys and sticks well to our tile wall. The hard plastic handle is designed so the water will drain out of it if it is submerged. We haven’t had any trouble with it falling off the wall and it has a lot of capacity.

Sherri Engelhard, NC


This holds the wet bath toys in one place, keeps them tidy, and they get to drip dry, nicely. I like the design and would recommend this item for storing, neatly, wet bath toys.

Antonia Concord, VT

Nice bath toy organizer

Pros:- good looking- easy to clean- does not promote mold- suction cup keeps it in place- movableCons:- did not find so farI have it way up high and every evening when bath time is over I am taking it down and my son knows that it is time to clean up. Have had this product for 3 weeks or so and so far no mold, no complains.It looks good in the bathroom and I like an ability that it could be moved anywhere I want.

Maxine Poulsbo, WA

are sending back

I guess I should have done better research but this is too small for many of my babies bath toys. the opening is quite narrow. Am sending back and getting a different one.

Tamika South Sutton, NH

great toy holder

Great bath toy bath item, however only 4 stars because the suction cup will not work on a shower wall with the small tiles (too many air spaces) or any tiles with any sort of waxy finish, must be cleaned of all soap scum or tile wax. I stuck this one to the shower door, so far so good.

Katy Silver Lake, IN

Hardly ever stayed up

the suction cup on the one I got wasn’t good, it hardly ever stayed up, we were disappointed with it and had to return it.

Roslyn Rexford, MT

Broke after 8 months

The suction cup is VERY strong and I never had a problem with it. But the small piece of plastic that holds the suction cup onto the big blue piece broke after 8 months. We only have foam bath toys and a few cups in there so it’s not too heavy, but I’m not thrilled with the quality as I expected it to last longer. Also, it molded where the net touches the tub wall.

Nancy Logan, UT


I’ve tried EVERYTHING to get this piece of junk to stick to the bathroom tile with no luck! The Boon Frog Bath Toy Scoop is way better and worth the extra money as it actually sticks to the tile.

Katelyn Brethren, MI


We love this bath toy organizer. It fits tons of little bath toys and never ever falls down. We have tile shower walls. Plus, the toys dry out quickly since it’s mesh.

Valeria Knoxville, AR

Great addition to bathtime!

This bath scoop is such a genius idea. It has made clean-up after my daughter’s bath a breeze and I have had zero issues with it sticking to the wall. I read the recommended "instructions" which is ridiculously simple… clean the surface and make sure both the suction and the wall are dry and that’s it. It’s not rocket science. We have a un-porous shower wall which may have contributed to the ease of the process. Overall, I’m very happy with the purchase and even if it doesn’t hold up for a super long length of time, it would be worth the seemingly small price.

Sondra Calumet, OK