BRICA UV Alert Window Shade, Gray

BRICA UV Alert Window Shade, Gray

Brica UV Alert Shade helps block bright sunlight and glares from bothering baby. Helps filter harmful UVA and UVB rays. Pull tab changes color to alert parent of high UV levels. Simple installation and removal. One push release button for easy roll up. Two attachment options fit most vehicles. 30% wider and longer than most shades (20″ x 15.75″).

Main features

  • Helps block bright sunlight and glare
  • Pull tab changes color alerting parent of high UV levels
  • Simple installation and removal
  • Two attachment options fit most vehicles
  • One push release button for easy roll up

Verified reviews


They Melted…

I was very excited to find these shades that went over the window so my daughter couldn’t yank them down. But I live in Houston and our cars get HOT in the summer and the shade melted to the top housing. If you never want to retract it again, it’s not a big deal, but if you want to retract it or move it and live in a very hot climate, this is not the product for you.

Cora Centralia, IL

Good shad but also good obstruction of visibility

The shade itself is built well and the mounting works surprisingly well. The only complaint I have would be the obvious one that it obstructs your view out the window. So if you put your kid on the passenger side so you can see and respond to their needs (as I suspect a lot of people do) you can’t see well out that window. I suppose that is just the tragic flaw of any window shade though.Otherwise this is a fine shade and I’d recommend.

Elba Bromide, OK


I don’t like this product very much. It doesn’t stay on my window when I roll up and down, and it also makes it very hard to see out the window as I’m driving. I’m still looking for a sun shade that I like and hangs well. No luck yet.

Mallory Utica, MI

It blocks the sun

it blocks the sun but you gotta be careful removing the suction cup since its very strong and i tried to use my nail and got a cut under my nail.

Marva Woodstock, VA


4 stars because the suction did not work on one of the shades and won’t stay suctioned on the other one. But it is still cute and now they just hang down instead of being attached at bottom. Still does exactly what it is supposed to.

Lottie West Bloomfield, MI

Seems okay

Got mine today. I’ve been comparing several sun shade for days until I decided to get this one, despite of the negative reviews about it. Quite happy for now. Here’s several points of what made my decision and what I thought about it.- I dislike our cling shade which I always forgot it’s there whenever I opened the window (there it goes to the floor and I have to reattached it for the many time).- I like the fact our car won’t be a running advertising board (it’s plain grey outside).- The plastic part seems like okay quality, no surprise if the other reviewer said it melt. For some reason, I thought the clip would be metal (my mistake), it’s from plastic also.- It is small, doesn’t cover the whole window. My car is Honda Fit and our son carseat located in the middle. I want something to protect him from sun when I’m driving on mid day. I don’t mind about the size of this and it was my mistake for not measuring my window wide.- I like the fact you can clip it to window since I don’t trust suction cups’ life (I mean, I read so many reviews the cups fell off after a while). But I don’t think I would leave it on clipped for (car) safety issue since it does make the difference on the (window) seal.- I don’t care much about the bottom suction. Actually this is one of the point I picked this one, because it stayed as you pull it (and you need to push the button to retract it). And I don’t care much if the house melted and cannot be retracted afterwards.

Gloria Rapelje, MT

Well Made Product

I put this on my window so my baby doesn’t get the sun in his eyes. It works great. It covers a good portion of the window but not all of it. Easily lengthen or shortened. Very easy to move/remove to use in multiple vehicles. I would say it block 90% so the sun doesn’t shine in the baby eyes or wake him.

Greta Calvert, AL

Could be better, and should have known better.

Too expensive, saw a better one at Walmart for 7.99. Also it broke. Was unable to pull shade back up. First attempt and it was broken.

Lesley Cantrall, IL

Broke after a short while!

We had 3 of those in total and all 3 of them broke after a short time.One of them, the hook broke off, 2 of them did not roll back in and the part that is supposed to stick to the window also kept on falling off. I can not recommend this window shade.

Leila Madison, NY

Very happy with product. Cute design on shade

I bought this shade to go on opposite side of back seat than where my toddler sits. It is cute. It has clips where you can attach the top to window rim so when you roll up window it holds shade in place and also comes with suction cups to hold the top of shade on window. I have not used these suction cups and do not plan on since I rarely have luck with them sticking. The suction cup that holds the shade down at the bottom does however stick very well to window. Also, I have heard the shades that are completely held by suction cups could be a hazard if vehicle is in an accident, they could fly off. I will be purchasing another shade to go on window by my son’s seat since he tears these up and I will need new one soon. The one there currently is not this brand. Even if he does tear up the new one, I do not see this as a reflection of product but a reflection destruction of two year olds. I have read reviews that state this product is flimsy. I do not feel this is accurate. I have not come across a shade that feels any more sturdy. Also plan on purchasing this shade for new truck we just purchased.

Carly Purmela, TX

Great for 6 months

I love these shades but one of mine broke after about 6 months of use. I attempted removing it from my former car to put in the new one and it didn’t make the transfer. The shade part got caught up in the rolling area and the release button doesn’t work. But as long as it was stationary, I had no complaints.It also looked very nice (inside and out) and not tacky like some of the shades.

Shannon Lindsay, TX

Great window shade

This is the best window shade we have found thus far. It is easy to hang, and stays put (others we have tried have fallen off easily all on their own). I like the easy retraction function just by pushing a button. I also like that if I roll down the window, the bottom suction pops off quickly but the whole thing does not fall off completely; the top two suction cups keep it in place. The only reason it did not get a 5th star is because I wish it was just a bit wider to cover more space of our window (we have a CRV).

Jodi Marietta, OK

Used it on my front door!

My house faces west and in the afternoon you can hardly touch the front door. The door has a window and I couldn’t find anything to cut down the heat from that window until I found this Brica Window Shade. It is a little smaller than the window but does a great job of cooling down the area inside the front door. It has been sticking for the last 4 days with no slippage. It is a little too big for my car, but I bought some other shades for those side windows. I am including a picture of what it looks like. I love it!

Rosemary Opelousas, LA

Would recommend these shades.

Love these shades! Had one, bought another for baby #2. Easy to roll up (with a little fussing, but not too bad) and covers most of the backseat window in my Toyota.

May Baroda, MI

Broke Quickly

If you forget this is in the window and open it, the product breaks. So beware that no matter how hot it is, you cannot open the window if this shade is in. Otherwise it’s cute.

Geraldine Noonan, ND

Three Stars

Does the trick but allows air rushing noises because the window can’t shut completely

Joy Waterloo, SC