Bright Starts Activity Jumper, Pretty in Pink

Bright Starts Activity Jumper, Pretty in Pink

Babies will jump with joy for the Pretty In Pink Jumper. Unique platform provides a stable place for baby to play. The jumper grows with baby and the seat spins 360 degrees for access to all activities. Music station with piano and silly sounds reward baby’s jumping.

Main features

  • Quilted jumper seat spins 360 degrees for continuous fun Seat has 4 adjustable height settings
  • Music station with piano and silly sounds reward baby’s jumping
  • Six adjustable height settings
  • Machine washable seat pad
  • Jumper lays flat for storage
  • A portion of the proceeds goes to support breast cancer research and awareness

Verified reviews


Nice, but not as good as the F-P Jumperoo

After the smashing success we had with the Rainforest Jumperoo for my grandson, I was sold on the idea of a jumper, rather than something like an Exersaucer for my granddaughter. So, when my granddaughter (2.5 mos) started showing signs of boredom unless ‘standing’ and bouncing, or being constantly walked around, we decided to pick up a jumping apparatus for her.I looked all over the internet for something that wasn’t identical to the Jumperoo. Nothing really caught my eye, and living in a rural community, we decided to make the trek to the evil empire (Walmart) and found these for $65. They had jumperoos for $95 there, but we decided to get this because of the 5 height adjustments, rather than the 3 heights on the Jumperoo. And, the fact that this can be easily disassembled and transported in the car.Overall, the quality seems fine, the piano will most likely come in handy in the future, and she’s actually able to sit in it without ‘drowning’ in the seat. (The jumperoo’s seat was much deeper.) The springs seem to be a little tighter than Jumperoo, which may or may not be a good thing. My only real issue with this, when compared to jumperoo is the quality and assortment of toys. Yes, we can hang her own ‘stuff’ on it, but there doesn’t seem to be any real good spinny or pop-up devices to intrigue a child and hold their interest. If they release some toys we can mount, and include spinning or pop up features, I’ll change my rating to a 5.BTW, at 2.5 months, her feet are only about 3″ off the ground on the lowest setting, which isn’t bad at all. We raised it to the top setting and put a small footstool under so she could get a grip and start bouncing.

Mari Colt, AR

LOVE this product!

I bought this on a SUPER clearance (by chance) and am SO glad I did (we were just going to borrow one from a family member) – my daughter loves it. She’s 16 weeks and can’t reach the floor yet so we put a pillow underneath her feet and she does fine…she jumps like crazy in it! She loves the piano (we have it on the setting to make noise/lights when she moves/jumps) and the flower with the face. I, too, have it tricked out with extra teething toys attached to links all over for her (I just don’t have the link dangling from the bars)…and she loves it! She spends hours in there!! We haven’t had any issues with it being too stiff for her to move or jump…

Courtney Reads Landing, MN

Could not live with out!

I came on to review this product because it is what keeps me sain (so I shipped this one to have at my parent’s house for when we visit). My son absolutly loves it!!…however when I bought it a month or so ago it was only ~$60. I though this was a great deal b/c the one I have at my house cost $100. Reguardless of the price it is built well and can withstand the strength of my baby. Only one complaint is that we adde some of our own toys (which it allows you to easly do) but I wish it came with a few more hanging toys. Otherwise we LOVE it!!

Herminia Kotlik, AK

Great buy

I would recommend this to anyone who has a busy-body infant. This thing is great, sturdy, cost effective, useful, and my son has a good time in it.

Lynne Fort Ripley, MN

Pretty good

baby’s still growing, so she can’t quite fit in it w/out assistance. My only beef would be it almost has too much on it, pretty busy looking. Perhaps over-stimulating? And no wheels?! (my hubby neglected to tell me this).

Blanche Gouldbusk, TX

This is a pretty great Jumper.

This jumper took some getting used to from our baby. She is now 6 months old and has been loving this for the past month. Before that she liked it a little bit, but couldn’t turn herself or do much. At first I thought maybe the Rainforest was better, even though it was so ugly. It is easier to jump in. Now she can jump up a storm, she just laughs and smiles all the time. I love that I can hang any toys I want from three different loops on each side, and also I can attach toys to the flowers and hte little loop by the tray. It was easy to put together and she could reach the floor from the first time we put her in it. This toy may seem unneeded, but it gives us some time without baby in our arms, and she has a ball while shes at it. The tug toys are great with this, especially the ones that vibrate or play songs. The music from this little piano is surprisingly not annoying at all.

Mae Walpole, NH

great Jumper/Excersaucer

I love this jumper, i ad originally bought this jumper for the babysitter. But i would up giving them the old Fisher Price Fold up one.It’s a little complicated to assemble but my hubby did it in 30mins I love how it’s adjustable for the different heights so he’ll have this one for a while. I love that it has places to attach more toys. It’s a great value and you can fold it down idf needed too

Yesenia Glendale, OR

Great product!

This is going to be great for my baby when she get’s a bit bigger- she’s 4 1/2 mos and not yet tall enough to touch the ground (even on the lowest setting)… we still put her in it for a bit and she enjoys all the colors and lights/music. But she can’t bounce yet… I love how colorful it is- exactly as the picture shows- and all the options to hang other toys. Can’t wait for out LO to grow big enough to use it more often 😉 my ONLY complaint is it’s a bit tough to adjust the height- I had to have my husband do it- but otherwise, it was fairly easy to put together and looks great!

Mona Sedgwick, CO