Bright Starts Around We Go Activity Station, Doodle Bugs

Bright Starts Around We Go Activity Station, Doodle Bugs

Designed to grow with your baby through the toddler years, the Bright Starts Around We Go 2-in-1 Activity Center is a must-have activity center sure to entertain for years to come. Featuring an innovative seat that rotates 360 degrees, this comfortable walker moves smoothly around the table top to give baby full access to all toys and activities! Once your child is walking on their own, you can easily remove the walker and convert this play center into a toddler activity table. With more than 15 activities to choose from, your little one has hours of fun ahead of them. Activities include a piano station with three play modes, bead chaser, popping characters, and a spinner with sliding frog. About Bright Starts and Kids II Bright Starts is part of the Kids II family. Kids II was founded in 1969 when a grandmother came up with a great idea to keep infants from slipping in the bathtub. Since then, Kids II has been inventing ingenious solutions and brands for today’s families. The Bright Starts family of products brings you high-quality, innovative, and relevant products that delight Baby and don’t strain your budget. They have a large line of award-winning products infused with clever and engaging features that will spark smiles and laughter while helping Baby develop. Start the fun with Bright Starts! Easily converts from walker to toddler activity table. Recommended for 4 mos. and older; up to 25 lbs.. 15+ activities including piano station with 3 play modes. Machine-washable seat pad. Seat rotates 360 degrees for interactive fun. Dimensions: 37W x 22D x 25H in..

Main features

  • Plastic, Polyester
  • Other toys include frog popper, spinner ball, ratcheting bee stalk toy and mirror station
  • Removable toy tray is easy to clean
  • Designed to grow with baby through the toddler years
  • Rotates 360 degrees allowing baby to walk around play table
  • Three play modes with two plush stalk toys

Verified reviews


Cheap Plastic Junk

Update. My son is three now. I’ve changed the review from a 3 to a 4. He was too young for it when I first wrote this, and it’s true I’m not a fan of plastic. However, it last a long time and we have passed it down to my nephew. It’s still as good of shape as when we first bought it.

Kathie Radium Springs, NM

Best Safety “Walker”!

My son is about 17 Weeks Old, but very big, around 26.5 inches and he can begin to “walk” with the help of this toy! He loves to stand up and hates to be lying down any more, so this toy is perfect for when he wants to be active. At his height, he is just about able to stand with flat feet, but because he is still a bit wobbly, we do cushion him in the back of the seat.My older daughter had a stationary type excersaucer but she was in the center and could only rotate within the toy to reach the toys, I really like that this one gives him a large radius of about 4 feet that he can really move. The seat spins too, so he can turn and look 360 degrees.It is definitely easier to use on hard wood floors. We had an area rug with low pile, but it made it hard for him to move easily. We removed the area rug and now it moves much easier on the bare wood floors.My son has been using this for a few weeks now, and I can tell that it will be one of the best investments we have made. I have a $200 swing, that he hates, a floor activity mat also by bright starts, that he does like, but only for short periods of time for tummy time. This is the only activity that we can put him in for about 20 minutes or so that keeps his attention, and I can try to eat a little dinner before I breastfeed.TIPS FOR BUYING AT THE BEST PRICE: $86 shippedI researched the cost of this toy and all of the online and local brick and mortar stores and I found that the best price shipped, was to buy at BED BATH AND BEYOND or BUYBUYBABY and have it shipped. If you go to either store physically, you can use either BBB coupon and get 20% off the price. They do charge $10 for shipping, but all said and done, I paid a total of around $86 (included tax and shipping to the house) which is still better than amazon, and that included my states 6.25% sales tax. I don’t have a BuyBuyBaby close to me, but Bed Bath and Beyond will honor the same coupons and will order in the store for you. It came very quickly, around 3 days, even though they quoted me about two weeks to arrive. They didn’t seem to stock them in either store, but they may at various locations.

Elisabeth Marshall, WI

Dangerous! be aware it can fall apart!

I really wanted to like it since my son seems to like it. When we first received it, my husband assembled it and told me it’s a poor quality product. well I still wanted to like it. and then seat part my son was in fell apart from the main station. I thought something wasn’t tightened properly. so I put it together. luckily my son wasn’t hurt.then yesterday one leg fell apart and my son fell. and that’s it. I won’t use this one anymore.I found holes on the leg supposed to be smaller than 2 screws to attach to the seat but obviously the holes are too big.If I can return, I’ll return it,

Gena Brant, MI

I cannot rave about this product enough!

This might be the most adorable exersaucer ever! I love it’s unique design. I found it very easy to setup (once you have the screws in the table it lines up just fine), and I got it done in about 20 minutes.What I am super happy about, and what I haven’t seen mentioned anywhere, is that you can remove the top of the play table and set it flat on the floor. This is great for a baby who sits but maybe isn’t ready for the walking portion of the toy yet. (Although my son would be totally ready to get going in this toy, at 5 months and average height his feet don’t reach the floor yet while in it.) I can still get use out of it by setting the table top on the floor and sitting him next to it. I sit with him to make sure it doesn’t slide on the carpet and to rotate it so he can reach the different activities. (He is not crawling yet.) He loves the different activities already!I had been debating between this and the Leap Frog Activity Table, but didn’t want to get both as they basically have the same final stage. I am so glad I chose this one!

Imogene Blandinsville, IL

Very Poor Plastic Construction- Plastic doesn’t fit together, seat won’t rotate, bearing wheels falling apart

Spent hours trying to put the two main pieces (blue stand)and the yellow seat collar together. Very poor plastic construction, both blue pieces don’t fit together perfectly. Big crack in the middle. This part is important because the seat collar goes around it. If there is crack, the seat won’t rotate! The bearing wheels in the seat collar won’t stay in place. Everytime I tried to snap the collar to the blue stand piece, the bearing wheels got twisted. Not all of them stays in place where it should be. Some got stuck. I tried to rotate the seat collar around, it only moves with great adult force. Nice concept but poor workmanship. Among all the baby entertainment center I bought (Fisher Price Jumper, Graco Baby Einstein Activity Center, Evenflo Exersaucer, Combi Walker) this Bright Start brand is by far the most difficult to assemble or take apart. Very frustrating. Toys on the other hand, are very atractive and interesting. The piano makes different sound, and the songs are more lively…not classical music (which I am already tired of, almost all toys play classical musics). It will be perfect if the main pieces are nicely molded to fit perfectly so everything runs smoothly.

Sonya Padroni, CO

Fun…toys a little bland

When we first got this activity center our daughter was not yet tall enough to walk around it. She did however, get use out of the toys. But…they really aren’t that interesting. I feel that for the price there could be more educational elements. Now, that she is taller and can move around the activity center, she really seems to enjoy it! She likes to just walk/run in circles around it. It’s pretty fun to watch and great practice for her. I think the “go round” feature is good enough to make this product worth recommending. It is much better than traditional walkers. It’s also nice that once she is big enough to not use the seat it comes off and you can still use the table. The cup holder/eating tray will probably get more use once she is a bit older. I thought that the tray feature would be nice for snacks such as Gerber puffs but, when she is in the seat she seems a bit too far back from the tray for grabbing and eating a snack to be enjoyable. Overall, this is a pretty great toy. I would buy it again. Would really like to see this item in pink :-). If you’re trying to decide between this and an excersaucer…I say go with this…at least it won’t make the clunk clunk sound. My recommendation is to buy this and the fisher price laugh and learn jumperoo…then you get the learning and the jumping with the walking and the running :).

Lynnette Pulaski, TN

keeps my baby safe and happy

If you have an active child that is certain to get into something while in a conventional walker. This is definitely the product for you. Our daughter loves this. She is free to walk around her activity table (which even has a spot for snacks and juice). It plays music as well as keeps her occupied for hours. She can sit and watch TV, she can dance and play, but most importantly it keeps her safe while I am in the kitchen or working in the garage.

Brittney Blue Island, IL

Innovative walker

At first I was skeptical about this, but my 7 month old is already walking around this in circles! I think it’s a great idea and deviates from the traditional walker, saucer, or jumperoo. Just make sure you have the space for it because the full circle does take up a lot of space! And when my baby can already walk, I can remove the walker, and it can function as a stand-alone activity table. Great job Bright Starts!

Lora Montclair, CA

My son likes it but it’s HUGE

My son was using this from when he was around 4 months old until around 9 months. He liked the different variations of toys that are on the table. The last 2 months or so of him having this, he would run around the table chasing my husband and i – it was absolutely adorable!That said, this thing is pretty large, especially if you want to give your child the ability to go all the way around (you need a lot of space for it). We have a small living room and found it a little annoying to keep moving the coffee table over so our son would have room.The seat portion does come out leaving just the table which is great except that the table is very wobbely so my son (now 10 months old) constantly pushes it over. Maybe when he’s a little older.Bottom line, it’s great if you have a lot of space, but if you don’t, then a regular exersaucer may be a better solution.

Miriam Castle Hayne, NC

Great for prewalkers!

My son loved this toy! We bought this for him when he was 5 months old, and he loved it! He regularly played with it in and out of the seat until he started walking around 13 months. He got a kick out of pushing the seat around the table like a push toy. I just recently put it away and will bring it out again when the newness of walking wears off some.

Maryann East Durham, NY

Great concept, just needs to stay put

I got this as a gift and my baby played with this since he was 6 months or so. He mainly enjoys the piano and the flipping the pages. He is now 15 months and occasionally plays with it now. My main gripe about this toy is that it does not stay put. The rubber pieces at the bottom that are supposed to give the toy traction are constantly falling off. I tried to super-glue them on, and they still fall off. I have hardwood, so the toy slides very easily around. My son kept dragging the toy around the house like a walker, and would bump his head on the table or something. I would rather he had a walker if I wanted him to be mobile around the house at that age. Also, when he started to walk, he would RUN around and around in circles in this thing, to the point I had to stop him because I worried he was making himself dizzy. Overall, don’t think I would have bought this, there are probably better options.

Amelia Beccaria, PA

A hybrid between a jumperoo and an activity table

We bought this when our baby was about 9 months old and wasn’t yet standing by himself. We thought this looked like a great way to get him used to “standing” in the side chair. It’s a really cute design and has fun toys on the table. It’s great that he can move around the table in the chair as it helped him practice “walking”. However, we already had a jumperoo and an activity table, and it was kind of a hybrid between both and unnecessary if you already have those two products. He’s 11 months now and can stand and walk while holding onto something, so we took the side chair away and he uses this as a second activity table. Again, unnecessary since we already had one, but with the added benefit that it has a non-skid bottom and stays in place.

Pearlie Custer, WI

Great table with lots of activities to keep baby engaged!

This table keeps my child’s interest and encourages her to stand and cruise. And above all she loves it and manipulates various buttons and eats her favourite puff snacks out of it. My daughter is 12mths now and is now attempting to walk on her own just to give you an idea. She’s really into it and flips the pages, plays music and looks back at us for requisite applause.After a few weeks of getting it (we got it when she was 8 – 9mths) we took out the chair because she hates being confined and it wasn’t even encouraging her to walk. So I recommend this toy, which is basically a table, for kids who can already sit-to-stand with assistance (or are trying).The negative reviews refer to problems with the chair. My daughter hardly used this part so can’t comment on it much other than for us it was worthless lol! The real value is in the table.

Josie Mc Lean, NY

Get a jumper instead

I was trying to decide between the Around we go and the rainforest jumperoo. I decided on the Around we go initially–based on how it would still function as an activity table as my child got bigger. Unfortunately, I never even put my child in the Around we go. Right out of the box, it just did not feel very well made. The plastic on the Around we go was warped and the pieces would not fit together for assembly. I tried, my mom tried, my husband tried. In the end, I felt that forcing it might jeopardize the structure and my child’s safety. I ordered the rainforest jumparoo in the end. It cost about the same and was made of much better quality materials–no assembly issues. Ordered the jumparoo as a second choice, thought as it turns out my daughter LOVES it.

Renae Salesville, OH

Best money we spent on a baby toy.

Since traditional "walkers" and more or less banned, this was a great way for my child to begin understanding the walking motion. At first she just sat there, playing with the toys – and thankfully the seat is adjustable, so she was always able to reach, no matter how old she was. She especially loved the piano and would "play" it for an hour. We set this up in our kitchen, and it would easily buy me enough time to get dinner prepped and in the oven. Now that my daughter is 18-mo, we removed the seat long ago, but she still loves playing the songs on the piano. How many toys go from 6-months to 18-months? Not that many!

Wendi Counce, TN

Kind of lame

Bought the Bright Starts Around We Go Activity Station (Tropical Fun) for my 5 month old son last week. I am pretty disappointed with it. The toys included are pretty lame and difficult to reach from the seat (my son is pretty tall for 5 months – 27.5 inches). We also own the ABC ExerSaucerEvenflo ExerSaucer SmartSteps – ABCand he much prefers that. Plus Evenflo sells “switch-a-roos” so you can rotate the toys to keep things interesting. I would definitely recommend the ExerSaucer over this Activity Station.

Estella Lewellen, NE

Great Product!

We’ve had this activity station for a couple of months now. My son is still quite interested in it. It has alot to keep him busy. At first he would just kinda stay in one spot unless I moved him b/c he was still very little. As he grew, he would begin to go around the whole table. Now he is a healthy 25 lb, 11 mos. old boy and he no longer fits in it. He’s outgrown the seat. When he walks around in it, his little feet touch the side of the wheel of the seat, b/c he stil isn’t walking by himself. When he isn’t inside the seat, he uses it to walk himself around holding on to it. However, I did give it 4 stars b/c as other reviewers have mentioned, it doesn’t stay in place. The little rubber soles on the bottom kept coming off once he was a little older and started to walk around more. He would move the activity station with him as he walked around. He would start on one spot and end up elsewhere, LOL.. It was funny b/c he would get a kick out of it, b/c he would just spin himself silly all around the living room. Granted it’s not safe, but I was always there with him. Eventually, we gorilla glued the soles so they wouldn’t come off. It worked for a while, but he is a strong little man, so we ended up just removing the seat and he just uses it now to help him stand up and likes to walk around it while holding on at the same time. My suggestion is always supervise when your child is in it. Glue the soles on the bottom so they don’t come off. Otherwise, it’s a great product.

Tonia Philipsburg, MT

Great one of a kind product

We just got this product for my 6 month old daughter. She has a bouncer and another activity center, but I wanted another station to put her in that was different than her other two. After looking around at the various products available this seemed like the most unique one I could find. I had never seen a center like this before, that the baby could actually move all the way around the table, instead of being stuck in the middle.When the package arrived I immediately opened it and decided I would put it together myself. My husband normally does this kind of thing, but I wanted to let my daughter use it right away so I gave it a shot. There were a lot of pieces to it, but the instructions were very easy to follow. The first step was screwing the two sides of the column together and that took me the longest. I realized once I was done that I spent way too long trying to get the seams perfect, when it really didn’t matter. After I got that part done it was smooth sailing. It probably took me 20 minutes to a half an hour total and that was with too much time spent on the first step. The product does take 3 C batteries. I have a huge selection of batteries at home, but didn’t have C (nothing ever takes C), so we didn’t hook that part up right away. Without the batteries my daughter was still able to enjoy the toy.At first she would just sit at the spot I put the seat, but the more she uses it the more she moves in it. Sometimes she just walks around in circles, not paying attention to the table at all. Other times she’ll just hang out in the seat facing outward so she can watch what her sister is doing. We have only had it for a week but she has really enjoyed it. It seems like it is great quality and should last a while. I initially wasn’t sure if I would need to keep the seat on the wood floor so it would roll better, but it rolls just fine on the carpet. You do need a good amount of space available for it, so the seat can rotate all the way around the table, but when it isn’t in use you can easily push it to the side. Overall I am very pleased with the product and I love having another option for my daughter to play in.

Fern Baldwinville, MA

so much fun

My 7 month old loves this, as does my 3 and 4 year olds. The keyboard is the center of attention, along with the clicking bug on the wavy stick. I debated between 2 systems and I am happy that I chose this one!

Iva Victor, ID

Very excited baby

The things I love about this is that it allows baby to move and see things at a different angle. She loves the piano on it and would try to move “walk” to the other side to play it. It kept her entertained for a very long time. The bright colors and fun sounds are perfect. The only drawback is I wished it had some bounce to the seat. It is very stable which is great but my little one is constantly bouncing which is hard to do in this. I bought mine from and was very happy with the customer service. If you use the code BAIL2798 you can get 20% off your whole purchase from all their sites. I am not sure of the cap off on the discount. Amazon also has good deals.

Margery Jacks Creek, TN

The best activity station / exersaucer / walker thingy

My 6 month old loves this activity station. The keyboard with the pages that flip and create different sounds is her favorite part. The fact that she has more freedom in it than a regular exersaucer keeps her happier. I considered getting a walker, but I didn’t want to worry about her wondering off too far out of site. This Bright Starts station keeps her in place and still allows her to move around.It takes up a larger amount of space, but it’s well worth it.

Ericka Piru, CA

Love it

A good friend recommended this product to me, and my twins LOVE it. They have so much fun going round & round…it’s as if it’s their 1st time playing with it! And it’s much safer than regular walkers.

Velma Golf, IL

Happy Customer

My daughter really enjoys this activity station. -She will sit in in 30-45 minutes which is a long time in a babies world. I also bought the Fisher Price Jumperoo …but she seems to like the activity center a little better. The only thing …and it might be just me…I had a hard time putting it together. (Then again this is not my forte).

Helene Lake George, MN

Two awkward

Don’t plan on your kids actually being able to scoot around this on their own. This also tipped over once. We used it as just the play station without the seat

Lula Catawba, SC

use to train my son to wak

I’m not as impressed with this as the baby einstein one, however when my kids were about 1 years old, we used this to help practice walking. My son was very lazy to walk & this really helped. We basically walked in front of him with a ball & made him tried to walk toward it. We got this for a lot more than what’s sold on here.

Chandra Newberry, MI

Best purchase ever

When shopping for my baby’s table I looked at all different styles, but they all left her just half standing there. This table is amazing; she can stand there and play, and then with the rolling wheels she can half walk to any other toy on the table that catches her eye. She’s getting tons of exercise and has learned to how completely stabilize her body from being in here. When she first started using it she was about 6 months old, and focused mainly on trying to keep her balance while she used her hands to explore the toys. She only liked to be in there for short bursts. Now she’s 7 1/2 months and has complete control, and makes her way through the toys with ease and loves to be in there. The chair does swivel so she can turn her body away from the table, – I wasn’t crazy about this at first but then realized this probably helped her when she was first using it to not get hurt as she tossed her body this way and that trying to master the movements. Now she uses it to turn towards us and check in, before turning back to play again. Best toy in our arsenal, and worth the extra money. Hubby says moderate ease of assembly.

Alyson Virgil, IL

Our 6 month old loves it!

We bought this for my mom’s house (our daughter’s grandmother) and boy does she absolutely love this thing! The moment she realized she could walk all the way around was hilarious– she had a huge smile on her face! I’m not sure how long it will be interesting to her– we will see!Putting it together was kind of annoying– it required a magnetic screwdriver (which my mom did not have), so we had to put part of the thing together upside-down utilizing gravity instead of magnets. I would suggest having a magnetic philips head screwdriver available to put this thing together.

Terra Smithboro, IL

Extremely light-weight. Supporting trunk is difficult to align, making the toy unstable.

For the pricing, I had expected something better. Certainly not the lightweight item that I saw my 6 months old baby dragging with him in when I put him inside. As in another review, I have to emphasize that my baby was at 50th percentile height and weight at 6 months then, thus it was really a shocking sight for me. Well, I should also mention something about the assembling too. Why weren’t there any spare nails provided, considering the price I paid for and the size of nails making them easily lost? In addition, the two halves of the blue supporting trunk were impossibly difficult to align. I had to use my chin, chest and part if my face to keep the two halves in alignment while attempting to screw the nails through. In the end, what I had was a lope-sided supporting trunking due to misalignment of the edges and overtightening of the nails. When I tried to unscrew the nails, it was another great hassle and the halves entirely came apart again. The second attempt of fixing brought me back to the same lope-sided supporting trunking, yet again, which eventually affected the stability of the activity station. Buy at your own risk of safety of your kid and wastage of your money!

Claire Centreville, AL

My 4 month old like this

My son loves the little keyboard, just goes to town on it which makes it well worth the cost but i find some of the stuff on it are hard to use for me even. like the fish are hard to push down and the bug is very hard to slide to get the dragon fly to spin. The rest of it is very cool.

Pamala Rothsay, MN

didn’t use as long as we hoped

because we didn’t want our little one wandering all over the house we thought this was a great idea. he really think so. he did play in it for a while but then he got mad because he couldn’t move around just in a circle. he played with some of the toys but mainly the noise makers. after he wouldn’t walk in the walker we took it apart and let him play with the table. that lasted a while it is sturdy but he just didn’t have interest in it for long. we are disappointed in paying that much and then he not liking it. not a product defect I don’t think.

Kate Loami, IL