Bright Starts Baby’s Play Place Deluxe

Bright Starts Baby’s Play Place Deluxe

This cheerful space adapts to your growing baby’s needs and provides endless ways to play. This Deluxe Edition features a Plush musical Ladybug, removable Prop Pillow, and Plush Snuggle & Teethe. Features: Walls reconfigure for baby’s development: Newborn, tummy time, crawling and sitting Removable prop pillow for tummy time play Plush Ladybug features 20 melodies and nature sounds for 25 minutes of continuous play Plush Elephant with teethable feet Rattle with colorful beads for auditory development Spiral bead chaser Extra large Mirror for self discoveryWater-filled Bee Teether soothes gums 2 character Links and 8 additional Fun Links™ for attaching more toys Product Measures: 44.5″ x 39″ x 18.5″ Recommended Ages: 0 months & up

Main features

  • Walls reconfigure for baby’s development: newborn, tummy time, crawling and sitting
  • Removable prop pillow for tummy time play
  • 2-in-1 electronic toy features 20 minutes of lights and melodies and also attaches to most cribs
  • Plush elephant with teethable feet
  • Rattle with colorful beads for auditory development

Verified reviews



Received this the other day. Much bigger than I thought and it’s a pain to fold up when not in use. I was also surprised that the music is not full length songs, but rather snippets. You have to press the button repeatedly to have the music play. Will see how it fairs when the child arrives. Overall, for the cost, not too impressed.

Nelda Pe Ell, WA

Awesome Play Mat!

We got this as a gift before our son was born, and we are so happy with it. We started putting him in it when he was just a couple of weeks old. He loved it right from the start, and as he has grown, he continues to love it! Now at 2 months, our son coos and wiggles around on the mat as the music plays. I find this music to be soothing and fun and not annoying, as many baby toys can be. I like the fold up sides as they keep the dog from laying on it (that way we can leave it out). The rings that are used for hanging down are great for adding some of your own toys (we have some other little toys that have rings for hanging). That gives our son (and us) some variety with play items. I like how you can adjust how far down the items hang with the rings by using more or less rings. Our son has just started noticing himself in the mirror. It’s great that all the parts can be rearranged to your liking or to vary things for your little one. I like that it will fold down to make a larger play area when our son gets bigger. This is totally worth the price…my son plays in it every day and absolutely lights up when gets on the mat!

Marcella Seal Rock, OR


We love this mat! it has lots of loops to hang extra toys if the ones it has are not enough. It has great music build in and wonderful “nature” music. We love the side walls especially because our daughter just learned to roll over and we know she is safe and within the gym. It is also very easy to wash and clean.

Debbie Fairfield, KY

Not as sturdy as in the picture!

I bought this for my baby a few months ago. The first thing I noticed is the shorter ends of the gym that fold up are not as sturdy as they seem in the picture. They are soft and just flop over. They collapse easily, so they won’t hold your baby in at all. The bottom of the mat is extremely thin and uncomfortable for baby. Mine at 4 months will not lay in it for more than 5 minutes before she starts crying (and she almost never cries). She doesn’t seem very impressed by it, the only toys we regularly use are the crinkling elephant, the mirror and the musical ladybug (which you also have to go into the battery compartment to turn on if you want it to play longer than 5 seconds). We use these toys in her Fisher Price Baby-to-Toddler rocker. Most of the other toys don’t make any sounds, they’re boring and just there to look at. This gym is totally not worth what I paid for it. Wish it were as sturdy as pictured and the floor of the mat was actually padded a bit (I know too thick and soft is not safe but this is ridiculous) – I keep this gym on a carpet and it is still very uncomfortable. Overall if I could do it over I would not pay over $35 for this – I paid nearly double that!

Deidre Elfrida, AZ

Great Product!

This is a great play gym. I would have liked the darker colors but that’s MY preference. The music, I think, is cheesy but it captivates my son so mission accomplished. It was easy to put together (and take apart and put together again in the move) and it’s very soft. My son will lay in it all day and kick at the toys and nap on the mat. I prefer the “tummy time” pillow included in this set to my boppy at this stage in my son’s development and he does really well on it. I’ve had no problems and I have no complaints. This play gym has been a LIFE SAVER!! Best product we’ve purchased after the pack ‘n play and swing.

Jacklyn Temple Bar Marina, AZ