Bright Starts Bloom and Rattle, Pretty in Pink

Bright Starts Bloom and Rattle, Pretty in Pink

Bright Starts Pink Bloom and Rattle Bright Starts Pink Bloom and Rattle engages baby in fun through exploration. Shaking produces a rattling sound that helps develop baby’s auditory senses. Its vibrant colors make it all the more attractive, developing baby’s visual sense, too. Why You’ll Love It: It is easy to hold with a fleece handle for a firm grip. Age: Newborn and up Features Fleece handle helps baby maintain a firm grip Fun rattling sound Crinkle petals encourage baby to touch and explore

Main features

  • Soft fleece handle is fun for baby to touch and easy to hold
  • Shake the colorful flower for a fun rattling sound
  • Crinkle Petals encourage baby to touch and explore
  • A portion of the proceeds from this item supports breast cancer research

Verified reviews


Pink rattle

My 3month old loves this. I shake this in front of her all the time and she smiles and tries to laugh. Every once in a while I’ll tap her in the head with it to get her attention and she just likes it’s the funniest thing. Love this and love how soft it is. Great for her to by with her like cousins.

Lilian Copemish, MI

Cute, well made

This rattle is adorable and sturdy. The crinkle petals seem to entertain my girls. My only complaint is the part they are supposed to grab on is a bit thick and a little difficult for small hands to grasp.

Tameka Friendsville, MD

My baby loves it!

It’s cute and easy to wash. Just put in washer and then dry on low heat. My baby loves this toy!

Krystal South Dennis, MA

babies’ favorite pattern is a face

At first our baby girl was not paying much attention to it, I think because the rattling noise is very quiet. But now, at 7 weeks age, this is one of her favorite toys. I think it is because it has the face drawn on it, and babies are very attracted to faces. She can stare at it for 15-20 minutes, occasionally cooing and smiling to it. So I just stick it in her bassinet between the mattress and the bassinet’s side and have safe 15 minutes to go about my own business.

Twila Wascott, WI

Fun, Perky, Baby’s First Favorite

Babies like faces, bright colors, and rattles. This rattle, which I lovingly named Pansy Poesy, has all that and more. The petals crinkle, the rattle is just loud enough but not obnoxious, and it’s soft so I didn’t worry about my daughter banging her head into it during tummy time. Her big eyes and smile completely engaged my daughter from the get-go. It was her first favorite toy – so much in fact that when I lost Pansy Poesy on a walk, I had to rush order another one! The only negative is that it’s near impossible for little hands to grip reliably (but what isn’t??). My daughter holds PP by the petals, and all is well. Oh, and she’s hard to wash, which is a bummer if your daughter loves her as much as mine did.

Laurie Baldwyn, MS

lovely little rattle

My daughter enjoys this rattle. It is soft and makes fun crinkly sounds. The handle is a little fat for her to grasp so far (5.5 months) but she enjoys it none the less. The little face is pleasant to look at. It also fits inside my purse easily. The fleece covering the handle is a little.. unesthetically pleasing and doesn’t seem to go with the rest of the flower design though.

Harriett Grand Junction, MI

Nice baby toy.

I bought this for my granddaughter. She has really been enjoying it. It is light weight, so if she drops it, it won’t hurt her or whatever it hits. Won’t crack either, the way some plastic can. This was a well thought out toy. Colorful, soft, light-weight, smiling face, good size to take along are all characteristics of a toy you want your child to have.

Bertie Heath Springs, SC

Great rattle!!

I bought this rattle for my daughter based on the great reviews that it got. I’m glad I did! My baby girl is now 3 weeks old and loves “Daisy” (the name we gave her). We introduced her to Daisy when she was about a week old. She stares at Daisy’s face forever when it is placed near her, and it makes a cute rattle sound when you shake it (a soft, calming sound). I definitely recommend for any baby girl!

Molly Lagrange, ME

Great for babies

I bought this as a stocking stuffer for my 1 month old daughter. Great, colorful, soft, and good price. Would buy again.

Sallie Ranchester, WY

cute and crinkly

my order arrived today i immediately open the package and read the cleaning instruction. its not machine washable. i need to clean it with a damp cloth and mild soap. but the best part is my daughter loves it and she’s enjoying teething the petals. she likes it a lot that when it fell out of her hands she’ll fuss.

Gilda Chatham, LA