Bright Starts Bounce-A-Bout Activity Center, Neutral

Bright Starts Bounce-A-Bout Activity Center, Neutral

Bounce, Spin & Rock in this fun filled entertainer. Unique bounce pad provides a soft surface for babies feet to play. Eight entertaining toys are within baby’s reach including a Ladybug Mirror that plays silly sounds when baby presses its nose. Overhead toy bar encourages baby to reach and grab. Seat spins so baby has access to all the fun. Features: Ladybug Mirror plays silly sounds Frog spinner Top Spinning Bee Rattle Ball Ratcheting Bug with crinkle fabric wings Lilly pad toy stalk with fabric edges Overhead toy arch includes teether and hanging Bumblebee Easy to clean toy tray Four toy loops for attaching more of baby’s favorite toys Three adjustable height settings in seat Additional Features: Lays flat for storage, Machine washable seat pad Awards: Parents Magazine Toy of the Year

Main features

  • Innovative bounce pad provides a soft surface for babies feet
  • Seat spins 360 degrees for full access to toys
  • Eight entertaining toys and includes a ladybug mirror that plays silly sounds
  • Three position adjustable height
  • Lays flat for storage, machine washable seat pad

Verified reviews


Pretty Little Waste of Money

My child doesn’t like being in this at all. My biggest complaint is it seems VERY uncomfortable so she only lasts about 5 minutes in it. Perhaps the seat should be a bit more sunken in. It doesn’t seem to be the safest either. The feet don’t stay in place which make the whole thing wobbly, the toy that hangs and swings by baby’s head is hard plastic. It is not bouncy – which was not very important to me however should be noted since it is called the “bounce about” – and the seat does not spin easily. I would not purchase this again and would never recommend this to a friend.

Georgia Lewisville, NC

Great for children who like to stand

My son absolutely loved his activity center. Its not much for bouncing but it does have quite a bit of spring in it which gets babies feet moving. My mom actually purchased this because my son loves to stand. If it wasn’t for the orange flower attachment I would have rated this activity center a 5 star. We actually don’t leave the flower attachment on due to the fact that my son bumped his head on it.

Constance Red Lodge, MT

Not really very bouncy for a ‘Bounce-A-Bout’

I got this because I have a Deluxe Jumperoo but noticed that my baby was having more fun in the exersaucers at daycare because he could turn around. He does like to jump so I tried to make sure that he could do both. Well of all the things we have for him he dislikes this the most and I don’t blame him. I personally hate it too. First, it’s a pain to put together, it doesn’t seem like the best quality, the little feet on the bottom are worthless and just cause problems, the bouncing part isn’t very bouncy at all, the 3 height adjustment is a joke and you would have to adjust then put baby in to see how the fit is and then remove to re-adjust. That’s too much hassle! The adjustment is just different snaps on the underside of the seat. Why do I want these things putting pressure on my little guys diaper area. Doesn’t seem very comfortable to me. Now I made the mistake of placing one of the toys in the wrong slot and had to move it. Let me tell you removing toys is extremely hard, even my husband who is a carpenter had a terrible time removing them. I, like he, couldn’t remove them with my hands. He needed plyers to squeeze the ends together to remove. That is just way too much work. All in all I would say it’s not nearly worth this much. If you want a better quality exersaucer then get an Evenflo one, if you want something nice and bouncy then get a jumperoo. We’ve gone and purchased a new jumperoo because they now have seats that spin 360 like the exersaucers. My son is much happier because now he can spin around and jump like a mad man. Don’t waste your money on this.

Kate Rayne, LA

Doesn’t DO much

Not exactly what I expected. Overall this toy has no sounds, not very inviting to a baby, and the bounce pad doesn’t provide any bounce. My baby is 7 months old and we purchased this when she was 4 months old and she is still not interested in playing with anything more than 5 minutes total. Also from 4.5 months until 7-8 months babies are obsessed with putting things into their mouths and this excersauser only frustrates them because nothing can be put into her mouth.We recently purchased a jumperoo for the same cost and that provides endless fun for her and it has very interactive toys and things she can put into her mouth.

Jimmie Marshfield, MA

Functional & Cute

We bought this activity center for my daughter when she was 4 months old. At 4 months she had no interest in a few toys, (although some she could not reach yet), as she developed further she later showed interest in all the toys. At 10 months she still enjoys playing in her activity center. She loves jumping up and down on the bouncy bottom, (and I’m glad she has a safe place to do so!). I like that this activity center is less busy than others and allows me to scoot it around the house without any problems. I must say the little snack tray definitely comes in handy!There are extra hooks to add your own toys to help mix things up so your child does not get bored.

Lynnette Ruther Glen, VA

Great product

My son LOVED this! We got it for him at 3 months old and just put it away at 8 months old. He could still fit in it, but since he has figured out how to crawl, he doesn’t like being stuck in a single spot so we upgraded him to a walker.

Olga Carterville, MO

Very cute for little girls.

Just bought this for my 4month old. She’s just a little bit too short to touch the bottom and she kind of slouches in the seat. I stuff a blanket all around her so she can sit up straight. She’s too little to really play with the toys but she likes to be able to sit up and see all thats going on around her. Its all pink, which I love. Its really cute and bright. You have to put this together but its relatively easy. You need a screwdriver for about 6 screws, but they’re easy to put in. The rest of the pieces pretty much just snap together. It took me about a half hour to do it by myself and my pesky 3 year old running off with the pieces I needed. I would definately recommend this to anyone. It’s got a lot of toys on it and extra anchors for you to add extras. I hope she likes using it when she gets a bit older. Maybe in a few more weeks.

Lula Grand Haven, MI

Very girly and cute, OK toy.

I got this as a baby shower gift and friend actually spent more then 45$. I think 45$ is fair price for this toy. I work with children and have used and seen many of these. You need to have realistic expectations about these kinds of toys. First, you cannot expect baby to be in it more then 15 minutes, also if you want to try to keep baby longer, you need to play with the baby. I read some reviews and get a feeling that moms just want to leave baby in this and go do other chores. This is not a toy for that. You cannot expect from a 4 month old be OK without the mom for long time. Maybe babies in daycare, but even there, many did not spent lots of time in bouncers and similar toys.This is a OK toy, would be better with music. Also you have to try these kinds of toys. What one bay likes, other maybe hates. You know your child the best.

Kathleen Berea, OH

Cute, but poorly designed.

Our daughter is in the 90th percentile for height and can’t touch the ground at 4 months. The spinning seat doesn’t spin. It must be turned manually by the parent so kids can’t choose their favorite toy. The overhead bar holds two toys that are out of reach. Including a teether that the baby wouldn’t be able to reach to their mouth until they’re about three years old. The bounce pad is stiff, and doesn’t bounce. Basically it was a really cute design with the best intentions of being fun but it appears nobody tested the prototypes when they came back from China. This is something I see again and again. Doesn’t anyone test the final product before shipping any more? Now I have to break it down, box it up, and shell out the extra 50 for the gawdawful Evenflo saucer that’s festooned with a zillion tacky widgets.

Dorothea Hemet, CA

Great product for babies

My granddaughter loved this bounce a bout, we got it for her when she was 3 months and she used it up to she was around 10 months old, now she is walking all over, but still goes to it and plays with the toys on it, and puts her dolls in it

Morgan Coalmont, IN

Great deal

Bought this for our daughter when she was four months old and in the 25th percentile for height and weight. We wanted something her feet touched the floor in and some reviewers said their smaller babies did touch. My daughter was able to touch the floor right away. At nine months she still plays in it. However, the toys are not easy to get on and a few fall off often but can be put back on. We usually give her other/additional toys to play with and there is open tray space to set those on. We use this in our bathroom and laundry room to keep her stationary while we do whatever we have to get done. Others complain this isn’t very bouncy — and they’re right — but this isn’t a bouncer. It’s meant to be a safe place you can put baby where s/he can play with toys and bounce a bit and keep them occupied while mom and dad do what they have to do. Bottom line is that it doesn’t look much different than the others like it at the store which are upwards of $80-100 and this does the job just as well. My daughter is happy enough with this saucer. I’m really glad I didn’t waste my money on one of the more expensive ones.

Imelda West Richland, WA

Not worth it

For a while we used this once my daughter started crawling to contain her for a couple of minutes because she couldn’t get out of it. She loved the toys on it, but didn’t use it enough to make the cost worth it.

Daisy East Flat Rock, NC

Adorable and Battery Free!

First let me start by saying I HATE TOYS THAT TALK! I didn’t have them when I was a kid and I’m trying to avoid them for my daughter. I had a hard time finding an exersaucer that didn’t make repetitive noises or require batteries. This one doesn’t. Yes, it rattles, crunches etc., but those noises are a result of your baby doing something, not just hitting a button over and over.I’ve seen some older reviews mention a mirror that talks. It’s not on the newer model.I put it together myself and it took about 25 minutes. It would have been much quicker if there had been written instructions instead of just pictures for the first few steps. This seems to be a trend in assembly required items lately.Once it got it together, it works great. It’s adjustable for growing babies and fun. Plus, you can add your own toys which is nice because I already have the matching play mat with movable toys and my daughter has lost interest in being on her back to play with it.Overall, I’d recommend it to a friend.

Jolene Huntsville, MO

Fun for the money! (Good for GERD- acid reflux)

My 4-month old enjoys this saucer. We use blankets in the seat and foam under his feet for support. At first, he could not reach or manipulate the toys that came with the saucer. I would see where he was looking, and I would show him how to use the toy. There are plenty of loops to add extra toys, and we used “lots of links” to get a variety of toys within his reach. Over the past two weeks, he has figured out how to reach for and play with almost all of the toys that came with the saucer. He is completely concentrated when he is in his saucer – learning how to use his hands, lean and spin the seat around.We got this because I need to keep him up for 20 minutes after he eats to avoid acid reflux. This is one fun activity he can do while he is upright. I also read some advice from a pediatrician to a parent who’s child hated tummy time. They said get a saucer, and the child will strengthen their upper body making tummy time easier.This saucer is a lot of fun for a good price. My son likes the toys that come with it. However, if you don’t – you have about $150 difference in the price from the other saucers to buy ones you do like. Just link them on!The only strange thing about it is that they have a teething toy at the top of the overhead bar. The baby would have to do a pull-up to use the teether?

Jaime Brewster, KS

Amazing toy!

My 4 month old loves this activity center. she absolutely loves the toys and plays in it constantly she’s figured out for the most part how to turn in it at only 4 month amazing. I fast shipping bigger package but fast shipping all the same.

Terra Falmouth, ME

Brightly colored and engaging!

When my 9-month-old daughter isn’t zooming around in herBright Starts Walk-A-Bout Walkeror playing on the floor with her toys, she likes to play in this fun activity center. I chose the ‘unisex’ primary-colored unit, so we could also use it for future children. The toys are all different and engaging, some moving, some making noise, and some to chew on. The base is sturdy and she likes to ‘dance’ on the bouncy bottom. The seat is adjustable for height, as well. All around, a good activity center, and a great value for the price, too.

Helene Trosper, KY