Bright Starts Bounce Baby Activity Zone, Neutral

Bright Starts Bounce Baby Activity Zone, Neutral

The award winning Bounce Bounce Baby is fully loaded with toys, lights, and melodies! This compact activity zone has all of the features necessary to keep baby entertained! The bounce pad allows baby to bounce and dance, and the seat rotates 360 degrees for full access to toys. The piano lights up and plays 6 fun melodies, and the bead chaser, teether, mirror, and ratcheting toys provide endless fun for baby. This activity center also features a link loop for attaching baby’s favorite toys.Electronic piano with lights and 6 fun melodiesPlatform provides fun bouncing action when baby jumps up and down3 height settings allows platform to grow with babySeat spins 360 degrees for full access to toysSun toy stalk ratchets and turns with Rattle Bead center

Main features

  • Electronic piano with lights and 6 fun melodies
  • Platform provides fun bouncing action when baby jumps up and down
  • 3 height settings allows platform to grow with baby
  • Seat spins 360 degrees for full access to toys
  • Sun toy stalk ratchets and turns with Rattle Bead center

Verified reviews


Flimsy, hazardous toys, poor design and baby hates it

I do not know who leaves a positive reviews for this bouncer that does not bounce, in addition toys are REALLY HASARDOUS to the baby. The flower almost pocked my baby in the eye ,,, im glad i watched her for the first time in this thin.Design is poor, not too easy to assemble and the whole thing is flimsy…AND the most of the most – BABY HATES IT…. we tried similar thing in the store some other brand and she loved it…this one makes her bored, angry and uncomfortable to sit in.

Paulette Nokesville, VA

My kid hated it. HATED!!

At home my son has a Baby Einstein (BE) jumper which he LOVES. While I was visiting my parents I picked this up from Walmart for about the same price at Amazon because my son would not stop jumping in my lap. What a waste of money. The toys are too close to the seat. My son would end up smacking his face against the toys – this never happens with the BE. The lights are nowhere near as vibrant as the BE and something about this is really really uncomfortable. 5 minutes in – my son would be screaming and crying. Not sure if its the seat or the mechanics of the jumping (you jump on the blue triangle which moves unlike BE where the seat is suspended from springs.Not worth it.

Alexis North Bennington, VT

impossible to assemble

I hate to rate this a 1 star but I am because we could not assemble this. We have been working for two hours trying to understand the directions to put this activity zone together. The seat insert is IMPOSSIBLE to remove as the sketch seems to indicate and since that is where you have to begin the whole project I am exhausted and frustrated and my arthritis is killing me. There are no written directions; just strange sketches. This looked like a nice “toy” but I am returning it and will look for something else.

Cherry Silver Creek, GA

Leaves marks on legs

I like that this bouncer is so compact, however the seat design needs some updating. The bottom of the seat is very wide and left very deep marks on my son’s legs that lasted for several days. We have not been using it since this happened. I am hoping that when he grows a little more this will not happen. He is currently 6 months old, of average weight and a little long for his age.

Isabella Richardson, TX

So fun for baby!

My baby loves this, and has ever since the first time we put her in it at 4 months! It did the job of distracting her when Mama was gone for a couple hours and baby was refusing bottle (so according to Daddy it was a lifesaver!) She loves the bright colors and all the different ¡activities¡ for her to play with. I can usually bank on getting at least 15 minutes to hop in the shower or do some laundry while my baby is entertained in this. I will also typically hear laughing a squeals of joy from the other room! Lots of pictures of her smiling away in this The platform for their feet could stand to come up a little higher since she was only barely touching it with her tippy toes at first (and she is a long baby, so shorter babies may have to wait til longer than 4 months to use it). As long as you aren’t counting on this to bounce (baby can’t jump in it), you will like it.

Rena Moscow, KS

My daughter loves it

My daughter loves this unit better that F.P.’s Jumperooo, if you ask why? i must say: i have no idea.I wanted her to jump and have fun on the jumperooo but she likes this better, is a space saver and very cute.I should say that we bought F.P.’s Jumperooo due to the many reviews and we saw it at my local store, it really looked fun but, the toys are quiet simple, boring. This units toys are simple too but not boring at all, plus i can attach some of her favorite toys in it.A VERY IMPORTANT FACTOR: My daughter is 6 (almost 7) months, weights around 20+ lbs, has chubby legs but this bouncer does not leave marks on her legs. I recommend it.

Mandy Ostrander, OH

Simply wonderful

My 5 month old daughter LOVES this saucer. We’ve had it about a month and she is entertained each time we put her in it. When we first put her in, her feet barely skimmed the bottom but she didn’t seem to care and kept swinging her legs around in excitment. The lion toy is great. She still can’t use it on her own but that doesn’t stop her from trying. She loves to stare at it nonetheless. The ladybugs with the spinners between them are very easy for her to play with. She just has to hit them and they spin. My favorite feature is probably the little orange handles around the saucer. There are five and you can attach other toys to them with the baby rings you can find jus about anywhere. All in all, it’s a great play area for my daughter and much cheaper (usually) than other saucers I’ve seen. I would highly recommend it.

Marcella Jamison, PA

A perfect addition for a growing child!

First off: I don’t sugarcoat reviews. I’m very straight forward if a product is not what I think it’s worth or needs to be “put in it’s place”. This item is AMAZING! Our daughter is seven months old and would pull herself up in her playpen, but get frustrated as she couldn’t play and hold herself up at the same time. We were sent the pink activity zone as a gift and now I can’t take her out of it until her head just starts flopping from being tired! She loves it! She even gets so excited shes begun talking in it! “Dadadadada” over and over! The platform beneath her feet lets her bounce and slide her feet around enough to let her spin, and she loves reaching up for the toys. It looks like shes driving her exersaucer with the flower that spins and the leaves attached to it lol.Only downside to this: It came with a plastic flower that looked like it should’ve been filled with water, and was extremely, EXTREMELY cheap. We are using it as a bath toy instead of hanging it on the bouncer and my husband is considering taking a picture and sending it to Bright Starts with the question “What was the point of this?” lol. That is the only reason this item has 4 stars instead of 5.All toys are sturdy made, they do spin around and so on so if you have a young child and you are unsure if they are ready for quick moving actions I’d wait on this. But otherwise get ready to see your child light up!

Cecelia Fort Mc Kavett, TX

The best $40 I ever spent!

I cannot say enough how much we love this exersaucer. Although we could afford a much pricer model, we chose this one because we liked that it had the rings you can use to attach new toys to keep it interesting. My son was 4-months old when we got it, and his feet could touch the platform, but he was too skinny to spin it. That was solved by putting a ring of baby blankets around his tummy. He has been entertained by this for hours upon end for the past eight months. I was able to cook dinner with him by my side in the kitchen, jump in the shower while he sat in it perfectly content and safe, etc. It is light, portable, and hours of fun for him. I also liked that it was not overstimulating like some of the more expensive ones that have all the bells and whistles with lights and sounds and vibrations. This was perfect for us, and now that he is one and getting too big to sit in it, but he still likes to cruise around it from the outside and play with the toys. Buy it–you won’t be sorry!

Sallie Yorkville, IL

Love it!

My 5 month old loves this activity center. I was afraid she might reject it since she has a fisher price jumperoo at day care, but she lights up when I put her in the Bright Starts one. She is a small girl for her age – but her feet just about touch the platform – enough to make her happy – and she loves watching the lights and hearing the music. She can hold on to the flower and turn its petals – it delights her to no end! I think people under estimate how little it takes to entertain a baby. I thought about spending twice as much on fisher price one – but I am glad I didn’t. I thought it was pretty easy to put together, too.

Delia Aliso Viejo, CA

Cheap, misleading name

PROS:-Compact, can fit in a small apartment without taking up too much space-Has bright colors and engaging toys-Seat can be taken out and washedCONS:-Cheaply made. My five-month-old son broke both of the toy arms and they now fall off frequently-Misleading name. It has a tiny bit of bounce to it, but not enough to matter-Hard to adjust. My husband and I struggled trying to bring the platform down for half an hour before we finally got it, with the use of a screwdriver and a hammer-The seat IS washable, but it’s nearly impossible to get it back on afterward.-The highest setting is not high enough for shorter babies. My son’s toes couldn’t touch until he was almost five months old, and he was in the 40th percentile for height at that age.Overall, if you want a small, cheap exersaucer this might be the one for you. But if you’ve got more money and more space I would recommend something else. We also purchased A Baby Einstein jumper, which is much larger but much more sturdy and entertaining.

Augusta Newmanstown, PA

My baby loves it!

It was easy to put together, my husband did it in less then 10 min. My son is 5 months old and so far enjoys his time and yesterday I saw him playing with the toys. It seems sturdy too

Kathi Carlton, PA

Best Activity/Play Center

This is the best play center for the price. My sister has the same one for her baby who is 5 months old and it works perfectly for him. I would recommend this activity center to anyone. 🙂

Ebony Skwentna, AK

My son loves it, even if I don’t!

After putting this thing together, which in and of itself was a pain, I looked at this thing and thought “this was $40?!”.First off the toys that stick up are not flexible. They stick up so high and away from the base that I can’t imagine my son ever being able to reach them. There aren’t that many toys and it just doesn’t seem like there is much to do.I thought all this and then I put my son in it and had to stop my complaining. He was smitten, he smiled and laughed and did his best to touch everything (he’s just 4 months).What can I say?! The toys not made for ME to use afterall 😛

Dorthy Clarkton, MO