Bright Starts Bounce Bounce Baby Activity Zone

Bright Starts Bounce Bounce Baby Activity Zone

Get your baby moving with this multi-function activity station. The award-winning Bounce Bounce Baby has a platform that provides bungee-like bouncing action when baby jumps up and down. Three height settings let the platform grow with baby. And the seat rotates 360 degree for access to the many toys. If only grown-up exercise were this much fun.

Main features

  • Plastic, Polyester
  • Made in USA or Imported
  • Unique bungee jumping platform
  • Ratcheting sun turns 360°
  • Bendy leaf stalk
  • Link loop for attaching baby’s favorite toys ;Triangular space-saving design ;Built-in toy tray is easy to clean
  • Seat spins 360 degree for full access to toys
  • 3 fun character toys include giraffe bead chaser, lion with tree mirror, and spinning monkey panel with beads
  • Seat spins 360° for full access to toys ;3 fun character toys include giraffe bead chaser, lion with tree mirror, and spinning monkey panel with beads

Verified reviews



My baby is 4.5 months old. And she LOVES to jump, so I thought that it was very important that I get something that will help her jump on her own so that I can get some work done. I can’t spend 24/7 with her and holding her (like she wants me to). I did A LOT of research before I even considered getting this product. This is what my research have concluded. My research included reading hundreds of different forum posts, reviews online, university research, and even the journals of pediatrics.IS IT SAFE FOR A 4 MONTH OLD TO USE THESE JUMPERS AND EXERSAUCERS?All of the research that I have done all said that it was ok for a 4 month old to use these jumpers and exersaucers (even when they cannot sit up on their own). As long as their head is strong enough and they can hold their head up on their own, then it is ok for you to put your baby in these.DOES USING THESE JUMPERS AND EXERSAUCERS HINDER DEVELOPMENT?All of the research that I have read on, said that for babies that uses these and babies that do not use these, their developments in regards to learning how to walk, crawl, motor skills did not change from the babies that used these jumpers and from babies that did not use these jumpers. So no difference in development was shown. So this also means that babies did not show any development improvements from using these either.I added the information above because I had the same concerns before I purchased these jumpers and so I hope that my findings will help you make your purchasing decisions.Ok, now back to the product review.PROS: This jumper is MUCH CHEAPER in price than any other jumpers that I was able to find out there. This jumper is only $39.99, and most other ones at the store is $79 and more.So for the price it is very good. There are multiple levels that you can adjust the height of the product so that this can grow with your baby. Lots of toys to keep your baby busy. The seat cover can be taken out to be washed.CONS: This item is not very bouncy. I originally wanted it because I needed something bouncy for my baby. So the seat does not bounce at all. It does swivel 360* degrees though, but so does all of the brands that I have seen (Fisher price and Baby Einstein). Fisher Price and Baby Einstein have better jumpers (called jumperoo). The Bright Starts Bounce Bounce Baby Activity Zone, only the bottom base part moves like a trampoline but not a very good one. My baby wants to be able to jump her whole body, not just push the base (where her feet is) up and down. Toys on this jumper are not electronic, none of it play songs and does not light up, so my baby got bored really quick.So this item went back.Baby Einstein jumper is better than this Bright Start one but the seat for the baby is really loose. So I don’t feel that it is safe for my baby to sit in it.It is more jumpy and bouncy (like a bungee jumping ropes). It has a lot of toys to keep baby busy. But none of the toys are electronic, none of it play songs and does not light up. So for $79, I expected more bells and whistles. I’m not paying almost 2x more for bungee ropes.I ended up getting a Fisher Price (Jumperoo) instead. They have 3 different themes (jungle, ocean, and discovery). I got the discovery one. All of the other ones are very similar, just with different themes fabrics, colors, and animals.Why Fisher Price?Same price as the Baby Einstein at $79. Lots of toys to keep baby busy. But the Fisher Price Discovery Jumperoo there is 1 toy station that lights up and sing songs 🙂 Yeah!!! My baby loves the music and the lights. On the Discovery one it is a piano, and she loves musical instruments. The seat on this one moves at 360* around so that baby can enjoy all of the toy stations. Same bungee jumping cable like action like Baby Einstein. Seat cover can be taken out and washed. 3 height level adjustments to grow with baby.So I ended up getting the Fisher Price Discovery Jumperoo and keeping it.Baby loves this jumperoo so far.I forgot to add that with all baby products and toys, it is NOT recommended that you leave your baby sitting in these things for prolong periods of time. You should only leave your baby in these for 20 minutes at a time. And you can have them play in these multiple times a day, but don’t just leave your baby in these for hours. And you should always be there or nearby to keep an eye on your baby while they are in these. Don’t leave your baby unattended.I also forgot to note that since my baby is still small and her legs are short, even on the lowest setting for the bungee ropes, her legs are too short, I just put a foam pillow underneath her feet. Foam pillows are better than a regular pillow because they are much more dense in mass, and won’t sink your child’s feet into it. So it gives them a good ground to launch their jumps. And foam pillows are also soft enough for them to be comfortable. I have one of those memory foam pillows and it works great.Added: My daughter ended up not needing the pillow after about 2-3 months of use because she eventually grew and her legs got longer.She ended up using this item until she was 17-18 months old. We put it away now because she is 21 months old and she can walk very good on her own now and won’t stay put in it.I hope all of these info helps.

Francis Burlington, NC

Does the trick!

I wanted something I could park my baby in now and then that would give him the opportunity to stand (his new favorite thing). I looked at various other options – doorway jumpers, jumperoos, exersaucers – and decided they were way too expensive for what they were – fancy baby parking lots with an overabundance of noisy, flashing junk (or, in the case of the doorway jumper, a formal invitation to our first emergency room visit).Honestly, the ROI on all the extra features built into those other options isn’t worth it. if you spend any time at all playing with your kids, they’re going to develop just fine without the help of an expensive hunk of plastic and springs.I digress.This is one of those things you quietly congratulate yourself on buying every time you look at it. My son totally loves it, and the number of different toys attached seems perfect for a 5-month-old brain. In one session, he’ll sometimes make the round and play with everything, but more often than not he’ll focus on one or two things. (The spinning monkey is a particular favorite.) I attached some rings to the purple "anchor" and hung a rattle from the giraffe thing, and they blend in really well. I would say he consistently plays for a good 15 minutes before making noises to be picked up, which for my kid is pretty fantastic.The orange platform is hard plastic and attached to the legs with tight bungee bands. It gives a little when the baby straightens his legs, but it’s not like a trampoline or anything. I’m glad there are three different levels you can mount the base at (easily) because in just two weeks, my kid’s feet are flat on the base. (They’re supposed to rest lightly on it with their toes.) Either he’s grown an inch in two weeks or the bands have stretched out. Either way, we have two more levels to go!The only thing I don’t love is that the paint on some of the toys is kind of sloppily applied. It hasn’t flaked or anything, but it is a constant reminder that my son is gnawing on a piece of plastic coated in chemicals.Assembly was easier than it looked at first (p.1 of the instruction booklet looks like a schematic for a spaceship), and while it’s not super sturdy, I don’t see it breaking or collapsing on my offspring anytime, dr version:- It’s thirty-five dollars and it’s not a death trap!- Your child will never know how much it cost!- If you want to park your baby standing up but you’d rather fund their 529 than spend $100 on an annoying space-hog you’ll have to somehow get rid of in six months, this is the product for you.- I like it, anyway.

Sue Fredericksburg, VA


None of the toys light up or play music. My niece has the FP jumperoo and it moves and makes noise and lights up. My niece loves bouncing and this sort of just sits there not sure where the bounce comes in the baby has to actually bounce on the pad before anything happens. The seat doesn’t move and my niece (5 months old) was pretty bored with it. She did like the playmat this company makes. We also have the mobile and aren’t exactly thrilled with it either.

Mona Edmonton, KY

Fits Budget, Smaller FootPrint, Not Overwhelming

I went back and forth over buying this type of Bounce Seat for my baby, I kept asking, does she really need it? She was playing in the high chair, and on the floor. Eventually I broke down and bought one when she was six months as she had lost interest in her floor gym, and sitting in the high chair while I did a bit of kitchen work didn’t really provide much chance for movement.I’m so glad I did, baby loves this for short periods of time. Long enough to get the dishwasher running and wipe up the counter, it’s perfect. Of course I would never leave her in this for an extended period, that’s not what its meant for.The price is great, I needed a budget model, I mean how long does a person really use something like this, babies grow so fast. Also, I didn’t want something huge taking up our floor space, this is not “mini” by any means, but it does have a slightly smaller footprint than other choices. My baby doesn’t care for lots of electronic noises and lights (nor do I), this is a toned down version of some other louder, noisier bounce Seats.The platform is adjustable so baby will get use out of this item as she grows. It’s also easy to wipe down. The center seat spins freely with a bit of effort from baby, it’s not sticky/choppy for baby to turn in.If you get creative you will find places to link a few more favorite toys to this item, I haveLamaze Play & Grow Freddie the Firefly Take Along Toyhooked onto the giraffe and a fewBright Starts Lots of Links- Solid Colorshooked onto the small turn toy. Baby’s favorite toy that comes on the seat is the flower rattle and the flexi green teether.I would buy this again or give as gift.

Lara Hubbard, TX

Just what we wanted.

We needed somewhere to put baby while in our main living area while I am cooking dinner, cleaning, etc. I didn’t want anything too huge or fancy. This fit the bill. It was the cheapest activity zone toy I could find. It looks nice and keeps baby busy long enough for me to get some stuff done. I attached his baby Einstein Take Along Tunes to it so he can have a little music. Works great.

Jannie Rembert, SC

Just what we needed for Grandma’s house

My baby (7 months) loves this. My mom watches him at her apartment one day a week and wanted something small and inexpensive, since she doesn’t have a lot of room and he will only be using it one day a week. I assembled it for her, using the challenging pictorial directions. It took much longer than expected, but once it was assembled the baby took to it immediately. I have nothing negative to say about it whatsoever. I really like that the bottom panel adjusts so that he can keep using it when he gets taller and have it still be safe for his legs/feet. No bells and whistles, as others have said, but I really don’t think the baby cares! We have a nicer Evenflo saucer at home that someone gave us as a gift, but I think he is just as happy in this. So if you’re on a budget, I definitely recommend this highly.

Letitia Popejoy, IA

Boring & Dangerous Toy

My baby loved the jumperoo at his grandparents house so we bought this one thinking he would like it too– it’s cheaper and takes up less space. That’s where the good qualities stop. This toy is not very entertaining. The “trampoline” doesn’t have enough bounce and is pretty much useless. Basically this is just a stationary place to put your baby for a little while. It’s pretty easy to carry around the house with baby in it, so I put him in it while I shower or do housework (he lasts 20 min. max before he is bored and fed up). The big problem is that the seat is not very form fitting, so he “flops” around in it (even though he is 8 months now and sits up fine on his own). The problem with this is that he ends up busting his face on the toys. I stopped using it when he slipped forward (while trying to jump) and bashed his mouth on the small orange ring. He ripped his frenulum in his upper lip. Fortunately he does not have any teeth yet, as I could see how this could have knocked them out (as another reviewer said happened to his baby). They really should only put soft rubber toys on things like this. I would definitely spend the extra $40 and get a “jumperoo” type toy that hangs and allows baby to jump off the floor. We thought we didn’t have room in our house, but ended up getting the Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo and it is not that much larger. You and your baby will both be much happier!

Bessie Chesapeake Beach, MD


There really isn’t much to do with this entertainer. It’s fun for a little while and then she gets bored. It’s great at my mother in law’s house since she is only there once a week, so she doesn’t have the opportunity to really get bored with it. There aren’t many places to put new toys. Perhaps I am just spoiled by my Baby Einsteins jumper which I managed to find for about the same price.It is very easy to put together though, and if you’re tight on cash and refuse to buy used it isn’t a terrible toy. You do get what you pay for though. It also seems quite durable for the price. No peeling paint so far, which has been a problem with other activity centers.

Effie Ledger, MT

Doesn’t bounce, toys are too basic

Returning this. Don’t need to spend this much money for a glorified seat and some chew toys. My daughter (6 months) doesn’t reach and she’s 50 percentile. Have had older kids in this and it doesn’t really bounce. Will be going for the jumperoo or baby einstein instead.

Kellie Roscommon, MI

No music, no batteries = love

I had purchased the rainforest jumperoo by fisher price for my older child and we ditched it because we thought we were done having kids. We weren’t and the fisher price one was great, but I decided to go simpler this time because I wasn’t convinced it needed all the music and sounds. She loves this jumper, and so do I. I can walk into it in the dark on my way to the bathroom without it launching into awful calypso music. A+. I can also move it from to room to room, passing through doorways without assembling the base, which I could not do with the fisher price model. I hated that ring base with a fiery passion. I appreciate that they wanted to make sure it was secure, but it was a real bear to get back together each time.

Carissa Genoa, NV

Pretty cheap,price and quality.

Pros:The toys look fun and are bright but nothing too exciting.Assembly is very easy.Cons:Seat is awkward and shallow, my 4month old slumped forward, almost able to dump out.He is on the chunky side but his legs barely fit in the holes.Barely bouncy, like others have stated, the floor is very ridged.Gagging toy, the little leaf type toy is chewy, which is fun, but it is long and slender and my sonstabs his throat with it, course he doesn’t know how to use it with out hurting himself.

Paulette Gurnee, IL

Great Exersaucer, great price!

I wasn’t sure how good this would be when I bought it. When it arrived it was just in it’s manufacturer box, no shipping package. The pieces are all well made and durable. The directions were easy to follow. I put it together in about 15 minutes or so. The only issue I had was the hooks on the seat part. I found it very hard to hook onto and had a rough time doing so. Other than that, it’s a great product and easily put together.

Pearl Mundelein, IL

Kids prefer the jumpers where they actually bounce

I have used this product for both of my children and have to say that they both prefer to use the jumpers where they physically bounce up and down rather than just a plate at the bottom bouncing. Yes this is a good toy for the money, but for the extra enjoyment for my children I decided to spend more money and buy another jumper that physically bounces.The product is manufactured well and still entertains the kids once they are standing. Assembly of the jumper was easy as well.

Leonor Obion, TN

Great bouncer

Love it! We wanted something small for our bedroom so they baby would be safe . This is perfect! Easy to put together. Easy to fit in any room. Easy to clean. Has a little tray for puffs or cereal. The bottom even adjusts as the baby grows! Best of all it is easy on the wallet. I’m thinking of getting another for my parents. Not the bounciest, but perfect for what I was looking for.

Tami Glen Carbon, IL

Momma and baby approved!

I got this mainly to have a safe place to put my baby in and get some laundry and cleaning done around the house, I put it together by myself (my husband is the handy man around here) and it was fairly easy even for a girl! Lol as soon as I put my baby in there she loved it, she been using it for 2 months (got it when she was 6, she’s 8 months now) , few times a day, everyday. She figured out it circles around all the toys immediately. I love that it has places where you can hang other toys, I hung a little piano thingy that I got for 5 dlls at Walmart so now it’s has music and lights just like the expensive ones.I wanted a jumperoo but the prices scared me so I decided my baby doesn’t need to jump lol this one doesn’t, it has stretchy cords attached to the bottom but I guess it’s only no make it a little bouncy just so that they don’t stand on a hard surface. But IT DOESN’T BOUNCE at all, if that’s what you’re going for, this isn’t for you.If you want a place where you can put your baby for a little bit and eat lunch of get something done without having to hold them or worry, then go for it! My baby loves it she would stay there longer, all the toys are entertaining for her and of course she chews on all of them, like I said you can hang other toys that your baby likes and I have attached her cold teether too!

Lina Dushore, PA

Keeping Baby Calm

Great product at an amazing price keeps my son well entertained for long periods of time allows for walking around in circles and building leg strength

Ollie Portageville, MO


I bought this for my 4-month-old daughter. She is of course a bit small for it right now,but she can reach at the lowest level. It is a cheap, easy activity center for male or female child.

Mandy Purdum, NE

My daughter loved it, while we could use it!

This was great! We got about 6 months of use from it, but it was a little tough to get the seat on. I was happy that the fabric wiped clean or I fear it would have been a nightmare to get off to wash.Our daughter loved the activities and jumped well. We are keeping this for future children. This was affordable and works well. It just is tough when first putting it together!

Lilia Winnisquam, NH


This product is great and keeps my son busy for about 30 minutes. The seat cover is hard to remove for cleaning as you have to unsnap the whole seat just to remove the fabric to wash. It would be nicer if the material was waterproof as my son drools all over it. I have also noticed that the adjusters for the height tend to slip sometimes. When we first got it my son was 4 months and we had to put a towel on the base because his feet didn’t touch yet.

Robin Lakemont, GA

Not enough cusion on seat, toys look very cheap

I saw this item online and thought it was nice and at a very good price, so I went ahead and bought it. When I received it I was a little disappointed, on 2 things because I never assembled it completely or put my son inside it. The seat had no padding, and the paint on the toys looks like it could come off with any little scratch or rub. The thing that made me want to return it was the seat, there is ABSOLUTELY NO PADDING. Keep in mind, your baby will be rubbing his chest and sides on this. It was hard and I didn’t want to imagine how painful that could be for my baby, so I returned it. If money is the issue, you can always look for a used jumperoo, believe me they are really worth it.

Angelique Midway Park, NC


I bought this for a friend, but wish I had registered for it myself…If you want an entertainment thing for you little one, but don’t have the room for one of the big and bulky ones, this is for you! Just enough fun and color for a babes, but wont take up a ton of floor space.

Christy Winchester Center, CT


This is a fun little activity center – my little guy really likes it. Wasn’t too bad to put together.. and it’s totally sturdy. It was a good buy!

Maryanne Bradley, IL

Height adjustable is a stretch, annoying assembly.

I got this for our infant son. Its a great way the kid can sit vertically like a big boy, with lots of support if they can’t sit on their on their own yet. I went ahead and kept the toy because of its low cost, but here’s the breakdown:PROS:- The basket where the child sits swivels around for a 360 view.- The toys that become attached to the area around the seat are fairly interesting for the little ones.CONS:- Assembly was a pain for such a small toy. Box was missing three screws, and I had to find my own. Directions are like playing charades.- The height adjustable feature is a sham. This thing moves about 1.5″ – 2″ between the lowest setting and highest setting. I was quite displeased when I saw this – I was hoping to see at least six inches of movement in the lower platform.- The holes in the basket where the kid’s feet/legs come out are fairly far apart. This isn’t a huge deal, but for a young one, its too far. If your kid can walk, this toy won’t do the trick, because it doesn’t move.For the price, it isn’t bad, but the elmo unit we already had turned out to be a better deal. I bought this solely for the adjustable platform, which turned out to be a joke.

Tania Owanka, SD

Good standard exersaucer

I purchased this as a second activity center for upstairs. It’s entertaining enough for a while. There’s better ones to purchase, but this one works just fine. Of the 3 that my LO has used regularly (2 at home and 1 at daycare), the Fisher Price Laugh and Learn was by far the favorite.

Helena Davis Wharf, VA

Look no further!

We got this for my 4 month old, his feet can’t reach yet, but we just put blankets under it. It’s a STEAL for the price and entertainment it has provided him. We have a small space and looked for a combination bouncer/walker/toy/etc. and based on other reviews, got this. It’s easy to carry up and down the stairs and I’m happy that we didn’t spend $100 on something we will only use a few months.

Maggie San Pablo, CA

Nice space saving bouncer

Nice space saving bouncer but babies don’t seem to like it very much.i wish it had music or lights.

Traci Newry, ME


This activity zone is normal. The produce was as described. Its not my favorite I perfer a jumperoo or an excersaucer over this anyday. It gets the job done but it can deff be better. It is just a really cheap kind. IF your low on money I would recommend if you not and can save then I would tell you to do that and not waste your money.

Nannie Falkland, NC

Great toy, great price!

My son loves this bouncer. We bought it for him at 4 months and he’s been in love. It is an amazing price and you get exactly what you need. Don’t waste money on something else more expensive. This is perfect!

Madelyn Onset, MA

Perfect for a Five Month old

I didn’t want to spend too much money on a bouncer as its for our grandson. He just turned 5 months old and fits perfectly in this one. his little feet just barely touch now but it won’t be long, it has enough toys to keep him busy. Its well worth the money.

Kathi Bunker, MO

What a fun activity center

What a fun activity center! It’s got a lot for baby to do and nice colors. It’s on the more compact side which is nice, I can easily carry it from room to room and no trouble getting it through doorways. My daughter has learned that the bottom bounces a bit and she now bounces in it all the time.

Jami Given, WV