Bright Starts Bouncing Buddies Cradling Bouncer in Blue

Bright Starts Bouncing Buddies Cradling Bouncer in Blue

Sit and relax in style! This reclining bouncer has, 7 melody vibration feature, cute characters, and fun toys. Cradling bouncer cover is machine washable. Bouncer hold infants upto 25lbs.

Main features

  • Soothing vibrations
  • Contoured seat design for cradling comfort
  • Three engaging Bright Starts toys
  • One handed removable toy bar
  • Machine washable seat pad

Verified reviews


bright starts bouncing buddies bouncer

I bought this bouncer and was totally disappointed. I will first say that the look of the bouncer is cute and the cover is sooo easy to remove for washing. The toy bar is cute and the toys are just fine. you can add your own if you like because there is a Velcro loop that toys attach to. I don’t know how strong they hold up because I wasn’t actually able to use this bouncer. The model I bought only had vibrate no music. When I put it together I thought something must be wrong. The angle of this thing was pratically dumping the baby out. I took it apart 3 times a rechecked everything, because it definitely was not the angle the picture on the box was proposing and from other reviews i had read they said the baby lays back good. Well not with mine. I had to hold my baby with one hand so he didn’t slide out of the bouncer and try to snap the waist restraint with my free hand. Now i may be blonde , but I am very capable of putting a frame together and do have experience with baby products as i run a home day care and this bouncer was purchased for my second child. If the bouncer would have had a “more laid back angle” I would have kept it and for the money not a bad product, but the one i purchased I must say was dangerous. If this is the way they are being produced now i would not recommend for safety reasons. My husband also felt the same way he commented on the angle of it and said he didn’t want our child in that because i looked like he would fall out.

Leanna Tununak, AK

does the job

this item is priced right and does the job. it does sit up right so don’t put a light weight infant in it. I put my son in it at 1 month and he was about 11 pounds. it is great when your baby is a bit bigger so they can see their surrounding.

Stacey Trumansburg, NY

seems dangerous

I bought this chair a few months ago and I HATE it. When my twins were newborn and I placed one of them in this chair they seemed to be sitting uncomfortably and quite upright. They cried every time. I kept it as I thought they may like it once they were older. Now at three and a half months they will sit in the chair without crying, but their necks seem to be lying at a dangerous angle. The twin with less head control has his head slumped on his chest and I worry about damage to his neck; I think there may even be a positional asphyxia danger with this seat. I only put one of my sons in this chair for a few minutes at a time when they are completely awake and I have nowhere else for them to go.

Lourdes North Augusta, SC

Worth Money Spent

I read reviews before buying this product so I knew what I was getting. Things I like – reclines slightly more than other bouncers, so it’s especially good for newborns and sleeping babies, it’s very springy so that it bounces when baby kicks unlike some other bouncers, vibration shuts off after 30 min., music isn’t annoying, washable cover, my baby likes the toys and even the pattern on the bar, the bar is easy to remove and unlike other reviews I don’t think too easy. Things I don’t like – sometimes the base disconnects when I pick it up to move (It’s secure when baby is in it), the music is only on 5 min. (that might not be bad sometimes though), the turtle mirror toy is a little big for the toy bar. I would recommend this product as well worth price paid.

Christa Acme, LA

One minor flaw

This is a great seat for the money. Honestly, I don’t see the point in buying a more expensive one. HOWEVER: when the music/vibration unit at the bottom of the seat is removed, the metal rack it attaches to sticks out, right in the path of my son’s little feet. He hits his heels on it all the time (we removed it since he we never really used it). He has since trained himself to not put his feet near it (he got little bruises on his heels), and other than that he loves this seat. We even broke it down and took it with us on vacation. The fabric in the seat is very easy to wash and the colors haven’t faded at all. Great seat, with one minor flaw.

Mona Boring, OR

Very nice!

I have two bouncers– the Rainforest one and this one. The other one become boring after a short time and you have to have working batteries installed in it for the toys to work. The way the bar is made on this bouncer allows me to change the toys around. I never even put batteries in, but my daughter will still sit in this bouncer and be happily occupied while I take a shower in the morning.

Beulah Zephyr, TX

Invaluable and a great price too!

THE GOOD:**Cute – Nice color and I love seeing my little one in it. :)**Ease of portability – Extremely lightweight yet really sturdy. It’s easy to pick up and move around to places like on the big couch in lvg rm, bed, floor opposite kitchen, etc.) EVEN while he’s in it. Love that I can do my chores while he hangs out with me.**Thumbs up for Arc of hanging toys – When I first bought this, I would just leave the arc of hanging toys off because my baby wasn’t old enough to appreciate them. Now that he’s 9 weeks he really seems to be enjoying the toys!**Baby enjoys being in it – My son loves this bouncer. He watches me from it but most of the time he just sits quietly in it, checking out the “scenery”. He likes to kick his feet, smile, and “talk” to me from it as well! :)**Hands-free care – Also found I can “bounce” his bouncer with my foot by gently nudging the frame up and down while I do computer work or check emails, etc. Invaluable for getting stuff done WHILE he’s awake.THE BAD:**Hanging Arc of toys is NOT a handle – I was a little frustrated about this at first but then I realized you could pick up the bouncer from the metal base. The arc is really just for toys and nothing else. IMO, this issue is hardly consequential as this product gives such great value for the money.OVERALL:Awesome buy. You might be tempted but try not to leave your baby in this for too long!! LoL

Germaine Adena, OH

Great affordable vibrating bouncy seat

My 2 month old daughter loves this bouncy seat. The toy bar is low enough that she can reach the toys but not so low that they are in her face. I like that there are 2 settings on the volume for the songs it plays, I only wish there were 2 settings for the vibration of the seat – it seems that the vibration is a bit strong/fast, but she seems to like it. The songs and the vibrations automatically turn off after a set period of time which can be a good or bad thing depending on how you look at it. This seat was very easy to assemble, and compared to prices on similar seats I definitely recommend it.

Barbra Highwood, MT

Mother/Nanny Approved

I nannied off and on for 10 years before having my son. During that time, I made a mental list of what items were worth spending big bucks on. In my opinion, from your baby’s perspective, the $100 bouncer is no nicer than this one. It does the job just fine, is durable, and not over-stimulating like so many of today’s more expensive brands. I put it together in less than 10 minutes. I’ve never felt like it was going to “dump the baby out” as one reviewer mentioned. I’m not sure if they had a defective bouncer or what because I can’t even imagine what they were talking about. My little guy loves this chair. I knocked off one star because the bouncer I received from Amazon did not come with the music function listed in the product description. Although I feel less is more in the world of baby toys (and actually am happier that it lacked music), I didn’t appreciate the false advertising.

Tasha Sedley, VA