Bright Starts Bright Starts Take n’ Shake Stroller Toys

Bright Starts Bright Starts Take n’ Shake Stroller Toys

Pull and watch them shake. These fun characters are great for on-the-go. Just an easy pull to start the fun. Assortment of 3, sold separately

Main features

  • Easy pull activates vibration
  • Multiple textures and patterns are fun to touch
  • Fun link attaches to carriers, strollers and more
  • Assortment of 3, sold separately; “Customer will receive 1 item, styles will vary”

Verified reviews


Take’n Shake Duckie: Great small take along

My son finds this cute take-a-long entertaining. He sometimes likes to pull it and often likes to chew on the duck’s little feet.He also seems to like the whir sound that accompanies the duck’s shaking. My son is 7 months old and still enjoys this toy.As others have posted, you can get this cheaper in retail stores (I received mine as a gift but I’ve seen it for less at Target).I also think you can get more value out of theLamaze Play & Grow Freddie the Firefly Take Along Toywhich is an excellent take along toy for under 10$. However, if you need a take along toy that is small, the Bright Starts Take’n Shake Bird is a good option. Also, the link for the Bright Start toy is much nicer and sturdier looking than the Lamaze Take Along link.

Rosa Escalon, CA

not wat i expected

i was expecting 3 for this cost ( i got a similar set 2 yrs ago for my first born i got 3 for the same cost) also it does’nt have any music

Roberta Markleeville, CA

One product, not three.

I must have read the product description incorrectly. I had thought I was supposed to receive all three toys for the price. So I was disappointed when it arrived and I only received one.On the plus side I received the owl, the colors are true to the product image. It vibrates and my baby seems to think that is funny. It’s a great size for a car seat toy. I’m just not quite sure what the best way to clip it to my Graco car seat is. If I put it up high then it doesn’t work with my car seat cover. It doesn’t fit it on the side, unless it’s on a rounded part as well, and then it falls off every once in a while.

Lesley Chillicothe, OH

great carseat toy

My son really enjoys this toy… I move it from his carseat to his activity gym to his exersaucer, everywhere! It vibrates when he pulls on it and he likes to chew on the legs. He loves it.

Georgina Patterson, GA

Good toy

This was a life saver for me in the stroller. I couldnt keep my son in the stroller and once I attached this toy he was fine and kept tugging ad pulling it. He loved the vibration and keeps him occupied.

Katy Campbell, NY

A toy that never stops being fun!

We purchased this item for our baby before she was born. She is now seven months old, and STILL loves to play with her duckie! She loves pulling on it and eating the feet. It’s a simple toy but was a WONDERFUL investment!

Susie Penrod, KY


we pulled on the bird a couple of times, and then it ripped off the ring. Fixable, but I’m a new mom and don’t have a lot of bandwidth to repair something I just bought.

Selena Webster, WI

You Get One When You Order – Fun Item

The description mentions that there are three styles available. You get one when you order. The price listed here seems very high. I don’t think that is what my niece paid for her’s.My great nephew has this in the blue duck style. Oh my, so funny! I like to pull the cord and lay the duck on his tummy and let it vibrate on him. He thinks it’s great. If he’s fussy, I can distract him with the duck buzzing his feet.The item is different than anything else he owns at the moment. He and I both like it.

Ofelia South Cle Elum, WA

My baby’s favorite toy!

We got this toy as a gift. It has been hanging on my son’s car seat handle long before he could reach it. Now, he is 6 months and he is constantly entertained by this little toy! When he pulls it down, the toy makes an audible clicking noise that is quiet yet provides stimulation for his little mind. When the toy pulls itself back up it has a gentle vibration that stimulates baby again. It always makes me smile from the drivers seat when I hear the little clicking noise even when I can’t see my baby pulling it. I know he is having fun and learning.

Neva White Sulphur Springs, NY

Superb quality and endearing appearance and effect.

I absolutely LOVE these Bright Starts Stroller toys! I have to admit that I bought two, one for my precious, new great-niece and one for my cats!

Gracie Plymouth, OH

Cute Character – Size is too small and they get caught in the car seat adjustable hood

I got this toy for my 6m old son for in the car seat entertainment.He’s just starting to pull on things so this is fun to pull and pull again.The characters are cute…The size is ok, wish they were a little bigger, they often get caught under the car seat adjustable hood and I have to pull them out and every time I think they’re going to break, but they don’t! If they were a big bigger they wouldn’t get caught all the time, I wont be buying anything this small again for car seat baby distractors!

Miriam Konawa, OK


I got this thinking I was getting all 3 in the picture but no big deal. I really like this toy and when my daughter is able to hold on to toys this will be perfect for practice holding since it is small enough for her hands. Great buy despite my misunderstanding…

Edythe Pomona, NY

Toys from bright starts

I love what I received, but do not think it was worth the price. The picture displayed for selling threw me off – I was expecting three; when I only received one that I already have. You should be able to pick the one you want specially when you have others already. I would not buy anymore from this company….

Dianne Kansas, AL

Durable but not very entertaining.

I actually somehow wound up with two of these. I’ve tried them in several places but my daughter just isn’t very interested. It is very durable and the vibration was slightly entertaining for about thirty seconds before she lost interest and clung to herSassy Jitter Bugs Toyor herLamaze Play & Grow Mortimer the Moose Take Along Toy, Colors May Vary. There aren’t many features at all for the price. It’s not really fun to chew, doesn’t make any particularly entertaining sounds. I keep it around for variety.

Peggy Oakland, MN