Bright Starts Click and Giggle Remote

Bright Starts Click and Giggle Remote

Bright Starts Click and Giggle Remote

Main features

  • Press the buttons to hear over 25 fun melodies, numbers, and television sounds
  • Remote lights up as each song is played
  • Spinning roller ball with 3 cute character images
  • Introduces baby to numbers
  • Television shaped link attaches to carriers, strollers, and more for on the go fun

Verified reviews


Just what we were looking for

Our 7 month old was fascinated by the TV remote so we got him this toy remote. It has a wide variety of songs and noises, as well as three volume options: high, low and off. He loves it and we love that we can turn off the noises when we need to!

Abigail Auburn, AL

Perfect for the price!

My baby loves it, it’s not annoying music like some – it’s great! She always smiles when ever we turn it on for her.

Adela Kerrville, TX

Well worth the price

We bought this instead of the more expensive toy remote controls thinking we were getting a plain plastic toy to use as a decoy remote for our baby and were pleasantly surprised at how many bells and whistles we got. All the buttons light up when pressed and are programmed to play music or speak numbers or alphabets. The little transparent plastic top rolls and rattles, and the purple hanging attachment doubles as a teether. This is a much nicer toy than we expected, especially for under $10. The only negative (and one we can’t really blame on the toy) is that it doesn’t really fool our baby so she loses interest in it if she spots an actual remote she can grab.

Christine Cassville, NY

Durable and Not Annoying

Normally, noisy toys can become annoying quite quickly; however, this one has proven to be somewhat enjoyable to adult ears. The kids love it – why wouldn’t they?! It makes all sorts of noises, counting and songs. There are enough songs and noises that it is not too repetitive. The songs are not too digitized (like an old Nokia ringtone). There are three sound options: off, low and high volume. The grandparents always turn it to the high volume, maybe because they are hard of hearing, but the kids and I find the low volume to be loud enough.

Letha Stockton, CA

Not Too Loud

My 14 month plays with this toy in the car, but it only holds her interest for a few minutes. After that time, it is dropped on the floor. However, I have yet to find a toy that holds her interest for very long in the car. I really like that the sound is not that loud. It does not grate on my ears!

Avis Delta, AL

Cute remote ! 🙂

Very funny to see the baby "trying" to change the channels in the same time with you 🙂 I’ll recommend it to other parents too.

Clare Hamilton, MO

One of our baby’s favorite toys.

This is a great travel toy for our baby. We first gave him this toy at about 6 months of age, and right off the bat he loved pushing the buttons and hearing the noises and music that it makes. At 10 months of age, he still loves it, and Mommy and Daddy aren’t sick of the sounds yet (a secondary plus).

Opal Rockdale, TX


Had to find a toy remote to appease Grandson because he kept wanting ours. This was perfect, colorful & musical!!! He’s had it for several months now and still loves to play with it.

Teri Otwell, IN

baby’s favorite toy

My baby (8 months) is crazy about our tv remotes, so before disaster happened I got her this toy. It was the only toy remote I found that was rated as safe for such a young baby. She was about 7 months when I got it. Instantly became her favorite toy! It took her a little while to learn to push the buttons, but even before she enjoyed holding it and touching it. I think she likes the bright colors. She loves the rolling ball at the tip! Also, the songs are actually enjoyable. Even after almost two months of her playing with this daily I haven’t gotten annoyed by the music and sounds (same cannot be said of other toys). All this at a super-affordable price… what’s not to love?

Candace Deckerville, MI

Cute remote

I bought this remote in hopes that my 9 month old would like it more than our TV remote. He does like it, but of course not as much as the real deal. I was going to buy the toy remote that resembles a real remote more, but decided at twice the price and w/ some negative reviews about phrases it says, I chose this one instead. I think if this remote was more slender it would be easier for my little one to hold onto though he’s doing just fine with it.

Antionette College City, CA

Still wants the real thing

Our baby still wants OUR remote…no fooling her. But it is a cute toy that can go in the diaper bag easily. Our baby does like making the "ball" spin. The "clip" for putting it on the car seat is worthless. The remote comes right off the clip.

Opal Mars Hill, NC

Fun for baby

Our little one kept going for our TV remote so we ordered this one. It makes fun sounds and plays music. The only thing I don’t love is that it sings 1-2-3-4-5-6 and then stops. It also doesn’t sing 1 when you push 1; no number correlation. But it is a good infant remote so we are pretty happy with it!

Jacquelyn Lejunior, KY



Glenda Fredonia, WI

Kids Love It

My kids are 3 and 2 and they all still love playing with this. Sometimes they use it as a remote, and sometimes they use it as a phone, but either way they still have lots of fun with it.

Nell Ranger, WV