Bright Starts Comfort and Harmony Bouncer, Vintage Garden

Bright Starts Comfort and Harmony Bouncer, Vintage Garden

The Comfort and Harmony Cradling Bouncer is designed to exceed baby’s comfort needs while appealing to mom’s sense of style. This new bouncer by Bright Starts cuddles baby almost as well as you do. Your baby is completely enveloped in comfort, with soft touch fabrics, soothing melodies, a cozy cradling seat, and calming vibrations. Perfect for your style and perfectly comfortable for your baby. Comfort & Harmony™ Cradling Bouncer Ages: Newborn to 25 lbs Requires: 3 C batteries (not included) Assembly: No tools required assembly Warranty: 1-year Kids II® Limited Warranty Who: Parents and caretakers seeking a safe, comfortable, and entertaining bouncer for their baby girl. What: Napping, playtime, and resting after mealtime. Where: At home, on vacation, and in settings unfamiliar to baby. Oversized, cradling seat with Comfort Recline™ technology 7 calming melodies plus soothing vibrations Plush, cushioned bolster system including head and foot rest Removable toy bar pivots easily out of the way for access to baby Removable head rest and bolster system 2 engaging plush toys All the elements to keep your baby supremely soothed and happy. View larger. (Note: Fashion may vary.) Cradling Bouncer Lets Baby Rest and Play in Comfort The patented, adjustable Comfort Recline™ System offers two positions of full body recline that allows for a more comfortable rest position than traditional infant seats in which only the back of the seat reclines. Sturdy non-slip feet keep the bouncer in place, while a three point harness safely secures the baby. Comfort Surround™ Elements Keep Baby Soothed and Happy Full body Comfort Recline™ features an ergonomic seat with two positions for rest or play. Soothing vibrations and Whisper Quiet™ operation provide gentle motion for ultimate comfort. Sweet and soothing signature melodies add to the full comfort experience. Soft Touch fabrics and details surround baby in style and comfort. Pivoting Toy Bar Comfort Recline™ Seat with 2 positions Cushioned Foot Rest Removable Bolster and Head Support   Soft Materials Cradle Baby in Total Comfort Designed with Soft Touch materials, plush fabrics, and faux suede, the Cradling Bouncer is gentle on delicate skin and envelopes your little one in ultimate comfort. The round extra-large seat cradles babies of all sizes with a cushioned bolster system that includes a removable headrest (important for newborns), side supports, and foot pillow. For your convenience, the bouncer’s seat pad, bolster system, and head rest are machine washable. Melodies and Toys Keep Baby Relaxed and Entertained Whether you’re calming a fussy mood or lulling your little one to sleep, the bouncer’s soft vibrations and Whisper Quiet™ operation provide a sense of security and peace. In addition, seven soothing melodies with adjustable volume control help create a calm environment for your baby. The Cradling Bouncer includes a pivoting, removable toy bar with two dangling plush toys that offer added stimulation and engagement. The toys can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth. For additional movement possibilities, pair the Cradling Bouncer with the Comfort and Harmony™ Portable Swing. For added comfort and storage options, consider the Comfort and Harmony™ Cozy Cart Cover (sold separately). What’s in the Box Bright Starts Comfort and Harmony™ Cradling Bouncer (Vintage Garden Fashion). A portion of the proceeds of the Bouncer in Vintage Garden Fashion goes to Breast Cancer research. Other items in the Comfort and Harmony™ collection Portable Swing Cozy Cart Cover

Main features

  • Oversized cradling seat features comfort recline with two positions
  • Soothing vibration 7 melodies volume control and auto shut off after 15 minutes
  • Cushioned foot pillow with removable bolster and head rest
  • Removable toy bar pivots back for easy access to baby
  • Two removable toys: plush flower with baby-safe mirror and plush bird

Verified reviews


Not the best bouncer

Our daughter is now 6 months old and we no longer use this bouncer at all.PROS: It’s soft and plushIt’s prettyIt bounces a little when she kicksI’ve washed the insert and it came out looking just like newYou can move the toy bar back out of the wayCONS: The toy bar comes off too easily. Anytime I try to move the bouncer to a new location, off it comes.The toys on the bar don’t do anything to stimulate my child. They don’t rattle or squeak. They are just 2stuffed animals that hang there. They also tend to hang right in my baby’s face which makes her mad.You also cannot remove the toys and attach other toys to this bar.The bouncer is big and awkward and hard to move from one location to another. Ifyou have 2 floors in your house, it’s very difficult. You cannot easily carry baby ANDthis bouncer at the same time so you will need to carry one up the stairs at a time. And if you want tomove it across the floor at all, you will need to pick it up and move it due to the rubbery feet on thebottom. This was difficult for me to do if I was holding the baby and wanted to move it to the kitchen.My baby didn’t care for the vibrating, or the music. The vibrating works as it should. The music is notvery relaxing “lullaby” type music.It does have 2 positions, but they are so similar there isn’t much point in switching.It isn’t very easy for her to bounce, and her feet hit the vibrating/music box in the front once she wasover 2 months old.Overall I don’t care for this bouncer and I wouldn’t buy it again.

Clara Brookline, MA

READ DIRECTIONS while assembling!!

This bouncer serves it’s purpose, but I don’t really think it’s better than most other bouncers on the market. I like that it’s soft and plush and has a removable infant insert, and my son seems very comfortable in it and likes the toy bar. My two complaints are that 1.) the vibration box has started to crap out after only 3 months of use, and 2.) you have to be VERY, VERY careful when you put this together so that you don’t assemble the support bars upside down! Unfortunately, they are nearly impossible to get out once they are inserted into the plastic side brackets. READ THE DIRECTIONS CAREFULLY!!! My husband did not, and so the lower support bar (the one at my son’s feet) is upside down, and my son keeps kicking a metal bracket that sticks up (it’s supposed to stick downwards for the attachment of the vibration/music box). We tried for over an hour to get the thing disassembled, but couldn’t do it. Even worse, we gave one of these to my in-laws, since they’re caring for my son while I’m at work, and they put the TOP bracket in upside down, and now the toy bar is constantly in the way! Somehow, the way the thing was assembled, the toy bar rotates forward, instead of backward and out of the way, so every time they use the bouncer, they have to take the toy bar off to get my son in and out of it!

Octavia Reyno, AR

We love this bouncer!

My daughter is 6 months old, and is now getting too big for this bouncer. We’re still using it, but having to phase it out. When she was a newborn, I loved that this bouncer snuggled her while she napped and the hanging toys entertained her (once she could reach for them) when she was awake. I also loved that it reclined so we could use it right away (a lot of bouncer seats don’t accommodate newborns) and the more upright position made her happy when she was a little older. She never really cared for the vibration or the music, but I spent many afternoons bouncing the chair with my foot trying to get her to nap. She even spent a few night in it when she couldn’t tolerate lying flat (she had reflux). I always felt that she was secure in this seat and she loves it.Pros: upright and reclining position, soft comfortable padding, easily washable, toys for her to grabCons: The music is annoying, and the button to change the recline started sticking after about 5 months of use. The toys aren’t very stimulating to an infant because there’s very little contrast (but our daughter liked them anyway).As you can tell by my 5 star rating, the cons aren’t a big deal to me – every product has a few cons, but we love it anyway!

Marlene Circleville, KS

Hit some snags, but the baby loves it

I received this item as a gift so fortunately I was able to work out the minor issues before the baby came home. First, let me say, it’s adorable, super soft and cozy. My daughter sleeps so well in it, I think mainly because of the bolster pillows on the sides which are similar to the z-flow she slept on when she was in the NICU. It was very easy to put together and the color is exactly that of the picture. I have washed it several times and it’s awesome to be able to just toss it in the washing machine without worrying about it getting out of shape. It also dries quickly (I don’t put it in the dryer) when laid flat.The problems- the unit that vibrates and plays music had stripped screws so I wasn’t able to put the batteries in. However, I give a big thumbs up to their customer service department. I emailed them to let them know, I got a reply back that day asking if I wanted a blue unit right away or if I wanted to wait a little while for a beige one. The blue still matches, so I ordered that one. It arrived within a few days and works great.The toy bar is meant to slide on and off but there is a catch to keep it from just falling. One side was missing that catch, so the bar constantly came undone. I finally just kept it off, which was fine.Overall, this was an excellent gift and I love it!

Kristina Hinckley, IL

Pretty darn good

This has been doing the job for our newborn son for almost 2 weeks now.Pros:-Simple to assemble-Stable base (quite wide though — a negative for some, depending on your space)-Toy bar with adjustable position-Good vibrate feature — pleases our son, inaudible from a few feet away in a normal active room, shuts itself off after awhile to preserve batteries (haven’t timed it yet, but it goes for a good long time first)-Tolerable music, though our newborn is unaffected by it so far-Easily bounces gently with minimal movement from a newbornCons:-Straps for the harness always end up lying right where you’re going to put the baby, so you have to dig them out from under him/her just as you’re hoping he/she might stay sound asleep. It would be nice if there were a pocket or something on each side to tuck them into to keep them up along the sides of the seat, instead of right under baby.-Quite wide — only a problem if you have limited space in which to put it-Wish it were a little easier to move around the house or had a folding feature, but this is not a deal breaker and I’ll sacrifice portability for stability at the moment.

Ladonna Gallitzin, PA

Absoultely Love it!

My son is now 5 months old (17lbs) and we just purchased the bouncer. We had a fisher price rainforest one previously, but it was getting uncomfortable for my son, so I decided to buy this one. I love the fact that it reclines and sits forward, even though when it is forward it seems like it may lean too far. If my son wasn’t buckled in, he would be able to fall right out (but I believe it is because he is very tall)He absolutely loves napping in this bouncer, it is very comfortable… and he could sleep for hours! The only negative is when he is napping, I can’t have the toy bar going across because it is basiclly in his face! It is very nice to have when he is awake, he loves batting and putting the toys in his mouth.This product was easy to put together, I had no problems. Like the other reviews say, It doesn’t collapse so it would be difficult to take on vacation or to a different house.Overall, I am VERY happy with this bouncer, and you especially can’t go wrong with the price! I would recommend this bouncer over any bouncer out there, especially fisher price. I have only had problems with my fisher price bouncer AND swing!

Bridget Laredo, MO

My baby loves this thing

Best $50 I’ve invested so far…When my baby is fussy and I can’t calm her down, I put her in her bouncer and she calms down right away. I love that it is very plush and that the colors aren’t loud. The vibrations and music soothe her while I’m getting her bottle ready and she has even fallen asleep in it a couple of times.I’ve only owned it for a couple of weeks but I’m extremely satisfied so far. The music/vibrator box seems to have an auto shut-off feature that I found out after accidentally leaving it on a couple of times. I removed the box last night and put it in her crib so that the music and vibrations would soothe her to sleep. Worked like a charm.My only complaint is that the box that the bouncer came in did not have instructions on how to assemble it. I don’t know if they are all that way or if they just forgot to put it in my bouncer, but I have experience assembling household products and furnishing so I was able to figure it out. Some of the pieces are labeled left and right and other pieces are designed to be inserted only one way, so if one part doesn’t “snap” in properly, try the other.

Lenore Hoskins, NE

love it

I have been really impressed with this bouncy seat! I love the soft fabrics, easy to wash. I read in another review that if you use the music feature the batteries go quickly, and since Im not fond of the music we never use it, so we are going on 10 weeks now without having to change the batteries. I love it cause I can take it with me into the bathroom and put her into while I shower giving me more shower time! Its great!

Carissa Middleburg, NC

Infant Friendly

Really great gender neutral gift; love how it has extra support for the infants! Pretty simple to put together and will wash well!

Deidre Campbellsville, KY

Great bouncer, a bit too much padding for newborns

We got this bouncer when our son had colic, and needed to sleep sitting up much of the time. We love its angle, and he seems to like the music and vibrations. However, my only gripes are these: it is hard to adjust the angle with the baby in it, and it has alot of padding along the side of the bouncer, making me worry that he will turn his face into it and have difficulty breathing. To solve this, we pinned back the sides, and now I feel much more comfortable with it. We also have the Fisher Price Infant to Toddler Rocker and the Baby Bjorn, and like this one just as much if not better for newborns, though I’m sure the other two will be preferable as he gets older.

Brittney Lake Nebagamon, WI

Pretty good but not great

Love the colors – super soft and safe! The music is nice as well. The vibrator stopped working after two months 🙁 and the frame bent to one side. It is difficult to change the batteries because of the placement but workable. The toy bar above is useless because it falls off all of the time so we just took it off. Great adjustable recline – overall just OK.

Gertrude Earlville, PA

Nice bouncy seat

I like this bouncy seat. It’s soft and comfortable for my baby and I feel comfortable leaving him in while I do chores. I also love the muted colors. Like other reviewers, I think that the activity bar with the hanging animals hangs too close to his face. I usually leave it pushed all the way back so we don’t use it at all. Overall, though, I’d recommend this product.

Noreen Holland, IN

This helped with acid reflux during the day

This bouncer puts the baby upright to help prevent acid reflux and choking. I made the mistake of letting my baby sleep in it at night and it says in the product book not to use it for those purposes. My child started to develop a flat spot on the back of his head because i thought the fabric was so soft that i would make it a bed for our child (to help with acid reflux) at night. Use this during the day for short periods of time, don’t make this a acid reflux reducing bed at night. The metal bar around the product puts a lot of pressure right behind the childs head (which is fine for occasional use). it is Better to put pillows UNDER a properly fitting crib mattress to elevate the child’s head at night rather then use a bouncer for evening acid reflux problems. My child loved loved the vibration setting and music. I threw away the mobile early on for safety, the toy was way way to close to my child’s head.

Claudia Gracemont, OK

Great bouncer!

My newborn spends more time in her than in his bassinet! Very cute and comfy…plus the vibrations and music are gentle enough not to startle him.

Natalie Destin, FL

Nice Bouncer & Good Customer Service

I purchased this bouncer for my newborn and he seems to be pretty happy with it. My one and only complaint is that it seems to really chew thru batteries. It’s a great bouncer but it becomes useless when the batteries are dead and I get sick of replacing them constantly.Customer Service: One of the legs did not fit into the frame of the seat properly. I called customer service and explained my dilemma and they were friendly and promptly shipped me out the replacement parts.Pros:- Very soft and plush- Sturdy toy bar that can be moved back easily to pull baby out- Machine washable cover (toy bar is spot clean)- Decent amount of vibration- Pretty simple to put together- Easily bounces with your foot so its not tiring- Good customer serivce- Recline position for newborns- Very simple mechanism to switch between reclined and sitting upCons:- Goes thru batteries pretty quickly** Edited 10/28/10 **After using this bouncer for several months I found that the batteries will last over a month if you do not use the music option. If you use the music the batteries will drain very quickly. So if you do not plan on using the music very much this bouncer would be really good. If you do want to use the music, be prepared to fork out a lot of money for batteries.

Carmen Cartersville, GA

It’s so beautiful and helpful

I got the Bright Starts Comfort and Harmony Bouncer in Biscotti Baby, and I love it! I love turquoise and think this can be used for a boy or a girl since the rest of the colors are neutral tones (with a bit of coral thrown in). I use this in my small apartment to put my 2 month old son on the kitchen counter or dining table when I’m cleaning or eating, so he can watch me and I can watch him. The music has two volumes, and I find myself humming them but they’re not annoying. The only thing I wish it did was bounce him, because the vibration is sometimes not enough to keep him calm. When he falls asleep in my arms and I want him where I can see him, I slightly bounce him as I lower him into it (while it’s vibrating), then bounce him a little as I let go of him, then bounce it a couple of times and release so he gets a feeling of continuity as his Moro reflex is still alive and kicking, because he wakes up as soon as I put him down otherwise. I also wish there was a coordinating high chair and pack ‘n play.

Sybil Apalachicola, FL


LOVE this bouncy. Had a fisher price for my first child and he HATED that thing, never sat in it and always looked horribly uncomfortable. So i wanted a seat more suitable for an infant. My daughter loves it, she sleeps in it every night (in the pack-and-play next to our bed), it is super soft, cradles her just like she is being held..I love the recline option so she is flat and her head doesn’t fall forward like with the other bouncies. I do admit i never put batteries in so can’t review the vibration or music, I dont like my kids to get used to stuff like that to fall asleep, so never use it. Also, the toy bar hasn’t been used because she is only a few weeks old.. I can see how it’s not great b/c it is pretty low and would hang in her face, not what i bought it for though so i don’t care!

Gale Danbury, CT

Perfect Bouncer

So soft and comfortable. My daughter LOVED this and it kept her calm enough to fall asleep. The vibrations are nice, and the music.

Bethany Imnaha, OR


When I purchase a bouncy chair I seek one that doesn’t squish the baby’s chin to chest. I prefer (for safety reasons) one that provides a safe, somewhat natural position for baby. So many seem to sit them too far upright, thus that little chin gets squishes- plain dangerous. Anyway, this one provides a much more natural position for a newborn. The music is terrible, in my opinion, but the vibration is good. The toys on the arch are cute but just hang. Regardless, this is a good chair and has good ergonomics. I recommend it.

Lorraine Perry, IA

Very soft and cuddly, could have better head support.

As a first time mother, I cannot speak from much experience, only what I have seen with this one bouncy.This seat is VERY soft and cuddly- which is my favorite feature.The vibration is nice and gentle and the music is fine, though nothing special. The toys are simple, but my daughter enjoys batting at them and has had some recent success grabbing the lady bug’s legs.My only complaint is the head cushion- it provides little to no support. My daughter is now 3 months old and it still does not keep her head in a nice neutral position when she is sleeping. She always looks incredibly awkward and her neck looks strained.

Cynthia Hinton, VA

Best bouncer seat out there

We have twins, a boy and girl, and so have purchased both the pink and the neutral Comfort & Harmony bouncer. As these are my 4th and 5th children, I can testify to having tried many different kinds of bouncers. Before finding the Comfort & Harmony, I have never been perfectly happy with any of the ones I’ve used.The best features of this bouncer seat:-Toy bar that does not pop off every time you move the seat to a different location, and it EASILY slides back out of baby’s face when you want to pick him/her up.-Two positions – works for newborns who need to lie almost flat and for older babies who want to look around. Most basic bouncers do not have this feature.-“Bounce mechanism” is different than most seats – it bounces from the back instead of having a seat attached to two bars that bounce from the bottom of the front bar. This means the baby bounces up and down gently (good for newborn) instead of back and forth (NOT good for newborn’s head and neck position).-Removable cuddly, soft cushions and head support. The cushions literally surround the newborn’s body, making them feel safe and secure while they rest.-Music and sounds that are not EXTREMELY annoying; vibrations that don’t shake the baby until he/she vomits!My twins spend much of their days in these bouncers, and I am SO happy with this purchase. Other than their cradle swings, these are very comforting and sleep-friendly!

Phoebe Akin, IL

Its Okay

My son never loved it and ended up being one of the items that curved too much to let him be comfortable with being sensitive to angles especially of the chest and neck with bad acid reflux. I wish the the head part didn’t curve in even further than the body. The toy bar was also quite disappointing, the toys angle away from the baby as for more of just decoration and the angle of that lands right in front of the baby’s view. My son tried to play with the toys eventually and they either hit him in the face or nearly every time. Wish I wouldn’t have went off reviews on this one.

Mavis Bates, AR