Bright Starts Comfort & Harmony Cozy Cart Cover, Calypso Blue

Bright Starts Comfort & Harmony Cozy Cart Cover, Calypso Blue

Provides 360 degrees of protection for your little one! The Comfort & Harmony Cozy Cart Cover covers the entire shopping cart seat to protect your baby from germs. It is made of plush, padded fabrics to keep your baby supremely comfortable while you shop. It also fits most restaurant high chairs. The shopping cart cover features toy loops for attaching baby’s favorite toys and pockets for stashing mom’s and baby’s essentials while on-the-go.Plush quilted fabrics cover the seat and leg hole areas, providing comfort and protection3 storage pocketsOn the go toy loops for baby’s favorite toys and essentials

Main features

  • Face: 100% Polyester; Back: 100% Polyester
  • Imported
  • Plush quilted fabrics cover the seat and leg hole areas, providing comfort and protection
  • 3 storage pockets
  • On the go toy loops for baby’s favorite toys and essentials

Verified reviews


4 stars because it doesn’t have a strap for baby, otherwise like it!

I really went looking for a nice shopping cart / high chair cover to use with my 7 month old son. I was drawn to this one because of the bright blue colors, it really compliments the baby, and I’ve had more than a few comments: )The Good:- It’s not bulky. Folds up well.- Simple design- Pockets in the back for storing items- Two reinforced feet holes for baby’s legs- Elastic that fits well around the handles of the shopping cart so baby won’t lean over and suck on the handle bar.- For a standard shopping cart it covers well!- Strap in the back to attach the cover to the grocery cart for security.The Bad:- Most covers fold into themselves making it easier to carry; this feature isn’t a big deal for me, but to be able to roll up the cover and clip it together would have been nice. Unfortunately with this you end up stuffing it under your arm making carrying baby, purse, and cover a bit difficult.- The cover includes one strap to attach it to a grocery cart, but not one to strap the baby in. There are holes for the straps of the grocery cart, but I’ve found some store straps are just too short, so baby wasn’t able to be strapped in at all. That was a big disappointment! It would have been nice to have a fall back option.- Shopping cover works well on standard carts, but on a oversized cart like the one’s at Costco, or Sam’s Club, you have to pull it over in the back and it doesn’t fit well.Overall it’s a nice cover that works well. It works great in restaurant high chairs too, pretty simple to use, here the straps work great. But I was really bummed that the cover didn’t come with it’s own strap to secure baby, it would have been a nice added feature.On a side note, this cover is very similar to the Boppy Cart Cover, which they sold with a similar pattern, but isn’t being sold any more. I wonder if they were designed and manufactured by the same company some how.

Kelly Corte Madera, CA

Love it!

I bought this cart cover to replace an Infantino cover that I HATED. I haven’t used it for a highchair yet, but it’s fine for shopping carts. It covered the whole cart and has little loops that I attached my son’s toys to. I’m only giving it four stars instead of five because it doesn’t come with a belt. I feel that it’s silly to have a cover to keep your baby away from germs if you’re going to use the yucky belt on the cart. But if you don’t mind the cart belt, or if you get a belt for it, it’s great! I’ve washed it once so far and it held up fine.*****Four months later and it’s still holding up great! I’ve washed it a few times and it hasn’t started to fall apart, like some other reviewers claimed. I can see one or two loose threads, but nothing that’s going to make it un-usable or that I can’t easily fix. Still love it!*****

Helene Milltown, MT

Nice product, but could be better.

I love that I have a little more piece of mind that my teething daughter won’t be putting her mouth on the cart or high chair, but it dosen’t stay on the handles of the cart well. I also wish it had a bit more flexibility as to where the restraints could come through. A lot of carts have the restraint at the top of the cart and then it won’t clasp if I put it through the spaces provided. Cute design and good quality material.

Erna Dice, KY

Keeps baby clean and entertained

This is wonderful for covering not-so-clean restaurant highchairs and cushioning shopping cart seats. The colors are bright and Baby loves to chew on it. There are 3 cloth hooks on the front for attaching toys. Wonderful idea! My son can have a few toys to play with and be entertained all through dinner. It rolls up for storage in the car – not great, but smaller.

Clarissa Bentley, MI

Great quality, Great colors

This cover is the same color as the picture, Sometimes you buy something and the color is off but not this, It’s so nice and fits most shopping carts, the carts at target are made a little bigger so it doesn’t fit as well all the way around but still does the job, it fit’s a high chair well and I even put it on the swing at the park. It has 2 hooks to attach toys and pockets in the back for maybe a bottle keys and your wallet. I definitely recommend this.

Erna Santa Rita, MT