Bright Starts Comfort & Harmony Portable Swing, Vintage Garden

Bright Starts Comfort & Harmony Portable Swing, Vintage Garden

Surround your little princess in comfort at every touch point with our Comfort and Harmony Portable Swing in Vintage Garden fashion with the unique Comfort Surround System. We have designed this little wonder with all the elements to keep your baby supremely soothed and happy, while offering mom the latest on-trend styling. The sweet, soft portable swing with plush, oversized seat is the perfect cozy place for your little one. Comfort Recline offers three positions for rest and play. Truspeed technology automatically recognizes baby’s weight and adjusts the swing’s motion to maintain consistent, soothing swing speed even as she grows and Whisperquiet ensures a noiseless ride. The canopy toybar pivots out of the way with one hand for easy access to baby and is easy to remove. Keeps your little one snug as a hug.

Main features

  • Plush, oversized seat with cushioned foot pillow and removable head support in the softest fabrics
  • Comfort Recline offers 2 full-body recline positions for baby’s ultimate comfort
  • Whisper Quiet operation
  • 6 swing speeds and swing timer with 3 settings: 15, 30, and 45 minutes
  • 6 calming melodies with volume control and auto shut off

Verified reviews


Ok for a portable swing

I am a mom of two and have owned several baby swings. My kids needed the swings to get them to sleep when they were infants – if you have a bad back and can’t rock your child, then a swing is what you need! If you are looking for portability then this is a great swing, but keep in mind that NO travel swing will be as powerful as a full-size model. We have the full size Fisher Price papasan and the ocean wonders swings, and they were amazing and plenty powerful – colicky babies prefer vigorous swinging to soft rocking. Yes, they eat through batteries, but who cares when your child will sleep 4 hours in the swing as opposed to 1 hour in the crib! But I digress…As for this travel swing:Pros:Much more portable than a full size swingMore portable than the fisher price travel swing (I had the ocean wonders model)Folds pretty flat for travelNo noise at all (the full-size models always click when swinging)Decent battery life for a swingEasy to assembleHas a recline optionDecent music if you want itTimer if you want it, or just leave the swing on constantlyCute to look at for you and babyEasy to cleanCons:”Speed” settings are really all 1 speed – why bother with a speed dial? This seems to be typical of all swings though, both travel and full-sized.Will never move as vigorously as a full-sized swing – top speed is barely moving in comparison to a full-sized swing. If your child is used to a full-sized swing, this swing might not move vigorously enough to rock him/her to sleep. However, if they are not used to a full-sized model than this one might be fine.A tip for all swings: Use good batteries (Duracell only) to get the most vigorous swinging out of your swing. The cheap ones, even Energizers, will barely move your swing!Update: 1 BIG CON for this swing that I discovered last night – it automatically shuts off after 1 hour, even without using the timer feature. I wanted it to run continuously like the full-size swing would, but it won’t. Why include a timer for 15 minute increments if the swing shuts off in 1 hour anyway? My babies wake up when the swing stops, which is exactly what happened. Argh! This makes the swing fairly useless to me if I want my baby to sleep in the swing during the night, because she will wake every hour when the swing automatically shuts off!

Annie Wabasha, MN


I just left a review for another Bright Starts product (Bright Starts Safari Swing, Dots and Spots) because I tried them both, starting with that one and then “upgrading” to this one hoping to get better results. Useless to say that my LO hated them both.The reclining positions are awkward, the straps are uncomfortable, it doesn’t swing with the toy bar attached (the other one had the same issue and customer service told me to bend it, that trick worked with the other swing but not with this one, they are sending me a new toy bar but I doubt it will solve the issue). My LO just hated them both. I also didn’t care much about the music played and never really used the timer, my LO lasted in it an average of 2 minutes and never fell asleep in it, only way he would sleep in it was if I put him in it once he was already asleep – but as soon as he woke up he used to start yelling.I would not recommend this swing – go with a bouncy chair instead if you don’t have much room for a regular size swing.

Alyce Germantown, MD

HATE this swing

we have the ‘my little lamb’ full size swing, which we absolutely love! but we keep it upstairs next to our bed and i wanted one downstairs for during the day so i thought this would be perfect. i absolutely hate this thing. first of all, it’s not comfy. maybe if your baby starts out in this thing, it’s ok, but if you are expecting a super plush soft place for your little one to take naps, this is not it. secondly, the sounds are either too quiet or too loud. there isn’t a dial to turn it up and down, just two buttons, loud or quiet. thirdly, and worst of all, my child almost fell out of this on numerous occasion. it’s not shaped in a cup shape to hold baby. it’s almost too flat and the baby can slide right out with just a little bit of movement. we sent ours back. i would spend $40 more and get the my little lamb swing. its the best swing ever and our 4 month old son still takes naps in it!

Ines Moro, OR

Piece of junk!!

I bought this swing because I wanted something portable that I could easily move around from room to room while upstairs cleaning, showering, etc. I found this and thought it looked perfect for what I wanted! I couldn’t have been more wrong. It assembled quickly and easily, and seemed to swing fine, however when I put my 11 lb. baby in the swing, it wasn’t strong enough to keep going!! When I took him out, the swing just sat there, kind of twitching. This will be going back to the store tomorrow. What a waste of time and money!

Elma Yantis, TX


was excited to get this swing because of good reviews. however, was quickly disappointed when we discovered the swing did not swing when the toy bar was attached. don’t know if this is a design flaw or if only the unit we got was defective. returned it after a few days and got another swing. it’s too bad because this swing is very cute and quiet, and affordable. it swings very gently when turned down to the lower settings – perfect speed for newborns, unlike other swings we used that swung too fast even at the first speed notch.

Lucia Clemons, NY


If you’re into keeping it simple, this swing is for you. It does the job. Indeed it is a little low to the ground and the reclining settings are tricky, but for the price, I found it to be alright. The music is okay. Maybe a little too loud. The swinging motion does take a few seconds to warm up. Overall a good swing for a low price.

Olga Fruitland, NM

Great swing

This swing is great for the price. My daughter’s old swing was just that… old. It was hard as a rock and the recline feature was practically non-existent. This new swing is really nice, I almost wish they made it for adults because it looks so comfortable. The fabric it’s made out of is nice and soft. I was a little hesitant to buy this after reading some reviews that said the rocking motion wasn’t quite up to par with some of the full sized models but so far I’m not seeing any problems. It’s top speed, while yes, is a little less intense than that of her old swing, it is still a nice amount of rocking. And when this product says it’s quiet it really means it; the only noise this swing makes is with the music. On that subject, the music is nice and calming, each track comes with two sound levels depending on your preference. The combination of the swinging and the music puts my daughter right to sleep.

Bernice Benson, IL

Good basic swing

I was using a “My Little Snugabunny” swing (by Fisher Price) that I borrowed from my friend, but the motor went out in it. Rather than spend $75 for a new motor, I thought I’d try a smaller, more portable, more economical swing.Here’s what I like:-This swing was reasonably easy to put together.-It is lightweight and easy to tote from one room to another, so I can use it as a baby seat if I want, as well.-The fabric and designs are cute and soft.-The toy bar moves back to make it easier to get baby out.-It doesn’t have difficulty swinging my 3 month old son, who is almost 14 lbs.Here’s what I don’t like:-The 5-point harness is a little hard to put on, so sometimes I don’t use it, like if he is fussing when I put him in and I’m not sure if the swing will calm him to sleep or if I will need to take him out right away. Probably just a habit I need to get used to.-It doesn’t swing as hard as the Snugabunny, but my baby is getting used to it.Overall, this is a good, economy-priced, portable swing.

Roseann Dolph, AR

Great swing!

I purchased this to keep at my home for my grandson, rather than go for a full size swing that would be in the way in my rather limited space. I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of this swing, and the price was great. The music is sort of classical, and it grows on you. It also folds up nicely, easy to just stand it in a corner, out of the way until you need it. We used it until my grandson was about 7 months old, and after that he sort of lost interest, but I would think it would work well until the child is 18 pounds or so (in my opinion). I would recommend this swing.

Connie Blackstone, VA

Nice basic swing

I didn’t want to spend all the money for a full featured swing and this was a nice alternative for my newborn. PROs: folds easily so I can get it out of the way easily, doesn’t eat through batteries like I thought it might, good price. CONs: the side straps are challenging to adjust, the music gets old FAST (I just put on the radio or a CD), no vibration or side to side motion. I would choose this again since my little one really doesn’t need a swing that costs more!

Young Tunica, MS

Fabulous swing, great price

This is a great portable swing. I have had no problems with it. The music is light and not too annoying as other baby toys. It collapses nicely to travel. The toy bar does need to be positioned correctly for the swing to work. If it is not swinging correctly, try to adjust the toy bar.

Laurel Guadalupita, NM

LOVE this swing!

This swing is not only super adorable but very functional! It’s very light and easy to move around. It’s extremely quiet. We’ve been using it several times daily for about 5 weeks and we haven’t had to replace the batteries!

Ruthie Clarence, MO

Pretty and comfortable but not for every baby

Comfortable swing, pretty colors and super-soft surface. Multiple speed settings. Tip-safe. Our baby disliked it, but we will keep it for the next one.

Ines Guyton, GA

My baby loves it!!!

Great swing for a great price. Well worth the money. Have been using it for about over a week and batteries are still running. I would recommend it to anyone.

Yvette Henderson, WV

Great for travel

It fit in my suitcase and I used it several time on vacation because I could not bring my big bunny swing. My baby seemed to find comfort in it. Now, I leave it in her daycare for her use. The music is nice and calming as well.

Mari Cassville, MO

Sweet but seat is odd

I love the pink and it swings great, which is the purpose. But the toys do not catch her attention because they are very high and pink. Probably a swing with more colors would be better. Also the seat is too bucketed. We’ve had to use a folded blanket in the bottom of it to lift her bottom up so she doesn’t scrunch down too much, the blanket helps straighten her back out more.

Erica Hope, ND

Good for short time

This swing is good enough for the price. If you just need a baby swing for quick calming or short period of times this will work for you. Its fairly comfortable because its soft but the head holder it comes with is completely useless until your baby has some head control. The straps are also a pain in the butt and i was not eve able to fit them on at all. So i just dont use them. The music has too levels but both a very loud. Not good for baby’s ears. But as i said, for short times its fine. If you are looking to have your baby in the swing for long periods of time, i would not go with this.

Anne Chester Springs, PA

Great Product

Great product and came very fast. I thought it was broken at first because the swing was so quiet when I turned it on. I would highly recommend this and it folds up so easily.

Melissa Swan Lake, MS

Can you say best money EVER spent?

We LOVE this swing. It has saved our lives, literally. We have a 6 mo old who uses this every day, several times a day. Actually, he slept in it for the first 2 mo of his life because he has such bad acid reflux. We only use the lowest level of movement, but he still loves it and the two animals attached are great. The music is good too but we ended up not needing it after 4 months. We have never replaced the batteries which tells you how long they last. We also like to attach extra toys to the toy bar for some variety.Overall, this is the best thing we bought for our little one. It is definitely the most used and is small enough to travel with. No need for a facy swing with a ton of bells and whistles. This is perfect! Great amazon price too!

Nita Buffalo, IN

not enough of a swing

I had to return it as it did not really rock at the highest speed. I bought a fisher price one that is wonderful from target. it is very compact and it really rocks. it is called spacesaver swing and seat.i hope this one works but for us it felt it barely moved.

Sandra Dickinson, TX

It’s ok

We chose this swing for the relatively gender neutral color scheme and the fold-up option. However, after using it for a couple days with our newborn, the swing didn’t swing, it just jerked back and forth, and the music sounded awful. We exchanged it through amazon for a new one (extremely easy process thank goodness). While the swing is still swinging a month later the music doesn’t work, which is actually ok because we can’t stand the music anyway and our daughter doesn’t need it to be content in the swing. We don’t fold it up and store it as much as we thought we would. It has potential but falls a bit short on the reliability side.

Meredith Ashburn, GA

pretty good

nice colors. dont like when you fold it up there is no handle and it opens easily. also the seat comes off when carrying it.

Rosetta Karnes City, TX

What A Relief!

Whew! Hands free time from a grumpy baby! Priceless, except that it was fairly inexpensive. And all without taking over the entire living room!!! Not too big, not too gaudy, and nice quality. Takes C batteries.

Rosa Bucklin, MO

Great travel- or at home- swing!

I bought this swing to take with us on a road trip. it didn’t take up too much room and kept the baby happy when it was time to try to put her to sleep. It has a great timer so you can set her up and hopefully she’ll fall asleep and the swing will just stop. We now use this one at home because it uses less space. Three things I would change. 1) I would make the music softer. There are two settings but even the low one is a little loud. 2) Make it easier to fold up one handed. It has buttons that require two hands to fold in the legs. Hard to do if you are balancing a baby on your hip. 3) Make the activity mobile stronger. My sister’s 1 year old bent it and it’s now difficult if not impossible to put it on the swing. Overall great!

Carol South Bloomingville, OH

great swing

great swing and the price is descent. i have used it for about two weeks now and still have yet to change the batteries. my duaghter loves her swing so we use it quite a bit. i also enjoy that it automatically shuts off in about an hour (even if you dont set the timer). pretty light-i can hold my newborn in one arm and carry the swing in the other. would definately recommend

Jeanne Hamlin, TX

Difficult to strap in

Our son hated this swing- it was super difficult to get him in to the swing and then strap him in without him crying like crazy. If you don’t strap him in the seat is too shallow and is dangerous (he could roll out).I’m sure its great for some kids- not mine.The actual swing is of good quality.

Liliana Wingett Run, OH

Batteries Outlasted the Swing

I purchased this product as I wanted something to safely sit a baby in order to free me to move about the room. I liked its promised small footprint for storage, its portability, and the fact it could recline. The only thing I felt it lacked would be a plug-in option.In my original review when my baby was a 9-lb newborn, I praised the swing as the equivalent as baby morphine because it soothed my baby so well.The swing broke, one month and 3 pounds later; the swinging motion became erratic and unable to sooth my baby. I changed the batteries, but the problem remained. I contacted Customer Service and they immediately sent out replacement parts. The parts arrived: used, the wrong color, and broken. I contacted them again and this time they explained the proper parts were on back order, so they sent out what they had so I wouldn’t be without a swing. The thought was appreciated, yet – broken – replacement parts are no more useful to me than the original, malfunctioning parts. A bit more slowly, the Customer Service sent me a new, replacement swing. That swing has a shadow of the problem of the first, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed for now.

Socorro Satin, TX

Better than the big expensive swing

I bought the fisher price snug-a-bunny for our baby before he was born at $169 that swing has no power and the motor is dying now that he is 4 mos old. I was given this and thought well it can live at grandma house….well I can’t be without it. It has more swinging power than the big swing is light weight and portable I take it all over the house. I also love the timer, and that it reclines…the big swing does not do that. There is only one problem …sucks batteries…why cant it have a plug in option? Other than that LOVE IT. Dont spend the money for the big swing get this one and lots of batteries.

Isabelle Newborn, GA

Love it!

My daughter loves this swing. The little animals are adorable and the fabric is incredibly soft. The fabric also holds up well for washing and is not bad to stain. The swing speeds are wonderful. My daughter was slightly premature and weighed just over 6 pounds, now at 2 months she’s about 8.5 pounds and levels 1 or 2 on the swing are excellent for her. I feel like the higher speeds will be handy as she grows and gains weight.

Carissa Layton, NJ

Great Swing

Level set – First time parents.We were using a swing from a family member until it broke. We started reading reviews and bought this one. It’s great!! Very quite (compared to the one we had), cannot even hear the motor if your right next to it. The timer setting is great and helps saves on batteries. It plays music, but lets just say the sounds not coming out of a Bose system (but thats normal with all baby noise makers). Would recommend to anyone looking for a swing.

Shelley Jesup, GA