Bright Starts Crib Mirror, Singing Safari

Bright Starts Crib Mirror, Singing Safari

Large, peek a boo crib mirror fascinates and entertains baby with fun characters and sweet songs. The crib mirror is sure to keep baby engrossed with all its interesting sounds and fun characters with sweet songs playing.

Main features

  • Multiple activities for baby include crinkle leaves, giraffe bead chaser, and zebra roller ball that activates fun melodies and sounds
  • 15 minutes of music featuring short play or long play modes
  • Easy attachment straps for use in crib

Verified reviews


Not as pictured

You cannot put it up, as pictured, outside of the crib for the baby to play with. I was specifically looking for that and found one of the product pictures deceiving.

Dawn Arkport, NY


My little one was bored with this pretty quickly. I dont know if anyone else experienced this, or if I hung it wrong, but my little one had more fun banging it against the sides of the crib than actually interacting with it. We ended up taking it off pretty quickly and its sat in the top box ever since.

Nadine Boyes Hot Springs, CA

Not Crib Friendly

First of all, I’m not sure why the product description says, "large;" it is very misleading. When the mirror arrived, I was rather disappointed in the size. It is quite small; the mirror itself is 5" x 4". The frame is 12" x 7"… if that is considered large!?! Secondly, the melodies and sounds are not soothing; they are upbeat and entertaining. I don’t mind the music, but it definately won’t send baby off to dreamland, especially if he bumps it with a hand or foot while asleep. Baby goes in the crib to sleep, not play. Yes, the music can be turned off on the back of the mirror, but my 8 month old is able to turn it back on! Lastly, the mirror does easily attatch to crib; however, it is secured only on top, so baby can lift and bang mirror… during all hours of the night! There needs to be a bottom strap as well, so the mirror can’t be lifted up; it would also keep baby from being able to touch the power switch. As far as quality, the mirror is well constructed; unfortunately, it just isn’t practical.

Grace River Rouge, MI

Good buy!

This is currently in our son’s pack and play since he’s not sitting up yet. He enjoys looking at himself and playing with the ‘crunchy’ leaves.

Sydney Thornton, PA

Not for all cribs

I couldn’t use this and had to return it due to the fact that the straps aren’t adjustable. The part of my crib that it wraps around to attach is thicker and because of this the straps don’t even come close to closing. Not all cribs are the same so having straps that aren’t able to be adjusted is bad design.

Jacqueline Gove, KS

Great toy!

My little boy loves this toy. He likes the mirror, but really enjoys the moveable parts on the sides. He particularly enjoys spinning the wheel and getting it to sing. The adjustable music time is a nice feature, the back snap attachment made this easy to take in the truck or in the stroller.

Felicia Coffee Creek, MT

Does not fit on babys crib but she loves it as a toy

My daughter loves this as a toy (as a toy I give it 5 stars) but since it’s made for a crib and it doesn’t fit on her crib then I have to give it three. (Crib is Montana collection at babies r us so has wide slats and thick on top). I actually wanted a mirror lower for her to look at when she wakes up but still laying down but the photos show a baby sitting up looking. Now it’s on the floor as one of her toys to play with, she loves the music. You can switch to less than a minute of music, 5 minutes, or 15 minutes. Songs are jungle sounding and you have to turn the round rattle thing to make the music go on. She also loves looking in the mirror so this is a good mirror and not distorted like many baby mirrors.

Alyssa Cuyahoga Falls, OH