Bright Starts Entertain and Grow Saucer, Pink

Bright Starts Entertain and Grow Saucer, Pink

Featuring the innovative ideal fit seat, this entertainer will fit baby through the growth stages. Seven entertaining toys are within baby’s reach and the seat rotates 360 degree so baby has access to all the fun. Three adjustable height settings allows entertainer to grow with baby.

Main features

  • Includes colorful bead chaser, bird push top spinner with swirling beads, spinning bee rattle ball, spinning ladybug barrels, bendable firefly stalk toy and overhead toy arch includes teether and rattle
  • Seat rotates 360 degree for access to all toys
  • Three adjustable height settings allows entertainer to grow with baby
  • Machine washable seat pad
  • Lays flat for storage

Verified reviews



I can not believe what a terrible product this is. There were so many good reviews on it that I decided to ignore the bad ones and purchase it well bad choice for me! Like the other negative reviewers said the seat is way too big and there is NO PADDING, my baby was completely uncomfortable and kept nearly slamming her head on the toys around. I had to put a small blanket infront and in back of her to give her the padding and support she needed and book under her feet for her, that’s when i started thinking… did I really just pay 50 bucks for this? Also for the more minor reasons why I hate this product, there are several spots where there are no toys to put in there but instead these weird green things that pointy!!! Ok so now I have to worry if my daughter whips her head down the wrong way she’ll slam into one of those??? RIDICULOUS. And then there was the matter of once you put the toys and nicknacks into their place it is nearly impossible to get them back out, I really mean it… and then lastly it is incredibly difficult to put the baby in and out of the seat. All in all I HATE THIS PRODUCT.

Nora Wyano, PA

Not that bright designs

I love the look of it-its colorful,pink girly but in practice is very umcomfortable to use.Disadvantages:1-has a big bar with sign “not a handle” but who wouldnot use as a handle?! Of course you pull it and its convenient.I would like to have it without bar but unfortunately you can not remove it.That would be a good thing to redesign.2-Although there are many toys built in but of course you want to put more for baby to play and there is not much space for that.I have seen better designs at this point but it does have rings to attach things.3-the seat it looks like made from waterproof material and I thought I can just wipe it when I saw the poop stain there.No way.You have to wash it right away.But before you can do that it is almost impossible to remove seat cover from the seat.It took me some time and I am very dissappointedOverall,I got it because its cute and girly but I would not get this again.

Susanne Plato, MN


My daughter (4 months) loves this. I honestly haven’t seen any negatives. It’s cute, colorful and she loves all the little toys on it. Not to mention it was one of the cheapest ones I saw.Oh & when it was delivered, one of the toys was broken… I went on Bright Starts website and ordered a replacement part for free. It came a week or two later! I was surprised I didn’t have to spend 20+ minutes on the phone with someone going over all the details.Update: My daughter is now almost 8 months old and this is still her favorite thing. Best purchase I have made for us!!!!

Marisa Golden Eagle, IL

My daughter LOVES this and I love it’s simplicity!

I previously owned a large exersaucer for my 3 boys and when I found out I was having a daughter I NEEDED a pink saucer. So I sold the old, clunky, overstimulating exersaucer and bought this.My first impression was that it was cheaply made in comparison to my expensive exersaucer but I figured, what should I expect from a 60 something dollar saucer?Even though it seemed cheaply made it has held up amazingly well and my daughter, now 6 months, loves it! I love the simplicity of it. No batteries and no loud noises and bright lights to overstimulate her.At 6 months she is able to slide the rings around, press the bird to spin the balls, spin the shakers, and grab the hanging toys. With the little hooks we can put some of her favorite toys on the saucer and she can’t toss them on the floor!She is a small girl but the insert makes it possible for her to sit comfortably. Without it in she leans back.Right now she is on the lowest height with two more settings to go so she will be able to play in this for a while.I highly recommend this saucer if you are wanting something more simple and gender specific. I don’t think it would stand up to multiple children however but this wasn’t an issue for us as my daughter is our last baby.

Fern Salisbury, CT

An idiot with time on their hands could assemble this

Uh I don’t get why anyone would have trouble sticking parts in the places they fit. Because I really suck at putting this sort of stuff together and could do it just fine. Yeah the directions in pictures are stupid. It takes some time to figure stuff out. But compared to other assembly required items it is a breeze.My baby loves it too.One flaw is that the snap ins holding the toy bar in fall out all the time. Or are pulled out by my toddler. Annoying- they should fix that.

Patrica Dover, OK

Hours of fun, in style!

Baby loves this! She gets tired after a while but it keeps her entertained for a long time. There are so many gadgets to play with and look at. It seems very safe and sturdy too–which yes made it a bit tricky to put together, but I know that she wont be able to take it apart! Definitely recommend.

Fern Mount Sinai, NY


don’t bother with this thing, its cheaply made, the parts do not snap together as shown (in comparison to the original exersaucer) so save the trouble, having a girl? want to deck her out girly style – we did/are…. Babies R Us has a purple version that comes with a floor mat for tummy time too…. its about $30 more, but you save on a floor mat in the end…

Shawna Jefferson, NY

Twirly bird socket need replaced

The saucer itself is cute and entertaining, but its so bulky! My 6mo old does not like to be on her tummy so this is perfect for her to stay upright so I can get things done around the house.I had to call Kids II THREE times to get the correct socket replaced. Finally, after insisting they email me a picture of what I was getting, I received the correct part. We now have 3 other replacement sockets just in case those break tho.

Jeanine Guilderland Center, NY

Baby’s office!

This is the best buy after my baby swing! My daughter was a colicky baby and i was holding her for hours and hours! My sister has a baby too and he had an exsaucer. The first time my daughter went in it ( she was 3 month old) it was totally a different child! She loves all the toys in it and you can add your own toys!We call it her office. I have it for 2 month and she still spend all her time there! I choosed this one for the pink color :)I highly recommended for the parents who their arms is about to fall off!!!

Aurelia Flowery Branch, GA

love this great price

I looked around from the minute I knew I was having a girl. I wanted one that needed no batteries and did not cost to much. she loves this and even though she can walk. She still plays in here. East to assemble. Great price and sturdy. My eight year old got in as a joke and it is fine.

Randi South Sioux City, NE

Very cute saucer

Very pink and girlie which I what I wanted for my granddaughter….the toys are in easy reach and keep her occupied for some time…very pleased with my purchase and will definitely recommend it to my friends!

Michell Mazeppa, MN