Bright Starts Fun on Safari Cradling Bouncer

Bright Starts Fun on Safari Cradling Bouncer

Babies use Bouncers and Rockers in a variety of ways including relaxation and active playtime. They also offer parents a convenient place to put baby while they give their arms a rest. Bright Starts is experts in infant seats with a long history of raising the bar on features and value. Their wide selection of Bouncers and Rockers offers features such as music, lights, toys and much, much more. Vibrations and playtime toys are sure to delight your little one in this fun bouncer! Features Non-slip feet No tools required for assembly Specifications Weight/Height – Up to 25 lbs Age – Birth & Up Battery Requirements – 2 C (Not Included)

Main features

  • Soothing vibrations to calm baby
  • Toy bar removes with one hand for easy access to baby
  • 3 engaging toys: lion, star shaped bead rattle and geometric shaped teether
  • Cradling seat design

Verified reviews


It serves it’s purpose

This is not a “fancy” bouncer with moving pieces and what not. It’s quite simple, it vibrates and plays music with little animals hanging from a bar. For it’s price it’s great and my twin girls love to sit in it and stare at the animals or the ceiling fan or whatever moves past! It serves it’s purpose! The reason I didn’t give it 4 stars is because no matter how we have tried the bar comes out quite easily ( my 2 year old takes it out about every 3 seconds with no difficulties!) and has a tendancy for slowly lower until it’s almost resting on baby’s feet! Pretty great for the price though, not a bad purchase at all and I’m happy with it, just wish the toy bar worked better or was more stable.

Cecile Tacoma, WA

Good for the price

I have twins so I bought this one and another bouncer so they would have differnt toys /bouncers to occupy them. This one doesn’t have much recline to it, so may not be the best for a small baby. I also wish it had a head rest, since it’s not very reclined. It only vibrates, no music, no its a ver basic bouncer.assembly was a snap even without following directions. IT all snaps together, no screws anywhere so I don’t know how sturdy it’ll be with a bigger baby, but I had a similar one in the past that was just fine. This is also a good feeding seat since it’s more upright.

Betsy Moultonborough, NH

Definitely good for the money

I had an expensive $50 automatic bouncer by the same company. I was out of town and was desperate for something to bounce my son in since I could not take my other bounce with me and he was super fussy. I went to the store, saw this for $20, and bought it. I have since found that I use it more than my more expensive one and my son prefers it. The vibrations are nice, and one reason I bought it. The toy bar has to be removed to get baby out which I don’t like, but not big deal. The main reason I ding it one star is because it has very little padding. I don’t think it would kill their profits to add a small pillow or contour of some kind to make sleeping in it more comfortable. But other than that it is great. It is a little flimsy though. I have noticed it kind of leaning before and had to redo the joints on it. But nothing major and this is probably just because we use it so much. This is one of the only things that will calm my 3 month old. I sit him in it to talk to him and entertain him and I put him in it and bounce it with my foot til he falls asleep when he is fussy. I will say this is a lifesaver. Better than any of my more expensive baby products, and very good for the price. I would definitely buy it again. Just wish it had a tad more padding or something.

Erna Kings Mountain, KY

Oh em gee

This bouncy seat was a life saver!! My son pretty much lived in this until he got too big. This was our go to product. Only downside is it didn’t bounce itself and I had to bounce it with my foot in order to get my son to sleep. My son didn’t care if it vibrated or played music all he wanted to do was bounce

Josephine West Poland, ME

Important item for parents

I purchased this item for my boy and I’d advise any parent to have a bouncer. Bouncers work magic effects on babies! My baby loved to stay on the bouncer, which made him calm and quiet… And this particular bouncer was really worth it: good price, good product.

Lilia Jenkinsburg, GA

Overall good, with some modification…

I have the turtle version of this seat. I purchased it for my son when he was 2 1/2 months old. He has a Fisher Price “My little lamb” seat and never really cared for it. This however, he loves. He’s very active and loves to kick his feet. I took the vibration box off because he was banging his foot on it and he doesn’t care for the vibration anyway. I did read other reviewers say that their child’s foot was bleeding because of this. I would like to state for the record that my son didn’t seem bothered by the fact that his foot was banging on the box, but to me it didn’t seem comfortable. He is not 4 months old and in the 90th percentile for his height, still loving his turtle seat!!

Queen Guntersville, AL

It was good while it lasted.

This was purchased when our baby girl was 3 weeks old, it would soothe her and sometimes she’d fall asleep in it. The toy bar was too close and the lion toy to heavy to be in the middle, so we never really used the bar.The main problem with this chair is the vibrator box, it slides in at the bottom to one of the bars, right below where the baby’s feet end up. As the baby gets heavier and moves her feet around, the box ends up sliding down and the vibration is no longer as effective. Sometimes, it falls out completely.The frame of the chair is solid enough that the seat stays put together, but as the baby gets heavier the ‘chair’ part tends to sink in, the more the baby sinks in the less she can use her hands to play.For the 3 months it lasted, it did a great job but I wish it had lasted longer. I regret not spending more on a quality chair…since now I have to purchase another one that hopefully she’ll soon love.

Doreen Yona, GU


got this as a gift when my daughter was one mth old but I started using it she was 3mths old as there was no support for her head …..she liked hitting the lion but it would always bounce back and hit her in the head and its made from really hard plastic…i cut it off… she hated the chair…wouldn’t stay in for more than 5 minutes…at about 5 months she used it to become a turtle….left her for a few mins and came back to see her creeping wioh it still strapped on…stopped using it immediately

Young Hingham, MA

Gets the job done just fine

I was looking for a basic, affordable bouncy seat. I found one in the Bright Starts Cradling Bouncer… I think I paid $20 for it and I use it at least twice a day (usually to put our 10-week-old son down so I can eat or make his bottle in the early morning hours). It’s lightweight, easy to put together and has a safe harness (although it’s also deep enough that it would be almost impossible to slide out). The seat itself washes very well. Our son loves the animals that hang off the bar (which comes detached from the seat a little too easily, but that’s a minor gripe). I read a couple of the 1-star reviews that talked about their babies getting injured by kicking the battery compartment… our baby kicks like it’s his job and I haven’t noticed sharp edges or anything else that would cause this to happen to him.

Maura Little Elm, TX

Not all the bells and whistles, but good enough

I never used the vibration, so I can’t rate that, but the “bounciness” was awesome. It is set up at a higher angle, so unless you have a heavy baby, I wouldn’t put a new baby in this. Also, the center lion is made of rock hard plastic and dangles way to low for comfort. Simply wrap it around the bar once and you’ll be good.

Katrina Surry, ME

Do not use with little ones!

I have a rocker, but wanted something a smaller baby could move easier and smaller footprint around the house. Well too bad for me I didn’t notice that this NOT the rocker for small babies. No head support, and the seat is at a very high angle. My 2 week’s old head flops all over and falls forward onto her chest, which is very dangerous. I also used it with my first, when he was 5 mos – it was OK, but the bar was too high to be useful at all. Save your money and get something better quality.

Alicia Zebulon, NC

Wanted to love it, but just didn’t hit the mark

We received this bouncer as shower gift. I was thrilled by the simple design which closely resembled the “old school” bouncer seats I remember growing up. Unfortunately my son does not enjoy this seat at all. I’d say he stays happy in it for 2 minutes, max, and that’s only when I loop some SASSY BRAND rings along the bar for him to bat at. He is very young, so that may be part of it – we have put it away for now, and I will bring it out again once he’s 3 months and see if he enjoys it more then. It could just be an age/personality issue in my case. However, I was also very disappointed with the toy bar. The toys are all on such short strings that it seems the baby will never be able to actually handle and manipulate them, just bat at them. The toys are clearly designed for teething, but I don’t see HOW any baby could successfully get these into the mouth! What’s more, one of the teethers is water-filled – water-filled teethers are usually meant to be chilled. However, you cannot detach the teether to chill it in the fridge because the toys do not detach from the bar. Also, the main toy is a gigantic plastic lion which does nothing. It doesn’t rattle, jingle, light up, play music, nothing. Just hangs there. What’s the point?? I wouldn’t recommend this seat for anyone, and I won’t be keeping it for future children.

Stacey Prosperity, WV