Bright Starts Fun on Safari Portable Swing

Bright Starts Fun on Safari Portable Swing

The Fun on Safari Portable Swing provides melodies, swinging, and fun toys for baby plus innovative features for mom! Featuring TrueSpeed™ technology, this portable swing automatically recognizes the baby’s weight and adjusts the swing’s performance to maintain consistent swing speed as baby grows.Swing timer with 3 settings: 8, 15 and 30 minutes6 melodies with volume controlWhisper quiet operationToy bar removes for easy access to baby and includes 2 engaging toys

Main features

  • Swing timer with 3 settings: 8, 15 and 30 minutes
  • 6 melodies with volume control
  • Whisper quiet operation
  • Toy bar removes for easy access to baby and includes 2 engaging toys

Verified reviews


So disappointed

Unfortunately, this swing has been an absolute waste of money. Its very cute and the music is nice and I was really looking forward to it coming. But it does not work for us. The cloth seat doesn’t support our 3 month old, the fabric is too tight behind his head and that leaves him nowhere for his head to rest, and the position he sits in makes his chin tuck into his chest. He looks uncomfortable and he cannot fall asleep in it. I’ve tried so hard to make adjustments, pillow behind his back, behind his head, under his butt, but nothing corrects the position the seat puts him in. He has a difficult time breathing when his chin is so tucked in. I’m actually surprised this would have passed any safety regulations (perhaps its not required to pass any tests). I really wanted this swing to work and i’m very sad that it doesn’t. I would not recommend this swing to anyone. Also, I would have returned it but during the return process, I learned I had to pay shipping costs! My refund would have been what I paid minus the cost it took to ship the item via amazon’s return shipping label (approx. 12 bucks). Would have cost even more to use USPS by myself. So I just kept it 🙁 Major bummer.

Bertha Tremont, MS

Life (and Back) Saver

The first day we got this swing and put our 3 month old on the swing, he fell asleep right away. Even to this day, this swing has done its job wonderfully. Our 3 month old is the type of baby that you need to rock to sleep, so this swing was just perfect. As my baby started growing, carrying and rocking him all the time started giving me back pain. So, I definitely recommend this swing to anyone that has the same issues or just wants their baby to be rocked by a swing instead of manually.The product has three timer settings – 15 minutes, 30 minutes, and 45 minutes. This is great to make sure the baby falls asleep before the swing shuts off. Also, this product has many swing speed settings – but we usually just set it to the first or second slowest swing speed because the faster swing speeds looked uncomfortably fast. There are also two positions in which you can recline the seat – a semi-reclined and a fully-reclined position. Our baby doesn’t like to lay flat on his back most of the time, so we put him on the semi-reclined position and he’s fine. The swing is also portable and folds up easily. Although we haven’t brought it anywhere else yet, the swing doesn’t take up that much space once it’s folded so I can’t see any real issues moving this swing around.

Lindsay Corbin, KY

Don’t waste your money!!

I purchased this swing to have it delivered to my mom’s house while I visited for a few weeks. I was very disappointed. I don’t mind how low to the floor it is (afterall it is a portable swing) but after assembling it we found it to be very wobbly and unsafe. I never even used it.

Ursula Tigrett, TN

Very cute and compact

I bought this swing because I wanted something I could use anywhere, such as in the yard or on a picnic etc. It does the trick, only my son doesn’t like it. Go figure…Pros:Very compact. This swing will fold up ultra compact and fit into small storage areas. Let’s put it this way. I have a regular sliding door closet with 2 bouncers, a walker and 3 storage totes and this thing slid right in next to the folded walker. I have a hatchback Toyota Yaris and this thing fits in the car with ease.Long Battery Life. I have used the same batteries now for 5 months and they are still going strong. The motor and music has a timer on it which allows you to determine when it wil stop. And, conveniently, lets say you forget to turn it off after you grab your baby, it will turn off after awhile regardless if you set the timer or not.Sturdy design. My 2 year old toddler loves to play with this thing when I’m not looking. He will pull it out of the closet, set it up, turn it on and sit in it. Fortunately it can take a few beatings like that. He’s too heavy for it and obviously doesn’t make sure its set up correcty before plopping himself in it but the little swing can handle that every once in awhile.Cons:My cons are all personal really. Nothing releated to the design. My youngest simply doesn’t like it. Nothing that the manufacturer could have changed to prevent that. He just wants to be held instead:)

Darcy West Harwich, MA

Excellent swing!!

I am so thrilled with this swing, I researched forever it seems to find the perfect portable swing and this one has been great. This is a wonderful swing, very cute for boy or girl and my baby has loved it since day one. She’s now 9 weeks old and we still use it daily. It’s very easy to transport from room to room and stores so easily when ready to put away which is important when you have a full house.The swing does slow a little slower now that baby has been gaining weight but that comes with any portable swing, but my baby will still sleep for hours in it and the material is very comfortable and soft for baby. I love the safety harness that keeps her from falling out when she starts squirming and the automatic timer. However every time it shuts off I usually have to restart it if babys still asleep but it’s no big deal. Excellent good quality material that I highly recommend!

Lilly Beulah, MI

Great price

I was looking for a small portable swing, and this was the one with the best price. It serves it’s purpose well and the batteries seem to last a long time. It has 6 different speeds but I have to use it on 4 for my newborn and I know as he gets larger the 6 (highest it will go) will not be fast enough. I’m not sure what the purpose of the 1 & 2 speeds are. Way too slow, the baby doesn’t even feel the motion.

Ursula Mary Esther, FL

not for big babies.

What do i say? Looks good. A back saver especially if you have a clingy baby like i do… Guess it was a phase as he now spends more time on his own. The fabric comes out easy for washing. Now he is getting bigger, the swing hardly moves on the highest setting. I wouldn’t hold it against the swing, lol… he is a big baby though the makers might need to adjust their projection of maximum weight to include maximum weight for swing to work effectively and not just to sit! (i wish! lol). Now,, we have to push it with our hands to make it move. I don’t see this lasting beyond his 6th month birthday…My take… not a swing for big babies…

Ericka Prentiss, MS

What I expected it

The swing was easy to put together, despite the directions being rather confusing. Anyway, once it’s all together it’s easy to use, solid in construction and all-around a great product. I like that this swing has a 5-point harness!

Cherry Riceboro, GA

Great for the price!

My baby loves her big swing at home so I was looking for one to take on trips. I didn’t want to spend a lot and this one was the cheapest I could find and had the best reviews. The reviews were right…. its very sturdy, folds up easily to a good size, and my baby loves it! It tilts to allow for smaller babies and she loves the toy bar. The swinging is very smooth and has multiple speeds and music. The timer is nice to to avoid eating batteries. You can add your own different toys as well. I hate to say that she might like this swing more than the one at home that cost 3x as much! Definitely would recommend.

Jan Aberdeen, WA


Purchased this swing to keep at my house because I babysit my grandson. I like the swing and the music. The arch bar above the swing doesn’t latch completely so we don’t use it.

Carol Cerro Gordo, IL

great swing espically for small areas.

I live in a small apartment so the size was very appealing to me. It is working really well for us and folds up really nice and easy to put to the side when we are not using it. It works really well, swings good and everything. I am very happy with it in general and consider it a good investment. It does not have any head support so I occasionally put a folded/rolled up hand towel under his neck and shoulders to bring his chin out of his chest and stabilize his head. (this in the only reason I did not give it all five stars) I am not a big fan of the shoulder straps but I can see how they might be good for some children.

Helga Kipton, OH

Good swing, great price. Really quiet!

My 4+ month old, 19 lb. son still fits well in this swing, without any struggle. Truly is whisper quiet operation. Toy bar is a little difficult to attach, can’t change the toys, but otherwise a great buy for an inexpensive swing. (and I spent a lot of time researching swings)

Jana Nashville, IN