Bright Starts Grab and Spin Rattle

Bright Starts Grab and Spin Rattle

Bright Starts Grab and Spin Rattle

Main features

  • Colorful spinning rattle develops hand/eye coordination
  • 3 textured links slide and rattle
  • Oval shaped handle has teethable textures
  • Teething relief

Verified reviews


dangerous: can get stuck in mouth

Initially I loved this purchase… until today. My 5 1/2 month old put it in his mouth and one of the rings that move around actually wedged in his mouth which kept it pried open until I came to the rescue. He was terrified and crying. I am just glad he was sitting on my lap when it happened. It may be a good toy in the months to come when he gets bigger but right now I hate this product. I’m considering cutting off the rings that move, throwing it away or waiting until he is older to let him play with it. I can’t imagine the damage it could have done had I not been there to immediately remove it.

Kelley High Hill, MO

Five Stars

My kid loved it. Simple but nice.

Lucia Deerwood, MN

Good Rattle

This rattle is easy for babies to hang onto and has a great teething handle. It is one of my baby’s favorites.

Meagan Rochester, VT

long lasting

This rattle has lasted through both of my children and they prefered it over many other rattle type toys they had. Very durable and extremely easy to clean. Was even able to send it through my dish washer with no water getting in to the center piece.

Jasmine Sugar Tree, TN

nice !

out of the box my daughter choose this toy out of all the rest some thing so simple its amazing

Meghan Warren, TX

Its a hard plastic

I thought that this would be a softer toy, it is not. I dont mind my lil one having it, but I will wait til later when she has more control of her arms and doesnt accidentally smack herself in the face. My poor little one didnt know what to think, the crying didnt last long. But that is my concern, This is mostly goof for a year or more.

Gabriela Prosperity, WV

Fun, easy to hold rattle

This rattle was a big hit with my daughter. It was easier to hold at first than many of her other toys.

Allyson Mansfield, GA

Great rattle.

My daughter is 6 months old and she loves this rattle. She likes to chew on it at different angles, and she seems to like that there are two rattle sounds: the clacking of the rings on the handle, and the pouring rattle sound of the beads in the bubble. This is one of her favorite toys right now.

Trisha Otter Creek, FL

Just the right size

This rattle is just the right size for my 5 month old granddaughter’s little hands. Unlike many rattles, this one is easy for her to grasp. She enjoys watching the colored balls in the clear part and chewing on the handles.

Maryanne Chauvin, LA


Love this rattle. Our daughter loves it so much I ordered this as a back up. She is able to hang on to it, spin it, and use it as a teether.

Marian Hannibal, WI

Really cute!

My baby gets a little over-stimulated with this one, but it’s really cute and fun-looking! I like the different shapes and textures. Great color and design. Definitely worth the incredibly low price!

Allene Independence, CA

Its ok

My now 4 month old can’t really use this well. I don’t think its the fault of the rattle, I think its just her preference. Its good for the price.

Crystal Grant Park, IL

By far THE best rattle

We have a lot of rattles in our house and the is by far my twins favorite. In addition, their ocupational therapist uses this for developmental tool. I would recommend as a must have for any parent.

Megan Gilford, MI

Great Colors

Our baby loves this for the noise, the movement of the balls and also to chew on. One of her favorite toys right now.

Paula Apulia Station, NY

Favorite Toy

I tried to buy as many “green” toys as I could for my baby, but in the end other people ended up buying the bulk of our toys. This was one of the first toys I gave him, and to this day it remains in the top two favorites, along with Winkle by Manhattan Toy. He could grasp this easily by 2.5 months, and now at 4 months loves to shake it and stuff it in his mouth. I don’t know if it’s the colors, the sounds, or the feel of it, but he loves it dearly. It’s kind of funny, because all the “green” toys lie unplayed with on the floor while he plays with this. Just goes to show you that you can’t force your own preferences on other people!It’s easy to clean, small enough to carry around in the diaper bag, and appears to be durable.

Deidra North Royalton, OH

My son’s favorite toy

My son is 3 months and this is his favorite toy. He loves to hold onto it, shake it and put it in his mouth. Very glad I purchased this!

Shawna Saint Louis, MO

Fun rattle to shake, inspect & chew

My daughter has a lot of fun playing with this. I got it for her when she was 6mos old, she still plays with it now at 9mos. The one we got is a different color than the one pictured (not that it bothered us; but just wanted to note that colors may vary). My daughter likes shaking and biting this, but also has fun spinning and watching the beads.

Adela Wallace, ID

Great way to distract your fussy baby or get their atttention

I think by far this is the best rattle we own. The handle is small enough that a 2 month old starting to learn to grasp can practice on, they can chew on it ( which they will all eventually do), the rattle sound is loud enough to get their attention without annoying the grown ups in the room. It is colorful enough that they can learn to follow it when you dangle it. Over-all just a great product

Elba Round Mountain, NV

Not impressed

I bought this toy for Christmas, but due to the flooding of packages from Amazon UPS could not deliver this on time. Needless to say the toy was not anything special and I decided to return it. It seemed kind of pricey for a hard plastic rattle.

Lorene Canyonville, OR

Shake Rattle and Roll

Other than the marbles rolling around in my skull, I’m no expert on rattles. The Bright Stars Grab and Spin seems like a good one though. I like that the toy is multidimentional with rattling beads encased in hard transparent plastic, a rolling wheel, sliding charms on the handle and bright colors. Also nice is that the charms on the handle are made of a softer material than the hard plastic elsewhere to make any chewing safer and more comfortable for baby.Our thre-month-old grandson enjoys grabbing his rattle by the handle and shaking for all he is worth, a big, broad smile reflecting his enjoyment. For the money I’d say this rattle is a bargain.

Luz Roaring Branch, PA

My daughter has two.

These were given to my daughter as gifts by my mother who found them for about two dollars a piece. For such an inexpensive toy I find that it is entertaining for my daughter. She likes to grab the handle and roll the rattle part on the floor. She also likes to flick the small plastic charm pieces with her fingers to get a different sound. As a teether I find it somewhat lacking as she has only had these for about three months and the paint is already wearing off. I don’t feel that my daughter has been too hard on these. At least it is only wearing off and not chipping off in large chunks.

Caryn Roswell, GA

Rattle for 7 month old

My 7 month old loves to shake and bang this rattle. She doesn’t seem to care much for the spinning part, nor does she use it as a teether but it’s definitely good to make lots of noise with!

Graciela Christine, ND


My daughter loves this toy, but when I wash it for her, water tends to get inside the spinning area of the toy. So I have to wait for it to dry before my daughter can be entertained with the spinning part. Other than that, the colors are just as pictured, perfect for boy or girl. It is great for teething. It has different textures that baby will soothe their gums with, it rattles so its another plus. It is also lightweight, so it is a Perfect toy for a baby learning how to grasp.

Donna Moss, TN