Bright Starts Having A Ball Toys, Roll and Pop Fire Truck

Bright Starts Having A Ball Toys, Roll and Pop Fire Truck

Four alarm fire. Having a Ball Fire Department is on the scene. Little firefighters are sure to enjoy the Roll and Pop Fire Truck. Drop balls into the rear bucket to start the popping fun. The truck will begin moving with flashing light while melodies and silly sounds play. When the truck stops, the balls pop out to start the fun again.

Main features

  • Insert ball into ladder bucket to start the action.
  • Fire truck drives forward and ball pops out when it automatically stops.
  • Lights flash while fire truck sounds and melodies play.
  • Buttons teach ABC’s.

Verified reviews


Loads of fun for child who loves balls

The little guy who this item was purchased for loves balls, the more the merrier, and this item did not disappoint. They are very colorful (thus making them easy to find under furniture, etc.) and easy for a small child to hold. My only complaint was that one of the balls was a wee bit larger than the others, and cannot be used in another Bright Starts toy (clogs the machine).

Jean Hudson, CO

Doesn’t Roll on Area Rug

The Count and Roll Buggie has been a great toy for my now 12-month-old daughter. When we first got it, she loved to just watch it roll around and drop the balls, but now she is understanding to chase the balls and put them back in the bug. HOWEVER, the bug DOES NOT roll on our area rug. It plays the music and tries to move but can’t go anywhere. Our entire house is laminate so it’s been a great toy for us, but if my house was carpeted I would be really mad if I bought it and found out it wouldn’t roll.

Kay Owensville, MO

This toy is AWESOME!!!

I’m my opinion, this is one of the best baby/toddler toys out there! I have never seen anything like it and I have five kids! It is a tremendous amount of fun! 3 balls, you put them in the bug, it counts them out loud for you, and then it takes off! Any walls it runs in to, it turns around and keeps going, and it plays fun songs too, usually tunes about counting and bugs. Then at the end of the song, the wings open up and out come the balls! My girls LOVE this toy, they chase it all around the kitchen. It does require a hard floor. It encourages my baby to crawl, going after the balls to put them back in the bug. It also teaches my toddler about counting, and teaches them both to take turns. I picked this up at Costco, and I am thrilled with it!

Catherine Cambria, CA

nice quality and bright colors

My grandbaby loves a ball she can cup in her hand and these are perfect. Hard and does not bend when mashed..

Annmarie Strathmere, NJ

Good for the price, a bit small

I purchased these because I was looking for some balls for my kiddo (and options at the store were so damned expensive!). I was pleased to find this 16-pack of brightly colored balls for a reasonable price. As soon as we opened the packaged, my kiddo had a great time running around chasing after them. They having a slight bounce on hard surfaces, which was nice. They are pretty sturdy–MUCH sturdier than many of the ball pit type balls. I do wish they had been a bit larger, maybe an inch more in diameter, but they will suffice.

Mina Shallowater, TX

simple fun, refill for toy

My 14 month old son has the fire station toy that came with 3 of these. The extra balls come in handy because they are always getting rolled under the furniture. As he gets older, I anticipate helping him learn colors with them. He likes to push them around the room or play with them in his toy. Their slightly textured shape is great for his little hands to hold onto.

Claudine Falls, PA

Doesn’t work in all bright star toys

they get stuck in the drop n giggle giraffe. and they do not work in other brand toys like the playschool popper or activity center. Because of the raised designs on them they get stuck.

Andrea Solon, ME

Bright Starts – Bunch of Balls

My grandson likes to throw these balls. They are just the right size for his small hand to grip. They are helping to enhance his motor skills.

Verna Turner, MI

Favorite toy for 6 months and counting!

My son is currently 14 months old and adores his "Buzz" more than any other toy. He abuses this toy and I am shocked it’s held up over 6 months after all the slamming, banging, and many attempts to shove any and every object inside (puzzle pieces, stacking rings, socks…). He plays with it for approximately 30-45 minutes a day, every day, and the original batteries are still going strong. He is fascinated with the way it moves and particularly enjoys turning the bug upside down to examine the tiny wheels on the bottom (oh, and shoving his hand through the top hole to run his fingers over the ball carousel). This little bug moves like a roomba and will turn around if it makes contact with something–pretty cool. It does not roll around on rugs, but it has enough going on between the music and spinning balls that playing with him stationary is fun, too. My son is a very busy little guy and I appreciate the 10-20 minutes I get to make dinner while he plays with him, chasing the balls all over the kitchen. Happy baby = happy mommy–love this toy!!

Phyllis Mooringsport, LA

Five Stars

Replacement balls for Bright Start toys. They work!

Jenifer Webbers Falls, OK

What I needed

Fits the Bright Starts toy I had. I bought them as replacements to the other balls because my dog kept stealing them and eating them. These are more sturdy.

Lynne La Rue, OH

Both my kids love this toy

I bought it for my daughter when she was about 9 months old. She would get frustrated when the thing would open and she couldn’t get her hand in there on time, but it kept her quite busy. The wings open, they do not close on hands and the spinning thing inside my kids get a trip off putting their fingers on it, it’s harmless. My son now loves it and my daughter still plays with it here and there, she is 2 yr old now. It definitely has taught my kids patience, they patiently wait for the countdown for the thing to start moving and the wings to open, it is too cute. My son has now figured out how to get the thing rolling without inserting the balls…cheater. But all in all it is a great toy and keeps them busy from time to time.

Verna Badger, SD

Good value

I bought the bright starts activity table on craigslist but it didn’t come with the balls so I ordered these. There are so many for such a good price and they are awesome. Easy to clean and easy for my 8 month old to grab.

Serena Erwinville, LA