Bright Starts Hop Along Carrier Toy Bar – Neutral

Bright Starts Hop Along Carrier Toy Bar – Neutral

Bright Starts Hop Along Carrier Toy Bar Bright Starts Hop Along Carrier Toy Bar provides baby with activity fun on the run. It enhances eye-hand coordination while helping develop visual and auditory senses. Keep baby engaged in fun. Why You’ll Love It: One can carry it around everywhere and baby remains constantly entertained. Age: Newborn and up Features Features activated lights and three great melodies Spinning mirror and turtle rattle help develop eye-hand coordination Can be strapped to infant carrier very easily Seat pad is machine washable

Main features

  • Friendly frog toy features
  • Spinning paddle mirror
  • Spinning rattle ball
  • Straps easily to strollers carriers and more
  • Machine washable seat pad

Verified reviews


This is cool, if you like your toys 1/2″ from your eyeballs.

My son will play with this if I lay it on the floor during tummy time, but it was WAY Too close to his face in the infant carrier. I couldn’t see leaving it on when there was no possible way for him to actively play with it. Good thing it was a hand me down…

Avis Albany, IN

Doesn’t turn off

Yes my baby loved it, although it never fit on her car seat that well. But there is no way to turn it off without unscrewing the battery plate and taking out the battery. It was constantly getting touched by accident and going off. It got to the point where I was hearing that frog music in my sleep. I finally removed the battery and put it away.

Melisa Oneida, TN

my baby loves it!

i initially got this toy bar to use on my LO’s infant car seat but ended up using it at home the most. it keeps my LO entertained while i get things done. at first we attached it to the arch of his bouncer. this was the only way we could keep our 2 month old entertained enough for me to sit down and eat. otherwise he would cry. once he got older, we attached it to his high chair and kept him entertained there while i got things done. we have the fisher price space saver high chair, which has 2 arm rest-looking things on the side where the table slides in. i strap the toy bar onto those “arm rests” and the toy bar is sitting perfectly on my LO’s lap. he figured out how to press the buttons to play the music pretty quickly, both with his hands and with his mouth! every morning, i strap him into his high chair and give him his froggy toy bar and he’s content to play while i get things done and get breakfast ready for LO and coffee for mommy. it’s not overly cluttered with tons of toys but has all the basic things that babies love–music and lights, a spinny ball with beads inside, and a mirror. we’ve used it so much in the past 7 months that it’s already starting to die, probably from all the drool.

Alfreda Huntington Station, NY

the baby loves to song

We got this for our first road trip, and she loves to play with the frog, and it fit great on our Chicco Keyfit. We could slide it down on the handle so her face was visible through her mirror. She loved playing with it when she would wake from a nap and or just got in the car seat, but after a while 9 hours there, and 6 hours back she got over the novelty, and just wanted out of her seat. She was amazed when she discovered how to play the song, but then to our slight annoyance she just kept playing it over and over. and the beads in the turtle constantly rattled, but not enough to wake the baby. Maybe it was being stuck in the car for so long made us realize it, but she really didn’t fuss most of the trip till about the last hour or so on each end, and we would have to say it had a lot to do with this toy bar being introduced.

Mae Turkey, NC

Love this!

Entertains my kids whenever they have to be in their car seat! Love it. Love the music and the lights and how the toys spin!

Sydney Austin, IN

Great for our son while in the car

Our son really like this, and I blame it for teaching him to always keep an eye out for things with buttons to push (phones, remotes, ballistic missile launch controls, etc.). It really gave him something to play with that he could not accidentally drop or flail away. I only attached the two outside straps around the carrying handle of the car seat, and there was enough tension to keep it in place. If it was time for him to sleep, I’d slide the straps up the handle and snap the handle into the top position–above his head–so he wouldn’t be distracted. I’m holding back a star only because the toys on the unit didn’t really have that much variety/range.

Imelda Salineville, OH

Annoying noise.

We rarely used this becasue it was too advanced for our son while he was in his infant carseat with the handle strap for it to go on. He out grew that before he was old enough to push the buttons and spin the toys. However, the buttons are very sensitive and the sound is very annoying, and there is no way to turn it off after it turns on.

Rhonda Tatitlek, AK

Yes! My….

3 month old loves it! Our daughter is quite smitten with the little froggie on this toy bar. Keeps her from crying while we’re wheeling around the grocery store which, in my opinion, is worth the weight in gold!

Inez Toledo, IA

A favorite toy

I’m not sure we would have been able to go out and eat after our baby was born without this toy. It really is his favorite toy and keeps him entertained for a surprising amount of time. I still remember how exciting it was when my son was first able to squeeze the frogs eyes to start the music by himself. It’s truly been a “must have” in our home. We’re fixing to buy our second set of button batteries for it and considering the use it has gotten in the past 9 months I think that’s great.

Johanna Jerusalem, OH

Doesn’t fit well on carrier…. not worth the $$$

First off at over $25 right now, this is incredibly overpriced– I got it for about $5 at K o h ls and have seen it at target for less than 10. My main complaint is that this does not fit well on my safety 1st infant carrier. When placed towards the bottom of the handle, the toy bar is right in my child’s face. When placed higher up, baby cannot even see the bar, much less touch and spin the the toys. It seems like the child would have to have his or her head touching the top of the carrier (as in, too big to still be using the carrier) to be in the correct position to actually be able to play with these toys. The toys themselves are great and I think my child would actually enjoy playing with them if they would fit in the right spot on the carrier.

Tamera Hedley, TX

Great entertainment for baby without driving the adults crazy

We have logged over 5,000 miles with this toy bar in the car and surprisingly we still aren’t sick of the music. When we were looking for a toy bar for our daughter’s carseat we were looking for something that she could interact with that had easy listening characteristics. The songs are pleasant and the volume is a good level.

Shawna Stacyville, ME

Great Idea!

This item is a great idea for keeping little ones from screaming during a cartrip. I had the same trouble with it as a previous reviewer…when attached as directed my son would never even notice it but when it was down where he could see it I feared it was too close to his face and since it is all hard plastic I was concerned it would be an added danger in a fender bender.The music is cute and easy for a baby to turn on by punching the frog in the eye (my son is only 9 weeks and he could get it to play accidentally). My baby especially loves spinning objects and even with his limited motor ability he can inadvertently cause the objects to spin much to his delight.

Nell Yarmouth, ME


overall i like this toy. my son seems to have fun playing with it. he loves the frogs better than the mirror :)we can’t use it with our stroller though. so we attach it to Fisher Price infant to toddler rocker, which has a toy bar with removable toys. this toy also has 3 VERY cute melodies.

Allene Queensbury, NY

It’s good, BUT

Just an FYI – the music only lasts 10-15 seconds at a time. So if you are looking for a toy to play longer that YOU don’t have to keep pushing, try a different toy bar. It might be better for older babies that can press the music for themselves.

Judi Marlow, NH

Manufacturer: don’t install the batteries, please

One of the reasons I purchased this was because it came with batteries and would save me from an additional Amazon order or a trip to the store for three watch batteries on my way out of town the following day (my child is not a fan of long car rides). The item came with the batteries installed and no tab or buffer to keep them from powering the device until the item was unpackaged. As a result, the batteries were dead. So, although it didn’t work 100% as intended out of the box, my child was still entertained enough. All in all, it’s a great toy.

Ma Hoosick, NY

Great Toy, but Batteries Expensive

We had one of these for our first child, and he loved it. It lasted a really long time before it died, but once it finally did die, the batteries inside are multiple little watch batteries. (I think 3, but maybe 4). The batteries cost 15 bucks total to replace, which is more than the toy initially costs. I just bought a whole new toy, instead because it was one thing that always entertained our little boy.The only reason I consider this a problem, is because companies are always updated their styles/colors every 6-9 months, and the one they changed it to by the time his batteries died, looked cheaper, flimsier, and had different toys on either side of the frog. And he didn’t like the new model as much as the first that he had.If you find that your child really likes this toy bar, I’d recommend going back to the store, or ordering another one soon after you discover you kid likes it, before the company down-grades the toy. Because the batteries cost more than the toy to replace.

Mina Hettick, IL