Bright Starts Ingenuity Automatic Bouncer, Bella Vista

Bright Starts Ingenuity Automatic Bouncer, Bella Vista

The only bouncer that truly bounces, powered by hybridrive technology. Traditional bouncer seats don’t actually bounce, but the InGenuity Automatic Bouncer features a unique technology that provides a smooth, consistent bounce that mimic’s mom’s natural bouncing motion and is more efficient than any comparable swing providing more than 2X the battery life. Features:

Main features

  • Automatic bounce with 2 bounce speeds: low or moderate
  • Battery savings – more than 2X the battery life of other bouncer seats
  • Removable toy bar – pivots back for easy access to baby
  • 10 melodies and nature sounds to soothe baby
  • Removable head rest

Verified reviews


Not good for young babies

Bought this for our colicky 4 week old infant and didnt strap her in completely one night on accident. She slid and fell out of it and hit the floor. I know it is partially my fault but that is ridiculous that the incline is so steep.

Morgan West Union, SC

Ok Bouncer…Needs Some Improvements

I purchased this bouncer for my newborn and I am not very impressed. It looks great and seems comfortable but the bouncing is not very strong and it eats thru batteries.Pros:- Soft and comfortable for a newborn- Machine washable cover (toy bar is spot clean)- Toy bar moves back easily to remove baby from bouncer- Toy bar is sturdy- Very nice ocean sound that my baby lovesCons:- Not much difference between the 2 bounce settings. Not a strong enough bounce for my baby to enjoy- Toys on toy bar are lacking- Eats thru batteries- The songs end and start abruptly instead of a smooth transitionOverall, I’m not to impressed. I would not purchase this item again. It is a great concept and I hope that this company or another company will try to better this product. It could be one of the best baby products out there is done properly.

Paige Hardy, AR

LOVE this swing

This swing is the best swing ever designed! It folds very flat and has a small footprint, but comes close to creating the same amount of movement as a full size swing. We are tight on space an I love the way it folds.You do need to use the five point harness as such or your baby could fall out, but that’s a reasonable inconvenience for a swing that doesn’t take up half the living room.The batteries also seem to last a long time.Highly recommended!

Cynthia Nonantum, MA


When I saw the word “Automatic Bouncer”, the only bouncer that automatically bounces, I immediately bought two at Target (I was originally only going to buy diapers). What a total dissapointment for an “automatic” bouncer. It seems like your baby needs to weigh less than 8lbs to actually move the seat. If your baby weighs more, it just taps the bottom of their feet. It seems to have a ball inside the bottom and the ball just moves back and forth and does a tapping sound/movement. How much can that small ball really move the seat?!?! Not much with a baby (mine was 9.lbs when I put her in the bouncer). The nice thing about it is the cloth material it’s made out of but it’s not worth the price just for a “pretty” seat. I am definitely returning them in the morning.

Darla Holton, MI

Needs improvement

We’ve used this bouncer with our two daughters. There is definitely room for improvement.The good:1) Actually bounces, doesn’t just vibrate2) Pretty and soft3) White noise (rain, ocean) are soothing for babyThe bad:1) Bouncing is VERY gentle. A little more vigorous bouncing would be great.2) Seat doesn’t recline. Baby has to sit somewhat upright.3) Music sounds like something out of a 16 bit video game a la “Legend of Zelda.” Ugh.4) (And this is the biggie) SHUTS ITS SELF OFF AUTOMATICALLY – usually just as baby has fallen asleep. Baby wakes up. While I appreciate the energy saving attempt, I’d appreciate it even more if it had a “stay on forever” option.

Cara Noma, FL


This is a very pretty bouncer, but my son was not a fan…Here are the issues we had with it:-Despite installing new batteries, the bouncing mechanism was VERY weak. This was surprising because it is a BOUNCER.-The harness seems to go up too high. My son could not stand being strapped into it. I thought this problem would go away as he grew a bit, but he never got used to the awkward design.Pros:-It’s pretty-The music is niceNevertheless, my son screamed every time we put him in it.

Ester Bray, OK

Just Ok

In fairness, we never really found a bouncer that my son liked, but we tried 3 and had high hopes for this one. I was sold on the fact that it had “automatic bounce” but in reality it really didn’t bounce much at all. It’s a nice looking bouncer and soft and plush but we got this when my son was about 2 months and he just never seemed to want to be in it for more than 2 minutes so we gave up on it. He seemed to prefer a manual bouncer in the end b/c at least that had some real bounce to it.

Leigh Sutton, AK

Gentle bounce, but baby loves it!

I actually saw my baby smile and sigh today when I strapped her into this bouncer. 🙂 The highest setting is still just a gentle bounce for my 10.5lb 9 week old baby, but that plus the soothing music is enough to lull her to sleep happily. The side bumper things are perfect for her to lean and rest her head against, and the bouncer sits her fairly upright, which I like because it doesn’t restrict her airflow at all, like carseats and some other bouncers and swings can.I’d buy this again in a heartbeat.

Rhea Mason, TN

Great bouncy seat

Bought this with some reservations about whether it would work or not. My child loves this bouncy seat. The only downside is that he loves it so much, we have to change batteries out very frequently (like every 2 weeks). Other than that it is light weight easily moved item that my child really enjoys.

Jennifer Campbell, MO

Great SEAT, but I should have looked into it more

It’s a great bouncer, if you want your baby to just sit in it or they can kick and bounce themself. I didn’t look into it enough to realize that it doesn’t have the vibrate feature, which I wanted the most. The automatic bouncing part is comical – my 2 month old already can kick and bounce more than it does. It’s also quite large and cumbersome – takes up a lot of space in our living room.I’m giving it 4 stars because it’s my fault I didn’t look at the features more and the quality is very good. My two year old, who excedes the weight limit, has sat in it a few times (even tho she’s told not to) and it’s held up well. The fabric part has been washed twice too – once when it was bought and again when my daughter had an “explosion” in it and the fabric has held up quite well being washed on the sanitary cycle.The patterns and colors are cute, but I usually attach different toys to the toy bar because the snail and…deformed bee are quite boring to look at.The music and white noise sounds are great tho – they’d put me to sleep too!

Rebecca Fall River, KS

Convient, but not enough bounce!

I’ve had this bouncy seat now for 2 babies. I love it when they are newborn up to about 1 month old; after that, the bounce doesn’t seem to work as well when the babies get heavier. Also, it really runs through the batteries quickly!! The other problem we had with this bouncy was that it was crooked on the frame; I don’t think it affected the way the bouncy worked though. The plush toys.. are just okay, nothing fancy and the music is decent, nothing annoying. Overall, this bouncy has been a lifesaver for us, I love the fact that it bounces on its own but my biggest complaint is the "oomph’ in the bounce, it really needs to be more "powerful" or at least have a dial for adjusting the bounce.

Lorna Saint Elmo, IL

It’s okay

Not crazy about the boring colors on this bouncer & the toys are kinda boring too. I removed the bar & replaced it with theTiny Love Take-Along Arch, Sunny StrollIt took a few tries and weeks for my baby to finally relax in this. The bounce is very very soft, not what I expected. You have to crank it up to get any bouncing action. Music is okay since my baby seems to like the water sound. BTW once you put it together there really isn’t a way to take it apart for storage, a design flaw if you ask me. Not the most amazing baby gear we have & use, we like ourFisher-Price My Little Snugabunny Cradle ‘n Swingwayyyyyyyyy better!

Sophia South Colton, NY

Unique Bouncer

I bought this bouncer for my first daughter and bought another when my second daughter arrived. They changed the design from the first but it turns out I now like it even better. I liked it originally because the seat actually bounces – it’s not just a vibrating seat. The new version has a deeper seat and better crotch strap that has allowed me to use it past infancy because it is more difficult for my daughter to get out of. The music is also very nice too. Sounds like something from a spa.

Bridget Albany, NY

So happy with it we bought it twice!

We have purchased two of these. The first was purchased at a consignment shop before our baby was born. This was the ONLY thing (besides being in our arms or on our chests) that our little girl would sleep in for any length of time during her first 4 weeks. (By around a month old she finally decided her Pack and Play was okay!) The amount of bounce/vibration is perfect. Our now 4 month old of course no longer sleeps in it for more than about 20 minutes at a time, but it is a great place to “put” her when we need hands-free (cooking/laundry/etc). The toy bar (which she didn’t notice until she was 2 months old) is a bit sparse. By the time she was 3 months old she was no longer entertained by the two small animals that dangle from it and move with the bounce of the seat, although she was plenty entertained by kicking it herself. I solved the lack of entertaining toys problem by attaching a chain of plastic links/chew toys from her Baby Einstein play mat to the side of the bouncer chair so she has something else to do. Battery life seems to be pretty good and because she can kick it herself, we don’t have to turn it on every time. Her seating position in it definitely has changed as she has gained weight. She started out around 6 lbs and seemed to be in more of a reclined position. Now that she is 16+ lbs, she definitely maintains more of an upright position in it and the safety harness seems to be much tighter, but still fits.The major con (and the reason we purchased a second one of the exact same model from Amazon) is that you cannot disassemble it. We moved out of state and had about 10 days between moving out of one house and into our next. Since this would not break down, I was unable to pack it in the car with limited space. I decided I couldn’t live for that long without this bouncer, so once we arrived at a relative’s house until we were ready to move into our own, I purchased a second one. According to the directions, you should be able to press in buttons on each side of the base to release the pressure fit tubing, but this did not work for us! The only other major complaint is that although it is very easy to machine wash, it is a bit difficult to get the fabric back on.Overall, I highly recommend this bouncer for a safe place that my newborn loves!

Karen Ashby, MN

Needs more bounce

I got this for my fussy, new grandson. He must have colic cuz he fusses a lot and likes to constantly be bounced. I thought this would help my daughter, whose legs were getting very tired. But, Gavin likes a much stronger bounce. It did appease him long enough for her to take a shower with him just outside the door. They didn’t use this for very long. Not sure it was worth the money.

Pearl Mc Lean, NY

Very nice

I absolutely love this bouncer. The only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is that I wish the bouncing feature bounced a little *harder*. It’s a very gentle bounce, but I think my daughter would have liked to feel the bounce a bit more. Although honestly, she still liked it just fine!This looks as nice in person as it does in the picture! If you have a toddler, beware that if they get curious and try to grab the toy bar on top, it comes off easily! I took ours off, and only put it on when my toddler wasn’t right around!

Carlene Rice, VA

Not very soothing

We bought this for my son when he was 3 months old and used it on and off more as a way to have him sit while we were busy in the kitchen, shower, etc. than to try and put him to sleep. We did get a few naps out of this, but it was not really a great purchase for us. Our son likes to bounce and move, so this bouncer was more like restraining his play that calming him.

Denise Cottonwood, CA

Great for a happy baby

My 3 month old daughter does well in this bouncer for moderate amounts of time. We put her in it, stick a pacifier in her mouth, and she bounces away while we cook and eat dinner. I will not attempt to put her in it when she is cranky. Other than that, she prefers to be in the matching swing, but every baby is different. I don’t think that this automatic bouncer has quite enough “bounce” for her; It is quite gentle. Other than that, it is aesthetically pleasing, plush, and can be used for either a girl or boy.

Lina Shapleigh, ME

only one flaw

We purchased this while away from home instead of dragging our swing along considering it takes up way too much space. After trying a few different travel swings with no luck we gave this a shot and it was nice and our 3 month old liked it too. Its really soft like his swing and it was great reclining position for him too. It doesn’t have a powerful bounce to it, but it does bounce. Our son liked it and could fall asleep easily in it but the reason it got 4 stars is because it cuts off after a while and he would wake up so we had to keep restarting it.

Myrtle Stilwell, KS

You have got to have this bouncer!!!!!

I don’t know where we would be without this product. We have used it with both our children and find it indispensable. I rarely write reviews but could not pass up the opportunity to encourage parents to give this item a try. It gently bounces the infant unlike other “bouncers” which only vibrate. The music and white noise features are great as well. My infants both had reflux and we used this little chair to keep them more upright for a little while after feedings to cut down on spit ups.Give this thing a try. Yes, other “bouncers” may be a little less expensive. But, this has truly been the one item I would be lost without daily. I had other bouncers {shower gifts} with our first child and none compared.

Shelly Jewett City, CT

Great for napping

This is a nice bouncer but if you are looking for something to entertain your baby this is not it. My 3 month old son will sit in this for about 10 minutes, with the bouncing on before he cries. I took off the original toy bar (since there is nothing really entertaining on there) and added a tiny love toy bar with more toys and sounds. This is an ideal bouncer for helping baby nap but not so much for play. My son loves my friends cheap $30 bouncer that simply bounces when they kick more!

Dionne Lydia, LA

Cute and useful,but not the best.

This item was hard to put together.The frame was not easy to snap and you have to really look at the manuel.The cover is very nice and soft. The toys arent bad for a very tiny baby,an older baby will get bored quickly.The bouncing isnt very strong,but our baby hasnt ever really cared much for it anyway.The part that makes the music is very heavy and bulky, but it does make some good sounds,though a bit short in time.

Penelope Holbrook, PA

Very minimal bouncing happening here

This bouncer did nothing for my LO. As soon as I set her down in it the screaming/crying began. She likes to be bounced in the vibrating/bouncy seat so I thought this would be perfect. The bounce is almost undetectable to the human eye. The bouncing comes from the feet only. I returned this product immediately.

Selina Pittsfield, NH

Ok, But not for reason I bought it for.

I bought this bouncy seat instead of some others I had seen because it had the automatic bouncer. Unfortunately, it doesn’t really bounce hard enough. If my son is really sleepy and has something like the shower running to help put him to sleep, then this will put him to sleep. But on its own it is really not enough to put him to sleep or entertain him. However, I give it 4 stars because it still does help me out and he does like it to an extent. It helps me out at one or two points during the day. For some reason when I get a shower in the morning, he prefers to sit in this bouncy seat. I put it on to bounce and play music. Also, at night if he seems fussy and to wound up to go to sleep, I will sit him in this in front of the shower with the shower on and he will fall asleep. The seat is definitely very comfortable and cushioned for him. The toy bar very easily moves back to take him out of the seat. The toys aren’t that great, but he does notice them and bat at them. I love all of the padding, love the nice gentle colors, love the music and nature sounds, love the ease of the toy bar, but dislike that I spent $50 for it to bounce itself and it really barely is perceptible. When my son is fussy and needs to be calmed or is wanting to be entertained by bouncing, I actually put him in a $20 bouncy seat from the same company that vibrates and bounce him myself. I think this is an awesome concept, and I know the company has to be careful with the bouncing speed, but they could make it bounce a little harder. I probably would not buy it again and would just get a regular vibrating bouncy seat. I am not saying my $20 one is the best, it lacks all of the padding to make it comfortable, but there are some out there that are padded, vibrate, and you can bounce yourself. This one is actually difficult to bounce yourself.

Saundra Williams, AZ

Lifesaver but with some downsides

This bouncer has a lot of cons, but one big huge pro.Here’s the pro: It bounces automatically. We happened to have the type of baby who would ONLY nap if he was in the bouncer, with someone gently jiggling it. The vibrate function didn’t work for him, he had to be gently bounced. After 10 weeks I thought I was going to crack, so my husband ran out and bought this bouncer at a big box store. We put our baby in it, and he went down for nap and slept for a long time! It was a miracle! After that, it was the ONLY thing that could help him nap until he was 5 months old, at which point we transitioned him to the crib. We never used it at bedtime as I did not want to leave the baby in a bouncer unattended for any length of time, it’s just not safe.This things bounces by a box that is attached to the base of the seat. Something in the box jiggles, causing the seat to bob up and down ever so gently. It is not a big motion. Works better for smaller babies as heavier babies would weigh down the bouncer too much, making it not bob up and down enough to make a difference. The box also plays music and ambient noises, but we never liked or used that function.Here come the cons:The bouncing motion shuts off after 30 minutes. Yes, very annoying. So to help our bouncing baby sleep we had to creep into his room right before the 30 minutes was up and press the button to reset the timer. If we timed it wrong, the bouncer would stop and he’d wake up. If we made too much noise, he’d also wake up. It would be great if we could actually set if we wanted the bouncer to turn off, but we could not.Other than that, it’s just not a very good bouncer. The bouncer does not recline as much or seem as comfortable as the Fisher Price Comfy Time Bouncer we had, and the crotch strap is very shallow. By the time we moved our baby out at 5 months, I could hardly fasten the buckle. Fat babies would not fit in this bouncer. The box is at the base of the seat, so longer babies would kick it. If you wanted to bounce it with your hand, this bouncer doesn’t have as much “give” as the Fisher Price ones, so it only bops up and down a little. The toy strap has just a few plush toys, nothing special. The seat is plush, great for winter, not good for summer. Major pain to take it off to wash too.So all in all, if you wanted to have a basic bouncer, skip this one and go for the better quality, cheaper, Fisher Price Bouncer (we had the Comfy Time Turtle Days one and it was great). But if you, like us, needed something that bounces all the time, this is a LIFESAVER.I should note that at 5 months our baby tried to reach for something and almost flipped this thing over, so be warned and heed the weight and age restriction on this thing.

Karina Independence, VA