Bright Starts Kashmir Ingenuity Full Size Swing

Bright Starts Kashmir Ingenuity Full Size Swing

The InGenuity Cradle and Sway Swing offers your baby two swinging motion options and is the most energy-efficient swing available. Hybridrive technology allows this swing to run on one set of batteries for over one year. The InGenuity Collection from Bright Starts combines the latest innovations in technology with on-trend styling to create the most soothing and attractive product offering possible. Each product in the collection is uniquely designed to help make life with your baby easier and more enjoyable. InGenuity Collection Cradle & Sway Swing Ages: 6 – 25 pounds Requires: Four “D” batteries (not included) Assembly: Philips head screwdriver (not included) Warranty: One-year Kids II Limited Warranty Who: Parents seeking a soothing swing that will grow with their baby. What: Soothing your baby with multiple swing motions and noiseless operation. Where: At home Swing seat rotates side-to-side and front-to-back TrueSpeed technology maintains 6 swing speeds Whisper Quiet operation allows for peaceful swinging Battery delivers 2+ times the battery life of comparable swings Head rest, cushioned bolster system, and two-position Comfort Recline seat provide ultimate comfort Tray lifts up, left, or right or can be easily removed Plush toy mobile provides entertainment and pivots out of way for easy access to baby Swing timer offers 3 settings: 30, 45, and 60 minutes 10 melodies and nature sounds soothe baby Machine washable seat pad and head rest allow for easy cleanup 5-point harness keeps your baby secure All the elements to help make life with your baby easier and more enjoyable. View large. (Note: Fashion may vary.) Front to Back Swinging Motion Side to Side Swinging Motion Features Comfort Recline Multi-Directional Swinging The Cradle and Sway Swing’s seat rotates 180 degrees for side-to-side movement or traditional front-to-back movement. Energy Savings Patented Hybridrive technology allows this swing to run on one set of batteries for over one year. It does this by powering on when the seat is in the upward swing motion and powering off when it’s in the downward motion; thus greatly reducing battery usage. TrueSpeed Technology This swing also features TrueSpeed technology, which automatically recognizes your baby’s weight and maintains the selected swinging speed, even as your baby grows. Other swings slow down over time as babies grow, but this swing maintains the same speeds as a baby gets heavier. The swing timer can be set to 30, 45, or 60 minutes. Comfort for Baby The Cradle and Sway Swing has numerous features built in to offer your baby the most soothing and comforting experience. The WhisperQuiet operation provides virtually noiseless swinging, while the Comfort Recline seat has two recline positions. The cushioned infant bolster and head rest provide support for the smallest babies, and they are removable to make more room as your baby grows. Entertainment for Your Baby Ten melodies and nature sounds soothe your baby, and the volume can be adjusted to suit your needs. Both the toy tray with two plush toys and the pivoting toy mobile can be moved out of the way for easy access to your baby. What’s in the Box One Bright Starts InGenuity Cradle & Sway Swing (Kashmir). Other Items in the InGenuity Collection InGenuity Collection The Automatic Bouncer InGenuity Collection Playard InGenuity Collection Portable Swing

Main features

  • Truespeed technology maintains 6 swing speeds even as baby grows and has whisper quiet operation for peaceful swinging
  • Comfort recline seat with 2 positions to suit baby’s needs; swing timer has 3 settings:30, 45 and 60 minutes
  • Easy-to-remove tray can lift up left or right or can be removed completely; pivoting toy mobile swings out of the way for easy access to baby

Verified reviews


Quiet but not super swing-y

We purchased this swing when our son was about 4.5 weeks old and was being very fussy and was only sleeping on us. We were hoping that a swing would provide us with a way to be able to have our baby sleeping while not on us. While I wouldn’t say that it worked exactly as we had hoped, it has helped. He’s now gotten to where he’ll nap in the swing for a couple of hours, given the right set of circumstances. I can’t really fault the swing for what may just be my son’s temperament or a particular developmental phase.Pros:1. The swing is virtually silent. I mean, I don’t hear a thing. That’s great, but we play white noise for him to help him sleep so not that big of a deal for us right now anyway. It may be more important for other people who hate clicking or motor noises.2. The fabric is soft and Baby snuggles right down into it and seems to have support from all angles.3. Baby can swing front to back or side to side. I can see how some babies might have a preference.4. We’ve not had it long enough to know about the battery life–only a few weeks. Supposedly, the batteries will last a year. If this is true, then I would consider it to be a big plus.5. Very gender-neutral color scheme. No screaming primary colors here.6. Multiple recline options to choose from to fit your baby’s size/developmental needs.7. Seems generally sturdy/well-constructed.Cons:1. It’s not terribly swing-y. I know one other reviewer commented on how much nicer this swing is than the Little Lamb because the swinging seems almost dangerous with the Little Lamb. We were tempted to return this to get the Little Lamb swing because we thought our little fussy guy might enjoy the more enthusiastic swinging. Ultimately, we decided to keep it and he seems to enjoy it just fine at times, although it’s not the ace in the hole that we were praying for.2. The mobile is utterly worthless. The color palette for the mobile is muted green, muted pink and muted blue, all on a tan background. Babies like visual contrast. This is about the farthest thing from a contrasting or interesting design. I took the mobile off and hung another toy up there. We had a Bright Starts bouncer seat and I had the same complaint. They should just forgo any pretense of educational or entertaining pattens on their items if this is what they come up with.3. It’s big. We thought, when we read the description, that the largest dimension would be the height. No, it’s really wide. We found a couple spots that work for us, but it could be an important consideration for others. I’m sure that the width/depth of the swing lends to its sturdiness and lack of creaking, though.4. The bolster/harness is a bit difficult to work. I don’t suppose that you would need to adjust the height of the harness that often, but it seems like there could be an easier set-up. You have to get underneath the seat and fish the harness through a couple holes on the top of the seat. A lot of trouble if there is a screaming baby involved.5. You can’t harness your baby into the seat if they are in a swaddle. Honestly, when is one of these manufacturers going to come up with a solution for this? We put our little guy in the swing with his swaddle and without the harness and on a low setting. I’m sure this will make some parents cringe. It seems to work just fine for us, especially considering how tame the swing can be and the recline of the seat.6. The music is what you would expect from a swing. It’s tinny electronic sounding music. Not our cup of tea. The nature sounds aren’t bad, though.All-in-all, it’s a nice swing. I can see the upside and downside to this or other similar swings. Ultimately, we must have liked it enough because we’ve kept it and still use it daily.8/5/11 UPDATESo our little guy is now 5.5 months old. He no longer sleeps in the swing but we still use it daily. The tray is now useful for attaching toys to so that he can entertain himself for 10-20 minutes at a time. We are still on our first set of batteries. We broke the swing down recently when we moved then reassembled it at the new house. It is still silent and still seems sturdy. I’m still happy with the purchase and fully expect to be able to use this with future children as well.9/3/11 UPDATEWe haven’t been using the swing daily any more now that our little guy is more than 6 months old. I went to pt him in it today and the batteries are dead–not even close to a year. We put new Duracells in it when we got it. Maybe we used it more than average early on.

Aileen Rappahannock Academy, VA



Rena Strathcona, MN

Smooth, QUIET operation.

I bought this swing to replace a Fisher Price “My Little Lamb” swing that we recieved for a baby shower gift. The other swing clicked and made a grinding noise as soon as it was assembled (and this was w/o the added weight of a baby). I looked a reviews online and found this to be common, and unnaceptable in my opinion.I headed to my local retailer where the gift was bought and looked at displays to see if any were quiet. I was very impressed with the hybrid drive this swing incorporates and how quiet it was.This swing offers all the options of the competitors swings, along with a few bonuses. It has more sound options (a few nature sounds and several nursery songs). It also has a seperate vibrating option to gently vibrate the seat. I can’t comment on the battery life, as I haven’t depleated the batteries yet, but the way it is designed and the use of a hybrid drive system, it seems like it will have the best battery life of any I’ve seen.If you are looking for a quiet cradle/swing with lots of options, this one, hands down is the best option available.

Bobby South Jordan, UT

Very nice swing!

This swing was a lifesaver the first 3 mths for our baby! It’s important to note–the swing would not calm him if he was crying/upset. However we would put him the swing in the evening for napping. It worked very well. The swing is very quiet which was a plus too.

Stacy Becker, MN

Great swing but watch our for clicking noise

First of all this swing was a life saver. It calmed my baby down in those early months during the evening meltdowns. As LO grew older and turned into cat napper, this swing was the only place he would sleep for more than half an hour (well, this and the car seat, but I cannot drive around 1.5 hr every time he takes a nap).I loved:- Whisper quiet – at least until it developed clicking sound, but more about it later- Mobile was interesting and hanging low enough he could bat at the elephants. It isn’t too distracting and I love the ability of removing it.- The seat seemed comfortable and the insert was hugging him nicely.- 5 point harness gives me piece of mind now that he is more mobile. When he was younger I would place him in a swing swaddled and on a low setting – always supervised. It was somewhat annoying that the harness cannot be used with a swaddle.- Long battery life: with daily use I have changed the batteries once in 7 months period.- Attractive: I didn’t need another item screaming “Baby on board!!!”. This swing has nice calm colors, very elegant.- Range of motion – nice wide swing and 2 different ways of swinging. Smooth motion was very calming for baby.- Nice selection of music and nature sounds including white noise (ocean waves, etc)Now the not so great:- Automatic shut of: the swing allows you to set timer to turn the swing of after 3 pre-set amounts of time (I think 15, 30, 60 minutes). But in addition it turns itself of after 90 minutes. If your child wakes up when it stops swinging, you better remember to creep quietly to the swing and restart the automatic shut off! Do it few times a day, for few months and you will start hating it with passion.- Music shut off – I believe it plays for 15 minutes and turns off. At some point it got more disturbing than helpful.- Clicking: After few months of use the swing developed clicking sound. First it was only on the highest setting, with time it got to the point that it would happen even on the lowest setting. Not all the time, but every minute or so. If this starts happening to your swing my suggestion would be to call customer service ASAP. And here is why:- Customer service: The first call got me bored and somewhat unresponsive rep. Her fixing suggestion didn’t work so I ended up calling again and got someone more responsive and was promised new part in “7-10 business days”. 2-3 weeks later, still nothing and the clicking sound is getting worse. Called again – no, they don’t have anything in their system indicating that I called and that they are sending the part. The rep was very nice this time and in case the motor wasn’t the issue she added another part which could be the clicking culprit. Called few days later to make sure they have my order. Yes they do, no they didn’t ship it yet. Waited another 3 days – at this point the clicking is driving everyone crazy. All lines are busy. All lines are busy. Finally: “the number you are calling cannot be reached.”. Wait I got through! No, they dropped my call. 10th time is a charm – nice lady this time informed me that it did ship. No tracking number – I guess I will wait patiently.I would still recommend this swing. But if it starts developing any problems, don’t wait and call customer service sooner than later. At least until they start providing some form of email confirmation.UPDATE: I received the parts about 5 days after the call. The motor part replacement fixed the clicking issue and the swing is whisper quiet again. The company also sent a 10% off coupon – nice touch. I found out that my initial call happened around the time they were switching a computer system and the order could have been lost due to that. Either way, I appreciate that they were true to the 1 year warranty and replaced the part.

Valerie Laguna Beach, CA