Bright Starts Lion In The Park Activity Gym

Bright Starts Lion In The Park Activity Gym

Bright Starts Lion In The Park Activity Gym

Main features

  • Ladybug plush toy features pull activation with 4 melodies
  • Baby safe mirror
  • Spiral sliding bead chaser
  • Bee shaped water filled teether
  • Colorful bead rattle

Verified reviews


Baby likes, but a dangerous toy

Most of this is great. But if you buy it, take the bead spiral off and throw it away, the lettering and raised logo are too hard for a baby’s mouth, my baby at 3 1/2 months managed to bite it so hard his gums bled. The toy is easily held, but for a teething baby (and what 4 month old isn’t gnawing on anything they can get in their mouth?) this can bruise or even cut the gums. We thought it might be a fluke and let him try it a second time, within moments he had gnawed on it again and was crying, so we chucked the bead toy.

Gay Sandston, VA

Great for the Price!

We purchased this item from wal-mart for my son when he was about 2 months old. This is my first child and I was unsure how well he would like it so I didnt want to get a really expensive one. He loved it! He still plays with it and he’s almost 5mo. The pull bug toy no longer works but we bought a different toy to replace it with. Honestly I don’t think he cared that the toy stoped working as much as I did. The velcrow at the top is also not holding up right, but the arches still stay up fine so thats not too big of a deal. We take it everywhere, its very portable and lite weight. It fits nicely in his pack n play (just a little bit too big but not enough to get in the way). The links make it very easy to add other toys if you want to. My son has a jumper, exersaucer, and walker … this is by far his favorite toy! I would recommend this play gym to anyone, it is great!

Lauren Abington, CT

Musical Ladybug Dies Quickly

This is a really nice activity gym, but the musical ladybug dies very quickly. It lasted just over a month, just as my daughter learned how to use it. I am very disappointed.

Lucy Ash Fork, AZ


For our review, we were sent the Lion in the Park Activity Gym. I am expecting my fourth baby in September and we aren’t sure of the sex yet. This gym is perfect because the bright yellow and red colors are unisex. So whether my baby is a boy or a girl, it is sure to love the extra soft fabric and adorable lion design. Assembly was simply. You just slide the rods through the holes and the toys will be propped up for small babies that are still on their backs. When they are older, they can sit up to play on it. It is very sturdy and will be safe for squirming infants. It comes with four adorable hanging toys including a rattle, teether, and one little musical lady bug. The toys are detachable so you can use them at home or attach them to car seats when you’re on the go. It is available for only $29.99 which is an affordable price for a toy of this quality with no many exciting features.

Daisy Purcell, OK

Great for my 3 month old m

I bought this activity gym to keep at my sons babysitter’s house. He loves it. He is 3 months old. It was easy to put together and the mat is washable. I would buy it again

Vanessa Marshall, WA

Not for Smart Babies

My daughter learns how to dismantle things very quickly and this was no different. I gave this one to my parents so that she could play with her gym at their house. The one out our house is the abnoxious pink Bright Starts one with the flower mirror. She can’t pull that one down or move it anywhere. This one, however, is always sad and discombobulated.

Gale Montebello, CA

Great play mat, wish we could change the batteries.

Wonderful little playmat, especially for the price. However, the batteries in the musical lady bug are not replaceable. Mat folds and stores away neatly. Easy to take with you as well.

Danielle Beulaville, NC