Bright Starts Little Lights and Music Toy

Bright Starts Little Lights and Music Toy

Bright Starts Little Lights and Music Toy

Main features

  • 3 easy to grasp handles activate various lights and sounds
  • Fun modes include melodies, animal sounds, and silly sounds
  • Lights dance in time to melodies and sounds
  • Volume control
  • Additional mode that is parent activated

Verified reviews


Not great

My son doesn’t care for this toy at all. It doesn’t do too much and is a it bulky. I had actually bought this for the plane ride, but it was too big to take.

Lorrie Curryville, PA

my son still uses it

My almost 2 year old son still uses this. My almost 1 year old daughter has been using this to. So two kids back-to-back have used this and loved it. It has held up great and is still as good as new.

Alyson Ivoryton, CT


Your kid can probably live without this toy. There’s nothing bad, it just has unrealistic animal sounds and your classic annoying music. Turn on the radio and take your kid to a farm instead.

Wendi Hernandez, NM

Great sensory toy for infants with multiple sound options

This a great sensory toy for infants with multiple sound options (animals, music, etc.). My infant loved following the lights. The only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars is because it’s a little heavy and when my infant got excited he’d wave his hands and it would hit him. Same thing happened when my neighbor’s son played with it. After that, interest was lost. If it weren’t as hard or as heavy it wouldn’t matter as much, but this item can leave a pretty good bump. I think if the handles were somehow softer and had teethers this item would be excellent. Still a fun toy.

Lupe Bainbridge, IN

Interesting but not very interactive.

My daughter has had this for over five months now. She enjoyed watching the flashing lights for a while when I would press the button for her before she was old enough to work them herself. Now that she is old enough to work them herself she is not very interested in it. She still has rather small hands and doesn’t like to wrap her hands around the posts to squeeze the buttons. She likes for it to be upright so that she can see the lights when they do activate (or at least that’s my theory, she can’t talk yet) so she doesn’t like to push it sideways and push the buttons that way, though I’ve seen her do it once or twice. After that she rolled the toy away from her and started playing with her feet. I guess her feet were more interesting?

Bette North Highlands, CA