Bright Starts My Little Booster Seat – Pink

Bright Starts My Little Booster Seat – Pink

Once baby can sit upright unassisted, it may be time for a booster seat to join the rest of the family at the table! Mealtime becomes more interactive and fun when you can teach your child to eat like the big kids side-by-side, and little ones are proud to graduate to the big chair. Features * Restraining strap and skid resistant feet for stability * Includes seat and chair straps * Easy to clean surface * Straps are machine washable * Can also be used as a TV chair * Holds child up to 65 pounds Gift Wrap not available. Shipping Note: This item ships via UPS Ground within contiguous United States only. Cannot be shipped to AK/HI, PO boxes, US territories, or APO/FPO addresses.

Main features

  • Large curved handles help baby balance
  • Strong, durable plastic is easy to clean
  • Slip resistant feet provide stability
  • Includes safety straps that secure the child to seat and fasten booster seat to chair

Verified reviews


booster seat

if you don’t want leave scrunch on your chair put something under neath. strong enough to kids to stand on instead of stool. (not recommenced…)

Noemi Clearwater, FL

Excellent little booster!

This booster seat is fabulous. We have two: one at our house, very firmly attached to our wooden chair, with a folded tea towel between the seat and the chair, partly to protect the chair and partly because the seat moved a little when we were installing it. The other seat is at my mothers house, installed on her upholstered chair, also with a tea towel, but that is to keep any falling debris off the chair. The seats have a three point harness belt system, though we’ve stopped using it now that our child is old enough to not try to get out by herself. There are two belts that attach the seat to your chair, they are a bit of a hassle to get tightened down properly on our wooden chair, but I had no problems installing it on my mothers upholstered seats. The way they are made with a smooth finish inside means that any food that falls in doesn’t get trapped and they wipe clean very well.

Karyn Hugheston, WV

Simple and perfect

Received one of these as a hand-me-down and want another for our second child after purchasing several others that I hated. We now have them at different family member’s homes!

Lavonne Seymour, IA

Poorly Designed

We just moved from using a highchair to this booster. Luckily we just got this from a second hand store. It would hardly be worth buying new even at the cheap retail price. Seems like the DimWits at Bright Starts put it into production without ever testing it(?)Instead of having a central buckle mechanism (like in a carseat), the buckle is looped through the center and cinches on one side. This makes placing your child in the seat extremely awkward as you must first seat them, then lift up their left leg and thread it through the hole, then buckle on the way right hand side (WHAT?!). Or seat child first and be forced to unthread and rethread the buckle each use. Who has time for that? Also the way the straps come out of the seat, it barely holds the child in place. Our kid can lean completely forward making the seat+belt useless. Additionally, the empty spaces under the handles along with the textured bumps make cleaning a nightmare and baby fingers occasionally get caught under there.It will have to do until our new OXO seat (A brand I can trust for thoughtful design) arrives. [We decided to forego the seatbelt and armrests having seen our kid in action in this booster seat]

Leanna Allison Park, PA

terrible lap belt

Very hard to get my toddler in and out. Also don’t pay this price. I got mine at Target for $11. Looking for a new one that’s easier.

Bernadette Baltic, OH