Bright Starts Peek-A-Zoom Toy

Bright Starts Peek-A-Zoom Toy

Let the good times roll. This cute airplane rolls along and features 3 surprise pop-up characters.

Main features

  • Large airplane with 4 rolling wheels
  • Slide, push or unlock the key to pop-up the 3 cute character windows
  • Melodies play each time a character pops up
  • Airplane sounds play when baby rolls it along
  • Push motion encourages baby to crawl

Verified reviews



The first day out of the package and the sound/music stopped playing. I replaced the battery thinking it was dead but noticed that the coils in the battery box were scalding hot. The new batteries didn’t make it work either. Additionally, the knobs for the characters to pop up are pretty hard. 1 of the knobs is even hard for me to press much less a child. Do not buy!

Celeste Canton, MI

Cute and Fun

This toy is fun and cute. Babies can roll it along the ground to hear fun sounds or make the animals pop up. It’s better than other pop up toys because it can be played with as a rolling vehicle as well. The animals pop up easily and also go back down easily.

Tamika Oaks, PA

my child loves it.

My 14 month old really likes this toy, but it does not hold his interest for longer than a minute. Good buy? Not sure. I still gave it 5 stars because I like it and it is well made. He might enjoy it more as he gets older?

Ethel Georgetown, PA

Very nice

A good price, nice sounds, good fun. My son really likes it. We were surprised by the plane sounds i maks when you move it, so it is a lot of fun.

Michell Pollok, TX

Cute Toy

I bought this for my son last year for Christmas. At first, he didn’t really play with it much. At the time, he was only about 9M old and the last one (that you push down) was the only one he could get to pop up. He’s since started playing with it more, but it takes more strength to push the animals back down, as compared to similar toys he has. I love that there’s an off switch for the sounds though!

Hattie Lyman, NE

Love it!!

I bought this toy for my 10 month old daughter and she loves it. It is perfect for her age. She can easily “pop” open the characters out of the top of the airplane by manipulating the knobs. One of them you smack down, the other is a knob you push, and the other is a key like shape that you twist. All of these result in the characters popping up out of the top of the plane. It is sort of like a jack in the box, but much easier for her to manipulate than the other pop up toys. She also loves to push it around on the floor and hear its take off sound. It has a real life sound of an airplane taking off which my daughter loves to hear. This toy has alot of features of similar toys but using them on an airplane is totally unique and my daughter loves to play with this toy. I would highly recommend it.

Heidi Glenwood, WA

Hard to open and close

Toy is cute, sounds are ok. The animals are hard to close. I found a Playskool version that is MUCH easier for my 10-month old to push buttons and close the pop-ups (and no batteries or sounds on the Playskool version – yippee!).

Deanna Frisco, TX

Kiddos will love this toy

Both my 6 months old and 2 year old like this airplane toy. It doesnt keep their attention for a very long time but it is a "go back to toy".

Jimmie Schwertner, TX

my son doesnt care too much to play with this. He is 1 yrs old, maybe still too young

My son like this, but with most toys this one gets old very fast for him. He would rather play with balls.

Josefina Santa Ysabel, CA

A must have toy for toddlers

very goo toy for exercising your kid’s thought process. The ease at which the child uses this toy is a good indication of their development

Celina Grizzly Flats, CA

Great toy for 1-2 year olds

We bought this for a friend’s 1 year old for Christmas last year. He’s still playing with it over a year later at age 2+. Cute, sturdy and fun to play with.

Marcy Mantua, OH

cute toy, but hard for kid to open

I bought this for my son for Easter. He is now 9 months old and likes to tip it over and play with the wheels but since the levers to open the characters are on the side, it’s hard for him to open them when the plane is upright. The levers take some muscle power for kids to open and as a result, I have to open them for him. A peek-a-boo toy like this is better if the levers are on top of the toy. He enjo9ys the sounds it makes though!

Katrina Retsof, NY

Cute baby toy.

Let me begin by saying that the estimated 6 months or older recommended for this toy is wrong. In fact, this is why i knock a star off. This toy is great, but if you buy it for your 6 month old, you will be waiting probably at least 4 or 5 more months for s/he to get the full benefit of this. It is somewhat heavy, and since babies like to pick things up and try to chew on them, your child will definitely knock his/her head a few times, which leads to tears often.Okay, so those are the bad, here is the good: the sounds this little plane makes when you roll it will definitely captivate and amuse your baby. Additionally, the peek-a-boos also make cute noises when they are opened and when they are closed. The design of the releases will encourage a bit of problem solving for your child, as they are all triggered differently…one is a push lever, one a pull down, and the third is a twist knob. So, your baby will try for a while to figure out all three. My daughter has figured out two (the twist is a little beyond her so far). Closing them will also challenge your child a little, as getting them to stay closed requires either luck or a dedicated last push on the baby’s part. However, my daughter doesnt get tired of trying (well, at least, it takes her a while before she is ready to move on and try again some other time). The color scheme is also appropriate for a baby. It is bright and multi-hued, which they seem to enjoy.Anyways, a good product, but really more geared for around 10+ months old rather than 6+ months.(my daughter turns 11 months in 5 days as of this review date FYI)Enjoy!

Lorie Martin, MI

Balance problems

The toy is good and sturdy in general. The sounds and phrases are great and encouraging. The problem is, because of the wheels it is very hard for a baby to push, twist the buttons without tipping the toy over. It really takes one adult hand to balance it well enough. They seem to enjoy it as a plane, they also like it when an adult helps them play. I would get a more stable, flat one for small motor skill development.

Cortney Jean, NV


This is a high quality toy. I bought it for my granddaughter. I think it will be enjoyed by her more when she is able to push the buttons. She is a bit young for it now. I am quite happy with this purchase.

Marisol Linn, WV