Bright Starts Petal Pusher Carrier Toy Bar

Bright Starts Petal Pusher Carrier Toy Bar

Bright Starts Petal Pusher Carrier Toy Bar

Main features

  • Have fun on the run with these whimsical pink friends
  • Smiling flower toy features six melodies, lights, and a mirror
  • It has a plush dangling caterpillar and dragonfly with crinkle wings
  • Bug shaped handle encourages baby to activate musical flower
  • Straps attach easily to infant carrier

Verified reviews


Didn’t Work For Us

I purchased this for my four month old. She was only entertained for a minute and then screamed until it was removed. I’m not sure why but she just didn’t like it. I wonder if it was because it was too close to her face. The infant carrier handle was as far back as it could go but this toy still seemed to be right on top of her. Unfortunately I will have to return it. I gave it two stars because it had an excellent price ($9 at Walmart) and it stayed attached well.

Lauri Red Oak, NC

great car seat toy

My little girl loves this car seat toy. I only wish there was an option for it to play longer. Also it would be nice if the velcro straps were a little tighter. Overall great product, I would buy it again.

Marva Foothill Ranch, CA

It’s an ok toy

I have an Evenflo carseat, so my handles are abit different then the one actually pictured it makes the toy sit just inches from her face. I haven’t quite figured out how it has 6 melodies, do you need to open the battery compartment to activate this or something? You pull the middle toy down and it plays the same thing. My 3 month old daughter seems to like it espically the mirror she can look into but I doubt we’ll be using this much longer the bigger she gets this toy would be sitting on top of her.

Yvette Littleton, WV

Not worth it.

I purchased this item a little over 7 months ago. I have purchased many other Bright Starts products and they have been great so I decided this would likely be great too. I’m sad to say I was extremely disapointed with it and a total waste of money. It was falling apart before I could even get it out of the box! The rattle ball fell off and I had to sew it back on, the elastic band of the pull cord was shot, and the battery was dead. I’d have spent almost as much shipping it back as what I spent on it so I kept it. I then tried to attach it to the carrier and had to immeadiately remove it because no matter how I tried to place it hung directly in the baby’s face. I give this 2 stars because even though it didnt work out, it was super cute and a good idea.Found that in my case it was much better to buy individual hanging toys.

Chrystal Stacyville, IA


This is a cute toy. Hangs well from the car seat bar. The pull flower is kinda hard for a baby pull, but as they get older it may become easier for them.

Lenore Oatman, AZ

Cute toy!

My little girl likes this toy. I put it on her swing/bouncer seat and she seems happy with it for about 10min or so. She is 11wks. The colors are bright and the toys hold her interest. The sun plays a tune when the star attached is pulled on, but the music is like a play piano in that it is kinda sharp sounding and my little girl really doesn’t care for it. In fact, she cried the first time I pulled it. However, she really likes looking at the sun and it tilts downward so she can see it which I like. She bats at the other two toys. Overall I mostly like it because it’s cute and pretty much does what I bought it for. One thing I don’t like is that the little straps that hold it don’t hold it in place on the swing/bouncer seat (we have a graco 2 in 1 swing) so it sometimes slides to one side when she pulls on the toys. They don’t fit tight as shown in the picture (at least not on this). I haven’t tried it on her car seat so it may be different depending on the shape of the bar on the seat you attach it to. The straps are elastic kinda like those straps you buy to hold a bed sheet on the bed and the clasp together with velcro. It does attach securely to the bar, but the straps just can’t be pulled taunt so is can slide.

Aileen Boerne, TX

Stopped the screams

My baby is 5 months old and HATES to be in her car seat. She screams when you put her in, and it doesn’t quit until you take her out. I got this toy bar for her, and it has stopped the screams – at least somewhat. It really depends on how far we’re going and how many times she’s been in and out of her seat already that day. But it has improved her car ride tolerance level. She likes the rattle and the musical flower, however, the “teether” bug came off only a couple days after we purchased this item because she pulled on it so hard trying to get it in her mouth.

Ashleigh Columbus, MS

It’s ok…read why

It doesn’t stay up in my chicco cortina car seat bc it’s too long, the colors are not very attractive to babies at least under 5 months, they need to pull flower at the bottom for it to have lights and play music but until your baby has the ability to do this effectively somebody is gonna have to do it for her the entire time! I still hope she’ll use it later on.

Adrienne Dowell, MD

Annoying, but my daugther loves it.

I’m not a big fan of musical toys, but my daughter loves them. This one is particularly annoying though. It plays multiple songs which is better than hearing the same one over and over. However, it won’t finish one song before swithching to another. So, when my daughter gets really excited and starts pulling the flower repeatedly, I get to hear the first 3 seconds of every song over and over again! Since this is meant to be a travel toy, that often occurs in the car. There is no way to lower the volume or turn off the music. You can take out the batteries if you happen to have a tiny screwdriver on hand. I will be doing that soon.It also hangs pretty low on our car seat (Evenflo Discovery 5). So, unless I take it off, my daughter gets a face full of rattle when I put the bar back to take her out of the seat. It doesn’t hurt, but if she happens to be asleep, it wakes her.On the other hand, my daughter will play with this for hours without getting bored. She loves the lights and sounds. I haven’t had any problems with it getting pulled down either.I honestly believe you’re better off just hanging toys from the bar with links. At least that way, you can change them out when they get annoying.

Josefa Reisterstown, MD

Daughter enjoys it but wish the straps would stay in place.

I wanted to get something for my daughter to use in her car seat. She instantly started playing with the hanging toys at around 3 1/2 months. She loves hitting the one on the right (the blue color circle). It makes noise and I can hear it as I drive… it makes me happy my daughter likes it so much. The other two she really doesn’t play with. The animal on the left doesn’t really do anything.. the middle toy plays music when you pull it down. I use this feature all the time when she starts to fuss, especially when I am pushing her in a stroller while shes in her car seat. I wish she could pull it herself to play music. She can reach and pull it but not hard enough to get it to play. My only real complaint is the straps used to hang on the car seat. They move all the time, one side will rise up and become lopsided. I have to constantly adjust the straps. For the price and the fact my daughter enjoys it, I am glad I purchased it but as a parent having to fix the straps is very annoying.

Lelia Altura, MN

Baby loves lights

My baby loves looking at this. She loves the music it plays and can’t keep her eyes of the twinkling red lights on the cheeks of the sunflower.

Carissa Blue Rock, OH

Way to close to baby

I have a Graco Snugride carseat. When I put this thing on I thought it was going to poke my daughter’s eye out. Needless to say I took it off and returned it. This is not meant for all carseats and that should be made clear in the description.

Blanca Lysite, WY

Nice Addition!

Great for infant carriers. It’s so boring for those little ones having to sit backwards in the car. The sun plays music and lights up red but someone has to continuously pull the string–it doesn’t sound for long. The two toys are cute and my 3 1/2 month old is already reaching to hit them.

Noemi Manderson, SD

My 5 month old granddaughter loves it!

It is very easy to attach and keeps her occupied for trips in the car or riding in her stroller…it has several activities so doesn’t seem to get bored…great quality and well worth the money…

Josie Trenton, NJ

Baby loves it

This is perfect for keeping her little eyes and hands busy. My only complaint is she was able to pull one of the toys off the ribbons. She was about 9 months old when she did it so she wasn’t earth shattering strong so I was a little disappointed. However, she has had it now for about 9 months and still enjoys playing with it.

Amalia Turners Station, KY