Bright Starts Petals and Friends Activity Gym

Bright Starts Petals and Friends Activity Gym

Super soft and cuddly, the Bright Starts Petals & Friends Activity Gym will make a perfect gift for your baby girl. Available in a vibrant color, and featuring a cute floral design, this baby play mat looks very appealing. The bright plush bird in the center plays four different fun melodies that will certainly captivate your baby

Main features

  • Plush bird toy with pull handle plays 4 fun melodies
  • Colorful flower shaped bead chaser
  • Adorable flower mirror
  • Water filled heart shaped teether
  • Heart shaped rattle and lion teether

Verified reviews


The birdie is where it’s at!

My daughter hated tummy time, and when she would be put on a play mat, she would get bored looking at the simple hanging toys. When we put her on this, she loved the bird immediately. She loved the variety of music with each pull, and once she was coordinated enough to pull it herself, there was no stopping her. We grew concerned that the bird might die at some point because we take it everywhere. We were so happy to see that Bright Starts also sells a pink "bee" that plays the same music. (They have a line called Tug Tunes.) We found it at our local baby store for around $7. We are so happy there are other, new toys that can be added that play her favorite music. Just make sure you always supervise play.Aside from the bird, the mat is easy to clean, it folds up easily, and it is bright and colorful to keep her attention. A great purchase!

Lawanda Pawtucket, RI

Okay for a Cheap Playmat

We got this as a gift (after already having other playmats). It looks kinda cute, but it’s waaay too much bright pink for our tastes. The materials seem cheap. We ended up donating this to a woman’s shelter.The singing bird that other reviewers have talked about was actually the best part of the whole playmat. We held on to the bird and hang it from our Fisher Price Precious Planet playmat. Our bird’s battery hasn’t died yet…it’s been about a month. It plays fun music when baby pulls on it, and the bird is adorable.The one nice feature about this playmat is that it folds easily and quickly (It just folds in half). This is a nice feature, as you can easily pick up the playmat and move it from room to room. However, i think it’s only so portable because the activity bars are lighter and less sturdy than other playmats. Seems to me that a little bit older baby would have no problem pulling the activity gym down. We didn’t keep it long enough to find out.I guess if you’re looking for a cheaper option, it’s okay, but if your baby really enjoys floor time (2 of our 3 kids did), I’d invest in a higher quality playmat like the Precious Planet Activity Gym.

Maribel Eagle Springs, NC

Invest a little bit more to buy a better gym

I put this gym on my baby shower registry and regret doing so. It might be a good gym till a baby is 3.5-4 month old but once the baby starts mouthing objects, its just a waste of money.Pros:Soft playmat.Musical bird is fun.Cheaper than other gyms.Bright Starts customer service is good.Cons:Playmat ripped off in one wash.Poor soundbox in bird. I had to replace it twice in 3 months. First time it went bad within 15 days of use. I called customer service and they sent a replacement within 3 days,free of cost. Second time, they were out of it and said to wait for 4 months. When I asked for alternative as my baby will outgrow the gym in 4 months, they sent me another similar toy.Pastel colors do not attract baby’s attention.The bird is the only useful toy. My baby is 5 months now. She has never shown interest in bead rattle. She tried the lion teether but never enjoys it. The toy with textured beads always frustates her. She puts it in her mouth but it is too wide, she always ends up crying in frustation. The water filled teether was missing from my gym.Mirror is poor quality. You can barely see your face in it.Overall a bad product. My baby enjoyed it for a while when she learned to bat at objects. But as soon as she could hold and mouth objects, she ends up crying within 5 min in the gym. Buy it if you want to hang your own toys and don’t mind calling again and again for replacement.

Concetta Red Hill, PA

Baby girl loved it!

I bought this for my daughter when she was about 4 months old and she was entertained for up to an hour just lying there holding on to the little plastic heart that dangles from the pink plush bird. She used it daily and sometimes more than once a day from about 4 months to 6 months old and then still pretty regularly until about 7 1/2 months. When she got more stable sitting up she began to move on to other toys. The pink plush bird plays very cute music that never bothered me and it lasted through 4 months of regular use before the battery began to wane. I messaged the company through their website to let them know I was a little disappointed that there was no way to replace the battery and they emailed me the next day to tell me another bird is in the mail to us 🙂 So I really have no complaints at all!She really enjoyed all the toys that came with the gym and especially what i would have thought would be the most boring- the little green plastic lion. but that was actually her favorite thing, she would lie there and gnaw on that thing and stare at the other toys forever! Even after she became a little more mobile and began batting and reaching that plastic lion stayed her favorite of all the toys on this gym. Now that she is almost 10 months she doesn’t play with this anymore and we are about to put it in the attic until the new baby (oh surprise, surprise) arrives in July, but since the company is sending us a new pink bird we will have fresh batteries when we need to begin using it!Overall- one of my favorite purchases for our baby girl and I would absolutely buy it again and can recommend it wholeheartedly!

Leticia Oakdale, NY

to small

i return it because it’s too small so check the size firstotherwise it’s great product but it wasnt big for me

Stacie Clarington, OH

So cute.

This is so cute and girly. My 4 month old loves rolling around on this. I’ve added extra toys to mine, but the ones included are really nice too. The pink bird plays music when pulled on or shaken. Plus, you don’t have to put it together. Its a great price and its cute.

Georgette Vandalia, IL

Bye Bye Birdie

Baby girl LOVED this play mat…and then the birdie stopped singing (after only a month!). She’s lost interest now and screams whenever she’s encouraged to play with it. Baby is 5 months. Mommy is disappointed. I’ll have to find a customer service number to see if they’ll replace the bird. 3 Stars-because Baby really did enjoy it.

Hollie Spring Grove, VA

Great mat for infant girls

I bought this for my 2 month old to lay on and look at the objects for now, but she’ll get better use soon. It was easy to put together – nothing hard or confusing to me. I’ve seen other reviews that the bird runs out of batteries quickly and there is no way to replace them, but I don’t have that issue yet (since my daughter is 2 months old), but I don’t mind getting a replacement for it if necessary.The quality of the fabric is very good, seems quite durable, but I have yet to wash it – that will be the real test. The cross arms that hold the toys up are kinda flimsy, it would be nice if they were sturdier.Overall, I’m happy with my purchase, especially with the ~$20 price.

Brianna Larchwood, IA

Super cute, but don’t expect the bird to live very long.

Our daughter loves to lay on this colorful mat. She was just getting the hang of grabbing the middle bird to make the music play when the battery died. I see this is a common problem, after reading other reviews. So, it’s very cute but kind of disappointing that a major part of it fails so quickly.The other attached toys are cute too. Our daughter likes the heart shaped rattle. We detach that and let her play with it separtely.Update (10/17/11): I contacted the manufacturer and they sent a replacement bird very quickly. I actually received it just two days after contacting them. Our daughter loves to grab that middle ring and hear the music play. I don’t expect it to last long either but plan on replacing the batteries in one and stitching it back up. It won’t be pretty, but it will work.

Loretta Longwood, NC

Love it

I bought this for my daughter and she loves it. She has played with this so many times that I surprised it is still working.

Nell Twisp, WA

Love this toy

My 3 month old loves it too, she loves laying on it and looking at all the toys, also encouraged her to start rolling from tummy to back.

Letha Vergennes, VT

great buy

Even the cat likes it lol. It has really bright colors as compared to the picture. She loves the all the toys and plays and bats at them. She is only three months old right now, and I am sure that this will stay stimulating to her for another few months.My bird never worked even when it arrived. She still loves to feel how soft it is and pull on it, so I don’t think it is a issue at all. It is really easy to put together and collapsed wonderfully. The bars attached to the side with clips, so I don’t have to worry about it falling down on her.For the price and the product, I recommend this a hundred percent.

Kaitlyn New Roads, LA

Very nice mat

I love this mat it’s very cute. The only problem is the bird toys hangs very low and the music only plays half the time.

Marie Clinton, KY

Very cute!

I see nothing wrong with this activity mat. We have been using it for 2 months now and that darn bird still sings! It wipes and cleans easily, I love the mirror attatched, and so do my twin girls! So far, so good for us! It works great and keeps my girls entertained just like it’s supposed to!!! Definately a good purchase by my standards!

Celeste Kinzers, PA


This is a nice product. Easy to put together. I wish the mat was a little more plush than it really is. The bird has cute little tunes and is easy for our 7 week old to move it in order to trigger the songs. It is very easy to move with out having to take it apart. My wife moves it all around the house.

June Niland, CA


I am expecting my first child in October, so I cannot say how my baby will like this. I will try to update it down the road… It’s super cute though. It has a good amount of padding. It feels like it will wipe down easily. As others have mentioned, I had trouble with the bird. It came with the bird not working. I really didn’t want to have to deal with returning the play mat back to Amazon, so I emailed the company asking for a replacement bird. They got back to me the next day and put a new one in the mail. I gave the (not functioning) bird to my little dog that has been eyeing it since it came in the mail. It’s a win-win :). So even though it wasnt working properly I gave it 5 stars because of the awesome customer service and it’s adorable. It also costs alot less than similar products. I’m so glad I chose this play gym!

Deanne Glentana, MT

Nice Activity Gym, Some Problems

The colors are wonderful, brighter than I was expecting, but not too bright. The fabric on the mat is very smooth and nice feeling. The toys seem great and as others have mentioned, the bird plays several catchy tunes.I do have a few problems with this gym though. First: it comes with 6 links to attach the toys to the gym. Looking at the photo you would think that would be enough, it’s not. The product photo actually shows 7 links being used (2 each for each teether, 1 for each rattle type toy, and 1 for the bird in the center). I thought the link for the bird came with the toy, but you actually need to use one of the 6 included. Basically what this means is that it is impossible to hang the toys as shown in the picture unless you get additional links, you need 1 more to make it work.Second: The instructions say not to cross the toy bars for set-up. I tried it both ways and the crossed bars are by far the most stable. When I set it up so they are parallel, as per the instructions, it seems very flimsy. I am afraid my daughter will give a yank on one of the toys and pull it down on top of her (it falls to either side, doesn’t stand up well). I’m going to fool around with it some more and see if I can get the parallel bars to work.Third: As others have mentioned, the batteries in the bird cannot be replaced, meaning when it stops playing you have to throw it away and find another toy to replace it. This seems like a waste, especially since the bird toy isn’t one you can just go and buy a replacement for.Overall I like the gym for my daughter but it does have several issues.

Deanna Meriden, IA

Music toy dosen’t last long! Product not really necessary…

The only reason I gave this three stars is because my daughter loved it while it lasted. First off; the musical bird broke and stopped playing the songs all the way through. This sucked because it was the ONLY toy on there my daughter liked playing with. We did end up getting a replacement, but it was the musical pig and not the bird AND that too only lasted a short while. Note: you cannot change batteries in the music toy, once it starts malfunctioning that is it! 🙁 The mat is great until your baby starts rolling around. She would roll right off onto the floor. Might as well save your money and get a large padded comforter that baby can fully roll around on. Overall, we only got about a couple months out of this product (bird lasted less than a month). Not worth the money!

Kimberlee Orogrande, NM

Great gym for baby

This is a great product, it is easy to fold and store. It is safe, I bought an Infantino one at first and it would fall on the baby and not stay up. This is a great gym and the toys are various, you can remove them and add more for more variety.

Kara Pescadero, CA

Did not like.

Cute in the picture but did not have the lights and noises to keep baby busy enough. Ended up purchasing another one. This one was boring.

Jodie Warren, RI

Love It!!!!

My daughter loves this gym. She can play in it for an hour while she laughs and coos. I have read that the musical bird dies after a while so I am hoping mine lasts at least a couple of months because my baby really likes.

Alberta Dickerson, MD

This was great for my 3-6 month old

This was a great purchase, however we did not use it for very long. As my daughter got bigger (around 6 months) she would pull so hard on the toys that the arms would bend. I dont think it could hurt her, she just outgrew it. When she did play with it, she loved it.

Louise Columbia, PA

Great For Our 5-Month Old!

For the price, this is a good play gym. It folds up easily for storage. The toy in the middle is so cute, but the instruction manual says that if it breaks, there are no batteries or other replacement parts that you can get to make it work again. There are extra hooks to hang your own toys. the mat is soft and our 5-month old LOVES it. The only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars, is because I wish there were more interactive toys (maybe something with lights?). But it’s great for the price!

Jane Bellamy, AL


Ok, so I read a bunch if reviews before buying this one and I looked at a lot of other ones. For starters, the price for this one was the best. Considering these mats are only used for six months at best, I’m not spending a lot to have one. Also, the toys it comes with are great. I will say, though, the pink bird was not working when the mat arrived. I think it would’ve been nice but it’s not necessary. I have tons of other song making devices. So, overall, for the price it’s perfect. Side note, I have carpet so this might not be cushiony enough for harder floors.

Greta Eureka, NV

My daughters favorite place to be!

I would say this activity mat is priceless! My daughter uses it al least twice a day and she can spend a long time on it having a ball. She loves the mirror and her favorite is the bird hanging upside down. She uses this the most out of all her activity things. I took a star away becaue when she was a newborn she loved it but would get mad because she couldn’t reach the toys. I had to ad another hanging toy on to the existing ones so she could reach.

Cheri Allen, TX

it looks good

it looks good but it doesnt have that many hooks for toys for my daughter to play with she likes it though but i just wish it had more spots

Leila Lacarne, OH

Baby Activity Mat

This activity mat looks absolutely amazing. It has a lot of different activities to help stimulate a baby’s learning process and curiosity. Great item.

Amie Glad Valley, SD

Amusement for us both

Keeps her off the floor and gives her plenty to look at and play with for sure. Easy to move around and she loves it. Great value.

Gloria Aptos, CA