Bright Starts Pretty In Pink Get Movin’ Music Player

Bright Starts Pretty In Pink Get Movin’ Music Player

Bright Starts Pretty In Pink Get Movin’ Music Player

Main features

  • Press the buttons to hear over 20 fun melodies, silly sounds, and phrases
  • Colorful lights dance across the screen as each song is played
  • Cute characters for added fun
  • Handle is easy for baby to grasp
  • A portion of the proceeds from this item supports breast cancer charities

Verified reviews


Great value for a toy that is under $8!

My kid loves lights, music, things she can hold easily, and things she can put in her mouth. This toy is all that for the bargain basement price of under $8, shipped. Wow. And it is pretty good quality too, which is unexpected for the price. The range of songs and sounds is also pretty good. For such a low price I expected to only have a handful of different sounds. I also love that the buttons are very sensitive. Some toys have buttons that require a strong press to activate. Why? Do they expect the country to be full of herculean babies? With this toy, my baby bangs it around on her leg or slaps it and it gives her delightful lights and music.I totally recommend getting this.

Elisha Ridgway, PA

Colorful Toy

This is a cute toy for a baby. It is colorful. The music is fine. I would recommend this for a baby if you don’t mind toys that make noise.

Ashleigh Belle Rive, IL

Great for babies!

My daughter received this for Christmas and loves it. The music is great and there is a lot of variety.

Jennifer Mahto, SD

Best thing I’ve bought for my baby so far

I am so happy I decided to purchase this. My daughter is 3 months old now and loves this toy. She has begun to reach for it and loves the music and lights. By far her favorite toy!

Nita Addison, AL

fun and mobile

My 17 month old loves music and will start dancing to music off the tv. So this is the perfect gift for her, she carries it around and can play the music herself. Perfect size for her to hold and listen to numerous differerent sounds/music.

Rachael Mc Kees Rocks, PA

daughter loves it!

she absolutely loves this toy. she loves pressing the buttons and hearing the sound but most of all she loves the lights on it

Leona Hardin, KY

Annoying to Me But Daughter Loved it

For a while this toy was the only way we could get through car rides. My daughter loved it but it was probably one of her most annoying toys. I hated the songs. We bought this when she was about 3 months old and she played with it until about 10 months old. For us, that’s a long time to have a toy. She gets tired of them really quickly. She liked the Baby Einstein one with the beads a lot better.

Eunice Dice, KY


It is pink and it plays music what more can I say. I will give this to my 4 mth old grand daughter on her first Christmas. I hope she loves it. Her brother loves music so I am sure she does just like he did.

Mandy Stanton, NE

Perfect for a baby girl

My two year old son lost interest pretty quickly, but we gave it as a gift to a little 6 month old girl who loved the music and little lights that flash. There is a useful handle for little hands.

Inez Panama, NE

she loves it

this toy is great this is the music toy to take and plays lots of diff things it has longevity and durability a must

Fannie Somerville, TX

loves loves it she does

This is half the price you can get it for walmart. Our lil one, loves these music boxes. So I had to get it when I saw it.

Marlene Pearl, IL

Great toy with variety of music and tones

I would pay more for this toy. It is great and engaging. My 6 month old liked it. The other great toy we have is Baby Einstein Mozart tunes, they are similar but this one is cheaper

Marietta Clear Lake, MN

babt loves it

grandbaby is 5 months old and she can hold it and when she touchs it lights up and make sounds or music

Kathie Lone Rock, IA


Bought this for my daughter for her Easter basket. She likes the small size, noises, and the fact it has a handle for easy carrying.

Caroline Delaware, OH

Cute, fun & the perfect size to throw in a diaper bag!

My 4 month old loves this little thing. She was sobbing the other day, I turned this on and she cheered up immediately. It’s the perfect size to throw in your diaper bag or hook to their carseat.

Lynn Sainte Marie, IL

9 month old seems to enjoy it

Although it only entertains her for a few minutes at a time, our 9 month old seems to enjoy this for a little while.

Jaclyn Beulaville, NC

Music player

All kids like music especially my Granddaughter. She carriesThis around with her by the cute handle. Very happy withQuality and sound.

Kathryn Shreve, OH

Great toy

The buttons are easy enough for my little one to push. There are a few different songs and sounds – great feature for my sanity! :)The price is decent too!

Kate Schoharie, NY

My 6 month old loves it…

There is not much to say. It makes noise and has some blinking lights. Keeps my child entertained for some time. No volume control but I wouldn’t demand it for this price.

Violet East Amherst, NY

Such a cute and entertaining toy!

My daughter really loves this toy. She’s been playing with it since she was 3 months old and now at almost 8 months, she will still play with it daily. She loves pressing on the buttons and she loves to teethe on the handle too. What I love about this toy, especially when she was smaller, was that it was easy for my daughter to use. The button activates with a slight touch, which really helps instill cause and effect for smaller babies. There are about 20 or so melodies/songs that play classic children’s songs and more importantly, while there is only one volume option, it’s NOT TOO LOUD! There’s also a light display and it plays funny sounds too, which keep this toy very interesting and engaging to babies. The actual toy is bright and is extremely durable, it will withstand the daily use and abuse of a baby or toddler playing without falling apart, (my friend’s daughter had one for 3yrs until she passed it on to another family member). In the 5 months that we’ve owned this, my daughter has used this mulitple times a day and we’ve yet to change the batteries it originally came with. So long as you remember to turn it off, this will extend the battery life. It’s a cute and affordable toy and I highly recommend purchasing this Bright Starts toy for your little one!

Effie Highlands, NJ

cute but cheap

cute toy, bought it because wanted something small that played music and had buttons but it feels cheap. which it was because i didn’t want to spend a lot on a toy that could potentially be annoying. we’ll see how it holds up. but songs sound ok.

Shana Clarendon, NY


My daughter doesn’t like it as the Baby Einstein’s version, but it’s a cute, and portable toy perfect for keeping in the diaper bag.

Kari Tylertown, MS