Bright Starts Pretty in Pink Plush Toy, Tug Tunes

Bright Starts Pretty in Pink Plush Toy, Tug Tunes

Music to their ears, eyes and hands. These plush, go-anywhere animal pals happily play one of four different melodies when baby girl gives them a tug. Each comes with fun link ring for easy attachment to carrier, stroller, and more. Little toys, big fun. Styles may vary. Assortment of 2, sold separately

Main features

  • Plush characters play 4 melodies
  • Soft plush materials offer multiple textures
  • Attach to carriers, strollers, and more
  • The purchase of this product helps support the pink power mom program, benefiting breast cancer charities globally
  • Styles may vary, assortment of 2, sold separately; “Customer will receive 1 item, styles will vary”

Verified reviews


Choking Hazard!

My 7 month old absolutely loved the purple elephant tug toy. It was her favorite toy. Until today when she had one of the little dangling feet in her mouth and somehow inhaled it. The string to the foot is long enough that the ball of the foot was way in the back of her throat. SCARY. Thank God my husband was there. I almost threw the whole thing away but I know how much she loves it so I just cut off all the legs.

Lilian Dolan Springs, AZ

Very cute.

The musical try for my bright starts play gym battery died immediately after I got it so I got this to replace it. It matches perfectly and has lasted longer than the last one so far. I got the pink pig, just FYI it’s a little bit bigger than I would have preferred but still works fine for the play gym. My baby is happy.

Johanna Rudy, AR

Poor battery life

This was one of our daughter’s favorite toys! However, we went through 3 of them in 6 months because of the poor battery life and non-replaceable battery. Disappointed the battery pack isn’t replaceable.

Sharon Empire, CA

My daughter’s #1 favorite toy (3 months old)

The “Bug” version was given to us at a baby shower. I kept it in my daughter’s toybox until she was about two months old. Once I pulled it out she latched on to it as her favorite toy. She loves it so much that I went out and bought the “Pig” version to have as a back-up just in case something happened to the bug. She is now three months old and still absolutely loves it. The toy plays three different tunes that are around 30-seconds long; they’re cute, but they’ll probably be running through my head for the next 10 years. Whenever we go somewhere, we have to take this toy with us (as well as at least one of the Sassy Go Go Bugs, and the Classic Pooh Flat Blankie Teether Toy).There are two reasons that I can’t give this toy five stars, but honestly they’re both minor issues. Even at three months, my daughter can’t quite pull it hard enough to make the music herself. She has a very strong grip and can pull pretty hard too (for a baby), but we still have to pull it for her. It would be nice if it took less of a pull to turn on the music. The other reason is the battery life. The bug version has lasted about a month but now the battery is dying so it will play one tune, but dies halfway through the second tune and then starts over at the first (it forgets where it is at) when you pull it again. Granted, it has been used A LOT because she loves it — but I would have expected the battery to last a bit longer. The bug is now relegated to the changing table for short entertainment during diaper changes and we now travel with the Pig.Despite the battery life and the fact that you need to pull hard to make music, we love this toy and our daughter does too.

Wendi Etna, NY

Dies quickly!

I love this toy as far as the colors and cuteness go, but this thing hardly lasts. I think it died like a month after my daughter was born. Maybe sooner. A friend randomly saw it and asked me if mine was dying as hers went kaput quickly as well. Cute, but won’t make noise for long at all.

Deidra Callands, VA

Well, she wasn’t really interested anyway.

My daughter played with this for maybe a total of an hour spaced out over three months. She would tug it, the toy would start its song, and she would immediately turn to something more riveting.Now that I see reviews saying that it’s a choking hazard, I’m looking at the toy and kicking myself for not seeing it sooner. Steer clear. The legs are connected to the toy by string that isn’t terribly thick nor is it of good quality. Throwing it in the trash.Edit: When I went to throw it away I looked at it even closer and noticed two of the strings attaching the limbs to the body were fraying. Seriously, this is a bad buy. Even though I got it for free I still see it as a bad buy.

Monika Millville, DE